Zrazy meat with mushrooms in multivarka

bcd458Zrazy may be prepared from minced meat, poultry or fish, cereals or vegetables. Children often call them "chops with a surprise", because Zrazy always present any stuffing, and very different. It may be cereals, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, eggs.
From the usual, they burgers characterized by their form, it is more oval and volume, a cylinder.
Often zrazy prepare of the rescued pieces of meat or poultry, also farshiruya them with any fillings. properly, the word "zrazy" can be translated as "cut pieces", it has Polish roots. After initially zrazy prepared it from whole pieces of meat.
This dish is very original, it is much variety of food. In multivarka zrazy obtained especially gentle and soft.

Zrazy meat with mushrooms in multivarka

To prepare zrazy meat with mushrooms in multivarka we need:
Minced meat or chicken - 400 g, mushrooms - 100 g, bow - 2 PC., garlic - 2 cloves, egg - 1 PC., vegetable oil, breadcrumbs, salt, spice, greenery.

How to cook meat with mushrooms zrazy in multivarka:

1. Bow (1 PC.) cleanse, wash and grate or mince.
2. In the beef add the onion, egg, spice, salt, garlic and mix well. I bet on 15 minutes in a refrigerator.
3. Prepare the mushrooms, cut them finely, We prepare and cut onions.
4. Multivarku set in "Baking / Roasting" mode, Pour the butter and fry the mushrooms and onion, solim, pepper and mix thoroughly, add chopped finely green. This is our filling for zrazy.
5. molding zrazy, in the middle of each cake of minced meat put a spoonful of stuffing of mushrooms and carefully close it from all sides. Paniruem zrazy and put to fry in a bowl Multivarki, pre-loading of oil and setting "Baking / Roasting" mode. Through 8-10 minutes, turn over to the other side. check the fork, If you select a clear juice with prick, the zrazy ready. If necessary - you can then put the fried zrazy to extinguish, having added some water or sauce.
6. Serve with a garnish, any sauce or sour cream and herbs.

Cooking Tips:021

  • Instead of mushrooms can be taken any stuffing to your notice, eg, cheese and boiled eggs, fried carrots, cauliflower, rice, pickles and much more.
  • Vegetable cutlets stuffed with mushrooms in a slow cooker can cook, If ground meat substitute mashed potatoes, and instead of eggs to bind to add a little flour or starch.

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