Casserole in the microwave

Casserole - old dish, which has French origins. They are both simple, and refined. And, every woman can come up with your, special recipe for this dish, changing the ingredients in its sole discretion to taste.
Salty and sweet, casseroles truly universal, they can be served as a main dish, and as a garnish or dessert. Usually casserole cooked in the oven, but also in the microwave can be prepared quickly, easily and without the hassle.

Sautéed noodles with meat in the microwave

To Cook a casserole of noodles with meat in the microwave, we will need:
noodles - 200 g, minced meat - 150 g, egg - 1 PC., onion - 1 PC., garlic, butter - 1 st.l., cheese - 50 g, breadcrumbs, salt.
How to Cook a casserole of noodles with meat in the microwave?
1. minced salt, Spice up, add chopped garlic and onion and stir.
2. Boil the noodles until soft, put in a colander and a well drain the water, let cool slightly.
3. Beat eggs and add to noodles, salt and half of the mass put in Samana grease a baking dish.
4. Place top noodle evenly minced and put again layer noodle.
5. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and grated cheese, pour the melted butter.
6. Bake at full power 10-15 minutes. Allow to stand still 5 minutes under the lid. Serve with sour cream and herbs.

Cottage cheese casserole with apricots in a microwave oven

To Cook a casserole of curd with apricots in a microwave oven, we will need:
Cottage cheese - 200 g, butter - 1 st.l., granulated sugar - 2-3 st.l., egg - 1 PC., apricots - 3-4 PC., semolina - 4 st.l., raisins - 30 g, nuts - 30 g, lemon zest, white wine - 2 st.l.
How to Cook a casserole of curd with apricots in a microwave oven?
1. Apricots are divided into halves and remove the seeds (You can use peaches, apples, Pear et al.). Put in a baking dish and pour the wine, mix it with zest, adding a spoonful of sugar. Cover and warm up 2 minutes on medium power.
2. Beat egg with sugar and mix with grated cheese, semolina, scalded raisins, mix well and put on apricots, leveled and sprinkle with sugar and crushed nuts.
3. Bake 10-15 minutes on medium power. Served with whipped cream or sour cream.

Cottage cheese casserole in the microwave recipe videos:

Rice pudding with fruits in the microwave

To cook rice pudding with fruit in the microwave, we will need: 1 Article. rice, 2 Article. water, 1 st.l. Sahara, 1 st.l. ghee, 200 g any fruit or berries, 100 g of nuts, 100 g raisins.
How to cook rice pudding with fruit in the microwave?
1. Figure bust and rinse thoroughly. In bowl pour water, cover and bring to a boil at full power, put the rice and cook it 15-20 minutes on 100% capacities. Mix 2 times during cooking, still warm 5 minutes and let the rice stand and cool.
2. add oil, sugar, stir and put a quarter of the rice in a baking dish, placed on it a layer of chopped fruit, nuts and raisins, flatten slightly and again rice layer, the last layer should be rice.
3. Warm up in the microwave 8 minutes at full power, serve hot.

Rice casserole with fish in the microwave

To cook rice casserole with fish in the microwave, we will need:
400 g fish fillets, 1 Article. rice, boiled until soft, 100 g cheese, 2 boiled eggs, 100 g tomato ketchup, 100 g sour cream, salt, spice, greenery.
How to cook rice casserole with fish in the microwave?
1. Rice and half the grated cheese and mix gently, pepper to taste. Part of the mass put in a baking dish, greased.
2. It decomposed and washed the dried fish fillets, a little salt and pepper. Top layer placed rice-curd, sprinkle with chopped egg and pour the sour cream, mixed with ketchup.
3. Sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese. Bake 15 minutes at 100% capacities, still insist 7-10 minutes.

Vegetable casserole in the microwave


To cook vegetable casserole in the microwave, we will need:
250 g cheese, 2 eggs, 2 carrots, 100 g cauliflower, 100 g green peas, 100 g of corn, 200 g zucchini, bow - 1 PC., 2 tomatoes, greenery, Bulgarian pepper - 1 PC., ground pepper, salt, garlic, vegetable oil.
How to cook vegetable casserole in the microwave?
1. vegetables clean, wash and cut into middle-sized pieces, garlic and herbs milled, grate cheese.
2. The baking dish pour oil and browned onion and carrot at full power 2-3 minutes, add zucchini, cauliflower, bell pepper, Stir and continue to simmer, covered more 3-5 minutes on 100% capacities.
3. put garlic, greenery, tomatoes, canned peas and corn, mix, salt and pepper, Pour a mixture of whipped eggs with cheese and bake 5-7 minutes, hold it under the lid closed yet 5 minutes.

zapekankaPotato casserole in the microwave

To cook potato casserole in the microwave, we will need:
6-7PC. potato, 0,4 kg meat (chicken) forcemeat, bow - 2 PC., 3 st.l. butter, 1 egg, greenery, salt, spice, breadcrumbs, Oil for lubrication form.
How to cook potato casserole in the microwave?
1. Finely chop the onion and fry with meat in oil until cooked at full power, stirring from time to time, Add salt and pepper to taste.
2. To prepare mashed potatoes Peel the potatoes and wash, dry and cut into slices. Put in a bowl, add water and cook 5-8 minutes until the potatoes are softened, without covering it with a lid Let stand still 3-5 minutes under the lid closed. In a bowl, whisk milk, butter, salt and pepper and warm 2 minutes. Boiled potato mash and whip with hot lactic weight to homogeneity. Condemn and add a raw egg, mix.
3. Baking dish greased with oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, Place half puree, it - a layer of minced, sprinkle with herbs and put the rest of the puree, leveled and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
4. bake at 100% capacities 6-8 minutes. Drizzle with melted butter and sprinkle with herbs, Served with sour cream or tomato sauce.

Meat casserole with zucchini in the microwave

To cook meat casserole with zucchini in the microwave, we will need:
200 g zucchini, 300 g meat or minced chicken, bow - 1 PC., tomatoes - 3 PC., vegetable oil - 2 st.l., tomato paste - 2 st.l., cream - 0,5 c., green dill and parsley, salt, pepper, cheese - 100 g.
How to cook meat casserole with zucchini in the microwave?
1. Zucchini peel, tomatoes and zucchini washed and cut into thin slices, grate cheese.
2. Onion oil on spasserovat, Add mince and fry on full power 5-7 minutes, stop in the middle of cooking and smash with a fork large lumps of mince, salt and pepper, add the tomato paste, mix and still warm 2-3 minutes.
3. In a greased form lay minced, and circles on it courgettes and tomatoes, a little salt and pepper them. Shape cover and cook 5-7 minutes at full power.
4. mix sour cream, herbs and add salt to taste and spices and pour on top of the casserole, then sprinkle with grated cheese.
5. Close lid and bake 3 minutes, until melted cheese.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABaked pasta with ham in the microwave

To Cook a casserole of pasta with ham in the microwave, we will need:
200 g vermicelli, ham or ham (sausage) – 50 g, tomatoes - 2 PC., egg - 2 PC., cheese - 100 g, butter - 1 st.l., milk - 1 c., salt, spice, greenery.
How to Cook a casserole of noodles with ham in the microwave?
1. Rinse tomatoes and cut into slices. Cheese grater rubbed on, ham cut into cubes. boil noodles, water drained.
2. In a baking dish, greased or oiled, bed layer vermicelli, ham layer, tomatoes, sprinkle portion cheese layer and put again vermicelli. Each layer of lightly salted, sprinkle with pepper and herbs.
3. Beat eggs with milk, add pepper and grated nutmeg and pour over noodles, sprinkle with remaining cheese, red pepper and put small pieces of butter.
4. Bake at full power 6-7 minutes uncovered, then another 15 minutes on medium power. disable the microwave, cover form a lid and let stand still 5 minutes.

Semolina pudding in the microwave

To cook semolina pudding in microwave, we will need:
0,5 Article. Mancala, 1 egg, 500 ml milk, 2 st.l. Sahara, 0,5 st.l. butter, vanillin pinch, a pinch of salt.
How to cook semolina pudding in microwave?
1. Pour the milk into a bowl and add the butter, salt, egg, sugar, lightly beaten, then pour a thin stream of semolina, stirring, to avoid lumps.
2. Pour into a greased baking dish and cook 4 minutes at full power, Stir and continue to cook for another 6-7 minutes at the minimum until the crust.
3. Serve after complete cooling, otherwise it can not be cut, she raspolzetsya. Garnish with jam or fresh (canned) fruit or berries.

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