Khachapuri in multivarka

0825e8c9ab22e6122Khachapuri - so Georgia called tortillas with cheese, they are often used instead of bread, in fact translated hacho - is cheese, a puri - bread. These cakes come in very different forms - in the form of a circle, square, oval, Yes, and their great variety of recipes.
Typically used unleavened pastry sour milk - yoghurt, but also used and flaky, and yeast dough. Sometimes cheese is added to the green, Ajarian khachapuri boat-cooked with cheese and egg.

Khachapuri in multivarka

To prepare khachapuri in multivarka, we will need:
Dough: ½ c. warm water, ½ c. milk, 1 ch.l. salt, 2 ch.l. Sahara, 2 ch.l. dry yeast, 0,5 kg flour, 2 Article. l. butter.
For the filling: 0,4 kg cheese Adyg, 200 g cheese, 1 egg, 50 g butter.
How to Cook khachapuri in multivarka?
1. Warm milk with water to a warm state, to hand it was comfortable, add salt and sugar, yeast and stir. Add flour, knead the dough, at the end to put the melted butter and once again knead well until smooth.
2. The dough is suitable to put in a warm place. You can put it in a bowl Multivarki, By setting "Multipovar" or "yogurt" mode 40aboutC 30 minutes time. Through 30 obmyat minutes the dough and leave under cover for another 30 minutes in the same mode.
3. Cheese must be soaked in cold water on 2 to 5 hours, depending on its salinity. For the filling mix the cheese and cheese, Add the beaten egg and butter, stir well until smooth, divided into 5 parts and roll into balls.
4. Testo share on 5 equal parts and form khachapuri. Board sprinkled with flour and roll out the dough hands, in the center of the circle should be laid stuffing, We collect the edge to the center of the cake and zaschipyvaem, hiding the ends in the middle of a. The pellet gently unroll mash hands or rolling pin to a thickness of 1 centimeter.
5. Bowl Multivarki lubricating oil, to heat, bake khachapuri 5 minutes on each side in the "Frying" mode. The finished cake grease on both sides with melted butter with a brush.

Khachapuri video multivarka recipe:

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