The choice of modern chandeliers to the hall: options for different styles

Repair is long over, favorite wallpaper pokleit, and even necessary new furniture bought and placed. That's just to choose a chandelier for the room does not work? Then we rush to your aid, so you do not make a mistake with the choice of the main lighting point the most important room in the house. After all, as known, with the help of lighting can ruin the whole design as a, and add to it a piquancy.

In order to properly implement the selection of modern chandeliers to the hall (options for different styles), You should be familiar with some of the principles of their selection by type of material and their manufacture.
When choosing a chandelier for the room it is worth remembering, that its main function - is adequate lighting throughout the guest room.

A chandelier should therefore, First of all, correspond to the size of the room, but, Secondly, not be lost under the high ceiling (or vice versa, become cumbersome structure on a low ceiling). These are important parameters, that it is not necessary to reject the choice of the front point of light.
so, to begin to identify with the style, that you have created in your living room or hall.

Art Nouveau (hi – tech)

Chandeliers Art Nouveau style

Chandeliers Art Nouveau style

If the main room of your home is decorated in a modern style, in this case will be relevant chandeliers, made of metal or glass. Considering, that the modern style contains at its core a clear minimalism and clean lines, the chandelier should complement, and even the final point creating the image of the room in this style.

Ceiling chandeliers in a modern style (hi – tech) often contain in its design or only one light point, or more than three. Such lamps may be as long cord (which is especially important for high ceilings), and adhere to the ceiling.

When choosing a chandelier in a modern style, try to stop their attention either on the lamp with a neutral coloring, or with coloring, which will be identical to some details of the interior or room decor. So you can dosozdat way you planned facilities. Today the market of furniture and interior provides a wide range of similar chandeliers. The case only for your taste and imagination.

Classic style living room

Making your room in classic style, you, probably, You will use materials such as leather, wood and fabric drapery. In this case, would be the most appropriate chandelier, having in the structure a massive foundation, many points of light and grandiose production of material.

Usually, Classic-style chandeliers are made of crystal materials or the like. You can also use the chandelier, manufactured by forging. And if the first option would be most appropriate in a large room, the second is to place a small area in the room.

Special chic living room, or made in a classic style will give the chandelier, whose elements are metal chains, forged or ring candlesticks. This chandelier is not a sin and boast to friends and guests.

Hall patchwork

The word "Patchwork" is translated to English means "an object or product from patches of different colors". it becomes clear, that this room will delight the household and guests bright sunny colors, simplicity and natural materials.

For the hall in the style of patchwork is best to choose a chandelier, lampshade which also is made of brightly colored fabric. It is better, if it is hanging on a long cord svetilnik.Govorya style patchwork, you can easily understand and country style. They even related. It is because, Both styles use rustic simplicity and naturalness.

Hall, designed in the style of patchwork or country must necessarily be light. And if this can not be achieved by means of a sufficient number of windows, it must come to the aid ceiling chandelier, and which will replace the warm sunlight.

Room eco style

eco style

eco style

Hall, decorated in eco – style, It requires a special approach to the selection of chandeliers. The situation of the premises implies the use of only natural materials, and therefore, here is the most appropriate chandelier, made of wood, straw or rattan.

Such lamps may be either hanging, and tight-fitting to the ceiling.
But the most important rule for the selection of chandeliers in the room eco style - it is a choice of colors. Chandelier for such a room should be only natural natural colors. With this lamp you will definitely be able to create the interior of the premises, Natural.

Scandinavian style

The choice of modern chandeliers to the hall, made in the Scandinavian style should be very clear and concise. This style does not tolerate catchiness and familiarity.
Most often in the Scandinavian style is dominated by cool colors. The main emphasis of this style can be a metal and glass.
If your room is spacious enough, you can buy a chandelier square or rectangular shape, which will have a white, gray or blue tint.

Scandinavian style


But it is worth remembering, that the Scandinavian style in the interior is appropriate only in the southern rooms, in which most of the day there is natural sunlight.
Hall, decorated in "Scandinavia" style contributes to the expansion of space, but, so, It can be used in different premises area.


This style of decoration of the hall speaks for itself. Here you will not meet bulky furniture or catchy interior. Only the most necessary. Clear, as the chandelier in this room needs a "virtually invisible" functional, discreet and small.

The best option for a living room or hall this will point the spotlights, located on the perimeter at equal distance from each other. But if you still want to use a chandelier, it is better to give preference to a glass or metal construction, which has transparent shades. On the number of light bulbs for this style we can not speak!


Well, if you decide on the style of your room you had a hard time, the, probably, that you have created a room at home in the eclectic style.
Now consider, that can be anything you want to use in the interior. Indeed eclecticism - this is the absolute mix of styles, colors and textures.

For this room would be appropriate any chandelier, which will attract you. the main thing, Only later do at least some - that the combination of its, though with some - a piece of furniture in color.

General rules for the selection of chandeliers

The choice of modern chandeliers to the hall, regardless of its style, It requires knowledge of a few basic principles:
-In order for your chandelier is harmoniously blended in a specific area of ​​the room, you must correctly calculate its diameter. You can use the following formula: a space width in meters we add its length in meters and multiplying that number by 10. And thus obtain the recommended future diameter chandeliers.

  • It is worth considering a table of the standards of lighting for different premises. So, for the hall indicator light is 20W per square meter.
  • The color of the chandelier should match the box, that used to create the interior.
  • Now, when you are targeting a little bit in the style of the interior, feel free to go in search of the desired chandeliers.

Good luck, and beauty in the house!

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