Knitting needles skirt for girls: scheme, video

A perfect gift for any young fashionista can be a skirt, associated spokes, the more that will make it extremely easy, even if you only have taken up the hook. options on, how to tie spokes skirt for girls big set. This can be plump and narrow or full skirt, or delicate Beach. skirts model can be selected from a fashion magazine or website knitting, or come up with their own. Your attention we offer a choice of several interesting and simple ways to create this product,.

Skirt pleated skirt pleated or spokes for girls

Юбочка в складку или юбка-плиссе спицами для девочкиIn order to link a skirt spokes need to buy acrylic yarn in three colors: white, light and dark purple, black, dark purple, as well as four spokes. The basic pattern of the cloth is the gum 3×5, 3×2 and the hollow elastic. Knit needles must match gum follows:

  • 1p. Fit under the scheme gum 1×1, one loop face, another Wrong
  • 2p. Facial facial loop provyazyvaem, and purl loops do not remove provyazyvaya, throwing the thread before the web.
  • 3p. Not knit in the previous row loop, knit facial loops. Purl the toss did not knit well, As in the previous row, throwing the thread before work.
  • The following rows are knitted by the scheme, starting with 2 a number.

The skirt is created by thread in two additions piece. recruit 192 loops and knit elastic band 3×5 according to the following scheme:

  • 1-6 a number of lilac thread.
  • 7-9 The range includes white.
  • 10 and 11 series - includes black thread.
  • 12-14 series - knitted white thread.
  • 15-17 row – knit dark purple.
  • 18, 19 series - includes light lilac.
  • 20-23 series - returns dark lilac.
  • 24-26ryad - provyazyvaem white.
  • 27-31row - the thread is changed to lilac.
  • Then we return to the web white yarn and continue knitting to the end of the web in this color. In the moment, when the height of the blade reaches 10 cm, We begin to decrease 24 times each purl row in the middle of a series of one loop.
  • Then again provyazyvaem canvas in drawing more 6 cm, again 24 fold decrease in carry backstitches ranks.
  • Still 3 See paintings provyazyvaem unchanged and continue again 24 times diminish one loop in the ranks backstitches.

After all the changes on the spoke should remain 120 loops, which begins to knit pattern elastic band 3×2 to the height of the canvas 37 cm. The next step is added to the number of available loops and knit another 3 See a hollow rubber band, after which the yarn loops close to a needle, as shown in the figure to the right.
At the last stage sew fabric skirt, and in the hollow elastic drawstring is threaded or braid.

Another interesting model skirt with pleats, associated spokes are presented in the following video below:


Skirt with shoulder straps

Юбка на бретеляхThe next model due to the element straps will look great with a shirt and blouse different. Knitting needles such as the skirt is not difficult.

main, used patterns knitting fabric products for the future, They are as follows: stocking, garter, and the ribbed pattern, which is carried out under the scheme:

  • 1 and all odd rows facial loops provyazyvaem
  • 2 and all even on Rapport: 3 facial, 3 purl.
  • Skirts the base web should have a width 46 and height 24 cm. It runs as follows::
  • On the spokes recruit 176 loop yarn main color, and start knitting with the product zone.
  • Provyazyvaem 4 cm pattern elastic band 3×3 and add 1 loop in the middle of the series.
  • Then provyazyvaem pattern gum more 3 see again and add the 1 loop at the beginning of a series of.
  • Then elastic knit a few rows, while the height of the blade reaches 17 cm.
  • After that, we begin to knit fabric stocking st in black thread.
  • Provyazyvaem 2 series and 3 add the number of 1 loop.
  • Then vyvyazyvayut seven rows stocking st, 10 rows of ribbed pattern and knitting close.
  • The next step is the two straps. To do this, take the hook and yarn main color and provyazyvaem 2 leaf width 2 cm and a length 36 cm. At the ends of straps via nakida create openings pugovok.
  • After that, all items will be ready, We begin to perform their assembly. Sew fabric skirts, starting from the hem and leaving a few centimeters is not sewn to the fastener. Then tied with a place to hook fasteners, while forming loops, prishivaem bretelьki, buttons and along the black strip embroider flowers. After all skirt performed transactions can be considered finished.

If desired, the base web such skirts can be performed with any other pattern, eg, using the following scheme and its description:

Knit according to the scheme is also very simple:

  • The first and last loop of all the odd rows of purl loops provyazyvayutsya.
  • 1, 3 rows are knitted in sequence: 1 Wrong, 5 facial.
  • 2 series and all the odd provyazyvayutsya all hinges on drawing of the previous row.
  • 5p. 1 Wrong, 1 front, 2 We reshoot loops on auxiliary needle and leave it to work, 2 The following facial provyazyvaem, not knit loops return to knitting, vyvyazyvaya their facial and again do 1 seamy. The sequence is repeated until the end of the series.
  • 7p. 1 Wrong, 3 loops facial, nakid, 2 facial, 1 Wrong.
  • 9p. 1 Wrong 2 facial, loop with nakida provyazyvayutsya with left slope, 2 facial, 1 Wrong.
  • 11p. provyazyvaetsya like 5, then knitting is repeated from 1 a number.

Beach delicate spokes skirt

For the summer beach season is an excellent choice skirt, with the following style:Пляжная ажурная юбка спицами

Skirt fit for 42 size, therefore it is necessary for her to buy 300g of yarn, consisting of cotton, viscose and a small addition of spokes with №2,5 and 3. The main skirt is patterned fabric garter stitch and open-work pattern lozenges, which is performed according to the following scheme:

The report of the pattern is as follows:

  • 1p. The front loop(LP), two loops together at the back wall of the front, nakid, 4 facial,1 nakid, three loops along the front with wire, provyazyvaemyh follows: 1-th loop remove neprovyazannoy, The following two provyazyvaem together, then was passed through the resultant loop neprovyazannuyu; 1 nakid, 4 facial, nakid, two loops along the front wall.
  • From the 2nd series of 12p all even rows provyazyvaem all sts and purl sc.
  • 3p. 2 LP, two loops together at the back wall of the front, nakid, 9 LP, load surge, two loops along the front wall of the front, 1 LP.
  • 5p. 1 LP, 1 nakid, 2 times two loops together at the back wall of the front,nakid, 7 LP, load surge, 2 times two loops along the front wall of the front, nakid.
  • 7p. 2 LP, nakid, 2 times two loops together at the back wall of the front, nakid, 5 LP, nakid, 2 times two loops along the front wall of the front,nakid, 1 LP.
  • 9p. 3 LP, nakid, 2 times two loops together at the back wall of the front, nakid, 3 LP, load surge, 2 times two loops along the front wall of the front, nakid, 2 LP.
  • 11p. Three loops along the front with wire, nakid, 2 LP, nakid, 2 times two loops together at the back wall of the front,nakid, 1 LP, nakid, 2 times two loops along the front wall of the front, nakid, 2 LP, nakid, three loops along the front with wire.
  • WITH 13-16 provyazyvaem ranks of all the loops facial.
  • Then knitting is repeated from the 1st series.

The process of creation of the skirts comprises the following steps:

  • Knit needles of the two skirt portions. For the first part of the dials on the spokes 2,5 123 loops and provyazyvaem 10 rows in garter stitch.
  • Then replace spokes into thinner and proceed to provyazyvaniya main pattern "fishnet diamonds" and simultaneously starting to execute decrease webs. To do this, every 15 rows of seven times on both sides of the article provyazyvaem once two loops together, and nine rows of similar decrease was performed three times.
  • After the web length becomes equal to 42 cm and the spokes will 103 eyelets, again take spokes 2,5 and even provyazyvaem 4 cm garter stitch, then close the loop.
  • The second part of the skirts were binding in the same way as the first.
  • After the two parts will need to be ready to sew, leaving one side section for buttons or zippers.
  • Then recruit belt 340 loops and 1 ° provyazyvaem rows in garter stitch and close the loop.
  • Four guzhika is knitted alternately from 12 loops 10 series, then sewn to the skirt and a belt threaded through them. Then openwork skirt, spokes connected ready.

Knit skirts for girls, you have time to make a snap, and the finished product is always pleasing to the eye.

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