Knit dress for the girl spoke: a photo, description and video

Вяжем платье для девочкиAssign yourself to yourself some fancy gadgets and replenish your wardrobe is always a pleasure, but doubly pleased to create little things for their kids. One such interesting items are dresses for girls, models which craftswomen have been established and will be invented a great many, so when creating this product, as well,, and any other fantasy play than not is not limited to. Using thread spokes and can be associated, how to dress warm, and a light summer, for girls of all ages, starting with newborns and ending with teenagers. We offer a selection of some interesting models with detailed instructions, which are suitable for everyday wear, and for special occasions, as well as some tips and little secrets, they need to know, before starting the main work.

Where to start knitting a dress for girls

Before, you begin to knit a dress for girls, do the following three things:

  1. select style. This item depends primarily on how well you own a manual knitting, So, eg, for beginners to knit, Of course it is better to choose the simplest model with simple designs and patterns. Also, when choosing a model should take into account the age of the girls. For infants and children up to two years, dresses should be done with the least amount of jewelry, or else attach them more firmly, Naturally, it should be easy to put on and in no case do not embarrass the kid movements. To future product liked teenage girl should take into account not only fashion trends, but the taste preferences and features of appearance of the child. In any case, the future of the product must be easy to use and decorate your child.
  2. Pick up the necessary material and calculate the amount. for summer, openwork and light dresses is best to take a yarn of cotton or thin acrylic, Winter and tight fit models thick filaments, such example, like wool. For models with a slim silhouette can be taken with the addition of viscose yarn, that the product has been more flexible. For very young children, better to buy only a special children's yarn, anallergic. The amount of yarn required is calculated depending on the age of the child and fittings. For children up to two years old need about 200-300 g yarns, but for older kids from 400 g.
  3. Calculate the density of knitting. To calculate the required number of loops for each part, should make special measurements, which include: chest girth, hips and waist, length sleeves and products, to create a pattern on it. Then fit the sample of the selected strands and it is calculated the number of loops on the 1 see paintings. AND, depending on the calculations and measurements, It is calculated for each of the desired number of loops.

After that, all three points made, you can proceed directly to the creation of the product.

Dress for newborn

Платье для новорожденной

Tie dress for newborn girl, at the same time easier and more interesting all, and the time to create it will need much less. Pretty simple to perform and it is very pretty is, eg, below presented model warm dresses for girls 1-3 of the month. necessary to prepare for its creation about 200 g acrylic yarn, in this case, white color, but you can choose if you want any other color, with spokes № 2,5, and yellow thread for decoration in the form of flowers, buttons for fasteners.

The product is created from 6 parts: two sleeves, Pereda, 2 back portion and the yoke, which are knitted in the following sequence:

  • front part. Gaining on spokes 76 loops and over 10 rows and form a pattern edge products, alternating: 2 Wrong number of loops, 2 a number of facial. Further, a front shelf face continue to knit stitch ( in facial facial ranks, and backstitches - purl). In this way, provyazyvaem to a height 18 cm. Then, at the edges of canvas close one loop and, starting with the next row, proceed to decrease the loop explained below. All even rows on each side, leaving at the beginning and end of the two loops, provyazyvaem two loops together, We repeat this action every next even number five times. In this way, provyazyvaem several rows, while the height of the fabric will not be equal 21 cm. After that, we throw a forehand loops on auxiliary needle and begin to knit the following detail.
  • The first half of the rear shelf. recruit 35 loops and the first ten rows of knit as well, as for the first part of the product. Then provyazyvaem stocking st canvas to a height 18 cm close to the right edge of the canvas 2 loop and the next series perform decrease, both forehand, but only on one side and just leave this part nedovyazannoy.
  • The second half polochtoand provyazyvaetsya similar to the first, with the only difference being, that the loops are not close to the right, and on the left side.
  • knit sleeves. For, that would have received the same hose, and do not need them is knitted separately, We take two tangle and type of 38 loops. In this way, We obtain two working thread. The first ten rows, each of the sleeves knit, both the front portion. Then we go to the front surface of and begin to carry out three adding one loop at each ninth row. Eventually, it should turn on 44 eyelets. Then the front knit fabric direct embroidery, until cuffs length becomes equal to 15 cm. In the next step we diminish the edges of the two loops paintings, and then through a series of retreating along the edges of the two loops on diminish 1 loop (decrease repeat 5 time). At the end of, sleeves webs length must be equal 18 cm.
  • In the next step perform a flirt. For this facial loops provyazyvaem first second part of the backrest, then the first sleeve, before, the second sleeve and the end of the first part of the backrest. The next series of facial loops and provyazyvaem, This number must also be abated by symmetrically 12 loops on each side and back 24 on the front of the shelf. Then, until the end of knitting carry two rows of purl loops, the two facial, symmetrically diminishing every seven rows of 12 loops (decrease repeat five times). As a result of the above actions should remain on needle 70 loops, to be closed.
  • The final stage of product development is its assembly. For this purpose, the front and back portions are sewn along the sides, and the edges of each of the rear shelf in turn provyazyvaetsya strap for fastening. To do this, on the edge of typed 81 eyelet and provyazyvaetsya six rows of alternating two rows of purl loops, the two facial. Then the edges of the product are strapped teeth with a hook, sutured back bottom, top stitched buttons, and on the hem of her dress embroidered yellow flowers.

Spring Dress for teenage girl

Весеннее платье для девочки-подростка

This is a very pretty dress performed stocking st, so it's incredibly easy to knit and easy. Model suitable for girls, having 46-48 the size, and the need for it 650 g fine-wool yarn and needles blue with №7. Sequence of performance of the product should be:

Knit back. recruit 54 loops and knit by the scheme:

  • 1 and all odd rows. Provyazyvaem 11 loops facial, 2 seamy, 28 facial, 2 seamy, 11 facial.
  • 2 and all even provyazyvaem according to the figure behind the front face, under purl purl.
  • Through 26 series in 28 g.(18 cm) in each row is performed by adding one loop on each side of the web.
  • Beginning with 50 p(28 cm) performed on decrease 1 loop on both sides and through 10 series back on 1 loop on the back edges.
  • Then two times through seven rows decreases only one loop on one side, and the other is carried out broach.
  • Then knit again on and drawing 88 row(28 cm) three times in seven rows on each side of the web fulfill the addition of 1 eyelet and then knit straight blade.
  • AT 102 row(57 cm) four times through a series of left side diminish one loop, and with the right to perform broach. Since the same number of starting and the simultaneous addition of 6 again on the left side of every three rows.
  • AT 112 row(62 cm) at each end closed by three loops. This number will be the beginning of the armholes to the sleeves. Then 4 through a number of times on each side diminish one loop. Then the front knitting continues embroidery.
  • Through 20 series by closing the loop again diminish at each end of 1 loop, then once we close one loop around the edges through two rows and 3 closing times for two loops through a series of, but 4 times in the same series carry on decrease 1 loop on the side. Ultimately, should remain 18 loops, which has a smooth surface face provyazyvaem 10 series. Then close all the loops.

The front shelfbut similarly fit back.

Hose recruit on 34 loops and knit stocking st or their front embroidery, 2 adding times in each second row, one loop around the edge. Through 6 series with each of the sides of the sleeve is closed by two loops. Then through each row 5 just perform decrease one loop on the edge of the canvas, then three times in two loops and 4 times on the one hand diminish the loop, and on the other we do broach. After that, the 36 a number of knitting sleeves(20 cm from the slope) should remain 10 loops, and that provyazyvaem front embroidery ten more rows, then close all the loops.

The final step is Staple all parts dresses and otutyuzhivanie seams. After that, the product is ready.

Another interesting example of dresses for the girls see in the following video:


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