Knitted sweaters spokes

Вязаные кофты спицамиPicking up the thread and needles can make their own hands a variety of fine products, some of which are different blouses. Moreover, these products can create a completely all-season and all-weather. For this we need only to choose the right appropriate to this occasion thread, and needles of appropriate diameter.

How to knit a sweater knitting needles: tips and little secrets

The process of creating any model cardigans via spokes can not be considered extremely difficult and time-consuming, especially, if you learn how to do the calculations for the corresponding dimensions of the future web and learn a couple of secrets, telling how to make a beautiful future of the product and the corresponding size of the future owner:

  • To the bottom cardigans, in the form of an elastic band beautifully fitting shape, to start knitting typed slightly less number of loops, than is necessary for the whole cloth, and missing tabs are added uniformly to the web while provyazyvaniya last row gum.
  • Greatly facilitate the work and reduce the time available to her pre-prepared patterns products.
  • The finished product is better steamed with the iron aid, or wet with water and dried. Such an action would give more clarity drawing.
  • To edge blouse looked nice and neat necessary to trim the edges and neck edge with a hook, provyazyvaya bars on the edge, without sc, or polustolbiki, or on the edge of the dial loops on the needles and knit a few ryadochkov pattern for gum strips.
  • the throat depth is primarily dependent on the circumference of the head, as well as on its chosen form.
  • To hose, as well as two front side shelves correspond to each other, better than them at the same time tie, using the needles of string of sufficient length.
  • And so both sides look symmetrical pattern, it must be ensured, to drawing evenly Bates and both sides, i.e, It was an exact copy of each other.

Models knitted sweaters spokes

Various models of jackets huge amount. This delicate product and warm winter, short or long sleeves, with buttons or without them, and so on. Below is a look a couple of different models of knitted sweaters spokes.

Sweater knitted with needles for girls with short sleeves

The following model is perfect for the spring season, since it is created from one hundred percent cotton thread.
Вязаная кофта спицами для девочки с коротким рукавомLet us examine a detailed description of the creation of this product on a girl 8 years old:

  • To work needed to prepare for 150 g white and blue yarn, and needles of appropriate diameter yarns, Gypsy needle with a large eye.
  • All work is performed using the pattern gum 1 × 1 for the lower edge of the article, neck of the, and bottom sleeves, and hosiery knitting.
  • Knit the front of the blouse for girl. We start knitting from the bottom up with a set 71 loops and provyazyvaniya first 2 p. pattern rubber thread blue. Then we change the white thread and continue provyazyvat gum to a height of 3 cm. Then proceed to the primary pattern. Knit a sweater for girls spoke as follows:. At the beginning and end of a series of 25 loops facial, in the middle of the canvas 1 Wrong loop, 17 facial, 1 Wrong and change thread colors, turn on provyazyvaya 14 first series blue, then white. sleeveless armholes on either side do, when the height of the blade reaches 33 cm, by closing the edges of shelves 2 loops. A recess for the neck begin to form through 8 cm. To do this, first close 17 petelek, located in the middle of canvas, then rounding the cut through each row 3 fold the edges close by 3 eyelets, and then another 3 times in one eyelet. In the moment, when the web reaches 49 cm, close by 16 eyelets for shoulder.
  • Backs provyazyvaem just as the front board, but without creating a cut-out neck.
  • hose on the spokes is typed 47 petelek, and knit pattern first elastic thread blue 2 ryadochka, then another white 5 series. After that perform basic pattern: by 13 P. facial stitches at the beginning and end of the series, and in the middle part 2 backstitches, 17 facial, 2 backstitches. In the next phase change white thread on blue and knit in pattern 14 series. Then again knit white thread 6 time, adding across each row of 1 eyelet. The sleeve is ready to achieve web length 15 cm.
  • At the final stage, a product assembly. Sew first one shoulder, toss all remaining tabs on one of the neck and knit pattern gum 1 × 1 8 ryadochkov white and 2 rows of blue and close tabs. Then completely sew blouse and front webs perform embroidery pattern according to the following:Схема кофты, вязанной спицами для девочки And on the canvas of blue used white thread, blue and white. Upon completion of all of these actions can be considered a jacket ready.

Very cute baby turns blouse, associated spokes according to the following video instructions:

A knitted sweater for women buttoned spokes

In the wardrobe of every woman should have at least one blouse with buttons, made in classic style. Consider one of these models, knitted blouses buttoned by means of spokes.Вязаная кофта для женщин на пуговицах спицами

Run this model will be a force without exception, as the basis for her paintings quite simple drawing:

  • 1-7 row: Wrong, front.
  • 8-9 row: front, Wrong.
  • 10 series also provyazyvaetsya as the first to seventh, then drawing repeated, starting from the front row.

Driving the creation of knitted sweaters for women with buttons next:

  1. to back recruit 93 eyelets (for 32 product size) and knit by main circuit 36 series, but 27 provyazyvaem number of purl all sts. Then do decrease, first provyazyvaya 4,5,6, and then 88,89,90 along the front, remaining number of knit loop circuit according to Figure. Then knit unchanged even ryadochek and be tagged with special markers in the places of the region of the upper lateral sections. Then, in every sixth row diminish one loop on the left side, and each 7 right. In this way, provyazyvaetsya 15 series in the drawing and then do a number of Wrong. Then we perform addition on two sides of the web 2 times through 9 series in the tenth, then 5 time through 7 series in the eighth. Dovyazyvaem canvas to a height 45 see on the image, again 1 number is knitted purl. For future armholes perform subtraction as follows:: close at the beginning and the end of the first two rows of 4 eyelets, then 5 in the next three, then 2 times through a series of close 3, but 2 times through 3 by 2. After that, no changes knit fabric, until the moment when armhole reach heights 20 cm. The next two rows close on either side of the backrest 2 eyelets, then 1 a series of 6 petelek. Then knit fabric to a height 60 cm and close the loop.
  2. Blind side pockets. Every detail of creating 23 petelek, knit pattern according to which 38 series. Then toss the tabs on the pins.
  3. For the first left front board loops need 52, provyazyvayutsya pattern according to which 36 series. After that, as well as drawing on the back is a back row and the next three are knitted together 4,5,6 eyelets. The next series of runs without changes, then again put markers on the sides. Knit 6 series, and in the seventh diminish 1 loop, after which the pattern is knitted two more series and should only perform facial. In the next step of the front board provyazyvaniya prykladыvaem karman and on the wrong side of knit products 18 hinges on the circuit pattern, 23 close loop and continue the rest according to the pattern. In the next series of provyazyvaem 8 shelves and eyelets 23 petli fray, then the remaining tabs series in the same circuit pattern. Then two rows provyazyvaem, and in the next diminish 1 loop. Then knit unchanged 15 series and do 1 Wrong number of loops. In the next series we add 1 loop, then another one 2 times through 9 series, 5 time through 7 series. Then addition and knit stop ledge unchanged until armhole. To close the armhole 4 loops with the external edge of the shelf, then with the same edge of the closing loop through 5 series, then 2 fold 1 and through a series of 2 times through a series of. Then knitted fabric unchanged until the bevel shoulder, It makes a number of backstitches and neck at the beginning of a number close to the inner side 16 petelek. Then, during closing of the three rows 1 eyelet and 3 times through 1 row, 1 just three rows and 1 time through 5 series also 1 loop. Then another for shoulder provyazyvaetsya 4 a number. shoulder close the first 6 loops, then 2 times through a series of further 6 loops.
  4. right front provyazyvaem symmetrically left, on the same shelf is necessary to make a loop for pugovichek. To do this, 41 provyazyvaetsya row according to the diagram 4 eyelets, then knit the two together on drawing, We do an elongated loop, creating two that the coils around the right spokes, again two together and continue in pattern. In the next series of elongated loop provyazyvaem first the front, then the rear wall. These holes need to create pugovichek 7 stuff at equal distance from each other.
  5. Sleeve. This part of the products are created from two webs. For the first recruit 27 petelek. Since the beginning of cloth 20 series knit pattern according to Scheme direct web, do not forget to make the addition at the end of the fifteenth series. Then do a back row and toss loops on auxiliary needle. For the next part of the sleeve recruit 26 loops and knit 20 series in the circuit pattern and also the last row purl provyazyvaem. After that connect the two parts of the sleeve, first dovyazav one part, then connect the other. The next row on both sides of the coupled webs add the first one loop on each side, then through the same number of nine rows and each 16, while on the needles is formed 73 eyelets. Then knit straight in pattern to a height equal to the sleeve 41 cm, and the next row knit purl only. Sleeve head forming follows: first close on 3 tabs at the beginning and end of the web, then one loops over 3 the following series, then through 1 and through 3 and finally 5 time through 5 series. following 3 a number of knit unchanged, and in the fourth diminish one loop on both sides. After that, through a series of decreases 1 loop on each side, while the spokes will not remain 33 eyelets. Provyazyvaem three rows and then do decrease the loop at the beginning and end of the series and close tabs. The second row similarly to the first provyazyvaetsya.
  6. compound parts. sew shoulders, then binds all the edges of the product, including sections on the sleeves, in the bottom of the product, and openings for the pockets, with a hook rachim step (two bars, without sc and three air loops between them). Other seams are made only after a delicate washing. In conclusion of the sew on buttons. Ironing the finished product is not recommended.

Another example of knitted sweaters spokes with buttons presented in the following video below:

Models knitted sweaters so much, that if you wish every season, you can create yourself something new and straight from the tin and thus always look fashionable and stylish.

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