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What is an RCD

What is an RCD

What is an RCD

RCD - protective device blackouts, which has to be in every room, and each time the power supply network according to the rules of safety. Thanks to this device at one time is not one human life was saved, because the system is able to turn off the electricity crisis and dangerous situations.

The main function of the trip device is to interrupt current supply to the supply circuit when a maximum index in the current network (this quantity sensor reads a special RCD). This is for the RCD emergency. At the time of the RCD is actively used as Protection Improvement of electric mechanisms and ignition.

And at the same time, RCD incorrectly matched or set assuming the slightest error carries a major risk for both the premises, and for human life. And in order, RCD to fully justify their electrical safety it is necessary to choose the right features and the right to establish.

RCD types

RCD types

RCD types

In order to properly determine the necessary for you RCDs, you must know the types of. So today there are several types of devices:

  • The RCD marked E (Capacitor)
  • The RCD marked D (differential device)
  • RCD – DM
  • The RCD marked DE

The first type of RCD (capacitive) It is the optimal one for his use in dwellings, since such device is triggered only by direct contact with human current phase. In this case, the RCD operates on the principle of the relay and immediately turns off the electricity supply. In this way, even naughty kid, who shove a finger in the socket, It does not feel absolutely nothing.

But the RCD - E has its drawbacks. Such a device is very sensitive to all kinds of interference from outside.
RCD - D is a differential device, which means "device, responsive to the difference between the current values ​​". In this case, the tripping device is activated, if somewhere - then the current takes longer, and comes less. So RCD responds to the difference in performance disconnecting electrical circuit.

But the main feature of the differential trip device is, that all conductors, who do not give power to the recipient, obliged to pass only through the RCD. Otherwise the device will often trigger false.
RCD - DM is now the most sought-after and popular device domestic purposes. After long and hard work engineers have calculated the optimum value of the difference current balance, equal to 30mA.

Each unit is equipped with a mark DM special button "test", which allows you to scan your device for its performance. Also, the device has a restart button in case of RCD trip.
RCD - DE is most universal device. Among the advantages of such a device can distinguish its small size and the ability to be mounted directly into the wall socket. This RCD has a special sensor, which distinguishes the current flow difference. RCD - DE equipped with high sensitivity to the current difference indicators, which means, that the circuit breaking occurs instantaneously.

But such devices are available and cons: the high cost and occasional malfunctions (like any electronics).

The correct choice of the RCD

In order to choose the best option RCD, you need to decide on some of its parameters, and maybe that your wiring.
So, the main ones:

  • Buy the unit complete with a gun or without it. Where takes place wiring TN-C, it is appropriate to buy RCD with a gun. If wiring TN-C-S, there will be more relevant Emergency circuit breakers.
  • To correctly calculate the overload current. In this you can help workers' organizations, that serves your building.
  • To determine the original current value for your ouzo. Usually, for its index is considered an indicator of the current cut-off increased by one step.
  • To set the amount of leakage current, which will be considered as unacceptable and, respectively, I will have to start the work of the RCD.

The connection of ouzo in your room

Podklyuchenie OUZO

Podklyuchenie OUZO

Install disconnect device in the room, where there is a grounding and a relatively new wiring is better closer to putting himself right behind the counter or machine. If the building is old and there is no ground, then remember, that put the device in such circumstances, the best ever in a cascaded manner, separately or in general on every dangerous in terms of leakage current point.

And it is worth remembering, when installing the RCD wiring without grounding better to create all the conductors of all points of the power supply only to the input terminal, which is a neutral terminal RCD, and only the most concise way.


If you prefer a stationary RCD, then when it is activated, you can very easily find a faulty power point. To do this, turn off all devices on the network after tripping RCDs. To begin you must switch from the RCD. If knocks, so, on the device leaked. If not included, RCD in need of repair.

In each house the best option RCD must be installed. It is worth remembering, that very often the electrical leakage current sources become usual household appliances. In order to avoid such trouble, enough space to equip all rosettes with leakage current sensors, which will be triggered.

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