Video surveillance with their own hands

Video surveillance - is a complex security system, organization which is based on the video television equipment. The modern world can not be considered absolutely safe, and therefore the prevention of unlawful acts on the property and the lives of people need to pay due attention.

video surveillance system

video surveillance system

The main and at the same time the most important integrated safety element is the construction of a video surveillance system. Usually, security installations are expensive, but because most people can not afford them. This allows you to save on video surveillance with his own hands. Creating a security system, without resorting to the services of specialists, available to each user midrange computer.

camera Views

system device CCTV at home necessarily begins with the camera selection, which can be divided into two main categories:

  • open;
  • hidden.

Choosing between open and hidden cameras, worth considering, the first cheaper, so they are ideally suited for self-installation of video surveillance systems. open the camera, in turn, falls under the, which are used for fixing the viewing indoors, and for external monitoring.

The outer chamber distinguish infrared lights, zoom lens, protection from jamming and built-in motion detector. Because they are more expensive and costs, moreover, their use is impractical for home security.

What types of cameras are

What types of cameras are

Hidden cameras are different miniature size. They may masquerade as a ceiling lamp, fire detector and motion detector; immured in a wall or built into the ceilings. Such devices are expensive and for domestic use is rarely used.

Where and how to place a video camera

CCTV system with their own hands involves determining the placement of cameras, not to spend money on unnecessary equipment. Improperly installed camera significantly reduces the degree of reliability of safety systems. If you stay at least one area of ​​the room, not covered by the camera, the attacker is required to take advantage of it and bring his case before the end of. Cells should be set so, so that no one of them can be approached unnoticed.

How do I put the camera right

How do I put the camera right

When the device alarm system must also be considered, that the cameras should be installed in a secure place, in order to avoid damaging them. Moreover, they do not have much to stand out from the crowd, to house guests not scare them and not feel tense.

video editing features

Installation of video surveillance with their hands has its own characteristics, to consider, to result in a high-quality protection for your home:

  • the cable should be combined;
  • cable to cameras on the plot is laid in the trench, previously, it is placed into the pipe;
  • all excavation works should be done secretly, to them it did not become known to unauthorized persons;
    Power cameras are best taken from the system server;
  • all system equipment must be placed in sight of one of the cameras.
  • mounting Features

    mounting Features

What is necessary for the system of quality work

portable monitor is required to configure the camera, so you will need to take care of the presence of small wires with connectors. This is to ensure, to be able to adjust the angle and sharpness by the camera lens.

Cameras mounted on the end, you are ready to install and configure the DVR. Make it easy, since each of these guide devices applied with a detailed description of each step. After setting the required settings on the recorder and connect the monitor can be switched on record, which will capture every movement, came to the attention of cameras installed on the territory of.

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