In contact with: how to use?

The newly minted user of a social network “Vkontakte” may encounter difficulties mastering interface own page. At first glance it seems very complicated. If you get to the contact: how to use, communicate and gain popularity, it can become the most favorite social network.

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Going in Touch

How to use a Contact

When “In contact” has just appeared, up there it was easy. It was enough to provide an email address and password to invent. After a couple of years, when the social network became popular, registration rules changed. It became necessary to get a recommendation from a registered user, To create an account has been approved in advance.

But today, the registration process on the site takes a few minutes and does not require confirmation from a third party.

Starting register on the site, follow this link On the opened page, select it and click the “Instant registration”. In the proposed form submit a name and click “Register”.

Follow these three steps you will spend on it, to fill in the information, on which you will find friends.

First step: school choice, where did you study. There you put down the years of study and the date of issue, choose your class letter. From the displayed list of alumni can add them to friends of his classmates.

The second step: search classmates. Here you need to enter in the form the name of your university, end date and Faculty, Where did you study. Again a list of graduates from this university in parallel with you, friends can immediately friended.

The third step: search for colleagues. Here in the search box, enter the name of the organization, which worked, years of work. If multiple organizations, the bottom of the form click on the “add” button and enter data in the following jobs. The algorithm for adding friends in the same, as in the previous steps. colleagues to choose from the displayed list and send them a friend request.

Now you came to the “complete registration”. Here you specify the country, in which you live and your mobile phone number. Waiting SMS with the access code on the website, enter it in the box “confirm registration”.

Congratulations, you have passed the first test in contact with: how to use registration page.

Interface personal page

Learn how to use contacts in the field of registration, do not relax. Now you need as much as possible to fill a personal page, to increase her interest in readers.

  1. Adding entries to the wall. On my wall posts found add row. Set the cursor there. Right at the bottom of the row there is a button “attach”. Choose it in “Attach note”. Make out your message, to upload and download photos, video or start the survey and press the “Send”button. To record displayed on the wall in full, number of symbols shall not exceed 255 PC. Most visitors will be interesting to look at the cut.
  2. Comments to the post. Creating your page continues to develop in contact: How to use the Messaging. If you have published record, disable the settings the opportunity to comment, they will not appear in the record. If the message with the public access, under it along with the “likes” can receive comments from friends and interested readers. To reply to a Comment, you need to go to the recording field, press under a false statement on the answer button. In the open box, record your response and click “Send”.
  3. Status. This button does not leave for a long time user of Contact. Today, it is again available right under your photos. By clicking on it, you change your status and before posting click on the button “share with friends”. Then they can read your status, comment on it and layknut.
  4. messages. To send a message to a friend, you must open the dialog box My friends. The display will show the contact list. You choose a person, click on the button to send the message. In the dialog box, write the, I wanted to say and click “send”.. On the reply can be found, looking at the main menu page under the photo. “My messages” on the right displayed the number of unread.
  5. Poll. One of the new features in Touch. When you post a message on my wall, in the lower right corner of the form there is a button “Attach”. It opens a list of possible investments. Select and arrange the survey. Click “Add” . The survey appears on your wall.
  6. Multimedia. If you are still in doubt, you wind up in the contact page or not, Note that you can place your favorite audio and video files in Touch. Selecting the downloads button “Audio” and “Video”, you can perezalit from the computer a large number of necessary files and free space at.

If you read our instructions on in the contact: how to use your page, you are still in doubt, watch the video, which will help you understand the intricacies of the social network, and start to act!

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