Nail care. How to reinforce them at home?

Before you look for an answer to the question, how to strengthen the nails home, you first need to understand the cause of, Why nails weakened.

The reasons

  • calcium deficiency in the body. propyl vitamins, you can correct this lack of.
  • nail file. Metal nails embodiment spoils, better to use sand or ceramic nail file.
  • Acetone. Photographing means varnish without acetone.
  • Household chemicals. Gloves will protect your nails.
  • Smoking. The answer is obvious.

Strengthen nails at home

How can you strengthen your nails at home?
Nail strengthening begins with proper

  • nutrition, it should be rich in vitamins A, WITH, E, Ca, plenty of vegetables and fruits;
  • Take care of your nails during homework, use gloves, so as not to contact with chemicals, contained in the cleaning means;
  • everyday, You need to nourish the nails with a special cream, or folk remedies;
  • cut the nails after taking a shower, and the rasp in one direction, use high-quality lacquers and means to mitigate the cuticle;
  • every day use bath, that will strengthen your nails.

Here are some popular ways, how to strengthen the nails home

  1. salt bath. Hold hands in a solution of water with sea salt. After fifteen minutes of the procedure lubricate the cream polish.
  2. Massage. On the toothbrush put baby soap and gently massage. Then, wash all, put on the cuticle area of ​​special oil, then cream.
  3. Paraffin. Melt it in a water bath. Brushing his hands greasy cream, drop them a few times in paraffin. Wear plastic gloves and wrap your hands with a towel. Through 15 minutes, remove the mask.
  4. Compress with olive oil. Drip oil on the nails, wear cotton gloves and go to bed.
  5. Lemon juice. Cut the lemon in the flesh to press the nail. After a few minutes rinse your hands and smear with cream.

By doing these procedures on a regular basis, you will help your nails recover.
Information about, how to strengthen the nails home, It would be incomplete, if not on the gel.

Strengthens nails gel

Gel for strengthening nails - it is not the product, which is used to build them. The gel serves to protect the nail from the adverse effects on them. It also speeds up and nail growth.
What is required for strengthening the nail plate using gel?

  • gel color.
  • UV lamp.
  • basecoat.
  • Firming gel.
  • degreaser.
  • nail file.
  • Stick to the cuticle.
  • Brush for applying the gel.
  • Means for removing gel.

How to apply the gel?

  • Nail polish nail file.
  • degrease.
  • Apply the gel base.
  • Dry under the lamp.
  • Apply the color gel and dry under ultraviolet light.
  • Apply a firming gel.
  • Also dried under a lamp.
  • Remove the special tool adhesive layer.

Before the next application of reinforcing gel, the old layer must be removed. Means for removing it must hold on the nail 10 minutes to soften the gel coating.
If you know, how to strengthen the nails home gel, they will always be healthy and beautiful.
You will be offered an easy way to strengthen nails, that you can do yourself. Take care of them! Beautiful well-groomed nails is the pride of women.

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