Installing floor air conditioning

Many families simply can not afford to install a fixed split system for cooling the air in the house during the hot summer days, because of their high price. people, suffering with disease of the respiratory organs, small children just need a microclimate in the house. The solution is to setting home floor air conditioners. equipment costs are much lower than the price of fused systems, and for the installation and use do not need special skills. In this air conditioner of this type is quite effective. When creating certain conditions are excellent equipment cools the room and consumes a small amount of electricity.

Principle of operation Air conditioners

Principle of operation Air conditioners

air conditioning apparatus outdoor

Today on sale there are two types of equipment:

  • Испарительные кондиционеры (open), cooling air by evaporating the refrigerant in the neutral open space.
  • Испарительно – конденсационные кондиционеры (closed), cooling air by circulating refrigerant in a closed space.

Open air conditioners are installed in the wall or mounted in a false ceiling. Closed air conditioners can be installed anywhere in the room.

The operating principle of the equipment is open to a pump discharge clean water into the microporous plate and run through it air fan. The cooled air enters the room. Electricity consumption only need to supply air and water. To install the air conditioner open, You do not need special knowledge. Included power plug and flat cooling process is started.
Jobs similar to indoor air conditioners operating principle of the common refrigerator.

  • В испаритель под давлением через инжектор поступает легкокипящий хладогент.
  • Происходит испарение хладогента с большим поглощением тепла.
  • Через радиатор испарителя вентилятором прогоняется воздух. Air cooling is a rapid and outwardly ejection.
  • Пары хладогента из испарителя всасываются компрессором. Large steam pressure generated during inflation of the vapor compressor to the condenser.
  • Через радиатор конденсатора воздух прогоняется вторым вентилятором.
  • В конденсаторе происходит охлаждение паров хладогента и их сгущение в жидкость.
  • Завершается цикл поступлением хладогента в жидком состоянии по трубопроводу через капилляр в испаритель.

Important to remember, that the stationary split-system technical and processed air is never mixed, and outdoor air conditioners such mixing is allowed.
To achieve maximum efficiency of the equipment, must take into account this circumstance, When installing underfloor air-conditioning will be held.

Selection of equipment

Select device

Select device

Which is the floor type air conditioner is necessary to give preference? experts say, что для квартир лучше всего подойдет испарительно – конденсационный прибор. Installing such a device is much easier and less expensive than open-air conditioner, and price 20% below.

When choosing a device to take into account the main limit energy consumption throughout the apartment and buy a power conditioner, to prevent excess energy consumption. To install the outdoor air conditioner does not need any permits, installation of separate ground and machine circuit. Instead of the usual outlets, it is desirable to establish chipovanuyu socket already integrated RCD.

When you select the device you need to consider the size of the floor area, in order to properly calculate the required heat output. On average, 20 square meters will need air-conditioning capacity of not less than 2 kW. The amount of electricity consumed depends on the cooling target temperature of the room.


For a more efficient operation of the air conditioner outdoor gated is best to place it on the floor is not, and in the corner on the bedside table or shelf. In this case, the efficiency of cooling the air close to the efficiency of the fixed split systems.

Open type of fireplace is best placed directly on the floor. Air cooling is not in the whole room, but only in his work area at a distance of no more 1,5-2,0 m. Such fireplaces use primarily in an office environment for purposeful cooling air in zone jobs.

Tools required for installation

As we have seen for connecting outdoor air conditioner does not need to have special skills. Also, you do not need sophisticated tools. Enough to have a very simple set of tools for home use.

When buying a closed type air conditioner included have to be two gofroshlanga. In mobile air conditioner outdoor hot and cold loop are in the same housing. To separate them need bulky thick corrugations with bells.

Easy removal of hot corrugation in the window leads to inefficient operation of the device and the overuse of electricity. Quasi-stationary operation of the system can not occur due to the constant inflow of hot air in the room from the street.

Some consumers take out the device to the balcony, exposing so, to the cool air into the room through the open door. The air temperature in the room may be reduced, but the air conditioner will consume a lot of energy. This happens due to the cold cycle, the gap between the balcony and the bathroom. On the balcony there is a partial discharge and mixing process air intake, which makes it impossible to cool the air in the room. This operation outdoor air conditioner resembles a hospital work with open doors or windows.

Let's listen to the recommendations of the manufacturers of outdoor air conditioners and carry out the correct installation of equipment. Installing underfloor air conditioning needs work window opening. We still have to do construction and erection works. To improve the quality of the equipment have a air inlet and outlet vertically by a distance at least 50 cm. Наши усилия будут не напрасными, since we exclude the mixing of the two air flows in all weather conditions.

C condenser to the radiator is not clogged with dust quickly, the system must be supplemented by another heatsink and fan. To do this, you need to buy a car radiator from any subcompact and regular fan on 12 AT. For connecting the auxiliary radiator with regular nozzles used alyumogofra suitable diameter. additional radiator installation must be done in such a way, to the air conditioning intake was below the level of the auxiliary radiator outlet, allowing condensate to drain directly into the equipment tray.

Relative to the choice of the fan should be clarified, when buying a domestic fan instead of the standard needed to give preference for the instrument with sickle-shaped blades. Car fan is mounted on the hood, and home to blowout.

This revision air cooling system makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency. Dust with additional radiator eliminates the conventional brush.

To eliminate excessive noise from the work floor conditioner sufficient output compressor and pipes hot loop.

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