Installing the ICQ on the phone

The development of mobile technologies has led to, that any user, who owns a modern mobile phone, can take advantage of the World Wide Web, irrespective of the location at any time.

The most common and popular mobile phone application is ICQ - ICQ. for registered users, она дает возможность без использования компьютера получать доступ к интернет – мессенджирам.

How to use the app?

Installing the ICQ on a computer

Installing the ICQ on a computer

The first step is to register in ICQ. After obtaining UIN, the user receives a number of ICQ.

By selecting the appropriate client - program, which communicates with the server, begin download, and then install the application OCQ. Carry out installation of the selected client.

After the client installation is administered UIN and password OCQ to connect to the Internet. In the contact list users add friends and enjoys socializing!

Installing ICQ to Nokia phone

  • В разделе «Приложения» находим папку «Офис» и открываем ее.
  • Проверяем состояние памяти телефона в папке « Офис», "File Manager".
  • Если в телефоне недостаточно свободной памяти, you need to enter the main menu and move the "Application Manager" in the "Settings" and select "Installed applications". To clear the memory of your phone in the "Installed Applications" section, you can remove unused applications you.
  • Чтобы удалить приложение его следует выбрать и через меню «Функции» удалить из списка.
  • Как только на телефоне будет достаточно свободного места, можно перейти в «Магазин Nokia».
  • After the appearance of the window, select the type of Internet connection and download page OVI online store.
  • You then go to "Applications".
  • Перед вами будет список доступных программ для скачивания. Select the partition «ICQ Mobile for Symbian».
  • Загружайте и скачивайте файл полностью. Choose from the list of programs «ICQ Mobile for Symbian».
  • Загрузите полностью файл.
  • Проведите установку, press after its completion "Run".
  • A window will appear for doing your username and password.

Installing ICQ to Samsung phone

Before installing the phone must be prepared OCQ. The first step is to check APN – access point. Each operator has its own name: МТС «», Megaphone «internet», Beeline «». The operator can provide unlimited internet access on favorable terms. We can not allow mistakes in the access point name, otherwise the price of the service cost can increase significantly.

To install ICQ on Android J2ME phone platform requires optional emulator Microemu. Additional emulators are not set for the Bada platform.

It is not always possible to install the application in Windows Mobile J2ME. If your phone does not have Java installed , it is necessary to abolish the use of emulators, as the service will be paid. To start a chat, you need to run the client and enter UIN and password.

Installing the ICQ for Android phones

Before installing, you must set the resolution of your phone for unauthorized programs. Download the isq any version of the Internet.
Choose "Run" function and set a PC. After the installation is required to login and complete the registration process. To install the program on your phone, you need a USB- cord. Installation is via a file manager.

Installing the ICQ for Symbian

For a comfortable communicating this application has demonstrated the best performance. To adopt an application in the phone's browser incorporated by reference: ICQ for Symbian. Some phones require additional file jad.

Installing the ICQ for Java

The owners of the phones high demand ICQ for Java. Before installation, check the compatibility with your phone ICQ-client. This application also requires an additional jad file.

Installing the ICQ for Windows Mobile

The application is used widely. To install the phone administered: ICQ for Windows Mobile. Do not forget the use of an additional file.

To install OCQ can use any of the present methods.

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