Set the washing machine

Choosing a place in the washing machine

Choosing a place in the washing machine

Comfortable accommodation in a country house is only possible in the case of summing up all the communications and connections necessary household appliances. The house must be connected heating, clean water supply and waste water drainage, necessary kitchen appliances and of course washing machine. If we set the washing machine on their own, without the aid of professionals, must first read the instructions and prepare a place for installation.

Select a Destination

Before buying a washing machine, you must select the area for its installation. Many consumers install the machine in the bathroom or in the kitchen, that is not quite right. Kitchen space is usually overloaded with appliances, necessary for the preparation and storage of food. Wash in the kitchen is not very convenient.
Install the washing machine in damp rooms is not recommended:

  • SNIP prohibits the installation of communication and power distribution devices in the bathroom. Sockets and switches installed outside the lavatories, light bulbs are installed with special moisture protection.
  • Lengthen the cord stiralki - the machine is not recommended, not to lose the warranty. High temperature and high humidity significantly reduce the service life.

During the construction of a country house you want to schedule domestic premises, located next to the communications, well ventilated and dry. The room may be small, but to meet all the requirements. Sex desirable to pour concrete to the level of.

Providing water inlet and outlet

When installing communication systems need to bring the water supply pipe to the domestic premises, where it is assumed installation of the washing machine. The filter can be installed on the total feed system or discharge line for the typewriter. Connection can be made as hotline, and Cold.
To drain the water drainage is required. Washing machine with a tank on 40 liters of water is best connected with a separate one.
Important! When you select to install the equipment necessary, to the bottom of the tank cars was located above the siphon knee.

Connection of the washing machine

Connection of the washing machine

reliable grounding

One of the main conditions of the washing machine connection is automatic device safe protective earthing. Operation of the equipment without a protective device or grounding is not possible. In this case, the warranty will be simply lost.
Grounding in a country house, you can do it yourself. It does not need to register. Need to work:

  • metal pipe length is not less than 1,2 m - four pieces.
  • steel wire 8 mm diameter.
  • Copper wire.
  • Fittings.

Sledgehammer to knock down one end of the tube to count, it will be the bottom of the pipe. Randomly drilled holes from below to ten. Dig a trench depth of bayonet spade. At a distance of up to 1,5 m apart drive tube, leaving from the ground up 10 cm. Pipe trench interconnect fittings by welding. By fitting welded steel wire and plants in the house. Copper stranded wire to make the connection of steel wire earthing terminals.
Now washing machine is protected.


Setting machines - machine

Installation of the machine - the machine

All carefully prepared, and we are ready for self-installation of the washing machine. Perform the following steps:

  • The washing machine must be available in an easy to use site. In order to avoid overloading the machine pump. hose length must not exceed 1,5 m.
  • Upon delivery of the washing machine from the store before you install to check for external damage. If you hear the sounds of rocking and there are dents on the surface of equipment, must require its replacement. The machine is delivered in perfect condition, Now you are ready to install. Remove the back panel, remove the clips and bolts, established for transport.
  • To achieve stability during operation equipment necessary to carry out the alignment procedure. Strong vibration significantly reduces the life of the washing machine. Set the washing machine and align its position, twisting legs. When it reached the optimal position, leg is fixed by means of nuts.
  • If previously in the room the water supply pipe has been deduced, connect to her car. Current models of washing machines are equipped with heating elements to heat the water, It can therefore be connected to the pipe, cold water supply. Prevent the appearance of limescale in the machine will set a good quality household filter.
  • Organize drain dirty water from the machine. It is best to install a special sewer siphon and connect it to the drain hose.
  • To connect the machine to the automatic mains socket used by the European. Pre grounding will provide a safe and stable operation of the unit.

Installation of automatic machines is completed. It's time to check if the work performed.

Washing and checking

Absorb small amount of powder and make idle run, selecting any program. During the work will be immediately obvious, both filled with water, its heating, drum work, extraction, used water drain.

Important to remember! If the washing machine is installed in the winter, it is impossible to carry out the installation immediately upon delivery. Unpack the equipment and leave it on 5-6 hours in the room to warm up.

All washing machines are sold with an instruction. Before installation, it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement all recommendations. In this case, problems with domestic helper will not. For machines with vertical load of laundry will need less space. The principle of the installation of the washing machine with a vertical or front-loading the same. machine type is selected according to personal preferences.

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