Toilet for the kitten, how to teach?

Almost every house lives a little furry friend. And the first problem, which confronts the owner of a pet, wean shit, anywhere. This article should help in, How to teach a kitten to a toilet. Would like to note, that the seal is better to take the age of at least three months, to my mother - cat had time to instill the concept of their child - toilet. Well, the rest is the responsibility of the new owner.

Tray and filler


Today, at any pet store you can buy a toilet for pet. the main thing, choose the right. Do not buy a tray, which has two bottom. The only plus he: I do not need a filler. The rest, continuous negative. After all, cats is not only a place, but also the process. She should pokapat, to hide their feces. This tray is problematic. As a result, the animal, nervnichaya, simply overturn and everything will pour out. Therefore, the ideal option - it is a normal toilet, plastic, designed for cats.


Fillers are different. First you need to buy two or three, to understand, which will attract Kitten. Do not ignore the use ancient methods: newspaper or sand. This unnecessary expenses, which will not help to train a kitten to a toilet. Will face an unpleasant odor due to untimely replacement, and next to the tray..

The process of habituation to the tray

first. Find a place for the tray. mistake to, who puts the tray in your closet. It's comfortable, but not for the cat. Kitten he should choose, where it is better. Probably, he will choose a place, where coverage is weak. This hideaway, where the pet will not sit, both on display and no it does not hurt. If there is a place in the house, you can put yourself to the toilet and hold a ritual dating.

How to do it?

feeding the pet, take it to the tray and put it. waiting for, when the animal is freed, and it is not for long, you can relax. Introducing held. If the apartment appeared the adult cat, in this case the process of adjusting a slightly different. A place, of course, show must immediately. And then just watch. Usually, cat, if he wants to use the toilet, He begins to worry. Mew, flounce, find a place. Here then it is necessary to grab and carry where to apply. As soon as it will make all of its business, be sure to praise her. Adult cats have a mind, so, not long to wait, while Masha understand, what is what.

Difficulties during habituation

Not all kittens easily able to get used to the tray. We must help them. If the kitten does not want to use the toilet, and sick, anywhere, it can not be beat. This will not give the result. You can try to cover with cat urine cloth or napkin and send it to the tray. The familiar smell should bring a pet to the right place. there are cases, that darling goes to relieve himself on the mat or in shoes. remove all, that urine soaked kitten and repeat familiarity with toilet.
There is also a unique moment, which is useless to fight. Celebrating small need in the tray, and more - next. one output. Put the pan on a detailed sheet of paper. At least, easy to clean. Or buy another toilet and put some of the first.
here you go, and like all the recommendations, How to teach a kitten to a toilet. Good luck!

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