Top 92 tips on saving from the heat

With the onset of summer raises the question of relief in the heat. Many people do not tolerate high temperatures, feeling weakness, malaise, deterioration of the General condition and subjected to thermal shock. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to know, how to escape the heat.To escape the heat

At home

General tips

  1. To drink green, herbal tea.
  2. To get out into the fresh air and the coast.
  3. To give preference to just light clothes made of natural fabrics.
  4. Avoid direct sunlight and rooms, illuminated most of the day.
  5. To eat the ice cream.
  6. To reduce the use of makeup in the heat.

First of all you need to clean the house small decor and accessories. Many people decorate their homes with figurines, paintings, candlesticks, frames and other decor. In the heat I want to often open the window, therefore all such items will gather dust. Subsequently, it is very difficult to scrub. Therefore it is better to remove decor and accessories away for the summer.

You must pay close attention to the bathroom. Put a towel, not losing heat the whole year. The only exceptions are periods of disconnection of hot water. It's good, since the constant heat will not allow the room to dry. However, for residents of the upper floors, in apartments which are often heat, the presence of such devices does not affect the dampness. In the summer you need to wrap the towel with foil, which reduces its effect on the air around. Will be cooler.

In the absence of conditioning is possible to buy a fan, which will cost a lower price. Under it or around it is possible to place the container of frozen liquid, ice. It recreates the effect of conditioning, as the air is low temperature. However, there may be increased energy bills due to the frequent use of the fan.Fan

To escape the heat, day Windows are better left closed. Open them, creating a draft in the apartment, need morning or evening. This will help to cool the room. Night better to sleep with open Windows and open balcony door. Also, instead of incandescent lights to use led lamps. Reduced heat generation, that will help to reduce the air temperature in the living room. It will also help you to save on electricity.

When, if it is difficult to fall asleep at night because of the heat, before departure to bed to cool the bed linen. To do this, put it in a plastic bag, then placing in the fridge for a few hours. So linen will stay cool for some time, sleep will be easier. Sheer lingerie, also pillows and blankets to choose from the lightweight fabrics of natural origin, with no heating effect. In the heat near bed, you should leave the bottle, a glass of chilled water. Night you can quench your thirst, to wipe the skin. Don't have to go over this in the kitchen, in the bathroom.

You need to use the kitchen heaters in the heat. This will increase the temperature in the room. In the hot summer period is usually lost appetite, therefore, it is better to prefer cold food. Day is better to limit the use of electrical appliances. This will help to keep a lower indoor temperature longer. Also it is better to move less at home in the heat, acting on the principle of Pets. In the hottest time, it is necessary to do nothing while in the house. To get better in the evening, early in the morning.

Protection of Windows from the heat

In all areas you need to hang curtains or blinds. When the sunlight in the room, the temperature inside rises by tens of degrees. This leads to the formation of the greenhouse effect, the condition of the residents deteriorates significantly. When, if the Windows face to the West, you can try to tighten the window curtains of dense fabric. However, this method is not effective in the heat.

It is better to use foil. It needs to be mounted on one side of the window. It reflects the light well and the sun's rays, excluding the overheating of the room. In addition to the foil, you can use the reflective film. It is sold in the store, inexpensive. You need to remove in the fall. It is necessary to impose on the window, however, you can attach to the curtains.

To avoid getting sun inside, you must use the correct curtains, if foil, reflective film is not suitable. Do not buy synthetic curtains. They heat up very quickly and burn out. This will attract the warmth in the apartment. It is better to use linen curtains white color. Also should get rid of the biggest dust collectors in the form of carpets, pillows, carpets. Will help to clear the air and make it cooler. Before going to sleep in the heat, you can wash the floors. This will reduce the temperature in the room and will allow better, fall asleep faster. Sleep will be more comfortable.

It is important to ventilate the apartment, to escape the heat. You have to do it early morning or late evening, when the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. The rest of the Windows should be closed tightly. The lowest temperature is usually from 4 to 7 am, and after 10 PM. Windows should be wide open, creating a draft. Ventilated room, you can also dampen a towel in cold water and hang it in front of an open window. This will help to create the effect of conditioning, to cool the room. However, you should not leave it for the night. Wet room becomes stuffy.

Ceiling fan

Enough cheapest way to cool the room in the heat is a ceiling fan. If there is one, it must be put in summer mode. Many fans there are several modes depending on the season. You need to find the switch and check the position. If it is difficult to find, you can check the blades. They should make the rpm counter clockwise. The air flow hits the ceiling.

Homemade air conditioner

Fans chase the air around the room, which is heated due to the action of the motor. However, it can be turned into air conditioning. For this you need to put in front of the fan blades a few bottles of frozen water. This will allow cold air spreads around the room. In the case of particularly intense heat can freeze more bottles and change them every 4 o'clock.

Cooling bed

To escape the heat will help change of linen. Satin and synthetic sets should be replaced by cotton, silk. Cotton absorbs sweat, keeps cool. Natural silk is light and cools the skin. Pajamas is also better to choose cotton. It is better ventilated and allows air to body. You can sleep without your clothes, what would be the best option in the heat.

You can put bed linen in the morning in the fridge. The evening cooled linen to make the bed. However, you should not do it in the freezer.Greatly increases your risk. If you have a mattress, which has the memory effect, in the heat it is better to change it. He keeps the heat, what is beneficial properties in the winter, but stopping in the summer. If you replace it., in the summer you can wear cotton mattress pad. It needs to be put in the fridge to cool.

The availability of air conditioning

A good method to escape the heat is air conditioning. It cools the air in the room. However, owners of such devices often catch cold. This is due to the fact, they can't find the optimum temperature. Когда кондиционер включён – холодно, отключен – жарко. You need to find a middle ground. Is to maintain the temperature of the room in 18 degrees. Many modern air conditioners have a similar feature. To turn on night mode in the heat. They may be labelled differently, it is therefore necessary to look at the manual. In this mode, the air conditioner itself turns on and off when needed. If there is no such function, you can close the Windows and turn on the cool mode of the air conditioner. This should be done at 3 hours to CH, then off.

House cleaning

It is necessary to do wet cleaning in the rooms in the heat. This will help to ease breathing. If the apartment is not worth humidifier, several times a day to spray the room with gun. Quite tedious, однако действенный способ – стирка занавесок. You can humidify the air, apart through the rooms of the vases with water. If the heat is too strong, next to the bed before going to bed to put a bucket of cool water.

At work

In the office

To escape the heat at work, you should follow these tips:

  1. If the temperature exceeds 26 degrees, every half hour you need to drink 200 ml of clean drinking water. It should be cool.
  2. On the table you can make a small aquarium. Place the fish in it, plants do not have, the main water. This will help evaporate moisture and cool the air.
  3. Purchase, to bring from the house the gun, which you can use to spray the surrounding area with cold water several times a day.
  4. If possible, put on the shoulders, soaked in cold water handkerchief.
  5. As often as possible to go to the bathroom in order, to wash hands up to the shoulder with cool water. Also should rinse the face.
  6. At least once in 2 hours need to take a NAP on 5 minutes. This will help to protect the receptacles from overload in the heat.
  7. To place the office plants with big leaves. They need to pour cold water, the sheets were still wet, removing the heat of the room.
  8. Better to do the most important work in the morning. Heat before noon easier to bear, in 12 to 17.
  9. Need to dress in lighter clothing. In the heat it is necessary to prefer a working suit in light colors made of natural fabrics.
  10. When, if to work far, you should always have a bottle of cold water. Is the night to put in the freezer. The liquid will slowly be released, long keeps the temperature cool. However, you need to drink with caution and in small SIPS.
  11. In especially hot weather to have a fan, shawl. A small piece of tissue can be moistened in cold water and wipe his face and hands in transport. The breeze from the fan will unload the hot air.Fan
  12. You should avoid large quantities of makeup, creams and antiperspirants. This only worsens the skin breath.
  13. You should drink green tea in the heat, which regulates heat in the body.
  14. During the lunch break in the heat it is better to give preference to light food. Should not stress the stomach with heavy food, meat, cakes. Give preference to salads and fruit.
  15. You can place a small fan under the table. He blows the legs, that will cool the whole body. Will not interfere with the workers with noise.
  16. It is not necessary to go to work without headgear, the lack of which can lead to heat stroke. It is also necessary to take sunglasses and apply sun block in the heat.
  17. If you do not like plain drinking water, can be diluted with lemon and mint, to replace natural compote. It is better, if the drinks will be cool, to do this, you can add ice. Should give up coffee in the heat.
  18. The surest way is to take a vacation and to go to the seaside.
  19. Need to buy blinds for Windows, hang them with foil, to reflect heat from the sun.
  20. Ventilate the room in the heat as often as possible. Do we need to do a draft.
  21. Incandescent bulbs to be replaced with a more efficient led, which will not heat the room.

On the street

From the heat most people suffer, working on the street. Builders, movers, drivers, who spend all day on the street in uniform. However, without it, working in the fields is prohibited. To escape the heat in the working conditions necessary:

  1. You need to have as much cool water in the heat. It is useful for drinking and washing. You should definitely buy a small portable refrigerator. It keep drinks cool.
  2. In no case can not wipe his sweaty face with dirty hands, sleeves. Can lead to infections. Better to always carry wet wipes, handkerchief, you can moisten in the water.
  3. Need to take breaks on 10 minutes every hour. You can replace them 15 minutes every 2 o'clock. It will protect against overcharge and overheating in the heat.
  4. It is important to work in the shadows. If this is not possible, you need periodically to relax in a place without direct sunlight.
  5. If a person works in the car, you need to get sun blinds. This will help to reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

In the car

To escape the heat in the car, not just. It gets very hot in direct sunlight and sometimes be inside the cabin impossible. To cool the air and make the road more enjoyable, must:

    1. On the glass in the car you must put sunscreen blinds. They are sold at a special suction cups.
    2. On the windshield to purchase a mirror screen. It must be installed outside of the machine. The edges are compressed with doors. In any case it is not necessary to install it in the cabin, as the reflected heat and light will concentrate inside the machine.
    3. Do not leave inside the car lighter, cylinders with compressed air. This deodorant, hairspray. In extreme heat they can explode. Also, if the car is under direct sunlight, it is better not to leave in salon of plastic items. They can go bad and melt.
    4. You can purchase a special refrigerator for the car. It is necessary to keep water and ice. This will help to wipe the face and neck during movement, water to take with you to work, to drink during the trip in the heat.
    5. In the back seat you need to place the bag, where are the bottles with the frozen water. They can be replaced rubber heaters, filled with ice. So it is possible to cool the air in the cabin in the heat.
    6. About the vents in the car to hang dipped in cool water fabric. It will create the effect of conditioning. After going through it, the air will be colder. It is necessary to keep several similar rags in the car for timely replacement.. They dry quickly in the heat.
    7. You can drive barefoot in hot weather. However, this may be prohibited in some places.. Feeling unusual, however, the absence of fabrics and shoes can help cool the entire body. If you can't walk barefoot, you can wear flip flops.
    8. For a cooling effect, drive with wet hair. The moisture will gradually evaporate, head to cool, body temperature to drop. However, people with low immunity should not resort to such a method. This can lead to disease.
    9. About ventilation to put a few pounds of ice. This will help to cool the surrounding objects. Under the feet was not puddles, when the ice melts, you need to put under it a plastic plate, the form for baking. The Windows should open for better air circulation in the heat.
    10. Trips to plan for the less hot periods of the day. Better to go in the morning, later in the evening. If there is no clear timetable, morning perfect for car trips. After midday and before six in the evening the heat will be unbearable. Better not to go home at noon for lunch.
    11. It is necessary to study the traffic. Will help you better plan your trip. Rush hour is the chance to stand in traffic in the heat, what does being under the direct rays of the sun and slow motion.
    12. Worth a look for routes, most of which is in the shade. If the path lies in the Northern, South, the streets of the line of trees near the roadside, the sidewalk is often covered with shade most of the time.
    13. You should open the window in the heat. Do not be afraid of the noise of the city, smell. To keep the window closed will only worsen the situation. There should be a circulation of air.
    14. Is tinted windscreen and side glass. For this purpose, the reflective film. Method will help to reduce the sunlight inside the car, protects the interior from radiation, which can damage of the cabin. You should study the laws, in some places this practice is prohibited.
    15. On the instrument panel to accommodate the fan. It can be hung on the visor. In stores with car accessories, you should find inexpensive options for small fan. They are well attached to the mirror, mounted on panel, work from cigarette lighter. For the best circulation you need to turn it on while driving in the heat. Passengers can use a paper, a real fan. This will help air to circulate around them.
    16. Clothing in the heat should be casual and free. If it takes a lot of time, it is better to wear shorts and a t-shirt in a boxy cut, then change into the right clothes in the bathroom, the locker room. This will allow us to stay fresh at the time of the working day. True, if you need at work to be inclusive, presentable. A long way can ruin it. Always carry a spare clean clothes. Especially important on hot days.
    17. It is better to abandon the dark clothes in the heat. Attracts more heat, impairs air circulation in the car. Shirts and outerwear should be light colored.
    18. Parking the car, do not completely close the Windows in the heat. About 1 cm they should be open. Will allow hot air to leave the cabin, cool is inside. The outside temperature can be high, however inside the car it doubles. Overheats all, what is inside the car in the heat. In the absence of air circulation will be impossible to be inside. In any case, you can not leave children, animals. This will quickly lead to their destruction.The heat in the car

General recommendations

  1. Buying a fan, you can contact the store with the system blocks. Where you can buy fit in 12 volt, suitable for car. To adapt them to the car will take time, however, increases choice.
  2. Automotive airflow to turn on for the lowest temperature. This will create air circulation in the cabin, cooling passengers.
  3. To cool the wheel in the heat, use soaked in cold water fabric. It can spurt water, then wipe. Will stay behind the wheel without fear of a burn.
  4. Parking is an important aspect in the escape from the heat in the car. Leaving the car in the Parking, you must use a shutter to protect the windshield. This prevents heating of the interior in the heat. You need to Park in the shade. The longer the transport is in the shade and coolness, the longer it will maintain a cool temperature, slower heats in the trip.

Cautions during cooling machine

  1. Do not use dry ice in car. It displaces the oxygen in the melting process, that may be a choking hazard.
  2. After being under direct sunlight in the heat of some interior details of the cabin can be too hot. Therefore, in any case can not leave Pets and children inside.
  3. In some countries and States have banned tinted windshield and side glass. It is necessary to specify in advance the legislation, not to get a penalty.

Food and drink in the heat

To escape the heat will help correct drinking regime and suitable food.

Drinks for cooling

The easiest way to escape the heat is to drink a drink with ice. Suitable water from the fridge. You need to drink in small SIPS, to avoid disease of the throat and extra offices of sweat in the heat. However, it should refuse the next drink:

  • beer, as causes dehydration;
  • strong coffee, which leads to congestion of blood vessels in the heat;
  • alcoholic cocktails, which is vodka, what is the risk to her heart.

However, a dry white wine, which is diluted with mineral water, to drink in the heat is not prohibited. From soft drinks are also best avoided, as they contain a lot of sugar and increase the pressure. In the heat it is better to use cool water with lemon, mint, mineral water, freshly squeezed citrus juices, fresh juices and compotes.

To drink in the heat you often. However, over time, should not drink more 150 ml of water. If you received too much fluid, can appear edema of face and legs. The average person needs a day to drink 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. In addition to this green tea, cranberry juice. Unsweetened juices will also replace plain water in the heat, including Apple, orange or grapefruit. They must be fresh, not bought in stores. The most effective drink in the heat is yogurt. It will also help to regulate the digestive system.Drink in the heat

However, drinks should not be too cold, as it will lead to excessive sweating, slow flow are important components in cells. Drinks should be warm, room temperature, slightly chilled.

What can I eat?

From drinks in the heat it is better to refuse. They should replace the juicy fruits and vegetables. The body will get liquid and will be filled with vitamins and minerals. It is not recommended to heat foods to eat, that warm you inside. This category refers to the honey and lard. Before sleeping it is better to abandon the heavy food in the form of meat, as the digestion of such products takes more time and raises body temperature. Will stand out more sweat in the heat, what is to prevent sleep. Cooling the body can help binders products and green, white vegetables and fruits. Those are persimmons, bananas, cucumbers, melon, celery, apples, lime and avocado. They can do drinks.

To escape the heat and to increase the body's resistance to weather change will help Eleutherococcus. This plant, it is a natural adaptogen. It took the man more adaptable to heat, less stuffiness and lack of oxygen. To use the tincture you need every day 30 drops for 2 weeks. You can add it to tea.

Natural energy drinks are Melissa and rosemary. They will help you feel better on a hot morning and gather my thoughts in the heat. You need to make tea, per Cup of boiling water put a teaspoon of plants, then cool and add lemon with mint. Get the lemonade. You need to prepare it in the evening, drink during a particularly stuffy, hot days.

To escape the heat will help the refusal of sweet and savoury dishes. They increase perspiration, worsening condition in the heat. It is necessary to replace a similar dish products, which are rich in fiber and protein. You can prepare the salad leaves and chicken breast, will help to cool off in the heat. You need to combine drinks with a sour taste. You need to reduce the use of cooking salt. Smoked, canned foods are also subject to the ban. It is necessary to heat to give preference to fruits, the berries and vegetables. Pay special attention to the greenery. Dried fruit and tomato juice will help to keep blood vessels toned, it eliminates the problem of pressure drop.

Heat protection outdoor

To escape the heat will help hike to the pond. However, diving is not recommended. A strong temperature difference may cause spasm of the blood vessels of the heart. So before, how to go for a swim, you need to cool off in the shade. Need to spend more time near water in the heat.

It is recommended to walk barefoot on earth and grass. You should not do this on asphalt, in the heat he's red hot. On the foot point, responsible for the internal organs. While walking without shoes is the impact on them. It improves blood circulation, the General condition of the body and stimulates the cells renewal.

In hot weather people complain of swelling and swelling in the legs. For, to avoid this, you need as little as possible to wear closed shoes and walk on the heels. After working in the heat a cold shower is recommended, to make the bath with peppermint for feet. To avoid sunstroke, необходимо всегда на улице носить головной убор – шляпа, baseball cap, shawl. They should be made of natural fabrics. Things made of synthetic materials do not leak air, what creates the greenhouse effect and affects the condition of the body in the heat. To prefer need free things, bright colors. Linen and cotton are preferable.

To escape the heat will help the move by some time for the city. There weather is transferred more easily. You need to dress up bright, however, it is necessary to avoid aggressive colors in the heat. Give preference to light tones of green, yellow, lilac flowers. In the heat of the skin will breathe better. Also, be sure to use sunscreen and wear sunglasses. It is recommended to bring water. It should be placed with the capacity, allowing the liquid to be cooled.

Ways to avoid overheating

Sweat and water treatments

Sweat is a natural protection against the overheating of the body. Not worth much to fight it in the heat. Exposed areas of the body needs to sweat, in the summer so be sure to use deodorant. In those places, where sweaty skin in contact with clothes, you can apply machining tools, prevent irritation.

Better in the heat often take a cool and warm shower. First reduce body temperature and help you cool off, the second will allow you to feel, the temperature around below the actual. Water moisturizes the skin. However, to take a cold shower in the heat not recommended. This constricts blood vessels, from falling into the hot space is stronger expand. It is better to abandon the use of detergents. They dry the skin and prevent moisture. Water will cope with the cleansing by yourself in the heat. In the warmer periods can be wrapped around the neck soaked in cool water linen towels.

Personal care

To escape the heat and cool off will help the rubbing in whiskey menthol oil. Also, don't overuse deodorants and perfumes. However, this does not mean, it is not necessary to mask the smell of sweat in the heat. In the summer it is secreted in large amounts, so the smell bothers people, but also to others. Do not forget about caring for their own body. The elementary rules of hygiene must be observed in the heat. Relieve fatigue helps washing with cool water. To sleep in the heat need at least half an hour more, more likely to take breaks at work. You should refrain from baths. Means to care for themselves need to use with a cooling and moisturizing effect. The cream should not be oily.

Massage for cooling

Heat primarily affects the autonomic nervous system. In the nerve endings receive information about the overheating of the bodies. This indicates inability to work in hot conditions. The brain must react in a certain way, to give the command to change the rhythm of work. However, in the heat of the signals too much. The brain is in a panic, which can be removed by simple self-massage. Three exercises for a minute will help to organize the work of the brain in the heat. They can be done at any time:

  • squeeze the earlobe between thumb and forefinger;
  • to put pressure on the dimple under the lower lip with your thumb;
  • strongly pressed to each other with thumb and little finger.

Ice massage

Exercise stress

In the heat physical activity can significantly worsen the condition of the body. It is recommended to cut sports, especially those, during which consumes a lot of oxygen and protein. Should exclude running, strength training, team games, which require a lot of energy. Instead, in the heat to give preference to aerobic training, to go to the pool. Good way of keeping the body in shape is Pilates, yoga, measured walking early in the morning, later in the evening. A day in the heat to play sports not recommended. You should do breathing exercises.

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