Top 9 tips on choosing a gift

On any occasion to give gifts. They may be diverse. However, not easy to determine. Razbirayasy, how to choose a gift, You need to be familiar with the classic versions of gifts and find out, it is not necessary to give.choose a gift

selection rules

To choose the right gift, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. When choosing a need to think about the person. Without basic information, it is difficult to make a choice. Нужно знать минимальную информацию – пол, age and work.
  2. Knowledge of human interests is an important. It will help to determine the present. You can ask about the individual human desires.
  3. Present have to please a man. Make it a surprise. You can not give a thing, indicating the disadvantages.
  4. Give the right thing, that would bring joy.
  5. It is worth to buy a present in advance, do not put off buying until the last minute. In the rush you can not select the correct and original thing.
  6. It is impossible to give a present before, after holiday. This should be done in a timely manner. It is better to make a surprise. At the time of the height of the festivities in person in a good mood. This will increase the positive effect.
  7. Presentation should be a spectacular and original.
  8. You can not give things with a price tag.
  9. If the presents you need to buy a big holiday, better make a list. This will help to organize the process and do not forget anything.

In some countries there is a tradition of convenient pre-articulate desired gifts. It's called the Wish List and is, that the heroes of the occasion publish a list of, which indicates, what they would like to receive. This will help to choose the right person and the right gift. It does not limit the budget. Tradition will help alleviate a present choice and not to deprive a person.

Хороший презент – оригинальный презент. He should bring positive emotions hero of the occasion. It should abandon the obscure books and trinkets. It is recommended to start from hobbies. This will help teach useful things. It is important to know the level of the person in. So it is possible to determine with a degree Gift. Habits and nature play a role. It may submit an idea for a present. He is fond of jogging suit fitness bracelet, любителю кофе – дорогой интересный сорт. You can donate thing for professional growth. To do this, you need to know, whom the person works. If the profession is not familiar, ask for advice from colleagues hero for the day.

Present for the recipient

To choose a gift, it is important to determine the addressee. the parents, Grandmothers and grandfathers, friends, authority, spouse, spouse. You can not give a thing, which can give a friend, boss or parents wife. There may be some problems. Thoroughly worth in choosing a present for the fair sex. They are harder to please, than men.

You need to know in advance, that the interests of women. Men wishlist of gifts less. Они легче рассказывают о желаниях. If present pre-ordered product, not be able to make a present surprise and to present as a surprise. You can give a present just two. One implementation of the birthday wishes, а второй – приятным и оригинальным бонусом. Otherwise, you can in a special issue a Present.

It is necessary to determine the degree of relationship with the addressee, how close the donor to the person. This will help to establish the boundaries of what is permitted. If the relationship is formal, you should not worry too much about a present originality. It can produce the wrong effect. If familiarity with human surfactant, you should not give things for everyday use, wardrobe items, perfumes, decorative cosmetics. It's too personal gifts, you need to pre-select. They can give loved ones, which a person knows. It will not make a mistake with the choice.

Gifts for women?

Men are often difficult to choose a gift for his beloved. It does not depend on the duration of the relationship, how serious the Union, what are the financial possibilities. Choose a gift for a woman is not easy. There are a few tips, Helps to cope with the dilemma.

The fair sex are eager to get into the gift items, emphasizing the individuality and charm. They should match the taste, be a symbol of the donor's feelings. You can donate thing, that a woman would not allow itself to buy. This may be because the high price, inaccessibility. If a man happens abroad, you can buy a thing, which is in the country of residence has exclusive. The rare book will act as a present, local sweets, Various expensive and inaccessible seasonings.

Almost every woman in awe of the gift certificate to a favorite and an expensive store with decorative cosmetics and underwear. There she will be able to choose the appropriate Present, but it will not be deprived of attention. Will approach such a gift card to the spa. It is not perceived it as an allusion to the lack of beauty. Rather, a woman decides, that the man of her way to take care.

Можно подарить украшения – хороший и доступный презент. But do not forget, if the couple is not married, donated ring can be seen the woman, as a marriage proposal. If such a goal is not a man, better to give earrings, bracelet, necklace. Jewelry should be original, match the style of the woman. If there is no certainty, you can choose the classic version.
woman gift

The fair sex will always be happy journey. It can be short, be a month. Particularly well perceived romantic weekend in solitude. The main thing to pick a place, where she wanted to go. If a couple is in a serious relationship, a man can give a woman a car.

In case of failure to present a present road, can be played on the original. If the pair meet at a distance, a young person can send an e-mail Surprise. There could be anything, however important the element of surprise. Such as a balloon. To this love letter can be attracted, a poem of his own composition. It will be seen as romantic and cute gesture. For women, the most important thing in the Present, that she felt, that it was made with love, not as a formality.

For women, it is important to focus on the part of men. Therefore, the gift does not have to be expensive. It depends on the occasion. If a young person makes an offer, gift should match. Girls as attention may be taken not only expensive products, and the words, flowers.

It is not necessary to give female household items. Especially on a personal holiday, birthday. She will not be happy griddle, new blender. It is necessary to buy an ordinary shopping, not present. Therefore, for a present for a holiday you have to invent something else. Первое – цветы. To pick up a beautiful bouquet or present road favorite brand. Be sure to clarify, women have an allergy. Roses may be too commonplace, and irises or peonies may surprise.

To choose the right gift, one must know the nature of women. It will be seen in the eyes of the joy and delight of getting things. It is necessary to pay attention to personal preferences and hobbies. Therefore, you should be particularly attentive to his beloved. She appreciates the attention from men. If a present is properly selected and presented with real warmth, it will please. Man will be able to enjoy the sincere gratitude. If the gift is not consistent with its style, nature, she would not hide his disappointment. In gratitude, the man rewarded with a polite smile and a modest kiss. It will not bring joy to any of the pairs.

If a girl is interested in collecting, and the young man did not notice, it could badly affect relations. for example, it can collect porcelain dolls. If the guy did not notice this and will give another, especially if she hinted at the completion of the collection, it will be bad form. Such prezenty are important and valuable.

We should not give women spirits. It is believed, that such a present will reduce the girl charm. A festive table representative of either sex can enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages, but the gift etiquette does not imply such donations woman. Not all women love candy. Many of the fairer sex prefer exotic fruits.

Almost all women love perfume. If the preference is known in advance, This is a perfect gift. In the case of the unknown woman's preference, from such a present is better to give. Flavor can not come to her, and therefore a present will be spoiled.

Present man

Most often, a woman is easier to pick up a present man, rather than vice versa. This is due to the fact, that the female sex is more attentive in nature. Therefore, it is easier to unravel the fascination of man and do the right conclusions. However, there are a few tips, which can be used. Especially if the woman does not know, how to choose a gift lover.

The first is to forget about the gift in the form of tie. This may be a hint of the, that it wishes to put relations into a more intimate sphere. The exception is, если мужчина – ее супруг, young man. She can bestow upon a man tie, if I accompanied him to various events and receptions. Only in this case it can make its own amendments in its appearance. Otherwise, even if the tie ideal to his suit, a man will think, that such a present indicates a desire to start an intimate relationship. If a couple is married, giving the tie is not forbidden. However, in order to choose the right gift, discuss this. A man is not worth giving sweets. Candies, cookies and chocolates are banned.

If a guy and a girl friend recently, you can pick up practical Present. It can be timed to the event. If this is the New Year and the coming year of the cat, Prezent can serve as a computer mouse. It must be original. You can give a flash card or any other storage medium. They are often teeming with shops for every budget. The device can be interesting decorated, have a frame. Some have distinctive features -izdayut sound, if we forget them in your computer. Can complement a gift, putting photos, video greeting to the stick. Present will be practical and original. As a present can serve as a radio-controlled toy car, airplane, helicopter. Men like these things. Prezent can become a new razor, especially if it is sufficiently modern and equipped with new technologies.

It is worth to pay attention to male hobbies. This will help you choose interesting and necessary Present. If a representative of the stronger sex often spends time at the computer, can be presented in a computer game, depending on your preference. If a man is keen on online games, you can choose a gift in the game. You do not need to register it, you can instead make a lover amount of real money, so that he can buy the desired products in the online shop. On your computer, you can often find wishlist. If he enjoys fishing, you can give the appropriate accessories and gear, and amateur sport suit ticket for the match.

A great idea is to give the impression. This can help to refresh feelings. In a present can act and intimate experience. A woman can perform striptease. Better to prepare well. Go on special courses, which will teach the basics of the dance. enough 2-3 training. If dancing is not the subject of Wonder Woman, suitable erotic massage. However, you should definitely consider the smallest details, so as not to spoil the atmosphere. Suitable candles instead of the usual light.

Gift certificate is good as a present to the man in the interesting pastime is skydiving, paintball game, aerotruba, Racing in cars, ATVs. many opportunities. However it is necessary to ask in advance its desires. Not all men love the adrenaline and height. If a representative of the stronger sex is a lover of cars, you can arrange a test drive of the car, to choose a gift for an existing vehicle in the form of accessories, parts. It is possible to realize his childhood dream, inquiring about it in advance.

Present as a romantic weekend is suitable not only for women. You can give a joint certificate for spa treatments, journey, massage, after which enjoy the romantic atmosphere and delicious drinks. You can take the risk and try to recreate the first date. A man not known for romance, but the gift can touch a life partner.

Baby Gift

Children can give all the designers, dolls, books, encyclopedia, toys, games. The donation of gifts the child has a few rules:

  1. To maximize bring joy to a child, Present to be a surprise. It is necessary to make it a bright and unforgettable. Instead of one large present several small of gifts. The child will be interesting, if they are of different size and design.
  2. The packaging should be colorful. The originality of a present supply plays an important role. This will make unpacking present interesting and exciting experience. You can hide sweets in tinsel. Bright and at the same time the volume box will cause genuine interest, because the big surprise is hidden in it.
  3. When you select should definitely take into account the age of the children of.
  4. You need to choose quality toys. Things should not contain any tiny parts. This is a prerequisite for children's products.
  5. If a parent is afraid to make a mistake with the choice, and disappoint the child, you can play in the mail of Santa Claus. Ask the kid write a letter to the Grandfather Frost, is a responsible parent will send to the North Pole. You can reliably find out about the desires of the child, please him a present from the fairy-tale gift

Good options for a child will be developing things – designers, books, watercolor, pencils for drawing, kits for skills training, Board games, clay. It will be interesting, useful gift. It is not necessary to give children money. Rule can be ignored, if you need to choose a gift for a teenager. It is worth paying attention to family tradition. It is not necessary to give the presents, that may violate their. etiquette, if the event is taking place in the circle of other children, every child needs to present a small souvenir – small toys, trinkets.

Before, how to give an animal, you need to consult with the child's parents. The child may be allergic, and parents do not have funds for relying care. It is not considered a good idea in terms of superstitions. In addition to the advise from parents, I can remember myself at the age of the alleged birthday. Children want to receive as a gift Lego, ticket to the water park or amusement park, computer, Board games, consoles, sets for needlework.

collective Present

If you have to choose a gift for the birthday at work, stay at neutral values ​​embodiments. Well suited artwork, souvenirs, porcelain, engraving. suitable books, crystal, music player, assorted chocolates, expensive varieties of tea or coffee. Well suited in the circle. It may be the birthday photos, name. It is better to order a mug with a photo, Name and title together.

If the counterpart is a close friend, you can arrange a collage of photographs of workers and put in a special frame. On the back of a present write requests from colleagues. wardrobe items, handbags and other accessories can give, if they have a company logo. Are appropriate and flowers. It is possible to present a bouquet, basket, in a pot.

If you have to choose a gift for the boss, better to do it the whole team. A good option would be to chip in a few thousand, to expand the possibilities of choice. The gift will bring joy to head, is an expensive and stylish. You can donate a new mobile phone, communicator, expensive estates handle, diary bound in leather, indoor tree.

Collective gifts you can make to colleagues, chief in everyday life. A group of friends can get together and chip in on a common, but decent road Present. Housewarming suitable vacuum cleaner, multivarka. You can buy a gift for one to several guests at the wedding and anniversary. For birthday, Christmas must be accompanied by postcards with signatures. You can buy one big card and sign all.A gift from the team

Friends and relatives

Give a close friend, родственникам можно средства по уходу за собой – парфюмы, cream, decorative cosmetics, Skin Care, expensive shampoos and other such things. However, you must know exactly about the taste preferences of the person in terms of odors, cosmetic brands, the presence of allergies.

Можно подарить что-то практичное – фен, juicer, multivarka, etc.. However, it is worth doing, If the hero of the occasion he asked, He hinted. If the birthday boy does not drink coffee, But relatives gave coffeemaker, it's not a very good tone. you need to listen, What does a man. He can complain, he broke Maker. This will help determine the desired gift in the field of household supplies.

At the wedding give an envelope with money. For newly-family, they will come in handy. In front of a lot of expenses. The amount of money is determined by the donor. You can donate appliances, it is always necessary in everyday life, to present a gift certificate to a specialty store. The easiest way to make a gift for the New Year. It can be a set of ornaments on the Christmas tree or interior, designer furniture, cake, expensive alcohol. Especially broad list, if the gifts are prepared for family members.

Mother in the elderly can give a new TV. She herself is unlikely to buy it. It is possible to present certificates to a beauty salon. It is not necessary to give the money. Grandma probably will spend their grandchildren. Parents with good financial history can give a ticket to the resort. This will allow to refresh and have a good rest. You can direct them to a sanatorium, to improve parents

Хорошим вариантом является посуда дорогих марок – кастрюли, set of Japanese knives, nice service. It is sure to please the hostess, who loves the culinary art. Можно преподнести бытовые электроприборы – блендер, Curling Hair, teapot. Couples give bed linen.

A good gift to friends and relatives should be practical and relevant. So can perform home furnishings. Eh should give great care. Buys something bulky is not recommended, although it can stress the importance of a person to the donor. It is better to go to a furniture store and look after home furnishings. Gifts in the form of furniture should give only to those, one man was at home. Then he knows, that it does not interfere with the interior.

It is better, If the hero of the occasion itself will ask to give something for decorating an apartment or house. The gift should be unexpected, but if he wants to, you can do without surprise. Not to be mistaken in choosing a decor items, should advance to photograph the man's place of residence. Then, the photo must show the seller in the shop furniture, interior designer. It will examine it and express its opinion as to whether, what is missing in the interior. This will not damage the existing, add something practical and beautiful.

Choose a gift in a furniture store can be in the form of a floor lamp or chandelier. This will help make the interior more comfortable. It should give the chair, the sky, chairs. To decorate the apartment is worth to present works of art, decorative pillows for the sofa, carpet. This will help to freshen the interior. In the shop a great selection of products. For assistance should contact a counselor.

In addition to furniture, next of kin can be presented as a gift to wardrobe items. However, it should take into account the size and figure heroes of the occasion. It could be things for the household. The main thing to know, that the relatives needed. In this case, miscalculate with a gift is quite difficult. If a woman chooses a gift male relatives, It can be purchased Smoking Accessories, expensive and vintage wine or other spirits, exquisite scarf, sweater. Distant relatives to give such gifts is not recommended.

Examples of bad gifts

Gifts can be bad. donors imagination knows no boundaries and can lead, which should not have been. there we launched, which is not recommended to give. Such relates mold with palms, baby feet. It may look scary. Unexpected in a bad sense of the word gift is a pet. It can be charming and well-bred puppy or kitten, but it creates problems. Pet Care fairly expensive. At the hero for the day may be allergic. If it seems, the best one is dreaming of thoroughbred puppy, hamster, необходимо ещё раз поинтересоваться. At the same time necessary to find out the opinion of those, who lives in an apartment with a man. Otherwise you will have to take the gift back to the donor or to a shelter.

Do not choose as a gift to the medical cosmetics. Shampoo for scalp treatment, remedy for baldness, wrinkle cream. presenting a gift, giver hints at human weaknesses. On a holiday it can hurt. To refuse giving large plush toys. A person simply can be no place in the house.

It is not necessary to give the presents for the future. Even if the donor seems, that thing ever necessarily useful, it is unlikely to please the birthday boy. It is not necessary to present things from his apartment, that people never used. This is inconsistent with ethics, hero of the occasion must have seen him in the house. It will not look in the best way. It is not necessary to present the defective items. In the event of breakage of the goods after purchase to buy another. It is unethical to give their existing birthday thing.

Popular gifts

There is a category of gifts, which give constant. Most often it is the flowers. They were presented on almost every holiday. Flowers are considered universal Prezent and a good addition to any Present. However, there is a category of people, who do not like the cut plants. Suitable flowers in a pot. The second most popular is the perfumery products. You can give spirits, eau. Often presented in addition to the body cream, shampoos, scrubs.Flowers as a gift

Popular Prezent is money. This allows you to not limit a person and give the opportunity to buy this amount all, he wants himself, and do not puzzle over, enjoy and will need a birthday gift. Give money, combined with a bouquet of flowers, if the culprit celebration loves them.
Soft toys give all. Young man presents gift to girl, parents give children toys. Пятым популярным презентом являются офисные принадлежности – карты памяти, stick, headphones, beautiful multi-colored pens, organizers. Prezent are popular and jewelry. It is an expensive gift. A woman can teach earrings, suspension, necklace, bracelet. However, to present these gifts to friends, relatives, colleagues not accepted. Gift is only the second halves, in special cases.

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