Top 65 ways to save money

Life of modern man is connected with a lot of costs. Thus the size of the limited income. That means enough for all, We need to learn how to save money. Observance of simple rules will not only fall within the scope of the monthly budget, but also to begin to save for the purchase of the desired.To save money

received revenue management

It is important to not only earn, but also manage funds. Money management consists of:

  • the ability to earn income;
  • ability to accumulate funds;
  • the ability to maintain and increase.

To learn how to save money, People must come to, that his income exceeds consumption. Available funds should work. They need to invest wisely. This will allow to make additional profits. By investing should be approached intelligently. For profit need to have knowledge. Begin to make the contributions you can invest in bank deposits.

Expenditure planning and the way to start saving

Saving money allows rule 4 envelopes. Method to teach a person to manage money. The essence of the rule is as follows:. Let's, young married couple living in his apartment. They have a car, acquired the bank's money. The joint budget is 100000 rubles per month. If you live by the rules 4 envelopes, necessary each time at the time of receipt of funds to carry out the following steps:

  1. Find out the amount of income, who managed to get. В вышеуказанном примере – это 100000 rub.
  2. deduct 10% from the sum. These funds should be postponed. Subsequently, with their help, we will be able to implement new financial targets and carry out investments. 10% from 100000 rubles will be 10000 rub. This amount must be placed on deposit or savings account.
  3. determine the amount, which is required for monthly expenses. So, to pay utility bills, would need 7000 rub, 30000 to be spent on the closure of auto loan. In the same amount included in the cost of gasoline. 5000 RUR can be postponed vacation.
  4. In couples left on hands 48000 rub. This amount should be expanded in 4 envelope, together 12000 rub. in each. The amount will be the family budget for a week. Family should try not to exceed the amount of.

planning costs

Deciding to start saving money, you can buy a notebook for recording expenditures. It is necessary to make all daily cash spending. Soon after entering the information into the habit. Through time filling notebooks will be of interest and excitement. psychologists say, that the move to reduce costs.

After checking through the records week, man surprised. he finds out, how much money was spent on unnecessary things. Continuous recording of details allows to abstain from regular waste. Notebook will get lazy. Over time this will lead to saving money on unnecessary things. Главное правило такого способа – записывать все траты досконально. A month later, should analyze the resulting results.plan costs

Restricting spending in the family

To save money in the family, you need to properly organize expenses. Budget is spent on family needs. The money is used not only to ensure, who earned their. Therefore it is necessary to plan. First of all it is necessary to reflect costs in public services. To save money, you can reduce spending on food, furniture, tools Home Appliances, clothes and stuff. We need to live in proportion to income. If the family earns enough, meaning in the acquisition of luxury items missing. So, instead of black or red caviar, you can buy the usual fish and cook from it a delicious dish.

To save money, should not buy a large amount of clothing. If a person has several types of things on different occasions, It's enough. Make another purchase costs only when worn old article of clothing. No need to give preference to cheap clothes and shoes. These things have a short life span. As a result, in one period need to spend more money to buy. So, good shoes is able to serve 2-3 of the year. Cheap wear for 1 of the year. It means, what the 2-3 year will have to change at least three pairs. As a result, the cost will be much higher, than buying expensive, but high-quality footwear.

To save money, No need to buy expensive TV, if there is a regular in good condition. If the purchase will be made, Money will cease to miss out on the essentials. If the acquisition of expensive property is a dream, better to wait a bit. The first is to learn how to save money. On the little things can save you a large sum, which subsequently will be able to postpone the purchase of things, on which a person is dreaming.

Top 11 general tips for saving

To save money, you need to spend less. To resist the temptation, should follow the advice mentioned below:

  1. It is necessary to abandon the impulse buys. It is recommended to purchase, that originally planned. If we follow the momentary desires, People spend a round sum. It is worth to keep yourself from overspending.
  2. You should not be carried out on advertising. The more often the product shown on TV or on the Internet mention, the more expensive it. Often the cost is formed not on the basis of quality, and depending on costs, incurred by manufacturer. Advertising significantly increases the number. Obtain reliable information about the products succeed from friends and acquaintances. They will tell the truth about them. For reviews on the forums should be treated with suspicion. Many of them are hidden advertising and anti-advertising competitor product.
  3. The day should begin with planning. Deviate from the intended plan do not need to. All receipts and expenditures should be recorded.
  4. Part of the money should have been postponed. With each receipt should be separated 10-20%. That there is less temptation to spend the money deferred, better convey their deposit in the bank.
  5. It is recommended to eliminate the use of credit. A process for preparing cash causes significant losses. In addition to the principal amount, man will pay commission and interest. Simply wait, yet accumulated the required amount. By purchasing goods by installments, man must be for months to make the calculation for him. Most likely during this period there will be new and more advanced economic models.
  6. Carry out a major purchase in the payday is not necessary. Spending is recommended on the following day. At the forefront necessary expenses.
  7. For purchases worth only use cash. Calculation card is convenient in everyday life. However, the money goes quickly. Man does not see them and not holding, It calculates when using the card. Cash spent is not so easy. They sorry to leave.
  8. To water and gas meters to install.
  9. It should follow the changes in tariffs ISPs. Very often, the market there are companies, ready to provide similar services on more favorable terms.
  10. It is worth checking the correctness of the calculation in the stores or on the market. Do not be shy to monitor the weights. If the products purchased kilogram seems less, you can double-check it, weighed again on other scales. Filing should also be thoroughly checked.
  11. No need to lend money. You must learn to say no. Cash owned by the person, which they earned. It has the right to dispose of them so, as he wants. One has only to help the, who really take the sum of return and thank the person handsomely.

Top tips to reduce spending on the purchase of

To start saving money, go to the store with a shopping list. usually just, but it works effectively. The number of time and expense is reduced at times. So, if a person forgot to buy a certain product, and returned to him the next day, with it he may get something extra, which would entail additional costs.

Is to acquire conventional and bonus cards. Most chain stores allow customers to earn bonus points. With their help, you can subsequently purchase products in the same organization. Return the size may be relatively small. However, the permanent purchase will save a substantial amount of. Do not neglect the possibility of such a.

Make purchase via the Internet need to mind. Today will be able to easily buy any product online, Selected offers with the lowest price. However, it is not necessary to purchase products, which requires service or repair to order from another city or country. It is necessary to analyze and determine the purchase, when such purchase really will benefit, and when the commodity is to give. So, purchasing electronics on eBay or AliExpress, should take into account the fact, how much time and money it will take to return the goods under warranty. discount 2-3 RUR is pleasant, but when the thing starts to break down, costs and nerves will cost several times more expensive.

Do not rush to shopping. The acquisition is necessary to think. It is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons. After a week of searching and reflection manages to pick the best option, than with spontaneous purchase. Sometimes the need to purchase can do fall. A brief pause eliminate emotional component. It will allow up making a bargain. This will save money.

It should give preference to the simple things in functionality. So it is cheaper, but not worse. The rule applies to technology. So, Many people get heaped electronics. As a result, use of all 2/3 functions of 20. Many people purchase phones heaped up in a few tens of thousands of rubles, in the end they are just calls, photographed and written in Vatsape. It's enough of Chinese phone, which is sufficiently low price. Dishwashers, washing machines have a large number of modes. However, the actual use of all 3.

Purchases need to plan ahead. Most stores hold shares and sales. If you make a purchase at that moment, you can get a great discount.purchase plan

Things, that are not needed for several years, better to rent. Let's, punch or drill takes just a day. Simply borrow them from friends or family and save money. If people still dare to buy goods, will lay out a few thousand.

From the acquisition of new products or the purchase of branded items is to give. This will significantly save money. Usually, things more. After some time, you can purchase them at a discounted price. Before buying should think several times about, why thing. So, if the camera is needed for hobbies, it is not necessary to take the most expensive. One can do one more budget. The difference will not be noticeable. Chinese goods are often not inferior in quality branded products.

Discount stores is not always bad. The presence of small scratches, that imperceptibly, can reduce the amount of product value 2 fold. The purchase of such things there is nothing wrong. Spending a large amount of money is stupid, if you can save money.

Joint purchasing can be a good alternative to purchasing from the store and saves. Today, these sites have become popular. The essence of the joint buying is to combine the demands of people in wholesale lots and receiving discounts. As a result, it is able to buy products much cheaper than. However, here it is necessary to exercise caution. Make purchases in the field can not be unchecked. It is necessary to compare the prices of goods. It is not necessary to give preference to products, which may not be suitable in size.

Save on travel

Vacations should be planned in advance. If you book your trip, advance purchase tickets and perform other actions, travel cheaper.

To save you need to find as much information as possible. If all the main activities are concentrated in one place, and people settled far, this will lead to unnecessary spending on travel. It is necessary to determine in advance all the places, which I would like to visit, or to find a hotel, Located within walking distance. Priority should be given entertainment, that person is going to visit more than once.

To save money, We need to build a route. Then make a list of places to be, in which the citizen will eat. This is especially true when visiting Asian countries. Local food will please not for everyone. After one or two times local food consumption, many tourists are starting to look for more familiar food. This leads to a waste. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to find reviews about the network locations, in which you can eat.

If you visit entertainment with a guide from the travel company, it will much more expensive and does not allow to save money. Simply find yourself ticketing locations. The more information that will be able to gather in advance, the easier it will be to save money.

Arriving in a new place, you must first look. Do not start to buy anything, and spend money. On the first day of the trip is best to go and see, where some prices. to save, no need to buy large portions of well-known dishes. In many Asian countries can come not like. As a result, people will not eat, and the money already paid. The same rule also applies to things. On a busy street price is always higher, aside. Typically, the cost of goods is too high. You can try to bargain. Failure is not a cause for grief. But the discount will save money in the family.

Changing your lifestyle to reduce costs

If a person wants to start saving money, he will have to change their way of life. In the summer it is recommended to change on the bike instead of using a personal car or public transport. Bike acquisition in this case will pay a maximum of 2 season. Option is not for everyone. However, if there is such a possibility, should not be neglected.

To save money, it is not necessary to give preference to expensive gyms with trainers heaped. It is commonly used procedure 20% equipment. In this case, will have to pay more than. Carrying out training in a simpler place, you can save 30%. Help reduce costs and the purchase of subscription. Unlimited subscription simplifies access to gym, but it is more expensive. If it implies a certain number of classes, will be able to save money, but the organization will have to attend thoughtfully.

deciding to save, Fashion should forget. Today there are many people, which carry out the replacement of things simply because, that they have ceased to be fashionable. This position does not allow to save money. If one wants to reduce costs, from following the fashion trends will refuse.

To save the bad habits will quit. With the help of smoking cessation will be able to save a lot of money. This has a positive impact on health. The result would be saving on medication and doctor visits.Quit bad habits

to save, things need to be treated carefully. Their condition should follow. Necessary time to clean and repair. As a result, they will last longer, which will save money on the purchase of new products.

To save money, many things you can learn to do on their own or with friends. This will allow to have fun and save money. So, refuse to purchase and begin to carry out their own can be:

  • sushi cooking;
  • performing haircuts;
  • installation of toilet;
  • other actions, for which a person lacks the knowledge and skills.

However, if the order of service is two times cheaper, than the estimated time, that people spend on independent performance, better to call the master. In the repair will be able to save a lot of money. For this to be done part of the work with his own hands. For repair, you can use the old or new ways.

Do not be shy to ask about discounts for, to save money. If a person acquires or order services, you should definitely ask about the possibility of price reduction. Perform actions in order to save costs, always and everywhere. Sometimes a few minutes can be obtained using the discount amount, which will be able to earn a few hours or days. There are also special places, which runs distribution discounts. So, There are coupon sites, order to save. They will be able to find an offer at half the price, than at independent approach to the store just.

Порой лучший способ экономить деньги – заплатить больше. So, if you buy shoes for 300 rub, at high risk, they will collapse after the first training session, and immediately have to buy new. The same rule applies to other things. This is especially true of health. Here economy is fraught with negative consequences. For this reason, it is better to purchase a high-quality service.

How to pay less for electricity?

Deciding to start saving money, should reconsider electricity costs. To pay for it can take up to half of all assets, provided to cover obligations to suppliers of housing services. To decreased costs, should start with heat insulation of dwelling. This will reduce the possibility of using electric heaters and fireplaces. You need to pay attention to the box, balconies, loggia, door and the heating system.

to save, windows and doors are insulated by means of sealing gaps, seal doors and windows of the porch, as well as installation 2 iron doors. Cast iron radiators can be switched to aluminum, glazing of balconies and loggias. It is not necessary to close the curtain batteries or furniture. To save heat, for heating radiator heat-reflective screens are placed. All rooms need to install plastic windows. They help to reduce the noise level and prevent excessive heat loss.The fee for electricity

There are other ways, saves money at a small salary. To reduce the amount of bills, must:

  1. Regularly defrost the refrigerator. before, what to put in it food, It is cool them to room temperature. Radiator impossible to close the refrigerator. Between him and the wall must be a gap. This is required for the normal functioning.
  2. All bulbs in the housing must be replaced with fluorescent. They allow you to save energy, reducing the consumption of up to five times. bulbs lifespan in 6 times higher. they can help to save at this time 8-10 time. However, you need to have high-quality wiring. It must be able to withstand the stress. Otherwise, fluorescent bulbs have to be changed often, as ordinary.
  3. It should apply the technique, relating to minimum energy efficiency class A. Such property will pay for itself not soon. However, the constant growth of tariffs increases the benefits of such technology and saves money.
  4. Do not leave the light in the room, when a man leaves his. This simple rule is often not comply. It should be completely off equipment, a long time in standby mode. It is able to consume 3-10 W. If you always turn off the equipment, you can save 300-400 kilowatt hour.
  5. It should use local lights, if the need for general illumination is not. They look aesthetically pleasing and consume much less power.
  6. If you use the stove, We need to ensure, to the burners were not deformed and fit snugly to the bottom of dishes. It is not necessary to include the stove to start cooking. Produce stands off a little earlier, than that required for complete cooking. Food will have time to reach the readiness, while the burner is cool.
  7. to save, you need to record meter readings regularly and to think about, on what else you can save.
  8. To save money should be abandoned by boiling a full kettle of water. It is recommended to gain as much fluid, how much will be used. As a result, boiling takes less elektroeneregii. In the future, it will be able to save considerably.
  9. Window, blinds, ceiling and walls need to arrange in bright colors. This approach will reduce lighting costs 10-15 %.
  10. to save, the computer should be shut down, if it is not planned to carry out work for a long time. In continuous operation, it consumes 70-120 in a kw. If you want to use part of the computer, better to prefer a laptop, rather than stationary devices.

Saving money on water

water prices are rising rapidly. If people want to save money, water consumption to be reduced. Do succeed in using these tricks:

  1. Dishwashing is better to use a dishwasher. Water consumption is less, than in a similar process manually.
  2. If a person goes somewhere for a long time, you need to completely turn off the water supply. During check-out can occur leakage.
  3. First of all you need to install counters. Plus equipment is, it makes it possible to save up to 30% funds for the payment of the fluid. If a person is away, make payment does not have to. However, the implementation of actions should be avoided, if there is an increased water flow. So, this rule applies, if there is a baby in the house.
  4. Old equipment should be replaced in the modern. The rule applies to washing machines, mixers, toilets and other. So, barrel on modern toilets have two drain mode. For the year will be able to reduce your fluid intake up 20-25 cubes.
  5. All equipment must be checked periodically. If the washing machine or dishwasher leaking, speech about economy can not be.
  6. Should give preference Rychagova mixers.
  7. If washing is performed manually, better to buy a washing machine. Machines with vertical load spend more fluid, than with horizontal.
  8. In the presence of the garden is to acquire their own wells for irrigation. It is worth to introduce an automatic watering system. It performs accurate liquid flow dosage.

The decrease in payment for gas

order 80-95% gas consumed at home providing hot water and heating. Speaking of gas saving, actually refers to the heat savings. The person should take a number of actions in order, to keep him. Ceilings and walls better quality sheathe plasterboard. Battery should set the three-way valve and bypass. They make it possible to perform temperature control. The gap between the battery and the walls must be at least 3-5 cm.

If the tank, boiler or boiler is located in a cool room, they need to be isolated. Additionally, all pipes will be calculated, that go from the boiler. If one machine warmer, than other, open windows is not recommended for heat removal. It is better to wrap a battery in a blanket or a substrate for laminate. An alternative to installing the thermostatic mechanism acts.Save on gas

There are other tips to save gas. To reduce its consumption, need to:

  1. Cook only in a clean container. It should not be burnt or deformed. Cooking utensils in contaminated required in 4-6 times more gas. Dishes with the deformed bottom and requires a large amount of gas cooking.
  2. the flame should not go beyond the heated dishes. In this case, the heating in the apartment, instead of cooking. Such a measure would reduce the amount of gas in the 50%.
  3. The oven door must close tightly. Otherwise, the heat will go, and gas consumption will increase.
  4. Under burner recommended to install the gasket, made of aluminum foil. This will reduce the gas consumption, and lead to, that the stove will start to warm up and less dirty.

What you can not reduce costs?

There are a few things, on which you can not save. So, it is not necessary to give up self-development due to lack of funds. It is better to buy another book, than sausage or cake.

Save on health is also not worth it. No need to give preference to cheaper drugs, or self-medicate. Subsequently, you can harm your health. So, that you have to spend on treatment at times more.

Personal care is also no way to save. Cosmetics, moisturizers and other products, applied to the skin, must be of good quality and do not harm health.

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