Top 65 tips on how, I like to meet a girl

communication, familiarity with the girls makes the stronger sex difficulties. Embarrassment, uncertainty affect the first stage, when you need to be interested in your favorite lady. A man who knows, I like to meet a girl, can avoid embarrassment at meeting.How to meet a girl

General tips

learning, I like to meet a girl, experts advise to follow the rules, allowing to make the right impression. Man will have the courage.

A woman wants to feel special. If a man sees a lady, which I wanted to start a conversation, become acquainted, should start communicating with a simple phrase. Experts advise to talk about feelings, encountered in the form of the object focus. Perform the action you need to sincerely, with a slight confusion. falsity felt. The woman did not respond positively.

We need to show, that familiarity spontaneously. Desire made approach, start a conversation. If the above seems unlikely, irrelevant, if the conversation started.

Researchers are advised not to hide the character traits. We need to show the object sincere sympathy. naturalness, no falsehood in the conversation draws. We need to show, complexes on the lack of quality. A man must love, respect yourself, feel confident, comfort. Weaker sex does not like the kind of guy, shows weakness. Women are looking for another option, will not give a chance. A man must cease to be afraid of bugs.

Ladies love men, thinking about her feelings. Experts recommend to make a sincere compliment appearance or highlight quality, protruding hallmark. You can not overdo it. In the ladies might think, that guy flattering and insincere words.

Females love, when a man shows strength, It offers assistance. Perform the action necessary to unobtrusively. Experts advise to use a mobile phone offer, help us to get a product with a high shelf, to give way to public transport, the parking lot. It needs to be gallant, polite, to win the trust, Attention. action will, that man is ready to sacrifice.

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Any reference to sex

Stammering, swallowed words, lost in terms of the behavior of the guy repels. Sight, gestures, gesture, hints betray the real purpose of dating - sex. Experts advise to stop thinking about the animal you wish. It is easier to focus on communication, thoughts. No intention to drag to bed will help to express serious interest in the pastime. Women prefer men, able to listen. Experts advise to show, ladies view interesting, the conversation is pleasant, welcome.

Look at the object of attention

You need to start familiarizing with the analysis of. Experts advise not to act compulsively. You can pay attention to the small details. Worth exploring around her, public conduct. It is necessary to take into account the body language, appearance, style. Observation tells about personality, It will draw up an action plan.

think about the conversation

Communication takes place spontaneously. Predict the course of the conversation can not be. Experts advise to make conversation with the girl sketch. If a man comes to the object of sympathy and silent, failure is guaranteed. Do not try to hang noodles on the ears, fall in love, hang a rose-colored glasses. Such conversations repel women.

Experts advise not to ask empty, Silly questions, contributing to dialogue. You need to forget about stereotypes, stop asking, to break the awkward pause. The conversation should be interesting, meaningful, show lady, that she was interested in a man.

determination men

Ladies prefer resolute, confident guys. Experts advise to start talking immediately, do not be shy. After the first step, communication is not seem terrible. The more a man pulls acquaintance, the lower the chances, it will take. Recommended slide modesty, becoming a cause for rejection.

To be sure, develop decisiveness, Psychologists advise to forget, that the possible failure, not to dwell on thoughts about the negative outcome. The woman feels insecure men, fear when meeting.

Jokes and jokes

Ladies love witty guys. Stupid jokes are banned. To learn wit, you need to read, to practice, communicate with others, developing skills. Females like, when a man can make a joke and talk about serious things.

When we first met, psychologists are advised to maintain ease, optimism. No need to show excessive severity. It is recommended to talk about the interests of, enthusiasm, abstract topics, intimate without affecting the scope or monetary.

healthy laughter

learning, I like to meet a girl, man will understand the importance of laughter. The process will help to relieve stress, voltage. Due to the body is saturated with laughter endorphins, contributing to the well-being, Feels. Experts advise joke, Avoid silly humor, vulgar jokes. Otherwise, the lady will stop breaker.

A group of girls

Get acquainted with the object of sympathy is better when you are in a group. From love to be recommended, if the lover walking with a friend. If a guy comes to girls, She begins dating one, regarded as rude gesture, contempt, lack of tact. Dame would be a shame for her friend. conversation end, will not meet. If the object of adoration is in a group, the rest will not be deprived of attention when meeting.

If you will get acquainted with a woman two, We need to pay attention and her friend. It should demonstrate attention liked, but not to deprive the second.


Eye contact and body language

Eye contact is important when speaking. Man shows interest in dialogue, interest in the person. Do not get too focus glance. Increased attention will confuse, reduce charm.

Impact is produced by non-verbal signs - gait, body type, manners, behavior. 7% of success depends on the spoken words. It is worth to pay attention to the voice, tone.

Avoiding alcohol

Experts advise to exclude alcoholic beverages from the diet. Lady does not like, if a drunken man with the smell of fumes comes up. It is not necessary to believe stereotypes, that alcohol helps in getting acquainted. Drink creates the illusion of emancipation, but repels. Drunk man gives the impression of an alcoholic.

Girls do not like the smell of alcohol when meeting. Interesting to know the real nature. Hide behind being drunk, the man is not interested in.

Acquaintance in the street

Get acquainted with the girl on the street just. In public places, you can find the female. Men have room for maneuver. Hard to impress. Expert Tips:

  • look to the lady, her mood. It should not be bad;
  • to compliment. Experts advise to pay attention to the peculiarities, distinctive features;
  • not to hurry with the proposals to go on a date. The girl should have time to take a closer look, show interest;
  • try to hold a conversation with the help of leading questions, if the lady wanted to continue the conversation after a compliment;
  • simulate familiarity by involving its own problem.

Meet on the street rarely occur. Couples selected alternative methods. Do Me in public places has its advantages. For the fairer sex is romantic situation. You can see the real person without photos, see facial expressions, gestures. You can use a maximum of Charisma. Communication over the Internet does not convey all the charm.



Razbirayasy, I like to meet a girl, experts advise to pay attention to appearance. On the exterior, pay attention. Be sure to look neat and tidy.

The first impression from the, as a man looks. For women, appearance, manner of speech, gesture, behavior is the main criteria in the first seconds of acquaintance. The girl your taste. There are universal techniques. Experts advise to put in order:

  1. Teeth. Optionally have a snow-white, blinding smile. Teeth should be healthy, smooth, stranded without food debris.
  2. nails. They must be neatly trimmed, well-groomed. The hands should look decent.
  3. pelage. Hair color should be the optimal length, neatly trimmed, stacked. Should discuss with the haircut hairdresser, to complement the style, instead exhibited a clown. The vegetation on the body in the appropriate places must be removed, be the optimal length.
  4. Body type. Optionally chase ideals with magazine covers, athletes. You need to keep your figure in the proper form, eliminate the extra weight from the abdomen, thighs. Over the relief work a little, that the picture has been pleasant, not repelled by the female. To the best of men inflated popular with girls.
  5. Footwear. I need to buy an expensive brand shops. Shoes must be clean.
  6. Socks. They must be plain, without pictures, optimal length. Experts do not recommend to wear socks in the open shoes.
  7. Trousers. Must be clean, neat. After washing the thing you need to iron. In choosing you can rely on your own taste, style. The length should be optimal, no longer heels shoes. There should be no pictures, ornaments. Pants should not be too narrow or wide, especially true for jeans. Experts advise to prefer the classic or casual.
  8. Belt. Selected on the basis worn shoes. Color and style should match. It is important to maintain harmony between the shades of pants and belt. Thing has fastened on the third hole. Stylists are advised to avoid large buckles with inscriptions or drawings.
  9. Top. It is recommended to choose a sweater, shirt, T-shirt. Depends on the situation. Things should look neat, be clean. Stylists recommend avoiding things with inscriptions, designating expensive brand. The decision to wear such clothes will put a man banal, having no sense of style.
  10. Unsubscribe from fakes. Quality clothing mid-market looks better fake expensive brand. If you can not spend money on wardrobe items, should refuse to buy. Forgery can be easily calculated, the impression of a man will be ruined.
  11. Blazer. article of clothing should look carefully, elegantly. It is not necessary to push in pocket change and other items, ottopyrivat their. The lower button must be undone.
  12. accessories. You must be combined with basic clothing. Complements hats, ties, scarves image.
  13. ornamentation. earrings, inappropriate piercing, bracelets look ridiculous. The best men's jewelry are watches. Accessory should not be made of plastic. Stylists recommend to give preference to expensive, trusted brand.
  14. Smell. By the choice of perfume should be approached responsibly, individually. You should not give in to provocations brands, distribute advertising, propaganda sites. The popular perfume does not fit all. The objective is to give a man a unique smell, emphasizing individuality.

Stylish man

Looking for a place

first meeting place in favor of an impression of a man. It is not necessary to get acquainted in the underground passages, terrible doorways, dirty streets. Favorable environment - cozy cafes, beautiful parks, the shops, clean streets in the city center. Razbirayasy, I like to meet a girl, experts advise to determine the range of meeting places:

  1. Various activities in the community knew a man. Dinner parties, holidays, organized by friends. There you can meet new people, unknown girls, start a conversation. Woman perceives as a familiar surrounding, do not be embarrassed.
  2. Place of work or study. It is easier to find common topics of conversation. Lady may be odnogruppnitsa, counterpart. You can quickly start a conversation, You do not have to invent, how to proceed.
  3. Dancing, sport. It should go to special schools, studio. There you can meet someone with the same interests. You can spend your time, engage in joint physical activity.
  4. workshops. girls, attending events, tuned to meet new people. workshops, trainings involve the acquisition of new useful contacts.
  5. Night clubs. Most people have a goal to meet, good evening. Do not count, girls want a serious relationship after meeting at a school. Meet at a nightclub just. People are in a good mood, not against dialogue.

Start dialogue

learning, I like to meet a girl, the man asks the question about the beginning of a dialogue. It is better to start the conversation with a question, which will create a conversation. many are accustomed to, that strangers something to ask. Conversion does not seem strange. On the street asking questions, how to get to a certain place, Find an institution. It is better to make the issue of the original. Handling fuels the interest sympathies object. She sincerely wants to help. It is not necessary to go to far. Original man may find an abnormal. You can ask a question in another language, to make you like a lady a compliment.

Should avoid questions about how, can we meet. Shifts the initiative to Woman. The fair sex do not want to take responsibility. Important, that the first step was taken by a man. Women, talking about the qualities in a potential partner, note the ability to be responsible for the words, acts.

confidence acquainting

Self-confidence is the main criterion when meeting. If a man mumbles, shy, It shows hesitance, woman would not meet. Must be sure, show, that familiarity interested. It is worth to watch his facial expressions. You can not hide your eyes, constantly touching your nose or put your hands in the castle.

When meeting with a girl in public gestures, behavior, facial expression may play an important role. It is worth taking the open posture, maintain eye contact, sincere smile. Openness helps to gain the object of sympathy.
Once familiarity tied, you need to make an appointment. When a woman is experiencing love interest. If the subsequent steps are not followed, it can fade away, and win the attention will not work.

Help men

learning, I like to meet a girl, man finds, that the aid from his side can be a cause. At the fairer sex is sympathetic person, courteously helping to bring a suitcase, He explained the way. Should not impose. If it says no, then remains take failure with dignity.

Information and atmosphere

It is necessary to pay attention to environment, information available. It should pay attention to the behavior of, clothes, appearance. If a girl accessories present with the symbols of a certain group, fact will be an occasion for conversation. However, do not comment on the actions of the object sympathy. Even if she does not hide, what is he doing. It is considered impolite, invasion of privacy.

If the man was like a girl at the event, means similarity of tastes, help you find something to talk about. Looking for a place may be unexpected, unusual - gym, grocery store, have, dancing school. It is necessary to use the environment as an excuse to talk. May I ask, it is better to choose from the presented goods, discuss lesson. It is important to note, that the lady looks man, who wants to trust.

Proper compliments

figuring out, I like to meet a girl, a win-win is found - compliments. Words must be refined, original. It should discard the banal options. No need to talk about the depth of the eye. Zealous unique compliments not necessary. Information about the beautiful curvature of its teeth is not a good way to get acquainted.

It is not necessary to harvest luxury compliments advance. Subsequent words must match, it is not always possible to do. The man's eyes darkened in girls. If a young person is not a skilled orator, better come up and say directly about the interest. Sincerity is more valuable, than hundreds of compliments.

sense of security

It is necessary to make it clear, that the man next to the woman in the security. Life is full of surprises. Sudden occurrence causes a sense of danger. You have to be tactful, polite, to avoid the invasion of ladies private area. Gusts may scare, despite further attempts to rectify the situation.

Male etiquette

Razbirayasy, I like to meet a girl, you need to learn male etiquette. Knowledge of the rules will help to impress. training, courtesy honored. The basic rules of communicating with excellent floors are:

  1. We need to welcome nod. Ignore gestures from others can not.
  2. During lunch or dinner it is not necessary to use a variety of instruments. It is necessary to limit fork and knife, in the case of soup spoon feeding.
  3. A woman may be late for a date within the 15 minutes.
  4. Accompanied by a woman must be on the right side of yourself. It is necessary to invite her to take under his arm.
  5. Woman need to skip ahead, It opens the door. Before, sitting down at the table, you must move the chair, allow to sit down and come to your place.
  6. If you want to move for a short time companion, you need to get up from the table with her.
  7. It is forbidden to put your elbows on the table, exception is the bar.
  8. you can light up, if she gives permission.
  9. Perfume should be easy, with unobtrusive odor.
  10. You can not leave a woman alone for an event.
  11. Roses can only give sweetheart.
  12. When you exit the public transport need to submit a girl's hand. gallantry, education is a win-win option gains women focus. Do not get hung up, overplay. It looks unnatural.


additional tips

figuring out, I like to meet a girl, Please note the following features:

  1. The girl wants to love no less than men. Original, gentle approach will delight. It is worth to take the risk.
  2. brave man, ready to take responsibility, win the heart. It is necessary to start a conversation with phrases unbanal.
  3. It is not necessary to limit the love by location. You can start a conversation everywhere - cafe, street, shop, public transport.
  4. If a girl is not said yes to the offer to meet, do not despair. some flirt, waiting for a reciprocal course, original things. If the refusal was received on the street, you can invite the lady in the cafe, continue the conversation there.
  5. If the woman liked, should not miss. When a man tries, his chances are equal to 50%. If he did not do anything, odds are zero. The desire to learn is a natural, clear.

In the Internet

Seeking a woman can, Using social networks, dating sites on the Internet. They simplify the opportunity to take the first step, provide information. To impress properly, successfully meet a girl online, you must follow the rules.

theme groups

Razbirayasy, how to get acquainted with the girl in the social network, You can use the thematic groups, PUBLIC. They will be able to find a suitable party interests. You can get acquainted in the comments, in discussions or write the girl under the pretext of public interest. Group organizes events. They will be able to meet live. The list of topics for conversation easier to pick up, there will be unease.

Message or comments

It is not necessary to believe stereotypes, it is possible to attract the attention of girls, by putting dozens of likes under the photos, posts. The method will not work properly in getting acquainted. It is better to write a message to a personal e-mail or in comments. Otherwise perceived as a foolish man, infantilʹnyj.

Behavior on the Internet

It should closely monitor the behavior of the Internet. If a man writes angry record, the girls are bitches, the break with the former lady, shows rudeness, lack of restraint in the comments, argues on irrelevant topics, the woman did not pay him enough attention. Do not be surprised, that attempts to meet remain unanswered.

posts literacy

learning, I like to meet a girl online, you must pay attention to literacy. Politeness, knowledge of the rules of the Russian language shows the development of the intelligence men. You should try to eliminate errors in speech and writing. If in doubt, better to consult a dictionary or online. When the girl writes an illiterate man, she would not answer.

communication rules

extremes excluded. You should not immediately switch to "you". Constantly calling on "you", use style 19 centuries is not a good idea. The object of sympathy accept the man as eccentric, abnormal.

Dating Online

Proper filling profile

Apart from the usual social networks, you can get acquainted with the girl on a dating site. They are specialized in the search for a partner. It is easier to start a conversation on a specific topic.

If a man wants a serious relationship, can not upload photos of bare body parts. Photo imply frivolity men, his intentions. It is better to show pictures, representing beneficial man personality, showing face.

A profile consists not only of the photos. You must pay attention to the section of interest. The more detailed information, the easier it is to find the right person. Should not be limited to generalities, you need to describe a particular desire.

Newcomers on dating sites

On most sites, you can meet your advertising for new registered users. Messages placed in special sections or on the main page. Brand new on the site are numerous reports. It is better to write the girl, not in section. The action will increase the chances, that message will be received and read.

Avoid platitudes and familiarity

It is recommended to avoid familiarity. girl like, if the first message the guy would write tender words, behave, if they are already in a relationship. Techniques for exploring irrelevant.

Banality - the other extreme,. Girl on a dating site more popular, than men, the latter need to prove themselves. Commonplace Welcome message reduces the desire to continue the conversation. It is not necessary to conduct interrogation.

It is necessary to use available profile information, choose a custom theme for conversation. Suit questions about dreams, unusual dreams, stories from life. The action will help to attract attention, interested in Woman.

Using feeds

Some representatives of the stronger sex is considered, it makes no sense to come up with a separate letter, and compose standard. message great, complete information, suitable for all. Women immediately notice, the message is not personalized. It is devoid of personality, I do not feel special. Letters are not successful.

On a dating site you need to devote time to the selection of suitable women, Identify and write from the heart, sincerely. The message should be individual.

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