Top 63 method to whiten teeth

A beautiful smile is an integral part of human appeal. White teeth make it sure. But it can occur gradually yellowing enamel. Whiten teeth can use the popular ways, modern cosmetology and dentistry. However, during the necessary precautions procedures. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the enamel and the development of a number of diseases.
whiten teeth

Reasons for changes

The need arises to whiten your teeth over time. The Authority will eventually wear. speed of the process depends on proper nutrition. Gradually, the enamel becomes thinner. It becomes almost transparent. Emerges outwardly teeth in the inner layer. It is called the dentin. The color of this layer is darker. The use of a number of products capable stain teeth. This effect occurs, if a person often eats:

  • dark berries;
  • round;
  • wine;
  • coffee.

If these products are often present in the human diet, browning rate increases teeth. The neglect oral hygiene regulations will also affect the course of the process. It is important to clean teeth twice a day. This will allow for longer to keep them white and prevent the development of diseases pperechnya.

Contraindications for bleaching

Razbirayasy, How to whiten teeth, you can see a list of contraindications. Enlist the help of people can not all procedures. The process is denied, if there is to be:

  1. Hypersensitivity enamel. The procedure is not carried out, If exposure causes pain
  2. In humans, there are crowns and fillings in the teeth of the first series. Such devices can not be bleached. After exposure to chemicals, they are able to darken faster. As a result, they will seem even more unnatural and stand out from the crowd
  3. Teeth are not yellowed, and steel gray. This phenomenon indicates the presence of disease.

The list of contraindications can vary depending on the procedure. So, Dental teeth whitening is not carried out to the people 18 years old. The presence of enamel damage, seizures, Pregnancy and lactation, increased photosensitivity, availability of individual intolerance and a number of other issues will be the reason for the inability of the procedure. So as not to collide with the side effects, it is recommended to specify a list of contraindications to the dentist and read the instructions carefully, if the agent is used alone.

Preparations for bleaching

If a person decided to whiten teeth, It needs to carry out training for the procedure. It takes about a month. During this period it is necessary to use a large number of:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • dairy products;
  • vitamins.

Classical toothpaste should be replaced by products, containing fluorine. This will strengthen the enamel. Maintain the achieved positive effect allow the exclusion from the diet soda, coffee, smoking, wine, food, containing a large number of dyes.

dental ways

ways, allowing whiten teeth, many. They are divided into three broad categories:

  • dental;
  • home;
  • using devices.

They vary in cost and effectiveness of monetary. Danger of a different method also. If a person has means, better to see a dentist. The specialist performing the procedure correctly. This will reduce the risk of tooth damage.

laser whitening

Whiten teeth can by laser. The method allows to fight tooth decay. Apply makeup, which is based on a classical hydrogen peroxide. After that, the area is carried out the impact of carbon dioxide laser. This leads to the activation of the composition and to enhance the impact zone. To quickly whiten teeth, enough one procedure. Positive effect persists 6-7 years old. The method involves a mild impact on the region. Damage to tooth enamel and minimum. However, the method requires a large amount of cash expenses. Price of one procedure is about 15000 rub.laser whitening

mechanical effects

During use, is capable of performing mechanical cleaning. The method allows to get rid of tartar and plaque dark. Exposure is carried out using a special saline. Sometimes the device is used, whereby produced sonication zone. Under the effect of plaque removal agents occurs. Experts recommend to perform this cleaning every year. The method makes it possible to lighten the teeth no longer, than 2 t. They will look natural.

Application photobleaching

If one wants to understand, how to whiten teeth without harming enamel, he should resort to using hardware photobleaching. The essence of the method consists in applying to the teeth, are visible when a smile, special gel. It contains hydrogen peroxide. means the concentration clearly verified. Next, in the region directed intense halogen light. It affects the area, projecting reacted with gel. The result is a lighting enamel. One session allows you to whiten zone 10 tone.

However, the procedure does not give long lasting effect. Already during 1 there has been a re-darkening. However, it is possible to extend the positive. To do this, you need to carefully follow the recommendations of the expert. Implementation of the rules will make it possible not to resort to repeated exposure till 4-5 years old. The procedure is expensive. During one exposure will pay 10000-20000 rub.

Exposure to cold light

If a person wants to whiten the tooth enamel, process can be performed using cold light exposure. The essence of the procedure is applied to the area of ​​the composition. It also contains hydrogen peroxide. Under its influence brightening occurs later. In order to achieve a positive result, gel should penetrate the tooth enamel. There is a destruction of the coloring pigment.

Such a reaction can be carried out only under the influence of intense color. Therefore, special lamps are used. The patient should hold under its influence within 10 minutes. During one session process is repeated three times. The method is the increased comfort for the client. He easily tolerated by the patient, than the use of standard lamp. The positive effect can be maintained for a 1,5-2 years old. For holding the session will pay 15000-20000 rub.

The use of chemical agents

Chemical bleaching allows you to maintain the achieved results within 3-4 years old. However, it considered the most dangerous. It can lead to a whole list of unpleasant consequences. For the procedure applied composition, It includes a number of bleaching agents. They are most effective for chemical bleaching. It has high security. Interaction with the surface of the teeth begins to occur under the influence of light or heat. The process takes about half an hour. After the chemical bleaching manages to achieve natural tooth color. It is not always white. Sometimes people have a semi-dark or brown tint. Typically, experts warn of the possible consequences after chemical bleaching.

Application tools

Razbirayasy, How to whiten your teeth at home without harm, you can buy special tools. In order to achieve positive results may take longer. Not all agents are equally cheap. Sometimes it may require significant financial investments.

Whitening strips

The method is considered one of the most effective. The method already earned popularity among users. Use a strip. They give high effect, which persists for a long period of time. Use strips necessary in accordance with an instruction. Typically, the bleaching rate is 1 month. In this case, the frequency indicated in the attached instructions. The method makes it possible to lighten the teeth on the two or three shades. there are devices, who get this figure to 6 tones for a month. In this second session is to be done only through 1,5 years old. However, the cost of these strips are generally higher.

The strips allow whiten teeth because, that their surface is coated with a special composition. He has an impact on the region, to which it is applied. The strips are glued to the area of ​​the teeth, visible while smiling. Hold means necessary for one half hour. By purchasing whitening strips, We need to understand, that they are not able to exert a cleaning effect on hard to reach places. Therefore, the gap between the teeth can remain dark.whitening strips

Use of rinse aid

conditioner, whitening tooth enamel, It can be purchased at specialty stores. Improving the appearance of the field is due to exposure to hydrogen peroxide. Means in the desired concentration is contained in the cosmetic product. It provides an opportunity to perform whitening several shades. Observe the circuit means using. It can be used no more than twice a week. In this situation, it will be able to whiten your teeth with minimal harm to the enamel.

The use of the gel

The gel can effectively whiten your teeth. However, it is expensive. Therefore, its use is not available to all. Means should be used correctly. The only way to achieve a positive result. The composition does not affect the region for a long period of time. He begins to dissolve under the influence of saliva. Therefore, statements about the effectiveness of means of dispute. However, you can increase the effectiveness of, acquiring special caps. A device worn on the teeth. After that, the gel is poured into a cavity.

The means will be able to buy in the drugstore. Flushing preparation is performed by saliva.

Using a pencil

If a person wants to whiten teeth, he can use a special pencil. Such devices are sold in pharmacy. Outwardly, it looks like a classic pen. The means used in the cleaning process. It improves the quality of dental cleansing. Gradually lightening enamel several shades. Pencil has special brush. As a result, it can penetrate even in hard to reach places. Producing dental cleansing can be done anywhere at any convenient time. However, the period of application must be observed in accordance with an instruction. Composition, contained a pencil, It has a lower concentration, if we compare it with helium. As a result, more difficult to achieve positive results. However, to carry out the procedure can still be.

Application toothpaste

Optionally whiten teeth with a special paste. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Means sold in some stores. The tool has a special composition. Its components can penetrate the enamel layer and the dentine influence. Gradually his lightening. However, this tool should not be used more than twice a week. It could have a negative effect on the thickness of the structure of the tooth enamel. In dentistry, consider the use of pastes and gels, the most effective way to whiten your teeth. You can resort to the following means:

  1. R.O.C.S. Pro. Means produced in the form of gel. It has an intense effect on the region. The product is fairly inexpensive. It allows you to achieve a natural color. The gel does not destroy the teeth. Bleaching is due to the effects of active oxygen. The facility has a fairly weak abrasiveness. Experts recommend mixing with other toothpaste. The product can be applied twice a day. However, you must adhere to the course. Its duration is 4 of the week. And weight 1 package is 60 g. For the purchase of tools will have to pay about 300 rub.
  2. LACALUT White. Under this title Toothpaste discharged, possessing a high degree of abrasiveness. Significance in 2 times higher, products other than dentifrices. The structure of the paste containing substances, which act on dental plaque. They are able to dissolve even the hard deposits. The process of using the means does not differ from the standard. You must apply it twice a day. It is better to clean after eating the food. usage rate should not be more than 1 of the month. For the acquisition of funds will have to pay about 220 rub
  3. REMBRANDT. Experts advise to use tool, if the tooth enamel has darkened under the influence of smoking or drinking coffee. Country of origin of the product is US. The composition of the paste include proprietary funds. They have an impact on plaque. The abrasive particles, in products, help remove plaque mechanically. You can not brush your teeth using the product for longer than one month. The cost of the post will be about 500 rub.

Whitening at home

To whiten teeth, optionally contact the dentist or to resort to the purchase of special tools. You can use natural products and pharmacy facilities. The method does not require large financial investments. However, the approach to the application of the method should carefully. There are three harming enamel. It can provoke a number of diseases.

The use of soda

If a person wants to whiten the enamel of the teeth at home, it can resort to the help of soda. The method can help, if you have an important meeting, and it is required to achieve a flawless appearance quickly. However, it is sodas should be used with caution. Repeat the procedure no more allowed than once a week. Methods effects on tooth enamel:

  1. A small amount of soda is applied to a cotton pad or other material, suitable for processing. Then wipe teeth means. The method is dangerous. If too often use the method or exercise undue influence on the enamel, it is highly thinned. As a result, the teeth become more sensitive. She will respond to hot or cold. If a person uses products, containing natural or artificial colorants, Teeth can get an unnatural color.
  2. A small amount of soda is added to the toothpaste. Method diseases shtadyashtiy. However, to resort to his aid can be no more than once a week. The method makes it possible to whiten your teeth in hard to reach places.
  3. Soda is used together with lemon. It is recommended to use the method least likely. To prepare the composition, need lemon juice. Take teaspoon substance and is mixed with a few drops of lemon juice. You need to achieve to achieve consistency of thick cream. The method greatly thins the enamel. This may result in pain or increase sensitivity.
  4. It is important to monitor the condition of the oral cavity and be attentive to the use of baking soda. It is capable of substantially thin the enamel. Therefore it is recommended to start with small doses. Subsequently, they can significantly increase the.before and after

The use of peroxide

If a person wants to whiten teeth, better to give preference to the use of hydrogen peroxide. The method is the safest. Experts advise to resort to his aid only once a day. The positive effect will be achieved quickly. Save it will be possible for a long period of time. Hydrogen peroxide has no damaging effect on tooth enamel. Therefore tooth surface remains protected. To use the method, must adhere to the following scheme:

  1. Make cleaning the oral cavity using a standard toothpaste.
  2. Run rinse. For his use of specially prepared liquid. You must take a glass of pure water. It added 20-30 drops of peroxide. The substance must be 3%. Thereafter agent ready for use.
  3. Produced manual cleaning. To do this, take cotton pads, sticks or other devices. They are dipped in peroxide. After this process the teeth will need to carefully.
  4. Produced mouth rinse. It uses ordinary water. It should be warm.

The method is recommended before going to bed. This will enable faster to achieve a positive result and keep it for a long time. To increase the efficiency of the procedure, you can mix the peroxide and baking soda. We need to achieve, to become a pasty consistency substances. Then, this composition is made teeth cleaning. After application of the method should be carefully rinse the mouth.

Lemon tooth whitening

Whiten your teeth at home, you can, constantly eating lemon. The product has a positive effect even in the case, If a woman uses it as an additional component of tea. You can carry out special procedure. So, brewing tea, it is recommended to cut off a piece of fruit. It is used to wipe the teeth. After performing the process it is recommended to perform a thorough rinsing. There is a limitation on the application of the method. Perform cleaning so you can not more than once a 1-1,5 of the week.

lemon juice can be added to toothpaste. This makes the process safer. Cleaning does not harm the enamel, if it carried out not more than once a week.

To whiten teeth, you can eat a slice of lemon with the peel. The method is suitable for people, who do not like sour. At the same time they must have a non-sensitive enamel. Sugar should not be used during the implementation of the action. Lemon can help in dealing with bleeding gums.

Strawberries and strawberry

Help whiten your teeth and are capable of berries. Positively influenced by strawberries and strawberry. To take advantage of them, It needs to stretch berry puree. After this slurry is used as a toothpaste. The structure includes a large number of fruit acids, facilitating tooth bleaching. After that, the procedure is performed, you must clean the classical toothpaste. The fact, that strawberries contain a lot of sugar and acids. They must be removed.

Activated carbon

Optionally whiten teeth by means of activated carbon. Means having an effective impact on the region. Process of preparation of the mixture is complex. You need to take one tablet activated charcoal. It is placed in a saucer. Thereafter the tablet is crushed to a powder. It should be possible to grind means. If particles remain too big, it can have a negative effect on tooth enamel. When the powder obtained, it is applied to a toothbrush. After this is done with the help of teeth cleaning. Do not expect a positive effect immediately. If you regularly use the facility for a month, you will notice a positive result. The process is recommended no more than two 3 once a month.

The use of essential oils

If there is a desire to whiten teeth without harming enamel, you should use tea tree oil. It is allowed to use, even for people, is sensitive enamel. Through often used in folk medicine. It contains large amounts of trace elements, providing beneficial effects on the human body and the state of tooth enamel. The substance has antiviral and antiseptic properties. Therefore, tea tree oil is used to combat diseases of the oral cavity. It allows you to remove bad breath.

To use oil, required in the pre-clean enamel. This is done by classic brushing teeth. After that, oil is applied to a cotton swab people. Using the tool teeth performed wiping. It is important to treat all areas. In implementing the actions may be encountered with numbness. Should not be afraid. This is normal. It disappears after a few minutes rinse.Essential oil

additional methods

Sage helps whiten teeth. It should be used before the main cleaning teeth. The herb is ground to a fine powder and applied to the teeth using a toothbrush. Salvia has a number of other positive qualities. So, the plant is able to help in the fight against cough.

You can enlist the help of olive or coconut oil. Substances used for sucking. They contribute to the destruction of bacteria in the mouth and return enamel white. Tools used in the morning. It is necessary to use oil before breakfast and brushing teeth. During the procedure, performed rinsing with olive or coconut oil. The teeth were then cleaned. After the procedure, it is recommended to drink two glasses of water. A method of exposure for everyday use.

Whiten teeth can using wood ash. It contains abrasives and absorbents. The quality of material similar to the activated carbon. To purge, You need to dip your toothbrush in the ashes. The cleaning process is carried out without a strong push. The procedure is repeated no more than once in 1- 2 of the week.

It is necessary to show extra care. If mismanaged funds used or insufficiently attentive to the teeth, can harm them. Generally applies to any of the substances. It is necessary to observe the sensitivity of tooth enamel and the state. If the use of food there is an unpleasant feeling, should refer to the dentist.

Women's tricks

A woman can make to appear whiter teeth without having to bleach. For this purpose we resort to the following methods::

  1. Use red lipstick. A similar effect is possible to obtain a bright gloss and lipstick reds. Against the background of the teeth appear whiter.
  2. Wearing jewelry made of white gold and silver. They set off the color of the teeth. If the enamel has faded, from wearing gold standard is to give. Such decoration is underlined fading. The same rule also applies to the green and yellow stones. They will expose the flaws on display.
  3. It is not necessary to wear a white turtleneck, scarves or clothing with collar. It will emphasize the difference between the natural shade of milk.

whether the procedure is harmful?

If a person has decided to whiten teeth, important to understand, that the procedure is able to harm. There are cases, when due to non-compliance with safety regulations and hygiene, instead of the positive effect of people getting the disease of the mouth and gums. Therefore, the method requires increased caution. The rule is especially true for home bleaching. Dentists generally relates to client careful teeth. However, it is recommended to visit only the competent expert. Use of too concentrated composition can provoke hypersensitivity of the teeth. This is due to the increasing sensitivity of enamel. By the choice of purchased assets and should be treated carefully.

Having decided to use one of the existing methods, it is important to comply with the set frequency of the procedure and other rules. If the enamel was still intact, you can try to recover it. To do this, special drugs are used. They contain a large amount of mineral components. Effects on upper tooth, It does not establish its structure.

Prevention yellowing

Whiten teeth too often do not have, if not prevent them from darkening. It is recommended to observe a number of preventive measures. Cleaning should be done twice a day. To care for enamel should give preference only qualitative means. The schedule should include regular visits to the dentist. In Russia, the visit to the doctor should be performed at least once a year. You can not drink alcohol excessively. It can also affect the dental health. The rule also applies to smoking. You must start taking vitamin complexes. They allow to compensate the lack of substance. Alternative advocates the inclusion of a daily food menu, rich in vitamins and other essential substances.

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