Top 60 tips on how, how to quit smoking

The fight against nicotine addiction is a step on the way to a healthy lifestyle. Getting rid of a bad habit healthier body, improve health and learn to cope with stress. Razbirayasy, how to quit smoking and improve the body, should start to play sports and eat right.How to quit smoking

About smoking

Before you quit smoking, you need to understand in order, that is a habit. Smoking is a big health risk. Nicotine poisoning of the body does not pass without leaving a trace. The process of eliminating dependence is difficult for smokers. However, getting rid of nicotine addiction helps eliminate damage, which is applied to cigarettes.

reduction of life

Smokers have a great chance to say goodbye to life at a young age. Estimated reduction of life is about 20 years old. People with experience nicotine dependence die at the age of 35 to 60 years old. The reason for this is the heart and vascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage, cancer, which appears due to the poisoning of the body, pulmonary disease.


Initially cigarettes seem interesting pastime. People smoke in good company with friends, combining with a bottle of your favorite alcohol and do not feel the effects on health. However, the quality of life is necessarily reduced. A few months after starting to smoke yellow teeth, color finger gets darker shade, unpleasant smell becomes permanent accompaniment. A cough with a suffocating effect, arrhythmia, and unstable palpitations. Have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Suffer light.

It increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease system, myocardial infarction and subsequent congestive heart failure, paralysis after stroke. With the disease live for years, but become unsupportable burden for spouses and children of smokers. It appears caries, gastritis, faster aging skin. Treatment of such diseases expensive, significantly reduced budget, You have to spend money on cigarettes, buy medication and attending medical staff.

Smoking affects the intimate sphere. Affects the pelvic blood vessels, men at a young age it can cause erectile dysfunction. For women, smoking is a high risk of hormonal disorders, early menopause and decreased libido. it is recommended not to use oral contraceptives, increase the risk of thrombosis.The harm of smoking

Passive smoking

Encourage smoking cessation close and native people. They are under threat, himself a smoker. Wife and mother take care of human health, worried about the potential threat to children. The threat is called passive smoking. Cigarette smoke poisons the body adjacent the people. Harmful compounds and a half times less, than those obtained by the smoker. The risk of lung disease in passive smokers is 34%, diseases of the heart and blood vessels - 50%.

Modern society is more critical to smokers. It appears to reduce the use of cigarettes in public places, stairwells, bars and restaurants, airports, aircraft and transport.

General recommendations

Many people say smoking, they can not renounce their habit, that is not true. They do not want to do. Very throw smoking is necessary. The body does not receive stress, Since nicotine is not useful for him. The break-up during the first few days of quitting smoking is a physiological response. It will not last long, after it becomes easier. Several recommendations Quit smoking:

  1. The use of modern medicine. Facilitate the process of giving up a bad habit help nicotine patches, special tablets, soothing light. They minimize inconvenience during.
  2. Motivation. This is a crucial point in getting rid of dependence. You can buy a book about, how to quit smoking, look unpleasant images of the consequences, to think about the harm to loved ones.
  3. joint failure. Find like-minded, which is also struggling with nicotine addiction. smoking a joint the cast will help to improve results. You can make a bet, to display the passion and desire to win in a dispute.
  4. Expert in narcology. Can help qualified, which prompts the individual workarounds.
  5. Refusal of coffee and alcoholic beverages. They are frequent companions of smoking. If the coffee breaks are the norm, better to go for tea, natural juices. Chat with friends, who smoke, better to cancel, move to better times.
  6. harshness. Throw a bad habit you need to sharply. Enough to eliminate cigarettes from life in one day. All accessories and smoking-related items should be discarded, forget them. This will help to quickly get rid of the habit. On the second day, the physical craving for nicotine will feel weak. Remains a psychological factor.
  7. If you suddenly give up is not an option, You can create a calendar for Quitters. He is writing down the number of cigarettes smoked per day, gradually reducing their. These need to be fixed in a special notebook, on the computer. It is possible to increase the intervals between smoking. Gradually comes to spend the day without a cigarette. If you can stand all day, following abstinence is easier.
  8. If you really want to smoke, can be replaced by a cigarette liquid glass, except coffee and alcohol, eat fruit, gum, Confetti. You can hold a toothpick in his mouth.
  9. Avoid situations, in which people constantly smoking. It is not necessary to go to colleagues for a smoke, after work, you need to immediately go home, change the place of waiting for transport. objects, which are reminiscent of a bad habit, throw. lighters, ashtray, tubes - to be disposed of. Zanachek need to get rid of.
  10. Physical exercise. Need to increase their rate and extent of. This will help to stop smoking, and lead in the form of the order. You can buy a treadmill or home fitness machine, enroll in the room, go jogging and walking. The number and complexity of the activities should be increased gradually.
  11. counting budget. It is necessary to calculate the amount of money, spent each month on nicotine dependence. This money can be put off and buy a more useful. You can spend it at the gym, classes which help to quit smoking.

How to quit smoking on their own?

Allen Carr, who wrote the book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking", I recommend doing it at one point. With this agreement, and drug treatment. Stretch smoking does not make any sense, hoping, that the body will gradually get used to the lack of nicotine in it. It does not help him get through this refusal of cigarettes. In this way it is easier to use for heavy smokers.

However, this method is not reliable. It increases the possibility of failure. This may serve as stress at work, meeting friends, smokers, problems and bad incidents in life, tableful. To return to the bad habit of people are pushing two different things. Some smell in the street and are nostalgic about the event, associated with smoking. This leads to a craving to take a cigarette in his mouth, at that moment. Therefore, you need to quit smoking abruptly and immediately.

replacement therapy

learning, how to quit smoking, man finds a way of substitution therapy. It represents the nicotine patch or gum. Their choice is an individual. The taste of gum is not like many, but it helps to get rid of the desire to take a cigarette in his mouth. Experts recommend using both methods at the same time. This is especially useful for those, who observed high nicotine cravings. It is important to consider the degree of habit.

Setting "deadline"

A good way to understand, how to quit smoking, It is to set a deadline. This is the period of time, that you want to completely give up smoking. He will strengthen the spirit, reduce the number of cigarettes per day, talk to those, for whom successfully completed the process of eliminating nicotine addiction. This is reminiscent of the session, as the need to prepare for a certain time. It is necessary to think over strategy, not to go back to basics.

keeping a diary

Quitting smoking helps to keep a diary. It helps to visualize what is happening. The process of withdrawal from nicotine is complex, This causes stress. In order to prevent kickbacks, at the first stage it is recommended to record the successes and positive moments after giving up cigarettes. Do not immediately give up other habits, such as coffee or sweet. This can only strengthen the press.

Social networks

help to understand, how to quit smoking, is a close friend, once committed such a feat. You can ask him questions or ask for support at any time. However, you can use virtual friends for help in getting rid of dependence. You can ask them, Did someone quit smoking. So they can help through social networks and discuss options for giving up nicotine addiction. You can write a post or status, who speaks about the intention to quit smoking. According to psychologists, people, who have made such a move, more successfully refuse dependencies.

Training and exercise

The desire to smoke a cigarette usually limited time. It lasts 5 to 10 minutes. The main thing in this situation is to take yourself. Do not sit and wait, until the desire disappear. Instead, do some physical exercises. If the craving came on the job, you can go for a walk or stroll around the office, ask colleagues about their situation or ask questions about the work. For workouts are best suitable lifting weights. It should enroll in the gym and work with the load in the form of dumbbells with a weight.Working with weight

Top 42 tips on how, how to quit smoking

learning, how to quit smoking, People face many tips. You need to choose the one most suitable for the lifestyle and opportunities. The list includes ways:

  1. The cost for a pack of cigarettes purchased. At the end of the week to calculate the amount, which could save.
  2. Set deadline. Can be timed to an important event - a birthday, tour, holiday. This will help eliminate excuses for actions deposits.
  3. select method. It is necessary to solve the speed and the phasing out of cigarettes. It is better to do it immediately and sharply, However, not everyone can decide on it. If a gradual approach is chosen, you must identify the intermediate results. It is necessary to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed or the interval between the action.
  4. If you decide to throw sharply, It must be the day before the scheduled date of refusal to smoke twice as many cigarettes. This will ensure that the supersaturation of the body with nicotine and other harmful substances, that allow you to feel special addiction. This will be an additional incentive.
  5. If the cause of frequent smoking is stress at work, outline the best day out on a weekend or a business trip.
  6. Refuse to buy cartons of cigarettes. Need to buy a new pack only, when the previous has ended.
  7. If you have any desire to smoke, you must not take out a cigarette, pack and hold in their hands for a few minutes. At this time you need to do something enjoyable, to escape from the desire to smoke. You can call a friend, to walk or to go on a little walk, have tea.
  8. In the morning, you need as long as possible to delay the time of the first cigarette zakurivaniya. You need to stop wearing packs with.
  9. An ashtray with a cigarette lighter must be removed from the place of residence. This applies to all other accessories. To get started is to quit smoking in the community and at home while watching TV.
  10. Smoke cigarettes only part.
  11. Replace the regular process of smoking on physical exercise. They may be in the form of an easy walk or a small complex. However, it is not necessary to replace the smoking meal. It will only help grow stout.
  12. Visiting places, where smoking is prohibited. It may be cinema, opera houses, museums, other public places.
  13. arrange dispute. It is necessary to agree with someone, that for some time people quit smoking. This will serve as an additional motivation for gambling. You can find a partner, which will be easier to overcome addiction. This may be a spouse, friend, close relative, colleague.
  14. learning, how to quit smoking, people understand, it is not so difficult. As soon as he will be honest about their addiction and understand the risks of tobacco, getting rid of a bad habit becomes a pleasure. The process should be interesting, a person must experience happiness, changing and improving.
  15. It is necessary to examine thoroughly the habit. We need to find, how strong, like effect on the body and what is needed. Smoking affects every organ and body part, so you need to consider fully the harm. This will have a stimulating effect.
  16. Refusal of nicotine addiction should be a gift to yourself. This means the establishment of the way of a better life, better and healthier. It ensures the long life. Give more self-esteem and a healthy body. After that, as a person quit smoking, he will receive the gift.
  17. The need to make efforts to. Even if they are unsuccessful, you must keep on trying. From the first time it turns out not all. The only way to quit smoking is to keep trying..
  18. Do not take smoking cessation as a loss. It should look, as the emission of waste. Smoking harms your body and do not need. Throw away smoking from your life, as it brings harm to the lungs and other organs.
  19. It is important to a positive attitude to the situation. It is necessary to treat the rejection of cigarettes as a positive and positive action.
  20. The motivation should be not only to the family and relatives, which benefit from quitting smoking, but also their own health. You must do it for himself.
  21. To find out, What is nicotine. Write the word in capital letters and hang in a prominent place. This will be an additional incentive.Nicotine
  22. You can not hide behind the difficulties in life. Quitting smoking is a must, even if, If cigarettes help to cope with stress. Difficult situation in life can not be an obstacle. Refusal of nicotine addiction will feel better, stock up on energy and solve problems. After this operation, life will be better, body healthy. This to himself can not say one smoker.
  23. Abandon the excuses set of excess weight. Even the fact, that man raspolneet, not an obstacle to quitting smoking. Razbirayasy, how to quit smoking and not gain weight, is to do exercises and sports. Weight gain is due to overeating, no nicotine withdrawal.
  24. It is necessary to plan events, which block the thoughts of nicotine. the subconscious often suggests, that a cigarette is needed. To avoid this, you must be in the wrong place, where smoking is prohibited. It should go to the movies or the park, stock up on food and take the brain. You can work out in the pool or hall.
  25. The transformation of quitting in investments. It is necessary to take this as a fee. Every hour, which passed without cigarettes, you need to make to a healthy body and life fund. Each additional hour will be the next installment. Investments will grow, the rewards will be felt in the form of a healthy body. It is necessary to treat this as a foundation to the treasure.
  26. You need to love yourself and be treated with respect to their own feelings and body. As a former smoker smoking cessation is the main man. Love for one's own body and mind to help get a better feel positive changes. Needed to breathe fresh air and smell, spend more time outdoors and enjoy painting.
  27. It should be less angry, experience negative emotions. They only encourage smoking. brain says, that under stress need a cigarette. However, the need to deal with anger without it. It is better to avoid stress situations. Stop communication with people, that cause, take sick leave at work, to give up smoking in the weekend in case of impossibility to leave. You must get round traffic jams and other irritant factors.
  28. starve prohibited. This will only cause a desire to smoke a cigarette. Better in this case to eat. However, you must follow the principles of healthy eating.
  29. Fatigue should not be allowed. Sort out, how to quit smoking and feel better, impossible with severe fatigue. This only increases the anger and the desire to smoke a cigarette.
  30. It is necessary to get rid of loneliness. You can meet with a few people, who do not smoke, to attend a meeting of ex-smokers, communicate with those, who throws or have already quit smoking. Can help you find support and counseling.
  31. Should avoid idleness. When a person is bored, and it does nothing, often he wants to smoke, to occupy oneself. We need to find something for everyone. It can be a walk in the open air or on a bicycle, travels, athletics, visits to various places of interest. Need to find, what to do with his hands, when you want to smoke. This may be a dumbbell, rubber ball, Coloring or clay.
  32. You should always carry something tasty. It is better, if it's candy or fruit. We need to avoid oily and junk food. They can be eaten too quickly and they saturate, provokes set of excess weight. You can experiment and find out, which reduces the craving for smoking. It can be any certain candies.
  33. If smoking is accompanied by coffee, from it should be discarded. It is better to go for tea. The same applies to alcohol.
  34. When the pain sensation process must remember. The consequences can help to understand, how powerful poison, nicotine is and how badly it affects the body. During smoking, you need to feel, how life is drawn out of the body. It will also help to understand the harm of cigarettes.
  35. You should not feel sorry for yourself. It will only worsen the situation and the desire to smoke a cigarette.
  36. After the first few days of quitting you need to schedule events every day. This will help to abstain. show, and that without a cigarette, you can make a decision. It stimulates brain activity.
  37. It is necessary to pay more drinking regime. This will help bring all harmful substances from the body. You need to drink more citrus juices, since nicotine reduces the amount of vitamin C in the body.
  38. It must be remembered, that first cigarette after refusing to lead to a full resumption of. A single cigarette, to re-start smoking. It will kill all achievements. Do not be fooled by the, you can stop at any time. This is not true. Many people are frustrated and could no longer afford to stop. Each time, it becomes increasingly difficult.
  39. It is necessary to remind ourselves of the positive results. Worth noting them in the details. Breath longer resembles the smell of an ashtray. whiten teeth, it can be noted dentist. Disappearing traces of tobacco on the fingers, passes cough, smell and taste are felt better, Athletic takes the form of, the body is purified and increased self-esteem. Quitting smoking is a concern himself.
  40. It is necessary to share the experience with other smokers. This will help in self-knowledge results. Way to give strength to continue smoking cessation. The desire to help someone achieve a positive impact on the results of its own.
  41. Remember the moment, at which smoking began. This will help you understand the amount of damage just one cigarette.
  42. It is necessary to prepare motivational materials. This may be a calendar, book, Blog on the Internet. It is necessary to record all the sensations, symptoms, a list of useful products.

How to quit smoking with the help of a specialist

learning, how to quit smoking, there will be a way to contact a narcologist. It can be treated under the supervision of a specialist. The psychiatrist can prescribe a drug, which will facilitate the desire to smoke a cigarette. You can also turn to a psychologist and specialist in hypnosis. They will help to instill fear and disgust for cigarettes. This will help to overcome addiction. psychologists, whose specialty is motivational therapy, help to find out the reasons of motivation to continue nicotine poisoning organism. Awareness motifs helps get rid of it. Even if human relationship lasts for decades.

Each person struggling with addiction on the basis of individual reactions to the rejection of nicotine. There is no good and bad techniques, they are highly individual. Sometimes willpower may not be enough, to overcome the break-up, a person starts smoking again. So people better see a doctor. When a health care professional will increase the chances of success, and the negative effects of reduced.Expert in narcology

Contraindications to medical intervention

However, not all people suitable medical intervention in the process of withdrawal from nicotine. News for People, who suffer from liver disease, for pregnant women. This is due to the composition of medicines, used in practice. They have side effects, which can worsen the state of health. Some of them are addictive. Therefore an alternative method. All depending on the substance, techniques have identical mechanisms. Therefore psychiatric methods apply equally to any reliance.

Classes and workshops

Individual or group lessons help to facilitate social change. Group therapy involves communication with other people. You can soak up their experience and apply the. They will talk about the changes in the mode of, the transition to a healthy lifestyle, beginning sports activities, shift work or residence. Deciding on the variables ready every. It is best to compare these changes with a positive effect on the body as a whole, failure to nicotine.

Drugs in the fight against nicotine

If several types of drugs, to help in the fight against addiction. The list includes:

  1. nicotine. The drugs contain nicotine or its analogs. This helps to overcome the psychological dependence on smoking. Also, reduce the dosage.
  2. blockers. They prevent the pleasure of getting nicotine. Change jobs receptors in the body and brain, that helps in smoking cessation. This will not cause withdrawal.
  3. antianxiety. They help to affect a person's psychological state, ease. This group includes antidepressants and sedatives. They help in the first few weeks to feel better and easier. However, antidepressants are prescribed by doctors, sold only by prescription. they also have a lot of side effects and contraindications. Antianxiety and sedative drugs can be bought without a doctor's prescription. You can choose valerian, Hawthorn tincture or Leonurus. However, you need to consider allergy, as well as the effect of drowsiness.

Consequences of refusal of cigarettes

figuring out, how to quit smoking, man finds, it does not pass without leaving a trace. Drastic elimination of nicotine leads to an exacerbation of lung disease, GI intolerance and pressure surges. It is also the place to be breaking nicotine. bad mood, felt headaches, reduced focus. If the relationship was many years, everything can turn from insomnia, depression. It is therefore necessary medical treatment together with self denial. At the first sign of a strong side effects, seek medical advice.

There is no easy and painless way to stop smoking. Smoking is a serious addiction, but we should not exaggerate the negative effects of. It will only reduce motivation and may lead to the abandonment of smoking cessation. Physical discomfort is usually terminated after 3 days of abstinence. Psychological dependence disappears only after several weeks.

Most people, who attempted to quit smoking, return to addiction because of psychological reasons. Physical symptoms may not be expressed in their case. The man is afraid, that his life will lose all joy. Lost ritual morning cigarette with coffee, I have to give up parties and meetings with friends, who smoke. people think, it would lead to an unhappy life until the end of days. Therefore, they decide, it is better to continue smoking. However, in reality, through 2-3 weeks after complete cessation of use of nicotine people will remember about their morning rituals, associated with cigarettes. This also applies to other areas, where smoking was used.

How not to gain weight in the process

figuring out, how to quit smoking, many people are faced with the fact of increasing the extra kilos. This is due to the replacement of cigarettes on candy, sweets and fatty foods. Overeating is strictly prohibited. It leads to negative consequences in the form of ill health and a set of extra kilos.Sweet

You can give yourself some slack in the first days after the refusal. If you want to eat greasy or too sweet food, you can do it. You can not just give up on two things. It will only worsen the state of health and reduce the motivation. However, after a week without cigarettes is necessary to revise your diet and completely take control. You must perform the following recommendations:

  • resort to a split meals, eating small meals 6 once a day;
  • to keep drinking regime, drinking at least 2 liters of clean drinking water per day;
  • take carbohydrates in the morning and afternoon, evening to focus on proteins and vegetables;
  • to include snacks in the form of nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit or fruit, dairy products;
  • abstain from alcohol first time, it increases the risk of resumption of the habit.

cleanse the body

Razbirayasy, how to quit smoking and improve the body, should be cleaned of tobacco poisons. You need to follow these guidelines:

  • daily drink 2 liters of liquid - clean drinking water, natural juices, green tea, kefir;
  • a solution of soda will help to relieve inflammation in the mouth - 1 ch.l. a glass of water;
  • sputum from the lungs can be derived, by adjusting the air norms - humidity from 50%, temperature of not more than 22 degrees Celsius.

The cleaner body, the easier it is to get rid of nicotine addiction.

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