Top 55 tips on child rearing

The appearance of the baby in the family means additional responsibility for spouses. For child care must be taken, educate, provide, be in love. Education of the child is responsible busy parents.Child education

General tips

Raising a child requires a responsible approach. there are nuances, without which you can spoil the child of life. To make childhood the most comfortable kid, you should follow these tips:

  1. Show love, regardless of character, appearance, behavior.
  2. It is not necessary to punish the child too harshly. The person may begin to lie about the failures. Fear of punishment entails secrecy, distrust.
  3. trust daze. He will not have a reason to start cheating. With respect to he trusts the parent will try to look better, to help, do good deeds.
  4. Respect for the scion of force have similar feelings towards the mother and father.
  5. You should not look down. It is better to squat, eye contact during a conversation. enhanced understanding.
  6. child hugging. show affection, iron on the head, on the back during sleep.
  7. It should allow to help parents. A child can offer help. If the baby is not objectively able to make the desired, help improve, necessarily praise for the passed stage.
  8. praise the child. Provided an additional incentive to try, achieve better successes. Receiving praise nice.
  9. Explain, for which he was praised. define, которые объясняют хорошее поведение – настойчивый, creative, hardworking, orderly.
  10. Finding error in the child's positive. Explain, how to do better next time, prevent the same mistakes.
  11. Divide related to actions offspring and to the child.
  12. Learn to speak with his mother and father, to share the, that annoying, what emotions experienced. We need to share childhood memories, fears, actions.
  13. Schooling in order to start in half a year, It will end in 6 years old. After a designated period of difficult to influence the habits.
  14. Provide assistance at the request of offspring. Support, help, spent on independent actions. explain, where parents really need help.
  15. Talk about their successes daze, failures, feelings, feelings about. He has to understand, that adults also make mistakes, feel uncomfortable. You can then ask, how things go at the child.
  16. In the conflict with strangers parent is obliged to take the side of his son. If the kid is really wrong, say privately, is not fielding a fool in front of others. It is important to dissatisfaction with the actions of his son, razocharovanii, there is no agreement.
  17. Learn to look at the process. It allows us to understand, how to do certain things. Knowledge of the painting process will help reveal the artistic talent, procedure for solving mathematical problems will lead to good grades in school. The child will be able to note, what do you like, annoying to do, feel the relationship between the process and the end result.
  18. Believe in child, show. Baby will be able to achieve success, if he knows, that the mother and father believe in him.
  19. You can not compare children. Particularly true for siblings. They must equally feel the love, to establish interpersonal relationships.
  20. If the second child in the family appears, we should not forget about the first. He needs care, love, attention. You can not push down on the junior senior.
  21. Interested in young, how to solve the issue in a relationship with an older. What excuse can give the senior in communication for an interesting group activities.
  22. To make a conditions, in which children can benefit. It helps to determine the talents, usefulness. Starting from an early age.
  23. Respect the personal space. Children have the right to personal belongings, to which the other must not touch, regardless of age.
  24. That the child to terminate, to tell, propose a replacement.
  25. If you can not completely restrict the actions of the child, allow to do with limitations.
  26. Do not force the son to perform an action, If a parent neglects, does the opposite.
  27. You can not use positive action as punishment. If, instead of the computer game to get my child to read, books will be hated, а компьютерная игра – запретным плодом.
  28. You need to teach your child to be responsible for their own actions, to choose, to make decisions.
  29. Advice on family issues. Preferences for lunch, where to go at the weekend, how to arrange the room.
  30. To convey to the children of the opportunity to change, affect their lives. If you are not satisfied with the state of affairs, him the strength to change.
  31. If a kid is hurt, angry at the parent, you need to apologize, say about love. The child will respect his mother and father, which are able to apologize. Relationships become sincere, close.
  32. If the child beginning to be rude, should be encouraged polite conversation, to discuss problems. Rude for no reason does not come from a child.
  33. be delicate, gentle. The opinion of the parents is important in early life. Kid absorbs prescription, It uses both attitudes, help in life, or vice versa.
  34. remind your child, that the mother and father loved him.Assistance in discovering the talents

Understanding from an early age

Education of the child begins with the earliest moments of life. It is necessary to understand the nature of. It is necessary to constantly monitor the baby's thought process, Watch his eyes on the world, to squat, look into the eyes. It is necessary to understand the significance of reactions to life's accidents. If the child cries when the new environment, understanding parents find out, that the offspring is trying to convey. He can talk about the excess of new lately, need a break. The ability to think on a par with the child will be on the same wavelength, know him better, trust your instincts in relationships.

One can not ignore the child. In infancy, the baby needs, to mom and dad were there, cared for, showed kindness, showed wisdom, force, help, understood. Parents - the first, the best teacher of life. first 3 , they are present in the baby's life. Mom and Dad have to be patient, helping, developing personality.

Intimate talk

Children can not be without further ado. We need to talk about what's happening to Chad, speak, what sensations tested. This is a manifestation of respect, help in getting acquainted with, the world for a baby. Must be reported to the offspring of the events, that will happen. If a parent is going to change a diaper, to report, that now will raise the child, will change diapers. It is necessary to wait for some time, allowing the child to respond, then spend action slowly. Since child will be relaxed, There are no surprises.

It is necessary to describe the action, explain. It helps develop an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Baby will be less afraid of the ordinary activities. You can not be honest about their feelings. Avoids misunderstandings, hysteric. Communication will be open, It is setting up a framework for the future of mutual understanding. If a child does wrong, must be reported.

Monitoring the activities, interests

Raising a child is successful, if you keep a diary. It is necessary to regularly record the action baby, allocate time for observation. Perform the procedure should unobtrusively. You can sit nearby, that was clearly visible, son heard. take the diary, take notes about what they saw. Over time, the collection of the behavior records, child's preferences will give a clear idea of ​​the personality.

Keeping a diary can help determine the pattern of behavior toddler. It is necessary to interpret the behavior of. You may notice new hobbies offspring, then to maintain the interest, development. Along with the age I am interested in, personal preferences, baby ability. Changes occur unpredictably. Writing down observations in a diary will help to anticipate future changes, find out why. It should be special attention paid to the toys, specify preferences regarding the types and use of, loneliness.

You can watch the movement of the child's home. He walks carefully and sensibly, clumsily knocking items. There may be children of your favorite room apartment, where there are attractive facilities. You must pay attention to your favorite food. During the observation should not interfere in the process. There is no need to correct the child.

Schooling to order and cleaning

Children can not be without accustom to order. It is necessary to train the house rules. We need to tell, that each item has a place, where it should be after using. So you can create a sense of order at home, You do not have to clean toys after playing.

Often children are satisfied with the house chaos. If things are not clean in places, It creates confusion. Children are well up to the task to arrange a mess at home. It is necessary to teach the right things clean. Some kids from nature cleanly, clean up after themselves. They play carefully and sensibly, do not throw toys. This can be taught, but do not limit the creative impulses and deprive pleasure from making. Required gently, but persistently to establish rules of order in the house and educate his son to clean toys. Установить правила – новые игрушки можно взять, as soon as the previous are in place.

Literature Reading aloud

By reading should be taught from an early age. In the future, the process will be literate, love books. the, how often parents read to your baby during the first period of life, It has an impact on future school readiness. It is often necessary to read the book aloud, until the child does not learn to do it yourself. The benefits of such an event for decades say the editors and organizations, whose specialty is the education of the child.reading aloud

Children, mother and father who have read the book aloud to the early years, begin to speak better and faster, Vocabulary, improve math skills. push, to increase the desire to learn to read offspring, parents need to present information with enthusiasm. The child will understand, that books are fun pastime, It will give them time.

Understanding the feelings and desires, Learning self-control

Raising a child tied to the perception of the world. Parents need help to understand their own emotions, learn to deal with them. You need to be sensitive to the feelings of. The more the mother and the father will give the time emotional education, the better the offspring will behave. This happens for a number of reasons:

  1. Parents, practicing such methods, respond to the children of emotions faster, than the rest. They feel the intensity, prevent severe emotional outbursts. Mom and Dad quickly react, child receives the necessary attention and calms.
  2. child aware of, that parents understand it, interested in his life and empathize. They believe in family relationships. Senseless act up to attract the attention of his father and mother.
  3. No need to blame the kid for the display of emotions. Created a quarrel, chicanery. Children are not punished for expressing their own emotions cry, wrath. Mother and father, properly implementing emotional education of the child, determine the limits of what is permitted. explain, what is acceptable, authorized. Offspring, knowing the rules and understand the consequences, It will behave better.
  4. In the case of this method, the emotional bond between mother and child is enhanced. The scion will better understand the requests. He sees them as the mother and father face, credible, empathy, joy, the desire not to disappoint.

Watching TV

Because of watching TV may have problems. Children should include restricting access to entertainment. Most programs contain scenes of violence. The child sees the accident, of murder, bombings, fight. They do not need to adopt similar methods of solving problems.

Watching TV can be hypnotic. Small children sit for hours in front of TV, looking at the screen. Viewing software goes by without thinking process, the presence of imagination, efforts. It is a passive activity. You can enable and useful tutorials, interesting children. Their content is controversial.

It is better to make browsing on the TV programs scheduled, within a reasonable. Movies should not be the main attraction for the children of. It is necessary to define the program, available for viewing. It is recommended to limit TV watching to a few hours daily. Psychologists recommends that selection, ask the child, what programs they want to see, assigning a few hours. The approach helps the child to develop a sense of responsibility and ability to plan.

Sending to sleep

Today's children are sleeping less, than peers. However, the fact remains unnoticed. It should follow, to spill the baby was awake in the morning. Lack of sleep can bring problems. Sleep affects the emotional stability offspring. On it depends the school performance.

Недосып – причина раннего ожирения, reduce the concentration of attention, giperaktivnosti, ungovernability and vspыlychivosti. Lack of sleep can lead to changes in the brain. Control is important during the growth period, puberty. Later, it is impossible to get rid of the changes with the help of extra sleep.

Praise for their actions

Children can not be without praise and encouragement. Praise is necessary for a job well done, return. toddlers, which encourages their senses, susceptible to failure, THEATER. They avoid the complexities and decision-making. If you can not make good, appears a panic, develop uncertainty. The results are worse. Praise for the mind can lead to fear finish the job. Children can not be defined with a specialty, to achieve success, lose motivation. It is necessary to praise for their actions.

Exclusion of penalties for personal qualities

Raising a child is not without punishment. Should be punished properly. Scold the kid need for the act or omission of action instead of personal qualities. If narugat for laziness, the baby will be confident laziness. The scion try to stop, change the situation. Your character is difficult to change, they are due to constant factors.

Scolded child is permitted for the acts or omissions. Criticism should be optimistic. If the child is scolded badly by, he is accustomed to the pessimistic outlook. It is necessary to mention the possibility of correcting, finding the optimistic side of wrong actions. The kid will try to perceive the world optimistically, learn from mistakes.Punishment

Cruel treatment, physical violence is strictly prohibited. Children adopt shown mother and father, will become cruel, neupravlyaemыmi.

Fighting with boredom

A child may get bored, when he engaged in business. If there, you need to change the scope of activities. It is necessary to exercise care. Child must understand, what to think, to be alone with his thoughts safely. Bored kid will think about next steps, actions. The idea would be a source of inspiration. Good fantasy originally laid. Children tend to invent, come up with new ways to entertain themselves. Develops creative thinking, awakens inspiration, teaches to generate new and unusual ideas, assisting in the development of the child as an interesting personality.

If the offspring complains of boredom, We can not solve the problem for him. It is necessary to encourage the child to create a hanging ideas. The method helps to learn how to make their own decisions.

Games and Entertainment

Raising a child is not without fun and games. Unlimited game allows you to learn how to monitor what is happening. He will no longer feel helpless. With the game kids learn to make their own decisions, solve problems, observe the laws. It helps in communicating with others, in finding obedience.

The school provides a different method. Children not allowed to make decisions. They should do, what they say. The more time a child spends in school, Adults should be guidelines, the lower the ability to self-control and the ability to coordinate life. Kids do not need a large amount of education. They need freedom, the opportunity to play in a safe atmosphere, explore the world. It is necessary to ensure access to toys offspring, interesting ideas, friends. The method helps to choose your own path in life.

Rebenok introvert

Not all children are active and noisy. Some are introverts, preferring peace and quiet. For them, being in school can result in torture. loudly, everywhere there are stimuli, outsider, which is necessary to conduct a conversation. Establishment limits the ability to be alone, to be alone, think. The child gets tired easily. He is forced to constantly stay in uncomfortable conditions. Must be answered by the board before class, process information, tolerate contact with uninteresting people, to move from topic to topic, working group. Teachers underestimate students, pointing to the absence of the ability to learn.

Feeling the pressure from society, child-introvert lost. The teacher will take it, as a lack of desire to learn. It is necessary to pay special attention to the sensations in school. Introverts should be given time to assimilate the material in a classroom. We need to talk with her son, to persuade him not to take to heart what is happening, cease to dwell on failures. Important home aright material, help the child in learning.

Development of willpower

Children can not be imagined without inoculation of willpower. You have to properly present information in order to train the child. It is important to talk about the future reward for action, than indicate the instant of deprivation. The scion is to think about the positive side of the manifestation of will. If a kid refuses to do homework, to talk about the upcoming Pride, the possibility to play with your friends, spend time.

Negotiations and discipline

In a relationship with a teenager is important to make contact. Negotiations help to learn about the child's life, With its pleasant and forming relationships within the family. Parents, whose rules strict, forcing teenagers to break them, and lie. In the family there is no understanding.

Do not let all teen. Fewer parents are lying, who follow the discipline of the house, but show understanding and listen to the opinion of the offspring. If they are asked to violate the rights of action, in an exceptional situation, you can allow it to make, but once. This will help your child feel no need of lies, learn to respect the established order. Cooperation leads to an increase in the authority of the mother and father, Communicating With Your Mate.Parenting a teenager

Love and borders

Children must be a balance between the two extremes. It is necessary to strike a balance between love and rigor, permitted and failures. This will help to bring an unspoiled child. At the beginning of the day you need to think about, what mother and father can teach a child today. Compare desire to teach my child with the objectives, persecuted in his upbringing. In the evening, you need to evaluate the contribution to the development of the child.

Eliminating care

Raising a child does not mean excessive care. No need for certainty about the happy mood offspring every minute. Good parenting means, that the offspring can independently solve problems, to cope with failures, learn from mistakes, to correct trouble.

If the limit and protect against problems, he will not be able to learn independence and responsibility, to overcome the difficult situation on their own. Take care of your child is forbidden. Must be allowed to fill their own cones, while errors are not critical. Excessive guardianship will lead to failure and lack of success in life, lack of independence.

Empathy and moral support

Children should be taught to think not only about themselves. At the forefront are put not only his feelings. You need to learn to respect other people's opinion, wishes and preferences. This applies to loved ones. It is necessary to instill the capacity for empathy. It will enable your child to look at the world from another person's position, It helps develop empathy, kindness, mutual respect and generosity. Man is disinterested and generous, It will be open to others.

financial liability

self-learning - an important task in the child's upbringing. In life, he will be able to rely on their own strength. It is necessary to teach his son to manage finances. Can not wait for money from their parents. It is necessary to reduce the amount of pocket money. It is necessary to accustom to making money on the fulfillment of desires. Raising a child should include awareness, понимание слова “нет”.

Weaning from selfishness

Children are selfish, хотят привлекать внимание. We need to explain, that can bring joy and happiness to others, giving. Kids do not realize, какую радость это может принести друзьям. Щедрые дети лучше идут на контакт с другими людьми. They are happier life, get the joy of giving. Лучшим способом сделать ребенка менее эгоистичным – вовлечь в волонтерство. There is no financial reward, grafted selflessness and learn to think about others. It is important not to overdo it. No need for altruism, a balance is needed.The generosity of the child

The ability to deny

It is not necessary all the time to meet the wishes of the child. This will teach, indulge in life, no one will. Parents should say "no" without guilt test. Children in the future will be grateful to a good education by the method. It allows you to understand the real state of things in the world.

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