Top 55 advice on combating hair loss

Today hair loss is a common problem. With it may face as men, and women. reasons, leading to this phenomenon, many. Most of them are treatable. It is important to notice the beginning of baldness and begin to fight with him. Hair moderate amount of fall out daily. However, if the process will accelerate, or stop the growth, hair thins. To avoid this, it is important to take action.

hair loss

The causes of hair loss

If your hair falls out in small quantities, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. Human tissues are periodically updated. Old cells die off. A similar process is happening with the hair. Occasionally they change to the new. Every day, the loss of tens of hair. Next to them or in their place appear new. However, sometimes the process becomes excessive scale. As a result, the locks are starting to thin out. Can develop bald spots. Merging, they are able to turn into a plot, which is completely devoid of hair.

The disease is called alopecia and baldness. Before, how to begin to deal with the problem, you need to find out the cause of the phenomenon. To trigger hair loss can the following factors:

  1. The presence of iron deficiency. This phenomenon can develop on the background of pathology, which cause of anemia, malnutrition or chronic blood loss. In this situation, the hair loss is accompanied by a decrease in body weight, General weakness and pallor.
  2. There is a malfunction of the immune system. This is possible in the presence of chronic infections or in a situation, when such a condition persists over a long period of time, the systematic overload and the postpartum period. All these conditions often lead to baldness.
  3. People living in adverse environmental conditions. If the region has strong wind, increased solar activity, too hot or cold air, the air is polluted with household chemicals, industrial poisons and toxins, this often becomes a cause of hair loss.
  4. Genetic predisposition. If parents suffered with baldness, do not expect, that the child will have great hair.
  5. People were exposed to some medicines and treatment methods. Alopecia causes the passage of chemotherapy, the use of some antibiotics, hormonal and psychotropic drugs.
  6. Man is often in a stressful situation. Hair loss can cause neurotic condition and experiences.
  7. There is a disturbance of microcirculation in the vessels of the scalp. Like are able to provoke an excessive use of coffee, excessive Smoking, and vascular disease. All of this leads to spasm of the capillaries. Cause problems can and degenerative diseases of the spine, where there is a violation of the innervation of the skin.
  8. Flowing pathological processes, which can cause metabolic vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  9. There is a natural aging process. The result is a set of changes, the consequence of which is the emergence of gray hair and hair loss.
  10. disease, becoming the cause hormonal disruptions. Such problems can arise from consumption of medication, containing hormones. Dysfunction of the pituitary gland, thyroid disease, also age-related changes and problems with the adrenal glands cause baldness.
  11. People improperly cared for hair. If too rarely to wash a head, use shampoos, which does not match the type of curls and use too aggressive detergents, this may have a negative impact on hair and cause baldness.
  12. Observed a prolonged increase in body temperature. Especially clearly noticeable, if it is higher 38 degrees.

existing types of

The life of one hair is about 3-5 years old. Then he falls, giving place to new. One of the follicle in the course of man's life grows 25-30 hair rods. If the day falls 50-100 hair, this is considered normal. However, if the figure is significantly exceeded, probably, observed pathological hair loss. The problem requires treatment. Today there are several varieties of alopecia. The list includes:

  1. Diffuse. From the disease usually affects women. Hair loss occurs evenly over the whole surface of the scalp. Usually such a phenomenon lead to hormonal changes, chronic infection and inflammation, thyroid disease and skin disease. Sometimes the list is complementary to the androgenic factor. Problem requires ongoing treatment. In that situation there is a risk to aggravate the problem of irreversibility.
  2. Androgenetic. A type of alopecia is common in men. The disease is transmitted by inheritance. A side effect of the breakdown of testosterone supports the allocation and DHT. Hair loss occurs ahead of time. Most hair falls out in the fronto-parietal area. First of all, an adverse affect the first line of hair growth and hairs, located on the top. Treatment should be aimed at maintaining and strengthening the hair in the problem area. Additionally, it may be transplanted.
  3. Scar. The pathology is quite rare. She logged just 3% cases. The essence of scarring alopecia consists in, what is inflammation of the hair follicle. The result is scar tissue. A similar phenomenon can provoke infectious, cutaneous and some other diseases. A similar phenomenon is observed in the presence of scars, and burns of different origin.
  4. Total. This is the last stage of alopecia. When the disease, there is complete loss of hair on the head. The pathology supports universal alopecia. In this case, the person loses all body hair. Pathology exposed to as children, and adults. Total alopecia usually begins with sudden and severe hair loss. Complete baldness occurs in 2-3 of the month.

Diagnostic measures

Before, how to start treatment, you must determine the cause, triggered the hair loss. Action can only carry out professional. You need to contact a trichologist. This doctor, which specializiruetsya on the diseases of the hair and scalp. Additionally, you may need to consult an endocrinologist, gynecologist and oncologist. At the time of diagnosis the patient will undergo the following examinations:

  1. Inspection and survey. The action is taken to, to determine probable cause from the perspective of the patient.
  2. Blood test. The biomaterial should provide for the conduct of clinical, biochemical and serological studies. This will allow you to figure out the current condition of immunity, also, find out the presence of a number of specific infections, able to trigger baldness.
  3. Consultation of the endocrinologist. Then we will examine the level of hormones of the thyroid and other glands.
  4. Hair is taken on trial.
  5. Performed microscopy and spectral analysis. Research exposed the root and stem portion of the hair. In some cases, to provoke loss of is capable and fungal diseases. They are called ringworm.
  6. Only after, as the cause clarified, can be assigned to an adequate treatment.

Recovery ear medicines

How to deal with the problem?

If a person worried about hair loss, seek medical advice. In addition, you should take the following measures:

  1. To exclude the presence of diseases, which are able to provoke a sharp loss.
  2. need to sleep. The duration of sleep should be 7-8 hours. In some cases you need to give the process more time.
  3. Do not forget about physical activity. It should be enough. Additional recommended walks in the fresh air.
  4. You should minimize the number of stressful situations. In a state of peace and moral comfort is improved health.
  5. Need to review food. It must be balanced. Care should be taken, to the body receives all the necessary substances. It is useful to start taking vitamin complexes.
  6. It is recommended to include in the diet fish oil, flax seeds and Flaxseed oil.

Changing eating

If you are experiencing hair loss, you first need to review the food. The diet should include:

  • pulse;
  • hen;
  • a fish;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetarian food;
  • olive and butter;
  • cereals.

Thus from fatty, yogurt, roasted, sharp and other products, contain preservatives, necessary to give. Fall under the prohibition of alcohol, coffee, soda and sweets in large quantities. The diet should be sufficient amount of protein. Its weight is calculated according to the formula 1,5 multiply the weight of a man.

A large amount of protein contained in cottage cheese, fish, eggs, chicken and Turkey. Should consume chicken breast. Is a leader in protein. All other products contain slightly less of this substance. The diet should be varied. Need to constantly change the dishes, without repeating.

You can not go on a strict diet or to starve. Such actions provoke hair loss. This is due to the fact, as a result of the reduction of nutrition the body receives the necessary vitamins, as well as micro and macro. Don't forget about fats. They are required by the body for normal functioning. Their number is calculated, on the basis of the following formula 1 g multiply by current weight. Fats are found in:

  • oils;
  • seeds;
  • nuts.

If fat in the diet less 40 g, this will trigger hair loss. That is to monitor the value of the index. Besides, menstruation may disappear. The diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits according to the season. At each meal you need to eat at least one fruit or vegetable, which is 150-200 g. To stop hair loss, it is recommended to eat legumes, cereals, walnuts. In the night you need to drink order 2 liters of water. You can eat half a dozen oysters.

The mask from falling out

If a person occurs hair loss, you can try to fight the process by using natural remedies. Positive feedback deserved Daisy, nettle. High efficiency also has castor oil. To strengthen the curls, you can resort to the help of the following recipes:

  1. To use onion juice. It has a stimulating effect on blood circulation. The product is used for rubbing into the skin of the head. Additionally, you can use a decoction of onion peel. They need to rinse hair. The recipe helps to strengthen curls.
  2. To resort to using henna. It is a natural dye. While it has restorative properties. To achieve the best result, is to mix the substance with mustard oil.
  3. To use castor oil. It can be used as the mask itself. The substance recommends the use of, if there is dandruff and heavy hair loss.
  4. If you do the mask of oil of rosemary, this will have a revitalizing effect on the hair. They will be more shiny. If you are experiencing hair loss, I should add the rosemary almond butter. At the same time observed the proportion of one to two.
  5. To make masks of burdock oil. The substance has restorative properties.
  6. To restore your hair's beauty and Shine, you can use coconut oil. The substance has a strengthening effect on the root system.

Len, oil and fish oil against hair loss

It is very important to eat fish in sufficient quantity. However, it is now grown in special pools, and not in the sea. As a result, the content of a substance omega 3 significantly reduced. It may be completely absent. However, people need it. To compensate for the deficiency, it is recommended to consume fish oil or Flaxseed oil.

The first substance may be a liquid or contained in capsules. Both species are the pros and cons. Fish oil capsules are much easier to use. It has no smell. However, the dosage of such substances is very small, and the cost is much higher. This is due to the fact, that stuff is very popular and is easy to use. Fish oil in liquid form to drink harder. It has a specific aroma. Not to be mistaken, have to use a scoop. A day must be taken 2 grams fish oil. Is half a teaspoon. However, the use of substances should be combined with the use of other vitamin complexes. In one situation there is a risk of overabundance of vitamins A and E.

Flax seed is another assistant beauty. It can be used in different ways. Some people take milled grain plants or brew it in boiling water, then insist. The choice of method depends on the convenience of a particular person. However, experts recommend taking the flax in the shake. He has good taste. It is recommended to drink in the morning. To prepare the cocktail, linen, you need to take the following ingredients:

  • 150 ml kefir;
  • 20 g of sunflower seeds;
  • a teaspoon of flax;
  • a tablespoon of wheat or rye bran.

To prepare the cocktail, you can use treated seeds. They should not be fried. All of the above ingredients must be mixed, then season with a little salt. The resulting mass is eaten with a teaspoon. Instead of flax seeds, you can use the oil. A day is recommended to drink one tablespoon.

Drugs for hair restoration

Vitamins to prevent hair loss

To help combat the problem of able vitamins for hair from falling out. You must use the useful minerals, able to saturate the body with zinc, calcium and pyridoxine. The first substance has a firming effect. If there is a strong loss, able to help folic acid. Intake of beneficial amino acids will give hair Shine. This reduces the risk of baldness. Hair becomes less brittle.

In the diet to include foods, contains vitamins a. Additionally, you can use the ingredient of vitamin complex. They help to restore the structure of hair. An additional effect is to accelerate the growth of tresses. For the condition of the skin and curls answer B vitamins. They normalize blood circulation and improve functioning of the sebaceous glands. A woman can make a mask of vitamin E, A and B. They are sold in ampoules.

Massage against hair loss

By itself, massage is not a panacea. However, this is a great remedy against hair loss. Massage can be performed during rubbing of medicines and homemade masks. This will help to improve the penetration of substances. In addition, you should perform the procedure, which will help to strengthen the follicles, to improve circulation and improve skin tone. Today there are several types of massage. You can apply the following technique:

  1. Classic manual. Consists of rubbing and stroking the scalp. The action is performed using the fingertips. The duration of the massage can reach up to 10 minutes.
  2. With the use of massage rollers and laser combs. The device will be able to buy in specialized stores. Massagers can vary considerably. Different forms and types of product, as well as the time of impact with them. Usually the rules of application of the massager is specified in the instructions.
  3. Using classic brush. The process is allowed to combine with aromamassage. To do this, apply a few drops of rosemary essential oil on the brush, and then intensively comb the hair and the surface of the head. While strictly forbidden the use of brushes, which have pointy tips. Otherwise, the procedure may cause discomfort or even cause microtrauma.

Massage against hair loss can be done at any time of the day. However, specialists recommend to carry out the procedure after waking up or before going to bed. Performing manual techniques, it is recommended to provide increased accuracy. Need to take care not to cause injury to the skin. The rule is especially true, if a woman has long nails. In the case of increasing of body temperature, the presence of fungal and purulent diseases, wounds and abrasions, to perform the procedure is not. In all other cases, massage can benefit.

massage against hair loss

The use of drugs against hair loss

Today the pharmacists are trying to create a universal tool, which will allow you to stop hair loss. Certain success is achieved. Today there are tools, which not only prevent hair loss, but restore the lost hair. Manufacturers intend to purchase:

  1. Propecia. This drug, which is able to regulate hormones. It affects the activity of dihydrotestosterone, suppressing it. Drugs used to treat baldness in men. There is a risk of side effects. For this reason, the drug is sold only after prior consultation of a specialist. The drug can lead to suppression of sexual possibilities.
  2. Minoxidil. Is a hormone in an ointment base. It has a therapeutic effect, if you are experiencing hair loss. Drugs dispensed without a prescription. It is produced in the form of ointments. The concentration of the basic substance can be 2% and 5%. The product should be rubbed into the scalp. It is used to treat problems in men, and women. To notice a positive effect after a few months after the start of treatment.
  3. spironolactone. It is a diuretic. It is able to stop hair loss during climate change. The receiving means is executed in the pipes under the supervision of a physician. If the patient has not reached the age of onset of menopause, the drug is absolutely contraindicated. The positive effect becomes noticeable a few weeks after you start taking.
  4. Cimetidine. It is a blocker of histamine receptors. Tools used, if there is a peptic ulcer and inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract. Medications used for hair loss.
  5. If the problem faced woman of reproductive age, and it may be assigned the administration of oral contraceptives. If the cause of hair loss is the presence of ovarian hormone deficiency, running hormone replacement therapy. With a similar condition experienced by women in post-menopausal stages or at a younger age. It often develops in the presence of pathology of the ovaries or surgical removal. In this case, preformed preparations of Femoston. Can be assigned to funds, Angelique. The dose and scheme of application is determined by a physician.

The above tools can have a positive effect, if it is made an adequate assessment of the patient and identified a specific cause, provokes hair loss.. So taking medications is only recommended after prior consultation with a specialist. Only they can say, why hair falls out.

The receding hairline

Transplantation and implantation

Together with the use of standard methods of treatment, was used surgical hair transplantation. Today there are several options for surgical intervention. Can be performed transplantation or implantation. If the first procedure, performed transplantation of patient's own hair. At the same time, there are two main groups of transplantation - a silent method or patchwork skin grafting.. In the second situation is performed surgically extracting healthy hair follicles and are transplanted to the desired area.

Implantation is the implantation of artificial materials. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages. To resort to procedure not everyone can. This will require large investments. If you transplant hair loss, the consent to act should not only give the patient, but the doctor. Both methods of transplantation require special care.

Top 7 useful tips for dealing with hair loss

If the hair loss did not start due to a serious disease, to stop the process you can easily. For this you need to follow some rules. The list includes the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to keep the hair in extended condition. Weave a tight braid, tails and other methods of bonding have a negative impact on the strength of the hair.
  2. It is not necessary to overheat the hair or overdry them. Prolonged hypothermia also do harm.
  3. It is necessary to minimize chemical and thermal methods of processing of curls. From coloring, use Curling irons or hair dryer, you must give up at least until you resolve the problem.
  4. You need to enlist the help of specialized shampoos. Their composition should include ingredients, which contribute to improved nutrition of the hair roots and strengthen. Useful to use combs with rare teeth. It is better, they were wooden. Plastic materials are also acceptable. However, the use of metal items of hair care products is better to refuse.
  5. It is necessary to make massage of the hair of the head. Impact have to perform regularly. The procedure is best left to a professional. Additionally you can learn self-massage.
  6. Alcohol and Smoking have a negative impact on traffic, the roots of the hair.
  7. You must resort to diet. You need to give preference to the way of eating, which involve the use of products, contains large amounts of vitamins. The starchy and sweet food is better to restrict. Overeating is strictly prohibited.

All the above measures can be used to prevent. If hair loss is already observed, it is recommended to wash your hair not more than twice a week. It is recommended to visit a specialist. First you will need to find a suitable shampoo. It must match the existing type of hair. It is recommended to apply the shampoo, which include extracts of burdock, chamomile and nettle. It is better to use home-made broth.

You need to use a small amount of shampoo while washing. In the process of its deposition is performed twice. The number of times is not recommended. During the first procedure is to apply the shampoo and leave it on 40-60 seconds on the hair, and then rinse. After that, as the action is performed, apply the next piece of foam. This time it is necessary to leave on 3-4 minutes. You then carefully rinse with warm water. It should be clean. Better to give preference to fluid flow. Use hot or cold water is contraindicated. Carrying out shampooing, don't scratch the skin with nails. It is recommended to massage with fingertips.

Folk remedies to combat baldness

When there is a significant result?

Treatment of hair loss, people want to notice the result as soon as possible. In practice, however, the restoration of lost hair is a quite lengthy procedure. If assigned to the correct complex therapy, which will have a positive effect, first bloom on the hairline becomes noticeable after two to three weeks of treatment. It is quite short and barely breaks. Initially, the hair looks like a Fluff of dandelion. They will not succumb to styling. The hair will become clearly visible after three to four months. They will break into the temples and across the head. Collecting the curls in the tail, people will notice, that hair was lush.

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