Top 55 Tips on preparing for childbirth

Childbirth is a serious burden on the woman's body. It must be mentally and physically ready. For, to prepare for childbirth, you must get rid of the fear and prejudice, to engage in a special exercise.Prepare for childbirth

Psychological preparation

Genera process are serious, which can be a real challenge physically and morally. If a woman fails to properly tune, physical exercise will not help. Especially difficult is the first pregnancy. Woman facing the psychological discomfort in the soil becoming a mother for the first time. There are several manifestations:

  1. emotional instability. First of all, it appears due to changes in hormonal background of women.
  2. Changing values. Pregnancy caused great physical changes, but they are easier to see and understand, what psychological processes. The woman changed the value of the new status and future responsibility for the unborn child.
  3. Fear and uncertainty about a woman. Before directly childbirth many expectant mothers are faced with obsessive fears and phobias. Fear of pain during childbirth, with which it is impossible to cope. The situation could spiral out of control. Fears of a woman on the incompetence of doctors, their own lack of knowledge about proper care for newborns. Fear can be a lot.

Anxiety often unfounded, as the woman winds like strangers phobias. There are opposite cases. To maintain psychological balance should soberly assess yourself and opportunities. It is necessary to clearly highlight the real causes for concern. Therefore, women need to prepare in advance for childbirth. Quite a lot has been written about, it is difficult to endure the pain. The experience of others can scare a woman and destroy all hope for light delivery. It is fear that is the main cause of severe pain. This is due to:

  • Fear has a detrimental effect on the organs, who participate in the process of childbirth;
  • subjected to violations of muscle function;
  • there is blood circulation deterioration in women;
  • Fear is the cause of undue stress in the body.

It is therefore necessary to maintain calm and to stop panic. Otherwise childbirth process may be disrupted. Stiffness women will lead to a natural reaction of the body – pain. So how exactly it should be avoided, it is recommended to relax and focus on the breath.

How to prepare for childbirth?

To prepare for childbirth, first of all you need to set yourself up mentally. After learning about her family way, a woman needs to make a decision on whether or not the child's birth. If it is positive, labor will be inevitable with a few exceptions. We need to realize, that regardless of fear, difficulty or pain, births still happen. Once a woman has to put up with this fact,, it is important to begin to tune in to a good outcome. As a psychological exercise for proper disposition can be used several ways.

Group lessons

A good way to prepare for childbirth are psychologically group lessons. In family planning centers, you can find training courses for childbirth. It is a way to have a good time with benefits. During the course a woman can get all the necessary information, get rid of the prejudices about pregnancy and childbirth, which often lead to unfounded fears.

Courses must be selected taking into account pregnancy, individual preferences. They may be aimed at the transfer of information on natural childbirth, the child's birth at home, in water and other. It is better to visit them with a partner, as the aspects of pregnancy will be covered during the course of any of the species, psychological features of birth, care for newborns. You can learn the necessary knowledge and practical skills for both partners. You need to select courses, which give practical knowledge, physical training in addition to basic theory.Courses for pregnant women

special literature

Reading literature helps to prepare for childbirth, to obtain all necessary information and practice in accordance with written. In bookstores, a woman can find many works on the theme of the peculiarities of pregnancy and psychological preparation for the birth of the baby. You can find articles and books on the internet. We must carefully choose the topic that interests. Study literature is necessary for both the expectant parents.

Passage autotraining

Auditory training allows you to make and prepare for childbirth. The aim should be a woman giving birth to a healthy baby. It will inspire and motivate throughout pregnancy. In modern psychology, many of the techniques used, which will help to concentrate or relax, release tension. If a woman can not choose their own, you can see a specialist and follow his advice.


Optimistic attitude plays an important role in preparing for childbirth. To get rid of panic disorder will help your favorite music, Movies, Frequent walks in the fresh air. Woman should not throw your favorite hobbies, they help to keep positive thoughts. It must be remembered, that childbirth are dangerous, but most runs smoothly and without complications. It is important to keep this positive attitude. Prejudices and opinions of others, had problems during childbirth, to ignore the. It is better to listen to the, that the Council and the doctors say.

The study of information

Prepare for childbirth will study all the information about the process. First of all it should be a medical physiological aspects. A woman will be more prepared for the unexpected, if well studied basic knowledge of childbirth. Awareness is essential for positive attitude, getting rid of prejudices. It is important to understand, that the processes in the form of labor and pain are natural and do not mean the bad end. Pain will be better perceived by the body and transported, If the expectant mother is ready to advance to this.

Physical training

Pregnancy is a major burden on the woman's body. Therefore, during the, before and after it is necessary to keep in shape and in good condition. Physical preparation for childbirth is a complex of measures, which includes active exercises, massage and breathing exercises.

Movement and mobility

Prepare for childbirth physically help sports. Future mothers should be aware of the negative impact on the health of sedentary lifestyles. It is important to frequently go out for some fresh air, move a lot with no problems, longer walk on foot. However, the woman should not peretruzhdaetsya, because during pregnancy should take frequent breaks, alternating with exercise.

Such a council would give the doctor at the first consultation. Movement is necessary for the proper course of pregnancy. You can also include exercises on the ball and dancing. Good effect on the body has a yoga for pregnant women and aerobics in the pool. This will improve the general condition, communicate with other pregnant women, having the opportunity to discuss the pressing issues and questions.

Always be in a horizontal position is prohibited. Without the lack of proper load muscle atrophy, ligaments lose their elasticity. In this case, the breath and moral preparation will not help women avoid surgery. It is not necessary to be lazy, even if it is difficult to move. Physically, you must prepare for childbirth. If women do not want to keep walking, you can go to the street only for a breath of fresh air. Instead of walking you can practice dancing at home. Especially important are the movement of the hips. The list includes useful:

  • circular movement of the pelvis;
  • moving the hips back and forth and from side to side;
  • drawing numbers 8 hips.

Practice these movements will help the pelvic bones during the birth is better to separate.

Influence of active lifestyle

An active lifestyle during the childbearing has a positive effect on the female body. The list includes:

  • women improved immunity;
  • the child in the womb favorable development;
  • respiratory system strengthening;
  • runningaway addiction to physical stress on the body as a whole;
  • reduce the potential for complications during childbirth;
  • faster recovery after childbirth.

During labor, many obstetricians are allowed to move freely, on their own. It is possible to take a comfortable position and the woman to move her hips, helping the child to be born. Delivery to be more easily, prepare for childbirth physically necessary.

special exercises

Physical exercise should be chosen in accordance with the age and maturity of the pregnant woman, should take into account the different physical characteristics and medical records. It is better to engage in a group, since coaches can offer expert advice and fix errors. If a woman is actively involved in sports before pregnancy, on doctor's permission, you can continue to maintain the usual mode. However, it should slightly reduce the load in accordance with the state. If you have not been exercising, or visit the hall, the woman should start with simple sets of exercises, gradually increasing the load.

Prepare for childbirth can help special exercises for pregnant women. It is beneficial to the state of the body and the flow of birth. The list includes:

  • respiratory system strengthening, Cardiovascular women;
  • a beneficial effect on fetal development;
  • expectant mother enhancing immunity;
  • facilitate adaptation to physical stress;
  • decrease the possibility of complications during childbirth;
  • accelerating the recovery of women in the postpartum period.

You can visit a family planning center for, to identify a set of exercises to prepare for childbirth. They help to strengthen the muscles, who are directly involved in the process of giving birth. It supports the general tone of the woman's body and regulated breathing. However, employment should be regular, otherwise they can not profit did not meet expectations. Beneficial to swimming lessons in the pool or in the waters. This allows you to use all the muscles, improve endurance and strength of the body. Prepare for childbirth can be, Taking a water aerobics for pregnant women. Exercise affects the stretch, regulation of breath, muscle strengthening. Water helps to relax. Swimming is a workout with a relaxing effect. During labor will help to better relax.

Massage before delivery

Help prepare for childbirth massage. The procedure has beneficial effects on the organism as a whole. Offers special courses of massage for expectant mothers, during which specialized couches used. You can do a standard massage table. In this case, in the first trimester, you can lie on your stomach, during the second and third on the side or in a sitting position. Movement during the massage for pregnant smoother, no strong pressing and proactive, excluded massage the abdominal area.

This is a pleasant and useful procedure, to help women reduce discomfort, relieve the tension from the muscles and heavy legs, relieve the pain in the lumbar region, remove edema, improve the blood circulation in the body, provide a better supply of oxygen to the fetus and to improve mood. However, to massage have a beneficial effect, you need to relax. This is one of the best ways to relax and rest during pregnancy.

Not necessarily to attend massage in the salon. You can learn special techniques alone. Possible to carry out a massage at home. It should be soft, smooth. Midwives during labor may allow light massaging action of the lumbar spine to relieve pain.Massage for pregnant women

Breathing exercises

Help prepare for childbirth breathing exercises. It plays an important role during pregnancy, It is one of the key pledges of the child health and reduce morbidity birth. Many expectant mothers during the second and third trimester complain of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. They do not have enough oxygen. This is due to changes in physiology, as well as increasing the amount of oxygen necessary for a child to them. therefore, to prepare for childbirth, it is important to use breathing exercises, that will help:

  • calm down, reduce anxiety, relax;
  • reduce morning sickness;
  • improve the blood circulation in the body of a woman;
  • reduce the risk of spontaneous abortion;
  • improve oxygen supply to the fetus;
  • deliver us from breathing problems.

There are two sets of breathing exercises. First performed during exercise, the latter is used in the quiescent state. Some can be performed in both positions. To increase the effect of respiratory training, you need to include relaxing music, to create the necessary atmosphere. Important is the regularity of classes.

Breathing exercises will help in fights and vain attempts. During these processes, the breath is very important. The woman requested to train by special techniques, which will later help to focus on childbirth and reduce pain. Breathing techniques you can learn yourself at home. However, you must observe the following rules:

  • sessions should be regular;
  • should start doing exercises on 20 week of pregnancy;
  • necessary to use several different methods to improve results.

Regular performance of breathing exercises help to cope with heartburn, improve muscle tone in women. During the process of childbirth proper breathing will prevent rupture of the perineum and prescription of medicines, which often harm the expectant mother and her baby.

Basic breathing exercises

Help prepare for childbirth basic breathing techniques. The list includes:

  1. breast breath. You must place your hands on the edges, carry out a deep breath through your nose, exhale slowly any method.
  2. diaphragmatic breathing. Hand should be placed on the chest, second on his stomach. This will help to improve control. A deep breath should be carried out within 3 seconds, it must be combined with sliding the diaphragm. This is indicated by bulging of the abdomen. Exhale through your mouth for 5 seconds. Between cycles must be a pause, enough 2 in a first step.
  3. rhythmic breathing. The scheme represents 5 second breath, break the 3 seconds, 5 seconds and exhale 3 second pause. The cycle repeated several times.
  4. Dog breath. It is necessary to stand on all fours, rhythmic breathing through the mouth, and the language should be sticking out. This technique is good for fights.

It must be remembered, breathing exercises that are intense exercise. It occurs massage internal organs, changing pressure indicators, improves blood circulation. To prepare for the birth, and do not hurt yourself, a woman needs to be attentive to their own feelings. In the case of vertigo, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms should stop exercise, then reduce the intensity.Breathing exercises

Breathing during pregnancy

To properly prepare for childbirth, you must master the breathing exercises before the child's birth. The earlier start training, the better the result will be. Daily exercises help to improve the ownership of the various techniques and apply them without any problems during labor. They will help reduce pain during childbirth. Before, start breathing exercises, You need to take a comfortable position. To include a relaxing melody on the background, to an expectant mother and baby feel comfortable. It is necessary to visualize the flow of oxygen to the mother and child.

To prepare for childbirth, during pregnancy is necessary to practice the following techniques:

  1. Inhales through the nose, exhale through the mouth. You must exhale in a relaxed state, slightly pulling his lips and attempting abdominal breathing.
  2. 3 second breath and 5 second breath. Gradually intervals should be increased. With each new cycle is added 1-2 seconds.
  3. by breathing like a dog through the nose or mouth.
  4. rhythmic breathing. 5 second breath, 3 second pause, 5 second output, 3 second pause. Repeat several times is necessary.

When the remaining time before the expected birth 6 weeks, You need to increase the burden on training. They should be daily 30 minutes. Worth doing breathing exercises in different positions, alternate techniques. The body has to get used to remain calm during breathing. Transfer the battle and attempts will be easier. If you get unpleasant symptoms, necessary to reduce the intensity and for a time not to engage in breathing exercises.

Respiratory preparation for struggles

Immediately after the onset of labor is necessary to start to breathe correctly. breath calm, should take place on the basis of 3 second breaths through your nose and 5 second exhaling through the mouth. Gradually increase the intervals must. As soon as the woman feels, that fights frequent and occur every half-minute, you need to start breathing through a dog's method is to stick out your tongue and make rhythmic breath. Frequent fights denotes approaching childbirth.

If such a method is not suitable for future mothers, You can use the following methods:

  • accelerated breathing by inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth;
  • rhythmic breathing through the mouth, Based on the open mouth with the sound "A" during inspiration and narrowing of the lips with the sound of "O" during exhalation;
  • slow breathing through the nose or mouth.

It is important to monitor the state of health. Rapid breathing provokes vertigo. Mild form symptoms can help to relax, but with a strong syndrome condition may get worse.

Breathing during attempts

During attempts need to assist the child in the birth of. They occur after clashes. At this stage, particular attention should be paid to the technique of respiratory arrest. Process control carries out a midwife. From new mothers need to correct breathing:

  • hold the breath air with the highest margin;
  • only need to push after specifying specialist, otherwise suffocate the baby can;
  • inhale, slowly, quietly.

For the process of training is especially important during pregnancy. With this stand attempts much easier. usually enough 2-7 every order, that the child was born. You must endure a period.

Nutrition before birth

We need to prepare for childbirth and through proper nutrition. In just a few weeks before the childbirth process is necessary to reduce the amount of food consumed. Should be excluded from the diet of meat dishes. They impair the elasticity of the tissues. You must go to the vegetarian food and cereals. Salad with olive oil dressing is required to eat on a daily basis. Useful several times a week to eat a dish of lean fish. However, it should be baked or steamed, fry prohibited.

It is necessary to maintain the water balance in the body. From drinks should give preference to safe drinking water, herbal teas, compote of dried fruits. Brewed rose hips help from edema. It is necessary to drink a glass of liquid for half an hour before meals and one hour after meal. It is necessary to reduce the salt and sweet food consumption. Light delivery is possible only under sufficient fluid intake of. Swelling will also help to remove the increase in exercise. Fluid restriction is prohibited.Drinking regime

To properly prepare for childbirth, you must follow the rules of supply:

  • eliminate fried, too greasy, high-calorie food, semi-finished products and meats;
  • to include in the daily diet of vegetable oil, preferably olive, increase fiber receipt, omega-3, which comes into contact with fish;
  • feed 4-6 times a day in small portions;
  • when before delivery month will need to increase the concentration of fruit and vegetables, green, dairy products and dried fruits in the diet.

What to bring?

To properly prepare for childbirth, necessary to foresee many things. During the process of childbirth, before and after it will need a lot of little things. Therefore, to prepare for being in the hospital need to advance. This will help to ensure maximum comfort and no shortage of essentials things. It is better to put it all in advance, that at the time of taking a trip to confine the collected bags. It should be a pre-contract with the maternity hospital, learn about allowed and forbidden things, as the list depends on the characteristics of the institution. The most convenient way to collect all the necessary things in a big bag. This eliminates the risk of forgetting a necessary and facilitate the movement of.

Required documents

Start preparing for childbirth need to collect documents. The list must be enabled:

  • identification;
  • insurance;
  • to exchange the card;
  • of birth certificate;
  • money.


Of personal belongings to be collected:

  • mobile phone and charging him;
  • bandages for compression, which is especially important for pregnant women, suffering from varicose veins;
  • slippers for visiting the soul and comfortable slippers to move through the maternity hospital;
  • bra for breastfeeding;
  • underwear and a few pairs of socks replacement;
  • bathrobe;
  • cosmetic bag with the usual set of decorative cosmetics and skin care products;
  • hairbrush and rubber bands;
  • bath accessories and towels;
  • disposable tableware;
  • clean drinking water without gas.

Means for hygiene

It is necessary to collect personal hygiene. The list includes:

  • gaskets, used before delivery;
  • diaper for single use;
  • gaskets, used after childbirth;
  • disposable panties for;
  • inserting a gel brassiere for single use;
  • wet wipes for face, hands, intimate places;
  • healing cream, help against skin cracks.

newborn baby

It is necessary to collect a separate bag unborn child. The list includes the necessary things:

  • diapers 2 types – 0 sized for newborns and 1 more;
  • diaper for single use;
  • flannel diapers or items of clothing – jumpsuits, Underwear, cap, knitted blouses;
  • towels;
  • Gel for washing, designed for children;
  • baby powder for diaper;
  • wet wipes, designed for children;
  • teats and feeding bottles;
  • outerwear for discharge.What to bring to the hospital

Action plan

Help prepare for childbirth preparation of an action plan. This will facilitate the process of, prevent anxiety and bustle.

The emergence of fights

As soon as the fight, you must make sure that they are true. To do this, compare the three consecutive fights, two gaps. If they are true, intervals identical and do not last more 10 minutes. Otherwise, painless and given the absence of other troubles, you can stay at home under the supervision of, follow the subsequent changes in the body. You can continue the rhythm of life. Breathe during labor need relaxed quietly.

First thing, to prepare for childbirth, to check documents. Must be in possession of an identity card and a copy, insurance and a copy, to exchange the card, generic certificate, contract with the maternity hospital. The next step is to check things collected. You must be present:

  • the necessary things for a woman, including drinking water, chapstick in the beautician, wet wipes, a change of clothes and a bathrobe, slippers.;
  • items for husband, including slippers, removable underwear, medical gown.

If contractions become regular at intervals in 10 minutes, must:

  • call leading pregnancy doctor;
  • call an ambulance;
  • announce the beginning of birth or mother's husband, it is better to write the number on speed dial.

To get to the hospital can be paramedics or by own transport. Since the onset of labor is necessary not to take food or liquid, finding the limit on the solid surface. You need to breathe quietly, do not limit yourself. allowed to go, rest in a horizontal position, sit. If the hospital to get by car, new mother should stay in the back seat lying on the side.

waste water treatment

As soon as the water broke, must:

  • call leading pregnancy doctor;
  • call an ambulance, husband or mother.

Regardless of, went into labor or not, to the hospital, you can go to the emergency room or your own car. You must use a sanitary napkin to discharge. Before the arrival of paramedics is better to remain in a horizontal position on the side, refuse food and drink. Severe pain in the abdomen, headache, nausea, discharge of blood from the perineum and the deterioration of health indicators are urgent hospitalization to travel to the hospital and. Be sure to call an ambulance.

Admissions Office and Chamber

As soon as the expectant mother was in the emergency room, the first step is to call the leading pregnancy doctor. Behind stands:

  • Change clothes and shoes;
  • take the necessary documents, It includes insurance, identity cards and certificates;
  • go inside without waiting.

Helping women prepare for childbirth, staff will provide the following services:

  1. midwife. She fills the map, measure pressure indicators, Temperature and Heartbeat, Measure the height and weigh, asked to sign an agreement on hospital and call a doctor.
  2. Doctor. He will examine on the couch, convinced of the presence of a child's heart, make ultrasound examination as needed.
  3. After manipulation of the midwife will take a blood sample, women shave intimate zone, do enema and holds to the restroom, in shower, shall lead to the maternity ward.

Directly in the House made a record CT, during which can be horizontal or sit on the ball. The doctor examines the second time. When, if the movement is not imposed a ban, you can walk through a dedicated ward, look for the most comfortable position. Otherwise it is necessary to remain in a horizontal position on its side.

Actions during childbirth

When, if painful contractions, you must choose the most comfortable position. New mother should relax, use breathing techniques for pain relief. needs massage. During the intervals between contractions need to rest and even breathing. You can ask your doctor about medical help to get rid of pain.

If you have any desire to push you need to call a doctor. To prevent early action is necessary to use a breath like a dog. If allowed to stand, We need to give preference to the vertical position. Otherwise remain in a horizontal position on its side, slightly up on one elbow. Legs should be bent. It is necessary to relax the muscles, carefully monitor their own breath. In order to facilitate the fight, intervals can be rinsed in the mouth and refresh using a special spray. Breathing even and calm.

If you need to vain attempts to push only after permission. For every battle accounts 3 attempts. Before that, you need to take a deep breath mouth and hold your breath. Chin pressed against the chest, press tense. After attempts to resolve the midwife made a smooth exhale. At intervals the breath must be smooth and calm.

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