Top 52 tips on how, how to improve brain function

The human brain is a powerful generator, which operates around the clock, reproduces thoughts, regulates the body's. However, it will eventually wear out, It works worse, in old age it can lead to various diseases. To prevent this, enough to know, how to improve brain function.How to improve brain function

Fundamental rules

learning, how to improve brain function, People will face a variety of ways. However, some of them should be mandatory if you wish to avoid the consequences. It is proper nutrition, presence of physical activity, permanent brain activity, Memory development and timely rest.

food rules

Proper nutrition is an important aspect of brain function. If the organism does not saturate due to useful substances harmful food supply, then it can badly affect the performance of the human brain. This is especially true of synapses. They provide neural connections, what is important in the learning process. A balanced diet, which involves the saturation of the organism with fatty acids, can significantly improve brain function.

Physical activity

learning, how to improve brain function, man finds the need of physical activity. The more he trains, the better the brain works. Physical activity is stressful for the body, so more energy is spent on the work of muscles. It causes the brain to expend less energy for their activities. It occurs generating special substances, which help to keep neurons healthy. Will be enough half-hour sessions every 2 day.

The tasks and puzzles

In addition to the muscles in the human body, his brain, too, must be strained. For this is well suited puzzles, puzzles, game intellectual nature. Careful monitoring of the process may also activate the control system training. You can solve some math problems, who cope well with the activation of the brain.

development of memory

figuring out, how to improve brain function, man finds the need to develop its own memory. This can be especially useful with age, as the ability to remember gradually worsens. Self-confidence affects memory performance. With age, people often write off all the flaws in the old age, not trying to strain the memory. Therefore, we must develop this ability in his youth.

complete rest

Rest is essential criterion for improving brain health. It should give him time to rest and processing of memories, transfer them to long-term memory. Important processes faster, than when a person gets enough sleep. You can sleep in the afternoon during the 90 minutes. This will help improve the long-term and temporary memory, including master skills.

Short-term to improve brain function

figuring out, how to improve brain function, people interested and short-term methods. They help to quickly cope with the ailment and for a short time to increase efficiency.


The first way, how to improve brain function in the short term, a brainstorming. It is a special welcome, during which a person mentally looking for a solution, and generates new ideas. This gives the brain an extra boost. Brainstorming is considered a good way to train the brain to the important tasks. Increases creativity and creativity.
Especially the method works before writing an essay, composing. applying the technique, you can quickly determine what the future of text without regard to the details in the form of an introductory offer. Optionally, use the generated during brainstorming ideas, but they will help to make the brain to start working.

deep breathing

Breathing exercises useful for the whole body. It improves blood circulation and helps the brain to function. It should take deep breaths during 15 minutes daily. This will help in improving the long-term brain. Also, the method works, and before performing the important tasks. This will ensure the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, eliminate stress, improve the functioning of the body.
During breathing need to make sure, it comes complete with light. Air must be filled first stomach, then the chest and neck. During exhalation, he should go in the reverse order.

Green and herbal tea

To improve the functioning of the brain, you can drink green or herbal tea. Use 5 cups daily reduces the risk of stress 20%. Such tea comprising caffeine optimal dose, which will help to quickly increase efficiency of the brain. This will allow it to operate without interruption all day. it is also possible to improve the state of health drink tea with ginseng.Green tea

Periodic rest helps recharge the brain. During the execution of the job when you get distracted by 10-15 minutes, to completely switch gears and give the brain a rest. It is better, if not more than an hour will be held for the same occupation. Otherwise, the brain ceases to perceive and process information. If the job is not finished, We need to take additional time to complete. A good option is 15 minutes of rest for every hour and half hour per 2.

Laughter and fun

learning, how to improve brain function, man discovers the effectiveness of laughter. He is a great medicine and stimulates performance, allowing thoughts to be more wide and open. Laughter helps reduce stress, which has a negative impact on the brain. It is worth reminding ourselves of this property before important exams, projects and tasks. It is necessary to regularly read funny stories, view funny pictures during training. Permanent reason to laugh helps keep the brain in an adequate condition and overworked.

Taking medicines

figuring out, how to improve brain function, people are faced with the possibility to make this medication. Medicines available over the counter. They are called nootropic. Usually, there is stimulation of the brain, improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels. but, If necessary, this practice, you need to clearly follow the dosage. Synthetic drugs can be addictive, because of which in the future it will be impossible to work without pills. The brain gets used to the stimulation. Nootropic drugs can affect the body, so you need to strictly follow the instructions and pay attention to the contra.
It is necessary to study the composition of medicines, that apply. The composition may include some anticholinergics, which in the future may lead to dementia, brain dysfunction and impaired performance. Such drugs are commonly used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia.

The safest option is to use natural herbs and vitamin complexes. They should include vitamins and natural remedies. Good effect on brain function have ginseng and ginkgo biloba. They are part of some vitamin complexes, providing a stimulating effect. In addition, you can drink green tea with the addition of plants. These drinks can cook yourself or buy a specialty store. They need to drink at the rate of one teaspoon to 200 ml of hot water. Regular intake of the brain provides good performance for a long time.

What to eat?

learning, how to improve brain function, man is faced with the necessity of a correct and balanced diet. He must get from food all the necessary range of nutrients, to ensure proper operation of the whole organism.

The inclusion of amino acids in the diet

The diet must include food, which contains amino acids. Of 20 existing, 8 They are indispensable. Body can not synthesize them, so you need to get from food. For the normal functioning of the brain and the amino acids must be ingested when incorporated into the diet of certain foods.
The first amino acid is phenylalanine. It is involved in the synthesis of hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which provide responsiveness. Basically get phenylalanine can be made of meat and fish, milk and dairy products, eggs. Based on studies, it was found, that at reception only lean food decreases the reaction speed. This occurs because of low phenylalanine content in fruits and vegetables. Vegetarians should take it in the form of vitamin complexes.
learning, how to improve brain function, people found it necessary to receive tryptophan. is an amino acid, ensuring the normal functioning of the body and the preservation of mental health. It is especially important in the elderly. It is believed, that tryptophan can prevent aging. An amino acid found in meat chicken, fish, figs, vineyards and bananas, in curd.
Lysine is an essential amino acid, providing the process of thinking. It must be taken in sufficient quantity, to old age to secure clarity of thought. Bitter chocolates, corn and beans, nuts and cereals are rich in lysine. Good help oatmeal broth, meat consumption, especially chicken.
One of the essential amino acid is a leucine. It helps strengthen memory and activate brain activity. For an optimal supply of amino acids in the body must be included in the diet of low-fat natural cheese, rye seeds, goat milk, natural yogurt and low-fat yogurt. Also enrich the body leucine helps lean meat and liver.
Methionine helps regulate cholesterol metabolism. For this purpose we use eggs, fish, cabbage and green peas, citrus, watermelon and beans.

red meat

figuring out, how to improve brain function, man finds a need to reduce the consumption of red meat. It is better to replace it with low-fat varieties, chicken. Red meat contains saturated fats, which stimulate the production of cholesterol. It impairs memory and contributes to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Brain food

learning, how to improve brain function, people find the need to include in the diet of certain foods. It improves efficiency and promotes mental activity. In addition to the amino acids necessary protein foods and complex carbohydrates, healthy fats. You can dilute the diet of flax seeds, sunflower and chia. Good brain activity influences the use of avocado and coconut, Whole-grain products and nuts. However, you should limit the intake of foods with high amounts of sugar, bad carbohydrates, fizzy drinks and fast food. They prevent the brain work, cloud the mind and body make one sluggish.
It should be included in the diet products, containing omega-3. This fatty acid, contained in walnuts and fatty fish varieties. This category includes the salmon, however, its use should be careful because of the amount of mercury. It is worth adding spinach, flax and pumpkin seeds, broccoli, soya beans. This will help to improve blood circulation, It promotes the assimilation of information by the brain and pondering.
It is important to consume a sufficient amount of a magnesium containing products. This category includes walnuts and pine nuts, peanut, spinach, wheat bran, sesame and beans.Brain food
To quickly learning new information, and improve memory and brain activity should eat blueberries. Also useful substance is choline. He enters the body together with the broccoli and cauliflower. Due to the saturation of the substance improved the growth of brain cells and preserved mental abilities in older people.
To saturate the body with energy, you need to eat foods, containing complex carbohydrates. This whole wheat bread, rice, foods with fiber, beans and oatmeal.

regular meals

You need to eat regularly. For good operation of the brain the fuel must flow continuously, stabilizing sugar. It is necessary to fully eat 3 times a day and snacking, food to be ingested every 2-3 o'clock. It is better, if used as a snack food having a protein content and fiber.

additional substances

It should completely remove trans fats from the diet. They are chemically modified fats, which are dangerous to the body and can cause intoxication. High content substance differs margarine, mayonnaise, fast food, semi-finished goods, chips, sweets and pastries shoplifting. From all this it is necessary to give.

Sugar consumption must be reduced. His large quantities can cause inflammation. They will lead to brain diseases. Replace the sweetness of fruit can, dried fruits, natural honey.

The hunger strike and the brain

During the experiments it was found, that the occasional use of fast carbohydrates difficult to digest information better, It stimulates brain activity. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to carry out the correct strike. If you cut calories by 30% per day, you can watch the growth of neural connections. This can increase the time between meals. It should carefully approach the change in diet. This process is short-lived. In normal times, it is necessary to adhere to proper and balanced diet.

drinking regime

learning, how to improve brain function, a person needs to drinking regime. You need to drink as much water. The brain is on 80% of liquid, so in dewatering his work is impossible. Water should be drunk throughout the day, eating a whole on the basis of 30 mL on 1kg weight.
Useful are freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables. They contain polyphenols protect brain cells from damage, increase functionality and intellectual abilities. Before dinner, you can drink apple, cabbage, carrot fresh natural juice.
For preventing multiple sclerosis can adhere to the following scheme:

  • in the morning on an empty stomach to drink water with soda and lemon juice;
  • the next day, replaced by a glass of decoction of clover, St. John's wort, strawberries and currants, diluted jam of rowan;
  • alternate days.

The human body

figuring out, how to improve brain function, you must understand the importance of physical activity and control over the work of the body. Should do enough oxygen, vessels regularly cleaned, relieve stress.

For normal brain requires oxygen. It is necessary to saturate them with the help of breath. During 5 minutes to do the exercises. They should be daily. In addition, the need to learn to breathe on 8 stroke. Exercises are done for 10 minutes daily. Also useful are oxygen cocktails. It should be purchased at the pharmacy can of oxygen and produce daily 3 inspiration.
Holding the breath creates favorable conditions for the circulation of the blood and brain power. It is necessary to gradually increase the time of exercise daily. You need to hold your breath as you exhale. Every subsequent addition of a second will be to prolong life, since the light will work better, oxygenated blood and send it to the brain. exercises regularly will bring the best results.
rhythmic breathing, that runs on 8 of accounts for 10 minutes also has a good effect on the organism and brain. Need to do 8 second breath, and then hold their breath for 8 seconds, exhalation should be 8 second and break in 8 seconds.
To properly complete breathing exercises, necessary to aromatherapy and herbal aromas to breathe. A good effect on the heart and the brain has a stud, dill, parsley, coriander and basil.

Healthy sleep

Sleep should be healthy. If people do not get enough sleep, his brain function is impaired. From the quality of sleep depends on creative thinking, primitive functions and the ability to solve problems. Memory is also deteriorating. learning, how to improve brain function, must take into account the impact of sleep on long-term memory and brain function.
to sleep, for 30 minutes before bed need to turn off electronic devices. You can not use a mobile phone, computer, players and other devices. Otherwise, the brain will overexcited, It will worsen the opportunity to sleep and to achieve deep sleep. Adults who need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. For children and adolescents reading above.Healthy sleep

stressful situations

You need to get rid of stress. It can contribute to the destruction of brain cells and hippocampal. Deteriorating ability to store events and store memories. It is impossible to completely eliminate the stressful situations of modern life, so you need to learn to deal with it. A good way is meditation. It is necessary to allocate 10 minutes daily, to improve brain function and get rid of unnecessary emotions, worry. Also a good influence deep breathing, which helps to relax and relieves anxiety.

Cleaning vessels

learning, how to improve brain function, people found it necessary to clear the blood vessels. Causes accumulation of toxins can become polluted air, unhealthy food and drinks, nikotinovaya, alcohol addiction, wrong medication. To restore the efficiency of the brain, You need to spend cleaning vessels.
In order to ensure the passage of blood through the vessels, the membrane should have good permeability, blood – excellent fluidity. Contamination of cell membranes, vascular plaque blockage, vascular compression, arteries and veins of fat, blood flow deceleration due to dehydration are major problems. They need to fight complex methods. First, let's consider the eating habits, increase the amount of physical exertion.
To clean vessels, you need to add to your diet onion, garlic, coleslaw with carrots and parsley, buckwheat. You can also use products from onions and garlic. They contribute to the destruction of atherosclerotic plaques, that cause obstruction of blood circulation in brain vessels.

blood purification

In addition to the vessels, Blood needs to be cleaned. To do this, You can use the following recipes:

  • three times a day before meals should take a mixture of horseradish spoon with a glass of sour cream;
  • an hour before meals for a month is necessary to drink a glass of juice from the onions with honey;
  • daily before meals need to take one teaspoon of decoction of elecampane root and vodka, who insist 2 of the week;
  • you need to drink 3 times a day 50 gram decoction of lemon balm.

Blood cleansing helps special set. It is necessary to collect mulberry, tsikoriy, hawthorn, walnuts and sundew, horsetail and nettles, motherwort and flax seeds with immortelle. All this is necessary to fill with water and boil. Third of the glass must be taken for the 30 minutes before a meal. This course lasts one month.

Carrying aromatherapy

Improve the efficiency of the brain contributes to Aromatherapy. Often need to go out and breathe fresh air. Good effects have the scent of roses, bird cherry, landışey, mint and rose hips. You can drip on the space in the corner of the nose of tea tree oil. This can be done at any time. Desktop also recommended to constantly put bouquets of flowers. In the spring it should consist of lily of the valley and wild cherry, Summer well help Rose. In winter, in the absence of fresh flowers you can get a cup of rose oil dissolved in water.


learning, how to improve brain function, man finds, Physical activity has a positive effect on intellectual abilities. Normal work of the whole organism. It does not necessarily go to the gym. You can do walks in the street, squats, push-ups at home. Physical activity helps to enrich the brain with oxygen.

Physical exercise

To exercise have the desired effect, they should be regular. Five days a week you need to be engaged for half an hour. oxygen supply to the brain is caused by persistence of exercise. This occurs due to the enrichment of the body of chemicals, They improve mood and help to protect brain cells. Improving the production of neurons.
The best sports are dancing and martial arts. They stimulate different systems, including coordination, planning organization, of judgment and logical thinking. This is due to the need to move to the music.

Meditation and the Brain

Meditation is a good way to relieve stress and improve brain function. It should be realized, To save the function and prevent illness and disease. Through meditation, one can improve memory. You need to find a quiet place, where you can be alone. It should concentrate on your own breathing, repeating to himself about the inhalation and exhalation. Once the thoughts start to leave, , slowly, concentration gradually returned to breathing. As the training of meditation is necessary to pay attention to what is happening around. Will feel the warmth of the sun, muffled singing of birds and the hum of machinery, better perceived the smell of food from next door.
Also, it helps to exercise care. It should concentrate on the little things. On foreign muffled sound, smells, sensations. This will help improve awareness of actions at any time.meditation

Exercises to improve vascular condition

figuring out, how to improve brain function, people found it necessary to exercise to improve vascular condition. After activating blood circulation it seems much better. The best exercises to activate processes in the brain are the slopes. They increase blood flow and increase the elasticity of blood vessels. The formation of new neural connections, due to which increases the productivity of mental activity.
Initially, you need to do exercises with great care. Vessels are weak, so the slope can cause dizziness and a slight darkening of the eyes. Gradually, the organism will get used to load and interference disappear. doctors note, that those people, that perform a headstand, less likely to suffer from strokes and other circulatory disorders in the brain. They rarely occur angiospasms.
Useful are the head rotation with slopes. You must crane your neck, tilt the head back, then in a forward direction. The chin should touch the breast. The slopes should be alternately. First, to the left shoulder, then to the right. Gradual head rotation must be clockwise, after against it. The intensity of exercise should be increased gradually.

Asynchronous rotation also help to improve brain function. They do stand. The right hand should be turned to him, second from you. This helps train the two hemispheres of the brain.

brain workout

learning, how to improve brain function, people understand the need for training of mental abilities. Without such exercise sport and proper nutrition will not help to improve brain activity. Therefore, you should follow these tips:

  • playing mind games, chess, lotto, checkers;
  • crossword puzzles, puzzles and riddles;
  • do regular exercise for the care and improvement of memory;
  • study of poems and songs by heart;
  • the study of foreign languages ​​or other areas;
  • the study of the world, other countries and cultures;
  • visiting new places;
  • odor study, sensations, sounds, previously unnoticed;
  • explore new ways to achieve common goals;
  • Frequent performance of usual activities eyes closed;
  • the development of the left hand.

Such exercises and tips to help develop the brain and eventually give him wither. In addition, there are other methods.

New goals and objectives

figuring out, how to improve brain function, one finds the need to constantly set new goals and objectives. human versatility contributes to the development of cognitive functions. The more varied the routine, the more the brain will generate new ideas and approaches to problems, the better a person cope with mental activity. People with monotonous lifestyle primitive functions are reduced.
Anyone can set themselves a new target. Not necessary, that it was difficult, however it is necessary to make it non-standard and unusual. This can be a large collection of puzzle, the solution of problems in physics, mathematical analysis. Important regularity of such innovative approaches to daily routine. New interests and hobbies should be learned constantly to consolidate the results to improve brain function.

Education and development

The brain is quite flexible and ductile. He is able to create new neural connections constantly. previously thought, that every part of the brain responsible for specific tasks, but this has been refuted. The experiments confirmed, that the stimulation of certain actions, unusual for a man, increasing the number of neural connections. People with dyslexia, often doing the exercises for a better recognition of letters, gradually improve their skills in reading. It means, that the brain can transfer skills from one area to another. This is especially noticeable in people, who have experienced a stroke. The creation of new neural connections can restore function for constant training. Therefore, you must continually learn. Neurons need constant training and the intention to improve their activity.
Education should be for the benefit of everyday life. In bookstores you can find a lot of literature on this topic. It should pick up a set of exercises for memory training and skills. You should start with a simple remembering phone numbers of friends, gradually increasing the load.
something new must be constantly learning. For stays of their traditional way of life and everyday things the brain will not develop. A particularly good influence on him has learning foreign languages. There is stimulation of different brain areas, that stimulates the development of neural connections. In the study of other languages, expanding horizons. Besides, you can learn to cook, to master a musical instrument, the art of juggling. So the brain is constantly fed with new knowledge and skills, encouraging the development of intellectual abilities.
An important part of a training process is to blend. We need to do, what do you like, bring to class the maximum benefit for the brain and mood. If you like to exercise, it will be easier to study further. Otherwise, interest will be gone and the brain does not receive enough positive emotions.

making music

figuring out, how to improve brain function, man finds, that it has a good effect of learning to play a musical instrument. During this session, activated brain activity. During the experiment found, that professional musicians do not lose their intellectual abilities with age.Fiddle
Many parents send their children to music schools. Students of educational institutions, who know how to play a musical instrument, get better scores and results, than others. If you really like the music, can be given free time learning to play an instrument. Optionally for this visit paid courses or go to a special school. On the internet you can find video tutorials for all categories of people. It's easy and with pleasure to learn a new skill.

compilation of summaries

During the experiment, it was found, that the compilation of summaries helps improve brain function. To do this, a university student doing notes for 2 months by a special method:

  • twice read the text carefully;
  • copy it word for word, based on the original text;
  • read rewritten;
  • make a brief description of the information received, without referring to the original text or rewrite;
  • after reading a brief plan, you should re-write the text yourself.

This method allows the brain to constantly be in the. man reads, remembers, then reproduces the memories and their structures. Also, the nerve endings in the fingers have an impact on the ability of the mnemonic. Training takes place during the use of writing materials.

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