Top 50 ways to turn out well in the photo

People often photographed. However, not all beautiful face in the pictures. To get high quality results, We need to understand, how well prepared in the photo.Good at in the photo

Preparation for photographing

To find out, how well prepared in the photo, necessary to determine the cause, because that is not possible to make great shots. To do this, you need to consider your own photos and become familiar with other people's photos. studying photos, should try to discern, Why study the object turned on it well, a picture of the man himself failed. The problem with images occurs due to the following reasons::

  • lighting failure;
  • photographed closed or narrowed eyes;
  • present cosmetic defects;
  • smile looks unnatural.

Before the photoshoot should train. Independent selection pose and appearance possible in the mirror. Successful foreshortening can find by experience. It is necessary to pay attention to posture, in which a person gets better, and a smile. Front of the mirror to look out for, which side to come out better photographed. The man's face is asymmetrical. We all have a strong side. The person should demonstrate its, turning the camera.

taking a stance, to remember, how to turn the camera. Under different angles figure looks different. Better to stand at an angle to the lens. Hairstyle helps hide flaws. With the help of hair will be able to emphasize winning side, if asymmetrical styling.

It is worth to dress properly. It is necessary to give preference to clothes, which goes. Things should emphasize the dignity of the figure. Not all colors are combined with skin color and hair. Plain better things turn out in the picture. Giving preference to the clothes with a pattern, should be careful. The pattern is capable of creating a visual impression of garbage. No need to wear things, fully coated pattern. It is better, if such a thing is in one outfit. To appear slimmer, should wear dark. If a person has a slim figure, should give preference bright clothing or jacket. You need to choose things, which photographed feels confident.

To find out, how well prepared in the photo, He needs to work on a smile. It should be natural. A fake smile can ruin a photo. To get a genuine smile, We need emotions. It is necessary to remember about something pleasant. This may be your favorite food and people. It is worth thinking about something, makes you laugh. In a sincere smile is attended eyes. It should be slightly squint, raising the lower eyelid. It will seem natural.

Razbirayasy, how well prepared in the photo, while photographing the need to press the tongue against the top of the inside of the teeth. It will look natural. As a result, the smile turns into a grin. You can ask someone to get behind the scenes and laugh. It is recommended to practice before the mirror. One should try to learn to distinguish between natural and unnatural smile.

Makeup should be applied wisely. If a woman to be photographed, from it depends largely, What happens Photo. Should learn to distribute the accents. Instead of foundation is best to use a concealer. With it will be possible to disguise problem areas, the list of which includes:

  • slight redness around the nose;
  • other places, requiring correction.

Concealer is not recommended to apply all over the face. Cosmetic means is superimposed on the shadow areas of education. skin can be seen, Look in the mirror and tilted his chin down. Transparent powder is applied to the T-shaped zone. The action prevents oily shine.perfect skin

Eyes should take. It's necessary, so they do not get lost in the photo. In conjunction with mascara eyeliner will help to visually enlarge the size of their. To cheeks seemed more prominent, should apply to them blush. It is recommended to use the pink, peach and coral shades. If there are no blush, should feel themselves cheeks to photo, to saturate their color.

Razbirayasy, how well prepared in the photo, should pay attention to hair. Before, how to begin to pose, should tilt your head and shake it. You can correct or whip curls hands. Too many styling products to use is not necessary. If the hair looks wet, it will look ugly.

We need to control frizz. must not, so they stuck on end or pushilis. It is recommended to take a small amount of dry oil or other means for unruly hair, rub it in your hands and smooth tresses. Razbirayasy, how well prepared in the photo, worth remembering, that the hair can also be involved in posing. Not necessary, curls to just lay on the shoulders. They can be folded back, run in their hands. You can decide in advance and rehearse, which option looks the most attractive.

Poses for a photo

Posture depends on the selected, how people get in the photo. Better to rehearse. Posture should be natural and beautiful. During posing no need to strain. If a person is uncomfortable, better to translate the body and limbs in a different position. poses, to turn out well in the photo, for women and men differ.

For men

To turn out well in the photo, man must also pose. The stronger sex is more difficult to relax in front of camera, than women. Do not try to stretch all the muscles, to appear more brutal. Restraint should throw the. You must be sure. A man can take one of the following postures:

  1. cross-armed. We need to lean back to a vertical surface. Position can be taken when taking a portrait or a photo in full growth.
  2. Dominiruyushtaya. The man, shot in her, It looks spectacular. To take a dominant position, you need to sit in a chair and relax. Then you need to throw one foot to the other.
  3. Shooting in the workplace. This photo does not seem trivial. It is not necessary to throw his feet on the table. It is necessary to stand near his workplace, crossed legs or arms, or sit in front of a laptop, If human activity suggests its use.
  4. Shooting close-up portrait. This will require not take any item. However, be prepared for a photo shoot. Bristles can give brutality. Look askance add mystery.
  5. Photos on the ground. It's worth to stay on a flat surface. One hand should support the head, trying to be used to support. Legs to bend at the knees. To get a good turn out on a photo in this case, you need a nice background.Poses for men

For women

Women want to be in the spotlight. For them, there is much more poses, allows you to look beautiful and natural. To turn out well in the photo, woman can:

  1. Rise in a pose model. To do this, you must relax. Then will lean on one leg, and the other slightly bent at the knee. In this case, the body will look like, as if the woman is going to make a step forward.
  2. Take dancer pose. Legs should be free. They need to arrange the hand. One hand should place near the head, and the second left at the waist. In this case, the trunk line should be slightly bent.
  3. up, legs crossed. In this case, the body itself is slightly tilted to the side. Hands can be hidden in pockets or placed on the waist.
  4. Strike a pose with one foot. Of course you need to bend. I mean you need to go a little forward, and his hands placed on hips. Completion poses a smile. This will give the appearance of a woman playfulness.

Two girls are photographed together in different ways. In the photo they are able to become a single entity or individual. You can stand next to or opposite each other. Usually the photographer tells, what to do, to get a winner in the photo.Poses for a photo

Top 4 advice, allowing to hide a big nose in the picture

Many people are good at it interferes in the photo big nose. And many exaggerated negative and turn it into a complex for life. However, it is not necessary for this to give up photography. To hide the lack of help the following tips:

  1. It is not necessary to take pictures in profile. It is recommended to only take pictures from the front.
  2. line the nose can be corrected with the help of make-up. This will require 2 the type of foundation. Dark applied to the wings and sides of the nose, and a light is placed at the top. Going tone shades need shade.
  3. During shooting, you can not screw up eyes. Instead, smile. This allows all parts complement each other sheet.
  4. Hair can make hair or fluff. If the hair is removed in the tail, it underscores the great features.

Top 11 secrets of harmony in the photo

If a person holds a curvy figure, he should be more attentive to the choice of poses, clothes and camera angle. Account should take the following advice:

  1. Clothing should adorn the figure. It should give preference monotonous things. They should not be too narrow. If people still want to wear a tight-fitting dress or suit, should use corrective underwear.
  2. You need to sit pretty. The legs should cross. This will make them appear slimmer. Straighten your back, and draw the belly.
  3. Photographing the bottom is banned. This view makes it harder.
  4. Sun should turn away. Bright light makes squint. As a result, even more ugly wrinkles appear on the face of a man.
  5. Hand should fit under the chin. This will allow to hide wrinkles, if they are present.
  6. Hairstyle must be perfect. She will decorate the face and allow to turn out well in the photo.
  7. Hands should be placed on the thighs or on both sides. This position is advantageous pulls figure.
  8. In the group photo standing up to the edge. The position of the center will add a little extra padding.
  9. Housing should loosen away from the camera. Foot must be put forward, and weight transfer to the second limb. At the same time the front foot sock should look towards the camera. This position will make the structure of the figure.
  10. important distance. objects, which are located closer to the camera, It seems much more.
  11. Do not wear a lot of jewelry. To turn out well in the photo, you need to straighten up and choose a contrasting background. Shades of clothing and the environment should not be the same. Otherwise, people will merge. Lighting plays an important role.

Facial expression

A beautiful smile can rehearse. It helps to practice before the mirror. Smile will be able to give charm. Experts advise to make a beautiful makeup and whiten teeth. However, with an expression more complicated. Photos can spoil your eyes and general expression. To avoid this, should adhere to the following tips:

  1. The smile is not mandatory for a good shot. To turn out well in the photo, People can take any facial expression. It can be cheerful, playful, neutral or otherwise.
  2. Posing strictly in profile or full face is not for everyone. However, the classic turn heads on the three-quarters majority of people doing attractive.
  3. See needed just above the lens. This would make the eyes expressiveness. If the direct view through the camera, He received deep. There is no particular model of personal reception. They look away to the side or on the floor. Then the photographer team picks it up and looks at the camera.
  4. Do not be afraid to show sexuality on camera. This will help to create interesting photos young girls.
  5. To turn out well in the photo, you need to relax and use your imagination. You can not be afraid of the camera. To maximize relax, you can try to talk to her, both with a friend. Do not be afraid to appear stupid.Facial expression

proper smile

To turn out well in the photo, you need to remember about the smile. From the success of natural photos. To learn how to smile in the photo, it is worth considering the following tips:

  1. You need to whiten your teeth. Control of the oral hygiene is also important. Existing problems should be tackled. Their presence will affect the beauty of the smile.
  2. Whiter teeth accentuate bright lipstick. Do not apply means orange shades. Smile become dull.
  3. It is not necessary to pull a smile and unnatural smile broadly. Photo demonstrate all the shortcomings. If you try to smile, it will become apparent.
  4. Head should hold steady. You do not need too bully up or tilt. It is necessary to take such a position, like carrying on a conversation with the camera.
  5. To beautiful smile, should say a word ending in a. From the classic cheese is better to give. The fact, that it works it is not always. We need to think about something pleasant, and then pronounce the selected word.
  6. Professional models recommend to learn to smile eyes. The reception will take time to work on it. Smile eyes need to work in front of a mirror. If it should become a nice person, and gentle eyes.
  7. Lips should moisturize. Matte lipstick does not emphasize a smile. If a woman uses her, top should apply colorless shine. This will help to smile sparkle with new paint.

Top 11 Secrets of successful photo

There are many nuances, allowing a good turn out on a photo. Take them into account, people improve the quality of images.

selection of lighting

Color is important for a good photo. If the flash is not, should find the source, which will cover the face completely. The light side is not suitable for high-quality images. At home, you can use lamps or photographed in the light of the windows. Lighting them softer.

It is worth comparing the lighting in different rooms. Choose the best room, you need to get up so, the light shines from above, in the front and in the back. Beautiful photos are available in the first hour after sunrise and before sunset. It is not necessary to be photographed by the light, because of which there are sharp shadows. You can take photos at the moment, when the sun hid behind the clouds. It advocates the use of alternative lamp with soft light.

You need to have on hand a comb

In the women's purse or back pocket man should wear a small comb. Prior to any photo comb hair stands fast. The appearance of the hair is very important for high-quality image.

selection of clothes

It is necessary to give preference to the correct clothing. It is important not to overdo it. If you wear a blue shirt and matching jeans, people merge into a spot. It should not try to look too pretentious. Too bright things detracts from the face.

Not buy clothing of those colors, suitable. Some of them are able to emphasize the skin tone, eye color or hair. At the same things, which were chosen improperly, capable of making a person's appearance faceless, gray. Do not be afraid of experiments. It helps you find your color.

Using the camera

It is necessary to stand up to the camera at an angle. It is recommended to rotate the torso 45 degrees with respect to the photographer. Pose strictly from the front is not necessary. Compliance with the rules will make a person thinner and allow well-prepared in the photo.

We need to pose so, like being on the red carpet. Experts recommend putting a hand on her hip, and then expand the torso relative to the chamber. A person need to turn to her. The torso should be positioned so, so that one shoulder is closer to the camera. This will also appear in the picture slimmer.photographing the top

To turn out well in the photo, We need to remember, that any object, close to the camera, longer seems. If a person does not want to emphasize any single part of the body, should make sure, that it is not close to the lens more, than the rest. Shoulders need to pull back, and back to straighten. This will allow better get in the photo. Good posture is important for high-quality photos.

Shortcomings in the photo should hide

Photo captures a frozen frame. The image quality depends on the angle. If a person learns about the presence of a lack of, it simply hide. So, if external problems are on the left side of the face, should turn so, to shoot held right.

You need to use the help of a professional photographer

Today to find a professional with a good camera is easy. Almost any holiday is a specialist, responsible for shooting. You can always ask to take a picture. If you take pictures at the event, you can take contact and ask the photographer to send the result personally. If there is no pros nearby, there is always a person, who enjoys photography. It is worth to overcome shyness and ask him to take a picture. Such people usually make better pictures, than non-professionals.

It is always possible to order professional photo shoot. Its cost varies greatly depending on the region of residence. Photos may take place in the studio or in the open air. Location links depends on the capabilities of the photographer and the client's wishes. Venue photo shoot can be reflected in the price.

Before shooting, you need to relax

So it is good to be prepared in the photo, you need to feel comfortable. Some people behave in front of the camera unnatural. They are tense and instead of sincere smile scream cheese. If a person has too many unsuccessful photos, it can start to get nervous in front of the lens. In order to overcome such a state, should take a deep breath and exhale, smile straighten his shoulders.

If a person is too late to notice that, that it is removed, no need to panic. Trying to take a beautiful pose and do not need. It is worth just try to stay calm and ignore the survey. Photos can not get the perfect, but it is in any case it will be better, shooting than when trying to quickly change facial expressions, is caught on camera photographer. The calmer and more confident person will, all the better.

Do not be afraid to laugh

If a person is laughing, it looks charming. During the photo shoot a lot depends on the photographer. It should try to establish contact with him. If this does not happen, should still tune in to a positive wave and do not forget to smile and laugh. Do not think about, photographed it looks silly and not very nice. With photos in the following do not have to meet. Meanwhile, good images are obtained. If, however, they do not get, photos can be no one to show.

Number of photos

Pictures can make a lot of. This is one of the best ways to turn out well in the photo. Its consulted by their professional models. The more frames will be taken away, the higher the chance, that get a great picture.

Spread costs only best pictures

You do not need to show any public you take pictures. To select the picture should be approached carefully. It is recommended to publish only those images, where people like myself. To do this,, that was a lot of pictures. One good photo will attract more attention, than 1000 identical and bad.

additional tips

It is necessary to educate confidence. You must be proud of yourself. Each person is unique. He has particular, different from the others and makes it attractive. We need to focus on them, and not on the shortcomings. Often the problem invented. A sincere smile and happiness will make a good shot. Do not take an uncomfortable posture. It should emphasize the dignity of the body and to remain natural. Tension and stiffness give an awkward appearance.

Photographed standing in a good mood. You can try different positions and choose the most successful. If a person does not like to show teeth, you need a small smile with your mouth closed. Pre worth making sure, that the makeup looks natural.

Using digital editors are not forbidden. Their clever use can improve the image quality. If well prepared in the photo otherwise fails, you can achieve the desired result with the help of special programs. Some effects can significantly improve photos. Editing is possible in Photoshop or other programs. You do not need too zealous. Strong image correction striking, making it unnatural.

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