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People travel to different parts of the world. You can go on vacation alone, with your family or pets. Traveling with a dog creates a number of difficulties, including documentation, The choice of accommodation and transport.Mush

import Regulations

rules, applicable to absolutely all countries of the world, for the export of animals does not exist. Each state has its own nuances. One can not allow the import dog fighting breeds, to another it is prohibited to bring puppies. Some countries have a strict policy – if you have the necessary documents and vaccinations declare quarantine. It will not allow to go out with the dog outside hotel.

Before planning your trip you should call the consulate of the country selected and specify the information on the import of pets. These are the official, the institution will tell in detail about the rules. Next, you need to contact the airline, which will be carried out transportation. Each airline provides its own rules on the transport of. It is necessary to find out in advance. Some companies do not allow pets in the cabin to take, regardless of their size. It is also necessary to find out the price for transportation.

Documents on animal

Traveling with a dog in the CIS countries require veterinary pet passports. It should be about the rabies vaccination, which was made less than a year ago. You must also have a veterinary certificate F1, which can be purchased at any veterinary clinic, accredited by the state. He will act 5 days.

For, to go beyond the CIS to the EU, need more documents. List of documents varies depending on the country, so the information you need to learn from the Consulate.

It is also necessary to clarify the conditions on the border control. If the documents are filled incorrectly, great chance, that sent back the correct documentation. In European countries, it is impossible to agree with the border guards. We'll have to go back and do the missing certificates. It is therefore important to know in advance the conditions in a particular country. Required documents vary depending on:

  • transport, which made traveling with a dog;
  • country, where the importation of animals;
  • route.

When, if used as a transport vehicle or train to travel to the European Union, it needed evrospravka. It should be completed in the language of the country, whose boundary is crossed first. This applies to travel the country in a few states. If you go by plane, It is sufficient evidence of the number one and veterinary passport. For details, help can be found in specialized clinics. But it is sure to get the necessary veterinary certificate 1. In addition to this you can go to various forums breeders and learn from them, What was the experience in the transportation of dogs abroad.

veterinary passport

Traveling with a dog is not without veterinary passport. It acts on the passport type. It is necessary to obtain the certified public office. All veterinary clinic must be accredited by the respective organization, to have the authority to issue such documents. Filled vetpasport in English. Should have information about the dog and the host.

The passport indicated vaccinations. Necessarily have to be a mark of vaccination against rabies. The latter must be made no later than 30 days prior to departure, but not earlier than a year ago. The rest must be made no earlier than a month before departure. It must be ensured, that vaccinations are consistent with international standards. In addition to vaccination against rabies, must be a mark of the perfect dog treated for fleas and worms.

It is also important to check for marks on handling ekzoparazitov and endoparasites. The availability of such procedures depends on the country. Many require treatment from echinococcus. All procedures should be made for a maximum of 3 days before departure, stand stamp and signature of the veterinarian.veterinary passport

The introduction of a microchip

At the entrance into the European Union is required to, that the dog had a microchip. It must implant to be vaccinated against rabies. Chipping should be carried out in a special certified facility. Almost all veterinary clinics offer a similar procedure. This should not cause problems, The procedure is simple. Entered under the skin of the chip will remain forever with the pet. On it will be information about the animal, host. It must be ensured, that the chip is compliant.

certificate F1

Traveling with a dog is not without a veterinary certificate f-1. It acts just 5 days, You can be taken at any accredited veterinary clinic. It is necessary to get over 3 days before departure. Sometimes not necessarily bring the animal itself, veterinary clinic will issue a similar paper in the presence of the dog in the documents. Better to clarify it at the selected institutions, not to carry the favorite once again. Be sure to follow the, so that the certificate was introduced exact route. Otherwise abroad with the dog may not be allowed.

5a certificate

At the place of veterinary inspection at the station or airport, pet owners will be given a veterinary certificate 5A. Its employees exchanged for a certificate f-1. Not all airports and train stations issue documentation, therefore necessary to specify in advance the possibility of obtaining. Such a certificate will be valid 24 hours after issuance. Therefore, it is necessary to get straight to the departure or departure. At the airport you need to come in advance. Appendix to the certificate will be a similar document, akkredïtovannıy EC.

Customs declaration

The customs office may be asked to fill out a declaration on the pet. This is especially true, if you are traveling by car going across the border.

rabies certificate

The last document is the necessary rabies certificate. It is a confirmation assay for antibodies to rabies. Not all countries need to carry out such procedures, provide document. Most often it is necessary to provide rabies certificate, if the owner travels from unfavorable rabies country. This applies to East Asian countries, Some EU states. For detailed information you need to know at the consulate.

Most EU countries may ask for such a certificate for the presence of antibodies against rabies with dogs imported. Get such an instrument is not easy. Analysis is carried out only accredited EEC clinics. In Moscow, there are two.

This should be done not earlier, than 30 days after vaccination. Otherwise, the antibody production will be insufficient time. The results come through 1-3 of the week. If the test is successfully commissioned, there is no need to pass more. It is valid throughout the pet's life. This is true only in the case, if all the following vaccinations are met. If the first was unsuccessful analysis, you must do it again.

The list is quite large. However, if the dog previously chipped and vaccinated on time, you only need to obtain a certificate of F-1, note processing of parasites. It remains to exchange the certificate for the certificate of the European Union at the exit, also get a rabies certificate, if it is not.

Transport for transportation

The choice of transport significantly affects travel with a dog. The most popular options are plane, car and train. Each of these has its own characteristics transports. Before, how to travel, you must prepare the animal to the ferry, hop.

The first step is to give up the dog feeding, if to be a long trip. If you want to leave in the morning, better to feed the dog last night. In the morning you can give water. Animals are often susceptible to seasickness, especially when a full stomach. Therefore it is better to prevent the risk. A one-day starvation does not affect the dog's well-being. However, always leave the water.

If the trip is too long, you can feed your dog easy to feed, which would not lead to indigestion. Food should be familiar. You need to visit the veterinarian before the trip and learn, which means you can give motion sickness. They can be purchased in any veterinary pharmacy or in a specialty store. When, if the dog is very nervous animals, veterinarian can advise a potent drug.

The doctor may recommend sleeping pills, If you have to transport in the cargo compartment. Usually dogs do not like this procedure. If you can not take the pet to the salon, have to use a potent tool.

The train and the dog

Traveling with a dog on the train will depend on the wagon. Terms and costs vary. Some of the coupe will have to buy out completely, but do not need to pay extra for the transportation of animal. Other types of cars may involve the purchase of all places, but will have to pay to transport a dog. Some reserved seats to go along with the animal is forbidden. It is therefore necessary to examine the types of wagons, contact with the railroad and to clarify, what are the conditions of carriage of the dog in the chosen car, service cost. By train you can travel to different countries.

Particular attention should be paid to the conditions provozki owners of large dogs. For many people in the animal 15 kg is already a great. It is necessary to prepare the muzzle and to accustom the dog to calm demeanor. The animal must respond calmly to use a muzzle on the train. More often than not have to wear it, but the presence of such an object to prevent the alarm from the passengers and conductors. In the train, also on the platforms must be accompanied by a dog on a leash only. Aggressive animals need to at all times keep the muzzle.

Plane and traveling with pets

Traveling with a small breed of dog can be held in the aircraft cabin. It is necessary to clarify the permissible weight of the animal at the airline. Typically parameter should not exceed 8 kg. but, If the passage is permitted in the cabin, the dog must be enclosed in a box. Otherwise, the animal would fly in a separate compartment for pets. This shielded room, heated, ventilated. Dogs do not have to fly with suitcases. Some airlines do not carry animals. Kindly clarify this point when buying plane tickets. The cost depends on the size of your pet, its weight and tariff.With the dog on a plane
If the transportation of animal is allowed, a few weeks before the planned departure should contact the airline, to inform them of the presence of an animal. It is necessary to book a place for pet. You can do this through the help by phone, the Internet. Usually taken limited pets aboard. To ensure transportation, you must do it in advance, especially in the holiday season and the holiday.

Before, how to decide to take a trip with a dog on a plane, It is necessary to evaluate the possibility of the animal. It is worth thinking about, that the pet will have to spend some time in a separate room without the owner. This can be a significant stress, given the many unfamiliar sounds, smells and constant differential pressure. Beforehand you need to prepare a soft box with a blanket from home, which will calm the animal during the trip. About a few days before the planned departure should start giving a mild sedative. So the dog will be more likely to calm flight. The confident behaves host, the better it feels pet.

On the neck of the dog must have a collar with information about the owner, box should be completely closed. to be safe, you can wrap it with electrical tape, ropes. This will help prevent dog escaping on airfield.

At the airport be sure to arrive early. It will take time for, to execute all necessary documents to the veterinary office. Then you need to transfer the animal to the employees of the terminal box.

Preparing for the trip by car

Traveling with a dog in the car is the most frequent, the best choice for many people,. However, there are some important rules, which is necessary to observe:

  1. On the pet should always have a collar, which is the address and phone number of the owner. The latter should be with the country code, so that foreign residents can call in case of lost dogs. Even the most educated and intelligent pet, which frightened during a stop on the road, He responded to the situation outside the box, can escape. In this case, find a dog, if he is not on the collar adresnika, almost impossible.
  2. In any case you can not leave your dog in a closed car on a sunny day. It should be taken into account, that the temperature in a hot car in the street twice. This can lead to the death of a pet in a few minutes. Dogs do not tolerate heat. In most European countries adopted a law, allowing any passerby, noticed a similar situation, break the car window and rescue pet. In this case, the owner of a dog or another pet will receive a fine. This can result in deportation, a ban on entry into the country in the future. In many public places allowed with dog. There are present a bowl of water. So do not be afraid to take your pet with you to the mall, Cafe.
  3. The trip can be done in several ways. You can fly in an airplane, travel the country by car. However, if you cross the border by car, you must do so through a point, where you can drive with a dog. A list of items needed to be clarified in advance.
  4. In that case, if the machine does not have much luggage compartment, which is present in the SUV, you can buy a seat-hammock. It must be placed in the back seat, to deploy a pet. This will prevent the sharp fall from their seats during turns, unexpected movements. To limit the dog's space, you can buy a special grille. She put the car between the front and rear seats. Also can be purchased at specialty stores harness, which is attached to the seat belt. It helps to keep your pet on the spot. The car should settle blanket or mat, to ensure a soft landing dog. It will be able to sleep, rest during road. You must take your favorite pet toys.
  5. You must make long trips with stops at least once every three hours. It is necessary to bring the dog for a walk, allow it to warm up, go to the toilet. If you need to feed your pet, better to wait a bit before, how to go on a long journey. This will allow easy to digest food and to relax. Be sure to take with sufficient water, to drink during breaks. It helps avoid dehydration. To protect against overheating, You need to buy a cooling pad, dog scarf. This is especially true when traveling to the hot southern countries.
  6. Before, like fasten your pet, necessary to properly sit in his car. Some pets do not experience difficulties when traveling, They like to travel. However, most owners have to try, to download the pet in the car.
  7. The dog may get into a fuss during the trip. It will take all the discomfort, including owners and other travelers. Therefore, from puppyhood is necessary to accustom your pet to the car. To get started is to feed the pet in the car. This will allow the dog to associate the interior of the vehicle with the pleasant sensations. As soon as the puppy he will happily jump into, you can try to start a facemask for a while. fasten, feed and immediately release. Gradually, it is necessary to increase the time spent in this state,. This will help train your dog to quiet being in the car. After you need to start slow and make short trips. You can start to travel by car to your favorite places for walking. Regular movement of the vehicle to help the dog get used to such kind of movement. To harness and carrying the necessary priuchivat separately.
  8. In the car animal can rock. Therefore, veterinarians recommend starting with trips on small distance. This will help the dog to adapt the vestibular apparatus. Domesticated animals can easily transfer movement in the car for a long time, experiencing pleasure. However, it is not necessary to feed the animal later, than 6 hours prior to departure. During the long trip needed to feed in small portions, giving the water as often as possible. In hot weather it is necessary to protect the dog from direct sunlight and use the air conditioner in the car.

dog safety

Use a special hammock for moving the animal is not always safe. Keep on hand is also not recommended. At the slightest collision it can turn lethal for the animal. It can be used only in the event, if the trip is short-lived and slow. Otherwise, an accident will cause a lot of stress in an animal, if it does not throw through the broken windshield. In this great opportunity, the dog escapes. Plastic boxes and cells are also not absolute protection for your pet. Only limit the ability of the cabin. Boxes are good, that the animal will not interfere with the driver and distract him. However, to save a life can not. Cheap products will lead to serious damage to the dog. This creates a danger to the host inside the vehicle, since it can be injured by his pet had flown in dozens of kilograms.

It is better to use tried and expensive products, which are equipped with good and reliable fastenings. These can be massive, embedded in the cell interior of the vehicle. Such products often shield the animal from damage during road accidents. However, the cells are not cheap. Usually the price varies 400 – 1000 dollars. However, there is a budget alternative. They serve soft transportation, which are also mounted on the seat, fastened with a seat belt. less reliable, However, it is cheap enough to mount through dog shleek. They are suitable and other animals.

Select these tools is quite difficult, since they are not subject to certification, not checked by the technical. Therefore, before buying a better view reviews and videos on the Internet, to ensure the safety and reliability of the chosen. Car interiors rarely provide good information about product safety, because according to most, the goal is to protect the driver from the animal. You can refer to foreign shopping on the Internet, because you can focus on a variety of tests, that they spend. For more information, please visit, writing to the manufacturer.Safe transport of dogs

What to bring?

Traveling with a dog is not without personal pet luggage. There are some things, which will be necessary when traveling with a pet. The list includes:

  • collar, muzzle, lead;
  • lezhak, where the dog usually sleeps at home;
  • bowls for water and food, better to take home;
  • favorite toys and treats;
  • walking drinker;
  • wet wipes, special towels for cleaning paws after walking on dirt;
  • garbage bags for cleaning after walking the pet;
  • feed;
  • Electric kettle, if not available in the place of residence;
  • kit for animal.

It is necessary to get enough food for the whole trip. This will facilitate the life of the owner. Do not waste your spare time searching for necessary food shopping on an unfamiliar. If the dog is on the natural feeding, We need to bring fast food cereals. This will help electric kettle, anywhere you can brew your favorite dog mess and add to it the necessary products, which can be purchased in a shop in any country.

First aid kit is required when traveling. It is necessary to take both the host, and animal. First aid kit for dogs is as follows:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • thermometer;
  • levomekol;
  • bandages 5 see for treating damage;
  • Activated carbon, Smecta to eliminate the symptoms of poisoning;
  • antihistamine;
  • against ticks means;
  • anesthetic;
  • wool and plasters;
  • syringes 5 ml.

You should definitely find out the number of veterinary clinics, record phone home vet. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you can call a friend doctor, go to the nearest local clinic, to animal assisted.

choice of direction

learning, where to travel with a dog, Review be many variants. The first thing you should pay attention to the import of animal rights in the country. This can create a lot of problems. It should take into account the personal preferences of the owner and the animal. More loyal to travel with animals are the European countries. In most Asian may not be allowed, declare quarantine. One of the best country for a holiday with a dog is Italy. It is necessary to collect the necessary documentation and vaccinations.

Italy is good, that many of the hotels are allowed to take animals. However, it is necessary to consider in the hotel. Some limited animal category, with which you can settle. Usually allowed to take small breed dogs. Often, however, you need to pay for them. The country has a separate apartment for animals. They can leave the animal for the duration of your stay. Pet and provide good quality care, paddock and supervision. There may have veterinary assistance.

In Italy, it is possible to go with the dog on the beach. In Rimini there is a separate beach for such a pastime. In these areas there are special pools and recreational activities for dogs, staff veterinarians. In Rome one can find the village with a swimming pool for pets.

In addition to Italy, like beaches and places to relax with a dog are in France, in Greece, Croatia. There is also a hotel, allowed to take animals, in Turkey. Often, however, they put a weight limit in 5 kg. Some allow more, necessary to specify in advance. In Turkish hotels have to pay extra for pets. It should ask the hotel management, since there are more loyal to the place, where accommodation is not an animal does not require additional costs.


Traveling with a dog needs to be planned out in advance. This category includes the choice of place of residence. Timely book accommodation is very important. This saves time, money and nerves. Being in a foreign country and decided to stay in the hotel on arrival, traveler with a pet may face problems. Not all hotels allow pets. This is especially true of large dogs. To facilitate vacation planning, you must follow the advice:

  1. By searching the Internet, you must put a filter, which would indicate a desire to live with the animals.
  2. Choose a hotel with the "permitted to animals".
  3. To ask in advance about the need to pay for an animal. Most often, the price varies 5-10 dollars to the rate. Some let the dogs free.
  4. After receiving confirmation of the reservation is necessary to ensure the presence of the mark, that the accommodation is carried out with the pet. If there is no such, Please contact the hotel and ask them to send an official paper. Print the letter and present it at the reception. This ensures, that the dog be allowed in the hotel. On an oral agreement not to rely.The hotel dog

In addition to the hotel, you can live in an apartment, camping, with friends, relatives, to travel to different countries, stopping at various places. It is necessary to know in advance the owners, what is their policy of accommodation with animals. This is especially true of private apartments. The hosts may be not at all happy animals in their room. However private apartment is the best option, because the dog will feel more comfortable there.

Animals in different countries

Treatment of animals varies in countries around the world. It depends on the laws established by the state, mentality and culture. Each institution also has its own rules. To avoid inadvertently violate a rule, you need to pay close attention to the information boards. They exist in all public places. In most shopping malls and outlets are allowed to enter with a dog. In cafes and restaurants are usually allowed to visit with a pet, if the owner is sitting on the street. The parks can be resolved with the use of walking the dog leash, muzzle. In the forests and forest parks are often allowed paddock without a leash. However, we must be careful. If the dog will not listen and will attack other animals within the forest, will flee, you could end fraught. In Finland, the owner of the deer legally can shoot the dog, that attacks on his animals. It is necessary to pay close attention to signs.

It is worth remembering, not all beaches are allowed to come to the animals. A ban on dog walking in such a place will tell plaque at the entrance. These can be found in Jurmala, Barcelona. Always clean up after your pet. In many countries, the absence of this procedure, the penalty will be discharged. In Germany, will be 15 euro for the absence of a bag, 50 Euro – neglect cleaning. In the UK, a penalty will be longer 135 euro, in Venice 250 euro, this figure is the highest in the world.

It is necessary when traveling in European countries completely abandon traumatic collars and other such ammunition. This equates to cruelty to animals. The penalty could range from 100 euro. For ill-treatment in some countries will have to pay from 1000 to 3000 euro. Not worth the risk, because they can be deported for such violations, subsequently refuse a visa.
Walk with a dog
In each country there is an order and pet rules. Some states require owners to wear a muzzle and leash on your dog in public places. In addition to the ban on the presence of dogs in cafes and restaurants, may not be allowed to leave the pet alone in the apartment, the hotel at the time of, more specific. It is strictly forbidden to leave your pet alone in the car. Necessarily have to pay a fine, bribes are not accepted.

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