Top 50 advice on the implementation of hair extensions

To grow long hair long and difficult. Not all women are by nature endowed with lush curls. To help get the desired hairstyle is capable of Hair Extensions. The procedure can help to increase the length and volume of, as well as to conceal the deficiencies, if they are present. However, the procedure has a number of shortcomings, which is worth reading in advance.Hair extension

What it is?

Hair extensions – the procedure, during which the increase in the length and volume at the expense of joining synthetic strands. exposure method to hide the bald areas and other defects. Using the method will be able to radically change the image, without spending a lot of time on growing a curl. During the procedure natural locks are applied. It will be possible to carry out only in case of, if a woman is the owner healthy hair. They must be strong.

We have developed a number of technologies and techniques to enhance. Hair can be straight or wavy. A woman can choose any color scheme. Today extended the length of the extensions. Some women experience slow growth of hair. The use of modern cosmetic products do not always have a positive effect. Due to the use of aggressive products for styling, It may be encountered with the need for cutting the portion of hair, who manage their own to grow for a certain period of time. The action is taken to prevent split ends.

Experts suggest women increase the volume or the individual strands. Their color may differ from the general tone of hair. In fact, the procedure allows you to perform coloring or highlighting, but the paint is missing on hair. In this hair will be completely natural. Naroscheny locks do not require special care. The need to purchase specialized products missing.

Fixing stackable strands produced in different ways. All methods involve the use of adhesives or other origin. They securely connect the artificial hair with natural.

To recommend that the procedure?

Hair extensions will benefit, if a woman has a rare and delicate curls on the nature. The procedure will allow to achieve the required volume. The impact can be made in the case, If you want to create a temporary way to attend a party or event. Changing the shape can be carried out on an ongoing basis. The procedure can help, if a woman has always dreamed of long hair. Naroscheny locks can be painted in any color without harm to your hair.

Contraindications to perform

before, you apply the best advice on hair extensions, should become familiar with contraindications for the procedure. Refuse to comply with those recommended, having diseases of the scalp, undergoing chemotherapy, uses hormones or antibiotics. The procedure falls under ban in case of periodic headaches, migraine headaches, increased sensitivity of the scalp and the presence of allergic reactions. It is better not to carry out capacity-women, having thin hair or curls with increased fragility. The procedure is not carried out, if the client is under the age of 18 years old.

When, If a woman over the age of 35 years old, increased risk of adverse effects. It is better to abandon the procedure at the frequent use of chemical compositions for bleaching hair, using colors, presence of vascular dystonia and alopecia. It is not necessary to go to the master after the recent acclimatization. So, after a trip to a vacation is recommended to wait a bit. The presence of scratches or other damage to the skin also act reason for postponing capacity until healing.

There are restrictions on the maximum length of extension. So, if a woman has a natural hair length 15 cm, artificial strands should not be longer 60 cm. If artificial strands longer 70 cm, This excessive load to natural hair. It is better to abandon the use of long strands.

Hair extensions during pregnancy can be done. However, experts believe, it is better to postpone the procedure until the child's birth. During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur. As a result, the effect of the procedure can be unpredictable.

Myths about the procedure

By studying the top of the best tips for hair extensions, you need to pay attention to myths about the procedure. About her tell many horror stories, which is not always true. The most common myths are the duration of the extension. they say, that the implementation of actions need the whole day. In fact, capacity takes 1-2 hours on average. Sometimes the procedure can take up to 4-5 hours.

It is believed, that capacity is associated with strong discomfort. The pain can really be, but only if the specialist admits mistakes. Discomfort is hit on the head and keratin accidental burning of the skin. In other cases, the procedure is easily tolerated.

Another popular myth stands loss own hair after building. The risk of loss of density is present. However, the chance of such an outcome depends on the health of women and masters qualifications. We should choose a specialist, examining his portfolio and reviews. From the hairdressing skills condition of the hair depends on the next few months.

It is believed, that Naroscheny hair looks unnatural. Faced with such a can, if the choice fell on an illiterate master, using low-quality sources. However, this result is usually an exception to the rule.

Hair types for procedures

before, you buy hair extensions, should understand their varieties. Material purchased from Female, who decided to cut off the hair and sell them. Typically, locks are acquired in India, in Asia. Sell ​​donor strand representatives of poor families. Often grow their locks specially for sale. Girls honestly care for hair, to subsequently implement at a higher cost.

Definitely choose the best type can not be. Selection is carried out according to the natural strands woman. Hair differs structure, thickness. In Russia, the most popular type of Slavic. This is the most expensive and in demand on the market a variety of strands. Before buying the material can be seen in its capacity as. To do this, you must wash your locks. Quality raw materials to maintain the original appearance. Slavic hair is smooth smooth cuticle. Their use can be carried out without further processing. Strands can be curly, direct, they easily tolerate impact or blow-dry stylers. Locks differ obedience. They can be installed in a variety of hairstyles. Strands suited to owners of Slavic appearance.

European type of supply from Europe, India and Latin America. He is worse in quality, than Slavic. Such strands necessarily processed acid. After that they are painted and filled with silicone. During the process there is a partial or complete removal of the scales of the hair. European type can be used to increase customers, having bulky, thick, hard and porous natural curls.

South Russian type is an optimal cost-performance ratio. This material is purchased from the girls in the south of Russia and Siberia. The material differs obedience and ruggedness. If you take care of it, it is able to last for a long period of time. The strands are not very thick. However, they are flexible and soft. Such material can not be used to build women, having a dense and thick curls.

Asian type material supply from China and Korea. Sometimes they can look luxurious. However, in most cases, this low-quality material. These facts are reflected in the cost of. Strands will be able to buy at a relatively low price. Before using tresses are treated with a special compound. With its help it is possible to get rid of flakes. Thereafter the material passes grinding, silicone staining and processing. Preserve the beauty of the strands harder. They require more care.Hair Extensions

The methods of the procedure

Hair extensions can be implemented using a variety of techniques list. They are divided into two main categories – hot and cold. In the first case it applies preheated glue. In its use as a keratin or resin. It is applied to the strands, fixing them at the roots. The procedure is performed using thermal forceps or special gun, fix strand special capsules. They are unnoticeable to the eye and are able to keep an artificial material. The method makes it possible to quickly increase the length, create density and volume. A variation of the procedure today earned high popularity among professional stylists.

During the process, the strands are attached donor. Their amount depends on the desired effect. of locks, of extension using hot method, You can create original complex hairstyles. During the procedure uses thin strands. In this case practically invisible fixing capsule. Allowed to perform hair straightening. Paint and tinting also contraindicated. Increase hair hot method will be able to use the curling. In this hair is not combed. They retain the original appearance for a long period of time. With the hot method Naroscheny strands can visit a solarium and sauna. The capsules do not deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures.

Material undemanding in caring. It can be washed frequently, dry the hair dryer and comb. The method makes it possible to attach the strands in places, where it is needed.

However, the method has some drawbacks. Strands can crawl. If you use large capsules, within a few days they will be uncomfortable when lying. If a girl has too greasy scalp, under the influence of natural processes, the capsule will gradually deteriorate. On the capsules themselves can not apply masks and balms. This will result in damage. The method is not suitable to girls, having thin or abundant hair falls.

By studying the top of the best tips for hair extensions, should pay attention to the cold method. During the procedure is not performed thermal heating of the adhesive. With this method, the strands are securely attached to the natural hair. In the calculation, they do not fall. ringlets, Naroscheny cold method, may be exposed balms, air conditioners and masks. These funds are harmless. Usually, the hair attached with tape method. The method involves the use of donor strands and special glue adhesive tape.

Method of high speed differs. For its application does not require thermal equipment. The adhesive composition does not harm. If you want to, the material is removed by a special solution. Substance is not toxic. The need to use high temperatures offline. Material requires care. On average, the result lasts for about a year. Tape capacity is not intended to limit the. With locks, attached in such a way, you can use the sauna, solarium or swimming pool. In this case, the strands do not fall off. Method diseases shtadyashtiy. Natural curls are subject to minimal impact. Capsules consist of surgical glue. He is as strong, how and keratinovыy.

Method of increasing the hot worse, that the fastening lines may be visible when creating hairstyles. In addition, there is a risk, that Naroscheny strands begin to fall. A similar situation may arise with their own hair. If the master has posted incorrectly capsule, may cause tangles. Sometimes natural hair negatively react to the use of the chemical composition.

Top the best tips to prepare for the procedure

If you plan to hair extensions, for the procedure to be prepared. Hair should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. During the procedure, you can not use balms, masks or conditioners. A week before the procedure is recommended to start taking vitamins A, B, C и D. Recommended intake of certain antioxidants.capsule

wizard Selection

If you are going to perform hair extensions capsules, you need to find a competent master. The skills and professional abilities depend much of the final success of the procedure. Carrying out the selection wizard, account should take the following aspects:

  1. Portfolio. Today, information is freely available on the Internet. Typically, the master placed the portfolio on the sites of beauty salons, which work, or pages on social networks. If you plan to hair extensions, Photos help to make the final selection of the master. It should be remembered, the picture is taken in any situation. If there is a constant change of the background, it should alert. maybe, man appropriates other people's work.
  2. Professional ethics. After reviewing the portfolio and review, a woman can make a rough idea of ​​the Wizard. If the selected specialist has earned a positive assessment of the above criteria, you should not immediately written to him. Initially should call and get advice over the phone. During a call, it is worth wondering about the methodology used, materials and cost of operation. Answers to all questions must be clear and confident. If a person frequently doubts or dodges, it should alert.
  3. Removing artificial strands and carrying out correction. It is recommended to clarify advance, both made of extension hair removal. Taken into account the means used, combing keratin residues, if the procedure is carried out by hot, as well as other aspects of the impact. Careful removal will be carried out, the lower the risk, that people in the future will face with the emergence of strong tangles or entanglement.

The cost of the procedure

Hair extension price varies greatly depending on the salon, master, material and other characteristics. This allows customers to choose the best option. Price starts from work 1000 rub.. However, experts do not advise to use the services of cheap frankly. This may indicate a lack of qualifications of the master and desire to attract clients. The average price of a tape capacity is from 2000-3000 to rub 5500-7100 rub. Sets have roughly the same cost.

phased implementation

Hair extensions differ depending on the procedure species. So, If you are a tape capacity, Specialist performs the following actions:

  1. Divide the natural hair into sections. Initially separated the curls on top. They are fixed using a special clamp.
  2. Separate reagent for fixation. In this case, its volume must be equal to the belt width.
  3. Tape, covering the adhesive layer, separated.
  4. Artificial strands attached to the hair. Wherein the adhesive tape is fixed on the roots. A similar action is performed with all the strands.

If you are capsule hair extensions, scheme changes. The following manipulations are performed:

  1. The master determines the fixing zone. This can be a bang, neck or whiskey. It all depends on the purpose, which the client wants to achieve.
  2. The hair is divided into sectors. Is separated strands for fixing. Master should clearly follow, that they were all the same size.
  3. locks are fixed. The action is performed with the help of curling. Exposure to temperatures allows the solder capsule with natural hair. As a result, the strand is secured.

Time, which takes hair extensions, It depends on the method and number of strands. Typically, the procedure takes 40-180 minutes. The duration depends on the socks building method. On average, a positive result is stored 3-6 months. That hair longer look attractive, you should regularly conduct correction. The experts recommend giving hair a rest and time to the cabin

Necessary materials

After training hair extensions, a person must acquire the necessary tools to perform the procedure. Their set also varies depending on the kinds of capacity. If it is carried out by hot mounting strands, would need:

  1. glue gun. Lock dosing quantity when the English capacity.
  2. Ployka. An alternative are the tongs. This tool-thermostat for fixing the capsule on the hair. The device has a flat or rounded working surface.
  3. ultrasonic. required, If the same name is used building machinery. The device will not have a negative effect on human skin.
  4. keratin. Instead, it is sometimes used resin. Materials are a kind of retainer. Of these capsules are made, through which the strand of artificial hair are glued to the natural.
  5. The laser device. Applied using similar techniques capacity. It affects faster, rather than neoclassical curling.
  6. Tongs for removing strands. Applied during correction or complete removal.

Cold hair extensions also can not do without the use of tools. To perform the procedure, the master is required:

  1. Forceps. They are required to remove or separate the strands Naroscheny small curls.
  2. clip. Sometimes referred to as a clip device. With the help of donors is performed attaching strands of hair to his family.
  3. Hook. Necessary in order, to thread the strand through the lock ring.
  4. Tongs regulators. Apply for, used to clamp the ring.
  5. tapes. apply, if it carried out fixing hair banded.

Tips to implement at home

Having studied the top of the best tips for hair extensions, a woman finds out, that the process can be done at home. However, not all species build will fail without recourse to a professional. If planned:

  1. capsular extension, the procedure is preferably carried out by a specialist. Having decided on the implementation of an independent impact, You need to split hairs, separating the occipital part of the crown. If the build-up is carried out independently for the first time, it is recommended to perform fixation, Following topu best expert advice and instructions. The capsule must be fixed, stepping back a few millimeters from the roots. This is required, that in the subsequent haircut does not puff up.
  2. Tape hair extensions, it is the most preferred way to perform at home. The method does not require heat treatment of the. It is necessary to separate the hair in a circle along the top of the head. Thereafter donor strands distributed circumferentially. They should be placed at a distance 1 cm apart.
  3. Tressovogo capacity, the method requires a large amount of time and effort. Before performing the procedure it is necessary to thin braid pigtails head. When the procedure is performed, you can go directly to the suturing of the strands.
  4. Hair extension barrette, to resort to the method in the home will be able to easily. The strands are fixed quickly. The method does not injure natural curls.

How to care?

If Hollywood hair extensions were performed certain procedures species, We need to care for locks. This is required, to keep my hair in the same way, and that at the exit from the cabin. Please observe the following rules:

  1. Comb need to be replaced on the comb with rare teeth. It is commonly used for styling curly and frizzy hair. teeth arrangement will minimize the application to reduce damage and tearing capsules.
  2. Head should be washed with warm water. Hot liquid falls under the ban. This will reduce the risk for accretions capsules and appearance of tangles.
  3. Classic shampoo should be replaced by a specialized. It will be possible to buy in the shops of professional cosmetics. If the city does not sell accommodation of extension hair shampoos, and from the online store woman does not want to order, should give preference to funds, on which stands the mark of, that it does not contain sls.
  4. Hair must be dried immediately after washing. The longer hairstyle stays moist, the faster will exfoliate Naroscheny strands. Sleeping with wet hair is forbidden.
  5. It is recommended to buy hair conditioner. He will facilitate the process of combing. Means reduce the risk of tearing curls and prevent them from tangling.

Tips on removing

If done hair extensions, a woman may have to remove the donor hair. The process can be carried out in a salon or at home. If the client address to the master, specialist uses special tongs and a solvent. With their help, the capsules are removed. After that, the woman's head to wash, to wash away the remnants of the broken capsules and remuvera, by which held the strands. If you want to, small collector's haircut will be held.increase

Self-removal of the capsular building at home is not desirable. Incorrect use can lead to damage to the hair shaft. However, some women still carry out their own process, resorting to warm oily mask. Remedy rubbed into the capsule and left for a couple of hours. they are destroyed during this time. After that manages Removal of extension strands hands.

When the procedure is performed, your hair may be weakened and posechennymi. The expert recommends that you polish, to eliminate a bunch of sleazy. Additional procedures protrudes keratin and reconstitution shearing hot scissors. The combined effects will restore hair faster.

The procedure is harmful?

Even following the top tips for hair extensions, a woman is not able to fully protect itself from the negative impact of the procedure. Mounting is at the very roots of the hair. Fully protect the skin from contact with adhesives fail. The composition is quite aggressive. They are able to provoke an allergic reaction. A woman may face itching, redness and peeling. The symptoms can not be stopped, while the stimulus is not eliminated. In the case of the capacity problem may disturb ongoing. As a result, the quality of life will deteriorate. Woman, constant anxiety, It can reach a nervous breakdown.

Possible violation of the natural breathing of the scalp. As a result, malfunctions may occur in the operation of the sebaceous glands. The phenomenon, in turn, leads to the appearance of dandruff. Subsequently, it may be difficult to get rid of the problem. Some species build associated with the need to have an impact on natural hair. As a result, the condition worsens curls. They begin to thin out. Heating is carried out at the roots. As a result, suffer hair over the entire length. It is a violation of good nutrition bar. The result is increased dryness, delamination tips. Consequently, hair becomes lifeless. This can be seen with the naked eye.

Can I get rid of the negative impact?

ascertaining, harmful if hair extensions, topom should become familiar with useful tips to reduce the negative impact of the procedure. Most of the factors arises only under certain conditions. To prevent their appearance, it is recommended to follow the simple rules. In the first place need to pick an experienced skilled craftsman. Selected experts should be certified, diplomas and certificates, confirming the passage of learning and development profession. Do not be shy. You must ask these documents. If there are no, this fact should alert. If the wizard does not have enough experience, There is the risk of errors. As a result, the procedure is able to harm. So, fastener may be positioned too close to the skin. Sometimes beginners use too little strands. As a result, the load on the individual hairs increases.

It is recommended to choose the procedure, Suitable specific woman. Capacity is hot or cold. The first option is more harmful. Cold hair extensions suited to owners of fine curls. Fastening synthetic strands is performed by means of adhesives. Heating is not carried out. It is recommended to give preference to a belt capacity. Artificial strands are evenly distributed over the entire head. It's not too aggravates natural curls. The capsule weighs more. They attach a small beam. As a result, the risk of damage and loss increases.

Capacity is recommended to healthy hair. If they are not in the best condition, better to postpone a visit to a specialist. Pre-need to make preparations. It is to strengthen the natural curls and their roots. If the rule neglected, rapidly deteriorating state of the strands, and may begin hair loss. Used to strengthen national and specialized tools.

You can not use cosmetics, which are based on oil or alcohol. In particular, you should avoid applying such products on the roots. Violation of the rules can cause partial or total deposits of extension strands. Produce combing procedure should be carefully. It is recommended to purchase products for graft of hair care products. Periodically, you need to give natural strands holiday. It helps to normalize eating and breathing, and also allows you to restore the hair follicles. Every six months, you need to 1 or 2 month Removal of extension hair.

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