Top 50 the best tips on how, how to facilitate the acclimation period

Climate change is displayed on the human condition. Experts call this state - acclimatization. Usually people with her face, go on holiday or traveling to other countries. To reduce the risk of unpleasant symptoms, it is important to prepare for the upcoming adaptation.

A little bit about the concept

Acclimatization is a process, during which the body adapts to the changing environment. He is accompanied by a list of symptoms. Their severity can vary. The risk faced with the unpleasant phenomenon increases, if another climate proved to be a child. The hardest falls, if the age of the little traveler is not exceeded 3 of the year. Initially acclimatization may resemble the classic cold. But then perhaps the manifestation and other symptoms. Usually, there is an increase in body temperature. A few days later, she returns to the normal performance. Typically, symptoms do not appear immediately. They occur in a few days after being hit by new climate.

acclimatization process is considered to be a natural. So do not be afraid of a temporary deterioration of health. Symptoms may occur after returning to the usual living conditions. The body needs to adapt to any climatic conditions. However, this process is not always negative. During the adaptation to the new climate body acquires the ability to adapt. In the future, the risk of discomfort decrease.

The risk of acclimatization varies depending on the duration of the trip. Abruptly found himself in another season, lost body. Even the strong and healthy people may experience discomfort, insomnia appear and disappear appetite. The most difficult to account for people, with chronic disease. They can escalate.

Symptoms and signs of acclimatization

If a person is interested in acclimatization, it is important to become familiar with its symptoms. Caught in a different climate zone, You can face the emergence of dizziness. fatigue increases. The person becomes irritable. He loses appetite. Performing any action is slow. Observed symptoms of colds. They show weakness, the occurrence of fever and sore throat

Sometimes acclimatization symptoms accompany the occurrence of temperature and runny nose. With these phenomena may be encountered, unless acclimatization takes place in a hot climate. The drugs usually do not help. The symptoms have to be endured before, until the internal clock does not adjust to the new rhythm. With acclimatization face 80% people on earth. To accelerate the adaptation, It recommended to drink vitamin C.

During acclimatization may cause insomnia. If a person for a long time can not sleep, It recommended to turn the air conditioner. This recommended position lie around 5 minutes. At the same blanket to fold. When there is a falling asleep, blood circulation in the human body slows down. There is a drop in body temperature. If a person is under the air conditioner to cool slightly, it can be perceived by the body, like falling asleep. This will allow to fall asleep faster. Subsequently, it is recommended to take cover with a blanket. Otherwise there is a risk of catching cold.

Sometimes in the process of acclimation instead of insomnia may encounter sleepiness. It is more difficult to come in the form of, if the flight was carried out. Wanting to go on holiday and to avoid acclimation, We need to change the rhythm of life. You need to go to sleep and wake up in the region, in which people will live in the future.

Symptom of acclimatization may be a weakening of the immune system. The result can worsen chronic disease. When a Rebuild Mode, the risk of overheating and heat stroke rises.

A typical feature of acclimatization protrudes increased sweating. it is observed, if a person goes on a hot climate. When the organism is to adapt itself to high temperature, he begins to enhance heat transfer. A man may feel, that it becomes harder to breathe, the heart begins to beat faster. This is due to the dilation of blood vessels and blood clots. From it goes sodium and potassium ions. In this situation, it is recommended to drink more mineral water.

Acclimatization in children may be associated with dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive system as a whole. In this case, manifestations may be antithetical. Often there are intestinal disorders. The first three days of vacation you need to minimize the amount of food intake. In order to adapt to the new environment, the body needs more energy. It is better, if he does not spend it on digestion.

Precautions should purchase products, who sell on the street in hot countries. In such foods can be present microbes, which are unusual for the traveler of the body. It is recommended to give up sugary drinks, especially if they present the ice. water, which are used for its preparation, It can not be cleaned. Diarrhea in the traveler sometimes arises from climate change. If you behave properly, the symptoms disappear after a 2-3 day.

The disorder of the digestive system functioning during the acclimatization can lead to so-called traveler's constipation. Thus, the body reacts to exhaustion, road stress and process of acclimatization. Help get rid of the problem allows swimming, walking and other movements. it is recommended to include a laxative and tonic in the road first aid kit. Acclimatization is a process, If the local language skills leave much to be desired. In this situation, the pharmacy will be hard to explain, what kind of preparation is required. The specialist can provide not cure. As a result, the condition will worsen.

What the traveler will encounter?

Acclimatization at sea or in a zone of several stages. The list includes:

  1. Starting. The traveler does not feel discomfort. However it begins to flow inside the series of processes, associated with getting into an unfamiliar environment. The body does not know, how to respond to the changed situation. As a result, the operating mode is activated under extreme conditions.
  2. Reactive. There is a body's response to what is happening. The traveler begins to feel worse. able to watch 2-3 the day after arriving in new places. Clearly showing signs of acclimatization.
  3. stabilization. deterioration terminated. State gradually comes into balance. There is a restoration of body functions. Symptoms may disappear or persist for some time. However, they do not pose more danger.
  4. Finishing. At this point, acclimatization retreats. This is the longest period. He takes from several weeks to several years. With its manifestations experienced by people, who decided to move to permanent residence in the other end of the world.drinking regime

The mountains, hot and cold country

Acclimation may be different in different climatic zones. It advised to prepare for the, what can be expected of human.

sea, high temperatures, wind and humidity

Usually tourists worried about acclimatization to hot climates. He dominated in the resorts, who managed to earn popularity. Azure sea, heat, exotic attract tourists. As a result, the resorts are taking thousands of tourists every year. Rest can be marred by acclimatization. It is therefore important to know in advance, what will happen to the person.

Manifestations of acclimatization noticeably stronger, If the hot country to send a man aged. The presence of chronic diseases also have a negative effect on the brightness of the symptoms. Acclimatization is a process. State starts with a feeling of general weakness. A person can start a headache. Sometimes sleep disturbance appears. Chronic diseases may worsen. Perhaps the emergence of disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular system. In a number of countries with a hot climate acclimatization is calm. The main factor is the humidity. If it is dry, sweat from the body surface evaporates better. This provides an internal regulation.

During acclimation harder for people, who decided to go to the country with a hot climate and high humidity. The negative factor is the lack of wind. As a result, sweat does not evaporate easily able. The body can not properly exercise thermoregulation. As a result, it overheats. This is reflected on the breath and pulse. Their frequency increases. Status affects the blood circulation. It can not be done in the usual way. As a result, authorities do not receive sufficient oxygen. Their functioning is disrupted. There is a strong thirst. She worried man, experiencing acclimatization, constantly.

Acclimatization not be continued forever. Gradually, the body adapts. Initially, signs of acclimatization to soften, and then disappear completely. But finally to adapt to the changed conditions may not all. humidity is often present in tropical countries. This has implications for human health. Under such conditions, acclimatization manifestations are not always limited to sickness. increases the risk of overheating. As a result, a person may experience heat stroke. Together with then removed mineral salts. They are required by the body for normal operation. In terms of their lack may experience seizures.

acclimatization process can be prevented preventive methods. In the premises must be cooled and air-conditioning. It is important to observe and maintain the water-salt regime. To do this, you should drink only after eating food. At other times, it is recommended to limit rinsing. Eat foods recommended in the morning and evening. At the same time there is heavy in the daytime it is not necessary.

The clothes should give preference to free things. It is recommended to take a break to rest and take a cool shower. It is recommended to take a trip to the pharmacy means. This can be antipyretic. Rising temperatures and overheating occur in the first days of the trip. In addition, to be useful drugs against influenza virus, SARS and hepatitis. Such pathology may await holidaymakers at the resort.

ice, snow, polar night, low temperatures

Acclimatization in the northern latitudes goes differently. Going on a journey, people face cold. Temperatures can be extremely low. The sun in these regions is shown in the sky or less can not fully rise above the horizon in winter. As a result, there is a lack of ultraviolet. Often, in the north of raging strong magnetic storm.

The absence of the sun affects the duration of the day. In some regions, dominated by the polar night. The body unused to human will respond to the phenomenon of drowsiness. Standard light conditions is violated. This can lead to the opposite situation. Sometimes develops insomnia. A person may lose the desire to eat food.

To pass acclimatization, it is recommended to organize meals. It is important to eat more high-calorie food. The menu is recommended to include ascorbic acid and vitamins. Clothing should be warm and windproof. Consume large amounts of alcohol in a cold climate you should not. He has had a negative impact on the acclimatization.

Climbing the mountain peaks

Acclimatization in the mountains is associated with an elevated position above the sea level, pressure decrease, and discharge air temperature. If the traveler wants to enjoy the beauty of the highlands, or conquer the summit, He could face a strong manifestation of symptoms. There is a risk of collision with anoxia. increased chance, If you plan to climb to the height, exceeding the mark 2000 m. Acclimatization in the mountains in the first place is reflected in the composition of blood. hemoglobin level rises. Erythrocytes also becomes greater. natural phenomenon. In the mountains, enhanced ventilation. Experts have given the name of altitude sickness. Sometimes it is called a mountain.trip to the mountains

Acclimatization in the unaccustomed person can be accompanied by anoxia. In humans, there is shortness of breath and heart palpitations. He is concerned about noise in the ears. Dizzy. You may experience headaches and nausea. A man concerned about the general weakness. In this situation, it is recommended to stop the lift and come down by regions. Then it is recommended to stay in peace and quiet. As therapeutic measures allowed the use of heaters warm the body, and oxygen breathing carbogen.

If a person wants to, to acclimatization in the mountains passed without problems, it is important to observe a number of rules. It is recommended to stick to the tactics of the climb. It is better to travel long 500 m. reaching, should be delayed for a couple of days. This time can be devoted to walks through the local villages.

In order not to face the manifestations of acclimatization, hurry up with the rise is not necessary. It is recommended to reduce the daily diet. In conditions of high digestion functioning worse. It should draw up a menu of low-fat and acidic foods. It is recommended to drink more. the liquid volume increases to 4 liter per day. At least twice a day to eat a hot meal. Useful for acclimatization in the mountains of multivitamins, eubiotics, enzymes and drugs, contribute to the improvement of brain activity.

state the duration

Usually the acclimatization process takes 2-3 day. If the person previously lived in northern latitudes, then declined sharply in the other geographical zone, on the device takes more time. The most difficult to account for children. Acclimatization becomes apparent not immediately. Usually it manifests itself after days. According to the experts, the body can begin to work in standard mode after, both located in the new location for two weeks. However, standard vouchers on holiday do not account for acclimatization and are designed to 7-10 days. This leads to, that during the entire period of the organism does not rest, and works hard.

When it transferred easily?

Acclimatization in some people is easier. So, if the person during the whole year was engaged in strengthening the immune system, healthy and travels, He will take the trip easier. Before sending the rest is recommended to make all the necessary vaccinations, if they are required. The rule applies to both children and adults. Last vaccination must be done at least 1,5 months before the departure date. Children aged 8 years to carry travel and acclimatization easier.

Acclimatization in childhood

human acclimatization runs in different ways. Particular attention should be paid to the process, if the child goes on holiday. No signs may not occur at all. There are cases, when all the rest goes smoothly. However, there are a number of laws, related to the child's age and acclimatization. So, if the parents want to take a different climate zone children under one year, a serious test.

Acclimatization in infants takes three weeks or more. But the child may feel very bad. It all depends on the state of the immune system. On the duration of influencing disease present, as well as the general state of health. In young children, there is a strong psycho-emotional relationship with mother. Therefore, much depends on, how she will feel when acclimatization. If a woman is confident and calm, the child will be easier to get used to the new environment.children

Preschoolers aged 3-7 years to cope with acclimatization easier. The child is already able to explain, he was concerned. The immunity of the child had to pass a test of kindergarten, baby ill with flu, SARS and viral infections. As a result, adapt to new conditions more easily. Acclimatization at preschool takes less time. Usually it lasts 1,5-2 of the week.

Acclimatization in schoolchildren is mild. it takes 5-10 days. However, the child may be present either acute or chronic disease. During this period, they can escalate. Therefore it is recommended to take with medications, which usually help the child.

Top tips on how best, how to avoid acclimation

Treat acclimatization fail. It is important to properly prepare for it, to minimize the risk of the onset of symptoms. So, better to go ahead at the time of the country, which it planned to send. If a person carries out his career, it can be problematic. However, you can prepare yourself for a little acclimatization. So, if it differs, You can start to go to bed an hour later and wake up earlier. It all depends on, under what schedule you need to adjust. If you have to spend a lot of time on the plane, It recommended to drink plenty of water. This is required in order, so as not to collide with dehydration. But from alcoholic drinks should be abandoned.

Before you leave we recommend to start visiting the gym. The better physical shape, the easier it is to deal with acclimatization. It is recommended to follow the rules in the diet and use vitamins. To consult with a doctor. He may designate a course of vitamins. Their useful drink before the journey. For acclimatization to prepare to be not only within the, but also outside. If a person is planning to sunbathe, it is important to do advance the protection of the skin from exposure to sunlight, itself and thermal shock. It is necessary to get sunscreen.

In the early days of leave is not necessary to be too much activity. Initially should relax and help the body adapt to the new environment, passing acclimatization. Walking helpful. However, the process is not recommended to open under the rays of the sun. All excursions and other activities, related to physical activity, better to move to the middle or the last days of vacation.

If a person is still observed at acclimatization symptoms, the first few days need to give up alcohol. It is better not to engage in local food, if they differ from the usual food. You can not load the stomach a lot of fried, greasy and too salty. If a person is overheated, it prolongs the acclimatization. Therefore, initially worth spending a lot of time in the shade. It is recommended to use the air conditioner. The coolest time of the day you need to open the windows. Fresh air will benefit during acclimatization.

Today, experts have developed a so-called adaptogenic. This means, which makes it easier to cope with acclimatization. Generally, medicaments are agents restorative effects. They are prepared on the basis of natural origin ingredients. Drugs can improve health during acclimatization. Often, part of the funds include ginseng. Admission adaptogens is recommended to start a month before the holiday. This will allow to strengthen the body in advance.

What medications to take with you?

The road first aid kit is necessary to prepare in advance. It is better to bring all necessary medicines with them from home. It is not always the desired drug is available in local pharmacies. In some countries, drugs are sold only by prescription. The first-aid must be present antipyretic, medicines, normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, antihistamines, if there is an allergy, analgesic and sunscreen. You can take medicine for a headache, validol and nitroglycerin. In addition to the sunscreen is recommended to put a remedy for burns, cuts, abrasions and bruises. Favor and bring the presence of plaster. It is worth remembering preparations, required for medical reasons.

Long flights and acclimatization

If a person goes on vacation, it should disturb not only the acclimatization. Long stay on board the aircraft also has a negative effect on well-being. To improve his, It recommended every 30 minutes to perform a warm-up legs. For this purpose we bend them at the knee joint, knead feet. In just a few weeks before the long flight it is recommended to start to exercise. This will help your body get used to the increased load. Once at the destination, It does not just have a large amount of food. During the flight the amount of alcohol should not exceed 50 g of pure alcohol.flight

As behave chronic disease with acclimatization?

Symptoms of acclimatization after Sea known almost half of holidaymakers. And this time takes place in different ways for each person. Because of air travel can worsen chronic diseases. In the fall risk area people, in which there are cardiovascular disease. During takeoff and landing occur strong pressure fluctuations. The category also includes persons, in which there is to be a violation of cerebral circulation, diabetes.

If in the process of acclimatization, a worsening of symptoms, like spider veins, puffiness, heaviness in the legs, I need to refer to phlebologist. If a person is worried about feeling cold or burning, feet redness, it may indicate deep vein thrombosis. The disease can become a cause of serious consequences. Therefore it is necessary to seek help immediately.

If there during acclimatization symptoms of SARS or a so-called rhinitis holidayer, experience is not necessary. This is a normal reaction of the body. Self-advised not to engage in. Antibiotics will not help. Their use is dangerous without a doctor's. The best option is considered vitamin drink consumption. It can be a tea with lemon, rose hips broth, cranberries or cranberry. You can start taking vitamin C in the form of pharmacy. Going to sleep during acclimatization, it is recommended to take a relaxing bath. In it, you can add essential oils of citrus, pine and juniper. Just before heading to bed during the acclimatization can drink a glass of warm milk with a little honey.

acclimatization danger lie in the intestinal poisoning. Their cause may be unusual food. It is not always exotic products. The phenomenon is able to provoke an ordinary meal, which traveler previously tried or not eaten in such quantities. As a result, a person may worsen ulcer, gastritis or colitis. For the manifestation of disease symptoms is sufficient consume more fatty foods with spices. Therefore, tasting exotic delicacies can result in food allergies.

During holidays, many abuse alcohol. During acclimatization people may face with the advent of burp, heartburn, gassing, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain or a feeling of heaviness. The problem must begin to fight, visiting gastroenterologist. Specialist direct delivery to the patient during the passage of examination tests. If you are experiencing skin rashes, it is important to consult an allergist or dermatologist. Sometimes the treatment of pathologies is the responsibility of gastroenterologist. Food allergies are often seen on the skin. Sometimes it leads to the appearance of lesions and the problem of dysbiosis, caused by a violation of the digestive tract functioning.

Being away from home and passed acclimatization, Many miss the usual things. Returning home, a person begins to spontaneously absorb dumplings, fries and other dishes of Russian cuisine. However, nutritionists advise to make the transition smoothly. This will allow the body to more easily get used to the daily routine and diet, and quickly pass acclimatization. Eating should begin with vegetable salads. They should not include mayonnaise. Can help vegetarian soups, lean meat, a fish, bird, dairy products and cereals. Even better steamed.

During acclimatization provoke unpleasant symptoms can be any factor. So, it is important to water quality. Without its use can not do. The fluid used for cooking and quenching thirst. During the acclimatization of the risk of contracting intestinal infections is not increased. But the composition of the liquid is very different from the usual. This has a negative effect on the condition of the body. If too high levels of calcium in it, it can affect the flow of urolithiasis. In the presence of renal diseases and outputting system, and acclimatization before sending on vacation need to visit a urologist. he will tell, how to act in a changed climate. During the acclimatization in such a state can be assigned to the administration of drugs.

Even the most pleasant holiday in a different climate zone leads to stress for the body. The first days at home can be overshadowed by Broken, insomnia, fatigue, feeling low immunity, bad mood or other troubles. Experts recommend gradually withdraw from vacation. It is better to give yourself a little break. Time should be spent in a relaxed atmosphere. To learn their way of life should be gradually. need to sleep. To boost immunity, can be used Derinat or Interferon. Course of treatment 3-4 day. To improve the tone, can be used ginseng tincture, Schisandra. On the morning of useful douches, the evening will help bath with soothing herbs.

With what you might encounter, returning home?

Separately, experts distinguish the so-called re-acclimatization. It comes after, as the person returns to the usual climatic conditions. Survive the condition can be difficult, than acclimatization. Body is already accustomed to living in a new rhythm. He has to change the mode again, and adjust to your home environment. As a result, a person may receive the list of symptoms, resembling the common cold. It can coexist with insomnia or sleepiness, irritability or complete loss of strength.

Sometimes you may encounter with depression. The risk increases, if you just go to work. So you need to plan a vacation, to a few days left to return to the office in person to the, to recover. It takes time to devote to rest, a return to normal life and enough sleep. The recommended use for a few days 1-2 g vitamin C.

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