Top 49 tips on how, how to choose a car

Many people today prefer to travel by car. Personal transport allows you to make a comfortable trip, don't depend on the schedules, quickly reach destinations. However, before, how to choose a car, should be familiar with the nuances.How to choose a car

available budget

learning, how to choose a car, a person will find the need of calculating budget. It can be divided into two parts:

  • acquisition costs, to be performed once at the time of purchase;
  • the cost of maintaining a car.

At the time of purchase of the car a certain amount must be harvested in advance. On it the purchase is made. It is additionally necessary to take into account periodic expenses, that arise after. In this case, you must take into account your own income and expenses, as for the maintenance of the machine takes enough money. You need to consider your own budget when choosing a car. It is better, if the annual income will be 3 times greater than spending a year on personal transportation.

start-up costs

Before, how to choose a car, you need to think about its price. You can purchase expensive or cheap. Particularly relevant to the question of price when buying on credit. However, it is necessary to clearly define, what kind of car the person can afford. It is better, if the value of the vehicle will be approximately the annual income. Then the car will not be a burden to the financial position. We are talking about buying a new car, since older models will require more expense as possession. The service is more expensive. In the calculation to take into account the income of all family members.
If you do not need to pay the loans and the car is taken without climbing into debt, you can increase the ratio of cost-to-income. Car can cost twice the annual salary. However, in future it will be difficult to contain such vehicles because of the high cost of maintenance. To exceed this limit should not, because the purchase will not pay off and will severely affect the budget.

The full value of the car

learning, how to choose a car, one finds the necessity of counting the full cost. It includes the expenses during and after the acquisition:

  1. Price, paid for the purchase. If the vehicle is bought on credit, the price is the initial payment. В противном случае – полная стоимость автомобиля.
  2. For more details, accessories and fixtures. Price add-ons for the car can reach 10% of its value. If there is a desire to save money, you can give them. This category includes all things, which were not installed during Assembly at the factory. The installation deals with the dealership. It can be alarm, on-Board computer, Navigator, radio and other. Some additional hardware is useful and necessary. Do not spend money on those supplements, which the person finds unnecessary. The price of such devices in showrooms inflated several times.
  3. Registration in the traffic police. The price will be 800 rubles. For, to get a room, you must pay 2000 rubles. In case you purchase the machines from another citizen, you can save on your new room. But it is worth checking, he was well read and was without damage. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new.
  4. Insurance. There are two types. CTP insurance compulsory. For, to register the vehicle itself, in addition to the documents and contracts will have to provide policy. Man should be marked, as the owner of the car. The price for the insurance coverage depends on the settlement, engine, age, driving experience and the presence of violations and accidents. Usually the price varies from 3000 to 22000 rubles. The second insurance is comprehensive insurance. It is not mandatory, however, the recommended. Many cars are stolen in the first month after purchase, especially if it was sold to private owners. Insurance will help cover the loss. It is also mandatory for people without experience driving. The cost of comprehensive insurance can vary from 5 to 15% the price for the car. For more accurate calculation should use the special calculator.
  5. Technical inspection. Inspection is a must when buying a used car. For new machines is not necessary. The first inspection takes place after, as the car aged 3 of the year. The following occurs on the fifth anniversary, then annually. Control the passage of inspection carried insurance company. To obtain insurance, CTP will need to pass, after passing the technical inspection. The service cost may be about 400 rubles.

Diagnostics and repair

Paid diagnosis is not required, however, it is recommended when buying a used car. Particularly relevant for poorly versed in the topic people. Diagnosis should be carried out before buying. This will help not only to identify the problem, but lower possible price for the car. If you ignore this and clumsily to save money on the purchase, you may need costly repairs. It is better, when all the faults have been identified in advance. Small repairs when buying a used car is common. But only if the seller is notified in advance about this and offered a discount.

tire change

learning, how to choose a car, man is faced with the need to buy tires. They are a must and the most expensive additional purchase. Particularly acute the need to purchase tires rises in winter and autumn. They ensure the safety of movement, to save on them it is impossible.

Tires are a consumable item, which is costly for the car owners. They are particularly relevant for those, who drives a car with special activity and sharp braking. Kit, in which I go all the tyres themselves along with the drives, can cost from 10000 to 100000 rubles. It all depends on the car class. Wear out the tires fast enough. Usually lasts for five seasons, but under extreme driving may not be enough for one. To accurately calculate the cost of the additional consumables needed to see the sets to the selected car in online stores, engaged in the sale of tires.

Recurrent expenditure on car

The calculation of recurrent costs is more complicated. To ensure adequate care of the vehicle and not get into debt, you need to count, that annual income must be 2 or more times higher, than the cost.
All drivers, who do not have a long experience, may be surprised and upset about the high cost of the car. This usually happens when buying a used car, which had previously cost good money. The older machine, the lower initial cost and higher costs. So you need to plan your budget and possible expenses.
For, to calculate, you need to see information about the model on the Internet. Some of the costs, such as fuel, are daily. Some appear only once a year, therefore it is logical to be added to annual expenses. Average monthly spending on these items will be equal to the annual amount divided by 12.Maintenance

Counting on vehicle expenses

In the list of periodic expenses include:

  1. Fuel. The cost of the item can become the largest, if you pass roughly 20000 km annually. Pre-calculate fuel consumption hard, however, it is necessary. Otherwise it will be impossible to calculate the exact costs and you can purchase too expensive car, who spends an excessive amount of fuel. You should start with the distance calculation, which is overcome daily. This will help to calculate expenses for fuel every day. Then you need to plan for future expenses, to avoid surprises after the analysis of the budget for the year.
  2. Maintenance. You need to understand, the car requires careful and attentive attitude. This requires constant maintenance. So the machine will last longer. In any case, you can't miss IT, it should be done efficiently and on schedule. This ensures, the vehicle will not fail and will last the maximum number of years. The expenses depend on, where it is, car model and brand. The average cost ranges from 5000 rubles for cars of economy class to 15000 RUB for good cars. Vehicle premium can cost 30000 rubles and more for maintenance.
  3. The transport tax. It is set by the authorities, however, the size varies in the regions. It depends on engine power. If the vehicle is economical in terms of fuel consumption, in most regions in the year will need to pay 3000 rubles. If the engine power exceeds 300 horse, it may be more than 20000 rubles per year. Therefore, the residents of the expensive elite areas need to pay special attention to the expenditure parameters of the selected machine. To accurately calculate the transport tax, you need to contact the official tax service website and find the calculator.
  4. Insurance costs. This category includes CDW and TP. Their value can be ascertained, contacting the help Desk of the insurance companies or find an online calculator on the Internet.
  5. Mortgage payments. This only applies to those car owners, who bought their vehicles on credit. To feel more freely and not feel a strong blow to the finances, payments on loans, including all other loans in addition to loan, should be one third or less of the total family income. Do not forget about additional expenses, which requires a car.
  6. Inspection. He is not only after buying a used car, but every year after reaching the machine 5 years old. The cost will be approximately 400 rubles, however, it can vary.

brand selection

Initially it is necessary to understand, need a car with mileage or a new one from the dealership. The second issue is the choice of the brand. It starts with design. Внешний вид машины – это то, what one sees in the first place. It should look like a potential buyer. Ride objectively ugly the car will be uncomfortable. Following you need to consider the style of life and the number of passengers. It is not necessary to consider the machine as a potential transportation friends. With this approach you can safely buy the bus. It is worth considering the habits and needs daily, and given several years. The category can include the birth of a child, sending on a business trip, travels.
All cars are divided into the following categories:

  • subcompact;
  • cars with two and three doors, which are comfortable not more 3 person;
  • machine medium size, with comfortable accommodation 4 person;
  • the large cars to accommodate more 5 person.

With this separation it is possible to understand, what brands should consider. Each car category has its advantages and disadvantages. If a lot of people, a family of five, better to stop the choice on the SUV. If the person lives alone, it will be enough subcompact. It should be taken into account, the car would perfect fit for the lifestyle buyer.
After that, as the size specified, you need to start choosing the brand. Every country with automobile production has its pros and cons. The French have an interesting design and innovation. Machines of German manufacture reliable, efficiently assembled and have the availability to repair. Good build quality from a Japanese car, which have powerful motors. Every manufacturer tries to make the products individual and different from the rest of the market. Should consider several car markets across countries:

  1. The big distribution have Chinese cars. Often it is not produced cars of famous brands, eg, Toyota. Преимуществом китайского автопрома является проверенная конструкция и исправленные недостатки. However, the Assembly is obsolete, the engines are old and there is instability.
  2. Russian car industry is not distinguished by special achievements in design, the Assembly or design. You can pay attention to WHA, Fret. The advantage of the Russian manufacturer is the availability of parts and repair options. Almost any car enthusiast will be able to repair minor damage and make maintenance.
  3. German cars are among the best on the market. They are reliable, comfortable, have a good classic design, not too expensive to maintain and have available spare parts. However, it all depends on the vehicle. Even reliable and durable German cars can malfunction.. Some of the best representatives are Mercedes, Audi and BMW.
  4. The car of French production is an interesting design, unusual solutions in detail and the latest innovations. However, a lot of motorists complain of the inconstancy of work. Such cars can travel without problems, but at one point for no reason stop listening. Famous brands is a Peugeot and Renault.
  5. Italian production is characterized by bright designs, unusual solutions the technical part, beautiful interior and the latest innovations. However, the service is one of the most expensive, including spare parts. Well-known brand is Ferrari.
  6. The American auto industry is simple, but reliable Assembly. They may not be innovative and to recall outdated cars, however, the cost of maintenance and parts are reasonable. Machines have high reliability and classic simplicity. You should pay attention for these brands, as a Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford. A separate category is the Tesla. The company produces electric cars with powerful batteries.
  7. Japanese cars are among the most popular. These machines are quality build, fuel-efficient engines and thoughtful design. However, they do not differ reliability and longevity. This category includes the Toyota, Nissan and Honda.
  8. The British car industry large famous expensive brands of cars. Their service can be very expensive, however, reliability, classic design and build quality. More famous are the Bentley, rolls-royce and Jaguar.

There are a lot of other cars, which have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice to do the requests and needs of the rational buyer. Before, how to choose a car, you must determine the needs and to consider several brands of each industry. It is worth considering the price category, the cost of annual and monthly, equipment, reliability.

size car

figuring out, how to choose a car, the buyer should pay attention to the size. Wrongly assume, that smaller machines are easier to ride. However, this is not true, as factors a great many. The vehicle size must be selected individually. It is necessary to consider a number of crucial factors.SUV

TC Security

The first important factor is the safety. More than the car, the lower the probability, there's a dangerous situation sort of undercut on the road. SUVs inspire fear of its size. It is better to be seen even at a great distance and without lights. If there is a collision with another car, the SUV will suffer to a lesser extent, ensures better safety for passengers. This is due to the high landing.
However, small cars are more sustainable and better carry out maneuvers. They are less likely to turn over. During a traffic accident in a static position the passengers of the small car will receive less damage, as she departs. The SUV takes all the impact.

car comfort

An important factor is comfort. Technical advantages include the distance between the wheels, the weight of the car and comfort of movement. The wider, long car, moreover, it is resistant. This car will be scary strong gusts of wind, passed by a truck, will not be much rock for stability. When there are obstacles, small and compact car jumps over it all. The long of the machines this process takes place in waves. Increases the comfort of movement on the vehicle. The bigger the machine, the better maneuverability due to the large turnout helm.

parking Features

Problem to Park the car is one of the most common. The smaller machine, the easier it is to Park between two other. To find a free place would be easier, what a great car. However, SUVs also have the advantage of. In the winter they are worse than sliding on icy Parking lots and provide better stability.

Feelings and personal preferences

The last factor is purely personal preference. Lot when choosing a car depends on the senses. Before, how to choose a car, you need to understand, when the dimensions of the machine, the buyer feels better. More intimate are small cars, however, calmer and more confident to move around on the SUV business class.
You must also remember, the car should not choose on the basis of public opinion. You need to rely on their own feelings and preferences, in the future, the trip was as comfortable as possible.

body type

learning, how to choose a car, need to consider the options and body types. Depends on the appearance and comfort of the car.


One of the most common types of the body is the sedan. Usually in these cars 4 door – 2 back and 2 front. Two rows of chairs and a separate space for the cargo compartment with a horizontal roof. Vehicles of this type are well suited for trips around town and travel long distances with a reasonable amount of Luggage. Range of cars sedan diverse and large from any manufacturer.


learning, how to choose a car, a potential owner will discover, in addition to the sedan, you may prefer the hatchback. They differ in the trunk lid, the second it is vertical. Also, the hatchback Luggage space and more combined with beauty. This car is suitable for transportation of large bulk items. It is recommended to give preference to the hatchback those people, which is necessary to accommodate 5 people and have sufficient space for cargo and big bags. This car is comfortable to travel long distances in travel.


The universal is called a body with a spacious cabin and large Luggage space. Cover vertical and large. The rear-seat passengers in this car more room above the head, as the trunk lid does not press. This car is suitable for practical people, who want to free themselves from difficult choices, when you have to carry lots of passengers and the need to constantly carry great bags. A lot of companies offer a vehicle with such a body type.Universal


Van is a big car with a body type wagon. It features a spacious cabin, high rise, which offers a good view of the road. Usually minivans are provided three rows of seats. Often the last seat removable, folding, allowing you to increase Luggage compartment. Usually prefer cars with body type minivan give a large family or buy it as a corporate transport.


SUV is usually chosen by people, who prefer to travel on paved roads. This machine is equipped with various electronic assistants and all-wheel drive, allowing her to ride in the city, and on country roads, dirt, to feel comfortable during a snow storm and easily overcome water obstacles. The SUV is distinguished by a large size and high cross. Usually they are chosen for greater safety and stability. Features a large lumen and high rise.


figuring out, how to choose a car, man is faced with the concept crossover. This is one of the most popular types of body. It is a combination of hatchback and SUV. You can go off the paved road and quiet to overcome obstacles off-road. A car with a body type of crossover is suitable for large families, the purpose of which is to transport more people, to provide them with convenience and safety while driving. Usually the machine is equipped with connected drive and electronic assistants.


The combination of SUV and truck is the truck. He has no trunk, instead of which you can find a full body. Usually a pickup designed to carry loads of large dimensions. The passenger compartment is equipped with one or two rows with chairs. However, a car with body type pickup spends a lot of fuel and is usually too big. It is suitable for those, who lives outside the city and transports..


At the moment type coupe is, rather, is, forcing to pay for brand attention. Previously this car was designated a body double with two doors and a minimum level of comfort. In today's world, a car with a body type coupe mean elite, equipped sedans with a large interior. There is a possibility to accommodate an extra row of seats. There are also types without a roof, called convertible.


learning, how to choose a car, people will face the need to consider options transmission. Available in three types, however, the best option should be chosen strictly individually.

Mechanical box

The first is mechanical. It is called classic. When buying a car on the mechanics need to be prepared to work with the gear lever and clutch pedals. Once the required rpm is reached, you need to squeeze the clutch to shift gears. Such transmission is difficult for those, who used to the machine. However, during driving with the mechanics face all. Many people prefer automatic, as mechanical shifting is tedious.Manual transmission

Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission called the, which performs a gear change without the driver. Is the clutch pedal can be detected from the torque Converter. It is used for capacity redistribution. A car with an automatic transmission has an electronic control unit. The task of the machine is the proper selection of the transmission, which switches with the torque Converter. This type of machine is suited for those, who has no driving experience. The machine can be quickly used, no need to be distracted from the road. This is especially important for those, who find it difficult to focus. However, to fix such a car will be more expensive, than mechanics. The vehicle on the automatic transmission consumes more fuel. However, you can find economical options.

Robotic carton

Robotic gearbox is a combination of mechanics and machine. It works on the same principle, automatic. All gearshifts occur without the driver's intervention. The name comes from the method of work, since it involves a mechanical box, augmented electronic unit. There are several types of. There is a car with two clutches, called double clutch. When there is a shift, she prepares the following box and switches as needed. This allows you to minimize the power loss. Conventional automated manual transmission has a significant power failure, as constantly there is a process of “reflection”, because of what the movement is bumpy.
Robotic carton, in which the two coupling, allow you to accelerate without jerking and faster. The main advantage is the fuel economy. To repair these boxes cheaper, than automatic. They are more reliable.

The car

figuring out, how to choose a car, you need to pay attention to the engine. Each type of motor has its own distinctive quality, which must be considered when selecting a suitable machine. Each situation must be examined individually.

Diesel engine

One of the most popular types is the diesel engine. It is economical in terms of fuel consumption, reliable, giving the opportunity to get out of the mud and obstacles managed with heavy trailers. However, it is expensive to repair in contrast to motor gasoline.

Petrol engine

The petrol engine is the most popular. Don't have to spend much money on maintenance. This motor performs well in the cold season. Modern types are also quite economical and better suited for a car within the city.

Electric motor

figuring out, how to choose a car, motorist learns about electric motors. They are absolutely safe for the environment. Work quietly and be much cheaper, than motors on gasoline or diesel. They are dynamic and easy to use. but, buying a car, it is necessary to constantly be recharged at electric stations. In such poorly developed. Такие электромобили стоят больших денег и в случае неисправности требуют квалифицированного, costly repairs. Some brands are engaged in production of such machines. One of the most popular is the Tesla.Tesla Car

Hybrid engine

There are cars on a hybrid engine. They are usually equipped with both petrol unit, and motor generator. The cars run by gasoline, however, further process the kinetic energy into electricity. This is the power of the second motor. Costs are significantly reduced, that makes the car economical. They are much cheaper, than electric cars, combining the two engines.

Types of drive

Before, how to choose a car, you need to pay attention to the drives. There are three types of this option, depends on the comfort control machine.

Front-wheel drive

Front-wheel drive suitable for beginners in driving. He suggests, what front axle will act as a pulling force of the entire vehicle, which receives the motor power. These cars stable, less susceptible to drift during the winter and on slippery roads. They are safe and reliable.

Rear-wheel drive

More experienced drivers can choose rear-wheel drive. It provides the best acceleration, so typically, this drive have a sports car. They work well on dry smooth surfaces. However, such vehicles are prone to skidding, so inexperienced drivers prefer front wheel drive.

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive means the presence of two major axes, that is provided by power transmission from the engine to each wheel. Thanks to the electronic assistants, the power is distributed in equal proportions. Vehicle wheel drive means is a universal movement on any road coating. He is the best for drivers with experience, and without.

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