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Eyelashes affect the beauty of the sight. Of their volume and density dependent expression of the eyes. Not all women are by nature have outstanding lashes. Therefore, methods have been developed correction area. Today carried eyelash. The process is performed using a number of techniques. It can be done at home or in the salon.eyelash extension

variety of treatments

When the method of popularization occurred, material cost dearly. Could pay for the procedure, not every actress. Initially they used the Sophia Loren. Later it developed a new technology building. She experienced the Madonna. Among the stars of show business method is used not only by women. By resorting procedure Ville and Sergey Zverev.

Eyelash extensions can increase their length and density. The process may be carried out using one of the basic techniques. Experts suggest to carry poresnichnoe or particle beam extensions. To make the right choice, you need to learn the specifics of each procedure.

poresnichnoe capacity

Japanese technique called. She developed a master beauty of the rising sun. The process requires the master certain knowledge and skills. He was very painstaking. Joining artificial material it is performed by means of adhesive. used funds, having a special structure. One natural lashes can be used to attach several artificial. Their number depends on the purpose, that a woman wants to achieve. A positive result is stored up to a month. It depends on the intensity of the use of cosmetics and visits bathroom. Water Treatments affecting the fixation. Technology makes it possible to create a visually increase the volume and expressive look. He attracts the attention of others.

Puchkova capacity

A method called Hollywood. The method involves fixing forever whole beams. Fastening also performed using the adhesive. It was designed specifically for implementation of the procedure. The method is different durability. The positive effect begins to be lost within a few days. The fact, that eyelid load high. Therefore synthetic materials soon begin spontaneously delaminate. Typically, the method used, to create an ephemeral image. You can use the method, if a woman requires a one-time visit any activity or conduct performance.

subspecies process

Eyelash extensions are classified and depending on the volume. secrete:

  1. A partial volume. method used, if you want to correct any defect in the area. So, method is suitable for owners of very rare eyelashes. To achieve significant volume fail. However, after the procedure glance acquire expressiveness and become more attractive. Eyelashes can alternate or be added to the corners of the eyes. The procedure may be performed in conjunction with staining. This will get the output beautiful and natural result.
  2. The full amount. The method is used more often than others. On top of their own hairs added artificial. This makes it possible to increase the expressiveness of the eyes and the volume.
  3. double the amount. Another name of the method – 3D eyelash extensions. On the method usually resorted media personality. This singer, actress, TV presenters. They have to be constantly under the eye lenses. For ordinary life this volume seems unnatural. He is not practical. However, the screen or the stage look looks good.

The cost of eyelash extension depends on the variety of procedures and the desired volume. Price range from 1500 to 4000 rub. On the cost of the procedure has influence and prestige saloon. Significance may be reduced or increased depending on the chosen material.

Contraindications to

A competent technician Eyelash warn women about contraindications. The method does not fit all. By using the method recommended to give in the following situations:

  1. There is increased skin oiliness. Clay can not simply keep the hairs.
  2. A woman is forced to wear contact lenses.
  3. Native hairs weak. Attaching the artificial material can lead to loss.
  4. Facial skin is too dry. After the procedure, possible deterioration.
  5. There is a chronic conjunctivitis. Joining artificial material capable exacerbate the pathology.

Some diseases also are the contraindications for Eyelash. The procedure can not be performed, if present:

  • viral disease;
  • psoriasis and demodekoz;
  • People suffering from neurosis;
  • there is a general active hair loss;
  • have a place to be a mental illness;
  • there are diseases of the eye;
  • observed asthma;
  • It takes place allergy;
  • there is diabetes;
  • eyes have high sensitivity.

possible effects

Eyelash extensions can not only increase their volume, but also to adjust the expression of the eyes. A woman can choose, what result it wants. Competent Master will allow to achieve the following effects:

  1. Natural. Technique is called classical. The method allows to obtain the most natural eyelashes. To implement the method in the life of the materials used of the same length. They are glued to the natural. When this master starts at the outer edge of the eye and moving the inner. It is necessary to give preference to the material length 8-10 mm. This will ensure maximum natural effect.
  2. Bald. Performed poresnichnoe capacity. However, the length of the material varies. Master puts on the eyelid short, medium and long hairs. As a result, possible to achieve unusual effects. In this case the outer side of the eye, they are somewhat longer. It does look attractive.
  3. Puppet. The method is suitable, if you have to visit any measures. Eyelash gives the opportunity to create an original image. Used very long hair. As a result, a woman is like a doll.
  4. Squirrel. Applicable length material. The sequence of processes is clearly defined. Initially the material is adhered to the outer edges. On the remaining sections are applied more short hairs.
  5. thin. It involves the use of long and short hairs. Master selects the optimal intervals between them. As a result, the hair will not seem unnaturally thick.
  6. Color. It allows you to achieve the effect of color staining. Usually used as a supplement festive image. However, some women prefer the method in everyday life. The method involves the use of materials of different shades. They can complement the classic black eyelashes.lashes

Required tools

before, you go to the eyelash extension courses or to select Wizard, It encouraged to review the list of required tools for conducting procedures. It is important to pay attention to the issue of sterility. Work is conducted in close proximity to the mucosa in the eyes. If the wizard makes a mistake, there is a risk of harm to the client's health. Work should be done with gloves and a mask. If they are absent, hands should be disinfected. Tweezers always goes sterilization. Signing up to the reception to the master, worth knowing, how he handles tools, and whether the brush is provided for free. After another client can not be used. Arriving at the salon or at home, you need to pay attention to workplace Wizard. Care should be taken, that it was in order and cleanliness. Directly required for the procedure:

  1. Glue. It is recommended to purchase a premium-class product. It should be hypoallergenic. color of the product depends on the original color of the woman eyelashes. Transparent needs for light hair, and black used for darker shades.
  2. Shtetochka. Sold separately for each customer.
  3. Material for escalating. It can be called a mink, silk. materials, used during the procedure, artificial. The diameter can vary. It looks more natural material, index value for which is 0,07 mm. Hairs differ in length. Significance varies from 8 to 12 mm.
  4. Cotton buds. Additionally disinfectants purchased.
  5. The substrate for building. Better to give preference fixtures, made from silicone, collagen gel or special. Some artists use to save tape. However, it is unpleasant to tear. The patient may experience pain.
  6. Fan or pear. The device is required to accelerate the drying process.

Preparations for the

If you will be eyelash, eyes must be free from cosmetics. Master should also prepare for the subsequent treatments. He thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. After that, the lower lashes are glued to the skin. For this purpose a special pad. Overlay tools is carried out on the angle. It allows to hide all unnecessary. The process is performed in order, they do not interfere during the work.

During the procedure, the client's eyes should be closed. This is required, the adhesive or the evaporation did not get on the mucous membrane of the eye. If the rules are violated, you can get a chemical burn. Body will react immediately. Then there will be tears.

hairs, on the planned application of glue, pre-degreased. For this purpose a special spray. It is applied to a cotton swab. The wizard carries it across the line of growth. Initially, the action is performed in a single, and then in the other direction. Manipulation is completing the preparatory process. Thereafter, a direct eyelash.

Completing the process

When all the processes are completed preliminary, It can be carried out directly eyelash. To perform the process is problematic. It is better to seek professional help. Typically artificial hairs superimposed on top of their own. For the procedure on each eye must be on the 80-120 material units. process itself is carried out as follows::

  1. Take the glue for the procedure. Action to be convenient to make, he poured on the glass.
  2. Master gently takes on one piece material. To carry out the procedure using tweezers. Future cilium lowered in adhesive. We need to follow, that it covers up the middle.
  3. Produced bonding material. For this purpose he applied to each eyelash client. It is necessary to retreat from 0.5-1mm century. While the shortest hairs are located in the inner corner. The long material is placed on the outer side of the eye. Such a process allows for a cat's eye effect.
  4. It carried out a number of approaches for each eye. Initially located order 25-30 resniček. Then, a similar process is performed with the second eye. After that, the master returns to the field, that is running the original impact. Interleaving is performed before the procedure is complete. This allows the hairs will stick to the point, when it begins to be carried out each following approach.
  5. Finalizing the remaining areas in the gaps. The action takes place during the final approach. Then the master will align the material, eyes to visually looked identical.process

If the eyelash is carried bundles, the process of the procedure varies. Typically, the method used before the ceremonial event. Bunches are nodular type and bezuzelkovogo. In the first case, they are at the end of a special ball. With such a material master work easier. Knot the end of the procedure will not see. In one eye requires about 15-20 beams.

If you use method bezuzelkovy, gluing beams produced directly on the skin. The tufts may differ from each other. The difference is revealed in the length and thickness. For originality, together with the eyelashes a woman can ask the master stick rhinestones. To perform the procedure also requires about 15-20 beams on each eye.

You can increase and lower lashes. However, before carrying out the action necessary to ensure, that the shape of woman's eye makes it possible to process beautifully. If the implementation of the procedure it is advisable to, process of change. Eyelash runs on open eyes. A woman may be concerned about increased lacrimation. This disturbs the procedure. However, the result may be a runaway, If the length and diameter are chosen correctly.

How to care for eyelashes?

Eyelash Extensions require certain costs. To the positive effect remained long, you must carry out competent care for the area. In that situation will soon arise a need to revisit the master. Implementation of competent care will keep the eyelashes intact as long as possible. The result of even the most professional master are fragile. It is therefore important to handle the lashes gently. Please observe the following rules:

  1. It is not necessary to sleep face in the pillow. As a result of the action eyelashes pomnutsya. Straighten them can only professional.
  2. If a woman wants eyelashes, on the first day you must refuse to perform procedures, involving mechanical effect on the eye area. The use of any liquid is also subject to the ban. Clay takes time, to fully consolidate lashes.
  3. Every morning, you want to perform the combing. As a result, the lashes will look more presentable.
  4. You must try to avoid tears. You can try not to cry and to avoid exposure to irritants, provoking a similar reaction. Tears are able to dissolve the glue. As a result, lashes fall off.
  5. You can not use low-fat cream. They also accelerate the removal of the adhesive and lead to a reduction in the term of preservation of positive result. If we abandon the cosmetics, for any reason, can not be, you should try, that it did not fall on the eyelids.
  6. We need to try not to scratch your eyes. Wipe their hands is also prohibited. And it is better not to try to deal with in the field of. Mechanical action capable of mash cilia or contribute to hair loss.
  7. In the first two or three days after the building is not recommended to attend bath and sauna. Solarium is also subject to the ban. Exposure to high temperatures can hurt consolidate lashes.
  8. Removing make-up should be carried out using special

how many will hold on?

If a woman wants to buy the lashes to build and begin to independently conduct the procedure, it is recommended to find out the amount of time, during which retained a positive effect. Time depends on several factors, the list of which includes:

  1. Competent care for lashes. If you do not abide by the rules, women lose lashes faster.
  2. The quality of the adhesive. Cheap cosmetic products do not provide a secure fit. As a result, soon will need to produce a second procedure. It is necessary to pay attention to the shelf life. When he came, adhesive properties vary. He is no longer able to secure the material. As a result, the lashes fall off in a week. An expired product is able to provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is important to monitor his condition.
  3. The need to wear contact lenses. women, Use this method of vision correction, It advised not to build. Contact lenses require constant attention and donning. During the process is exposed to the effects of taped material. As a result, it is possible deformation or premature discharge.
  4. The chosen way to build. It is important to pay attention to the condition of their own eyelashes. So, if they are rare and thin, better not to use beams capacity. This will cause, that the lashes will fall off under its own weight.

The material can hold up to 3 months. However, by the end of the first month of the eyelashes will fall away. As a result, their appearance significantly deteriorate. Therefore, a woman should be ready to attend the procedure every 30 days. Master easily conduct the procedure again.

Restore your own eyelashes

If the build-up was carried out, own eyelashes can become weaker. It is therefore important to make the strengthening of their. For the implementation of the procedure is recommended to use castor oil. To improve the usability of application tools, We need to take the old mascara. Capacity from beneath her carefully washed. Important, to cosmetic products they are not left. Thereafter, in a container filled with castor oil. It is applied after washing. The procedure is carried out at bedtime.

Initially, a woman may be concerned about feeling eyelash glue. However, it will take place soon. The positive effect is worth a little discomfort, to be faced in the course of the procedure. Return to its former shape the lashes will be able to in a month since the beginning of exposure. To process accelerated, it is recommended to eat. should add vitamin B daily menu. So, It provides a range of positive effects Radevit.

How to learn to build?

Learn how you can build yourself. For this purpose we study the specialized materials and watch videos. This method does not allow to perform professional treatments. You can learn how to competently carry out actions, but to provide services to others will not work. If a person wants to become a professional eyelash extension, You need to be trained. There are special courses. They provide highly qualified specialists. They provide the customer with access to theoretical and practical knowledge. The specialists will help a person learn how to perform a procedure on their own. The action is carried out strictly under the control of.

The specialist will indicate the error and give advice. As a result, a woman will understand, how to build lashes correctly. personal certificate is provided after the training. Additionally, the master can give the contact material suppliers. Will be able to buy high-quality lashes, glue and other tools for quite a low price. The online stores and retail outlets classic goods can be expensive. Eyelash extensions should be made literate master. Otherwise the effect will not be satisfactory. Today, many experts suggest to perform the procedure at home. It is cheaper. However, to complain in case of failure will be nobody to work. Qualification of such specialists is unknown.increase

the myths

If a woman wants to perform eyelash classic or carry out the process using new methods, should familiarize themselves with myths about the procedure. It is believed, what:

  1. Capacity is able to cause harm to the eyes of women. Modern materials are ophthalmic and dermatological control. But if a woman doubts, Does it fit lashes, You can perform the procedure with few cilia and go so a few days. If no response, you can carry out the procedure.
  2. Remove lashes home fail. is not true. To get rid of the material, must be applied to the attachment of the line a little oil. In the morning remove the process will not cause trouble.
  3. After the first washing lashes fall off. This is indeed possible, However, in the case, if a woman performs a make-up removal cream on oily basis and rubbing the eye area. If you take care of the lashes properly, They can hold up to one month.
  4. Regardless of, where the procedure is performed, the effect will be the same. This is not true. At home, the procedure can not go according to plan. professional materials used in the cabin, which will improve the external appearance of eyelashes.
  5. The procedure is available only actresses and stars of show business. It is also wrong. Today, prices in most salons make the procedure accessible to people with average incomes.

Pros and cons of the method

If a woman is interested in the eyelash extension, photos will help her to get acquainted with the end result. Use of the method will allow to face a number of advantages and disadvantages. Plus method serves beauty. Lashes after the building is not necessary to paint every day. The eyes become more expressive. Natural lashes acquire volume. Woman emphasize the beauty of appearance.

However, we must remember and cons. Performing eyelash, It may be encountered with allergic reaction. The positive effect of temporary. If a woman wants to maintain the achieved results, she would have to go to the master constantly. The procedure is quite expensive. The woman will face a number of restrictions and rules. So, sleep is not recommended on the stomach. There is a risk mash material.

The main drawback of the method acts as the deterioration of their own eyelashes. They become weak. Gradually, there is hair loss. After that, restore eyelashes is problematic. Not all girls speak about the method positive. Many are hesitant to re-build. Taking a final decision, necessary to consider all the pros and cons.

The process of removing material

Eyelash extensions can not always meet the needs of women. As a result, there will need them removed. The removal of material in the home possible. However, the process should be implemented, respecting a set of rules

Pull out lashes prohibited. They are tightly stuck together natural hairs. As a result, there is a risk to tear the material together with the eyelashes. Restore them in the future will be problematic.

You can not use soap or other cleaning agents. Their use can provoke eye irritation. If they have increased sensitivity, People risks provoking conjunctivitis.

If there is inflammation of the eye and surrounding area, necessary to move the process of removing lashes to complete cure. Otherwise conducted actions can lead to the subsequent development of the disease. This can cause complications.

Today, there are 4 core removal process. The process is performed using the fatty cream, a number of drugs, oils or use special solution. The latter method is the most preferred. But for this woman to be purchased remuver. This name is a treatment liquid century. After his exposure lashes easily disappear. However, the tool is expensive.

You can use a budget option and resort to using oil. Processing performed castor or olive oil. It is necessary a few drops. However, it has worked to, you need to leave it on overnight. In the morning all the lashes fall off.

If you resort to using fat cream, remove the eyelashes will be able to painlessly. Use a cosmetic product is recommended for the night or during the weekend.

If you want to take extra eyelashes, and other products at your fingertips no, you can resort to drugs. Help can drop by conjunctivitis. They are applied and left on for ever 3-5 minutes. During the application process may be faced with a slight burning sensation. Soon, however, all the excess is removed.

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