Top 40 tips for planning a family budget

Many families concerned with optimising costs and revenues. Inappropriate management leads to lower standard of living, mindless spending and disagreements in the family. Learning, how to plan a family budget, to solve these problems.

How to plan a family budget?

learning, how to plan a family budget, found the need to harmonize it with all family members. The reverse is possible only in case of full trust to one person. Start planning is necessary with analysis of the General budget for the previous period of time. It should be 4 of the month. This will help you see a clear picture of the financial condition of the family at the moment. For several months, charting income and expenses. Before optimization, it is necessary to analyze the obtained data. To plan the family budget better each month, because family members typically receive the income on a monthly basis.

To start planning a family budget, it is necessary to plan the coming income. The list includes:

  • wages;
  • assistance from the state;
  • additional earnings;
  • payments on deposits;
  • other receipts.

After you must plan for future expenses. It is better to divide them into four categories. Each must be planned separately, spreading the importance and necessity:

  • family expenses;
  • spending on children;
  • personal husband;
  • personal wife.

How to plan a family budget

In the first place should be the repayment of loans and debts. Then, you must allocate the amount on savings, then on the right the needs of the family. Utilities, food, public or private transportation, medication. Should leave some money for unexpected expenses. Last of all, to be left money on entertainment and pleasure.

As soon as the budget is laid out, should you adhere to the plan and permanently recording, calculate expenses and income daily. You can use Notepad, a diary, the files in the computer. You must attach receipts after shopping. Maintain the paper version is not very convenient, so how to find the right page will have to scroll through the entire notebook. So much easier to count in Excel. It will optimize calculations and plays the role of a calculator. You can use online services or software for conducting the family budget. However, can't be paid. Such a program for conducting the family budget usually cost not more than 20 dollars. Common applications are “home bookkeeping”, “family budget”, AceMoney.

Regardless of, what method of budgeting was selected, every month it is necessary to analyze the accuracy of the plan for expenditures and revenues. This should be done at the end of the period. If the income exceeded a specified amount, while expenses decreased, the budget is exceeded. In the reverse situation it is not enforced. The second case it is necessary to carefully analyze and detect the problem. This will help to optimize the planning of the family budget for the next month. The analysis shall be carried out every month definitely. If the financial condition of the family improved, this may not be cause of termination of planning. Good results are achieved only through constant budget analysis.

Other methods

In addition to the main method, to understand, how to plan a family budget, there are several simple circuits. They help faster and better able to cope. Simple methods particularly helpful at the beginning, when the family plans its budget for the first time and did not know, how to use more complex programs. They can become the basis for a permanent plan. The authors of such schemes is recommended to preserve 20% revenues, that need to turn into a habit. This will increase savings. To raise the standard of living will help decrease mandatory spending. Their share in the total amount must be less than.

The Method Andrew Tobias

Andrew Tobias wrote a book, the name where claims, she will be the only necessary guide to investing. He offers the following method, which helps to simply and quickly cope with the problems of budgeting:

  • you must first get rid of all debts, to close the loans and never to use credit cards;
  • always keep 20% from earned income, anywhere they without spending;
  • remaining 80% designed for everyday spending and life.

Method should be used in a certain order. If you first spend, at the end of the month may be, what delay there was nothing. but 20% income may seem too large a sum, that's why you can lay 10%. This will make it easier to develop the habit of creating savings. For greater efficiency in the end of the month, the remaining money can also be left as reserve Fund families.

Method three areas

In one of the books, dedicated to, how to plan a family budget, the authors proposed a method of three areas to achieve financial success family. It involves maintaining a balance in all categories of expense and income. AT 3 region includes:

  1. Necessities, which need to spend 50% income. There are food, payment for housing and communal services, insurance and transport costs, necessary clothing.
  2. Things for their own pleasure, the costs that make up 30%. Included in the category restaurants, theatres and cinema, Hobbies, the Internet and TV, new clothes and accessories.
  3. Savings, which should go 20%. Included in this category and the repayment of debts and loans.

This scheme helps not only to accumulate a certain amount of savings, which subsequently will help to get rid of debt. You can live happily, using 30% to meet their own needs entertainment. Not every family can afford to use this method, however, it may be a goal.

Rule 60%

Popular author of articles on financial topic Richard Jenkins proposed a scheme called “60%”. He offers to split income 5 parts, of which 60% will go to pressing charges. The scheme looks as follows:

  • urgent expenses 60%;
  • savings for retirement – 10%;
  • purchase, payments on long term – 10%;
  • incidental expenses – 10%;
  • entertainment – 10%.

The method restricts in spending for our pleasure, however, involves the accumulation for retirement, as well as saving for unexpected and irregular expenses.

The necessity of family budget

learning, how to plan a family budget, the family discovers the need to consider the interests of all. On this basis, there are differences. However, when planning increases financial discipline in the family, better controlled tools. This will improve the efficiency of spending, faster to pay off debt, to save money and to save up for specific needs. The result will be improved financial condition of the family. Planning a family budget will allow faster more efficient come to the designated target in certain, the appointed time.A joint plan

Planning a family budget is an important component of financial well-being. This method is used in many other areas. Success comes to those, who carefully thought out a plan and steps. An example would be the army, where before, how to go into attack, think of all the steps. Studied area, conditions, the enemy, on the time of year and the position of the troops. Major events also for success in the market conducting research make a plan of action. This technique is used for travel planning, where the slightest deviation from the predetermined course can lead to reduced safety, travelers. Planning a family budget falls into this category, therefore, an effective plan will help to achieve financial success. This is not a problem.

What you need to planning?

figuring out, how to plan a family budget, people will encounter necessary things, without which action is impossible. The list includes:

  1. Information about income and expenses for previous months. To obtain them you need to enter the account.
  2. Information about upcoming events, which will need the money. In the category includes bills, birthdays, holiday, holidays, payments on loans and debts, the charge for the circles in children, additional expenses.
  3. It is recommended to have a separate notebook or calendar for keeping records of expenses.
  4. Seasonality. This is especially important, if in the month are holidays. In those days, the stores raise the cost of their goods. By the summer often rise fuel prices, since many go on vacation or travel on cars. Also raised prices on tickets, hotels and other aspects of the vacation. The same applies to the Christmas period. Fall expenses increased due to costs for students.
  5. For conducting the family budget, you can use paper notebooks, computer, program Excel or similar. On the Internet you can find a list of applications for the compilation of expenditure and income. They consider personal Finance. It is necessary to plan for the next month, detail painted all the items.Report

The benefits of planning a family budget

Interested in the, how to plan a family budget, there are questions about its benefits. In the first place will disappear rash and unnecessary purchases. Many people do not like strict discipline, they are accustomed to the spontaneity of action. However, if there are no big savings, you need to learn how to manage finances to achieve success in this field, to stop living from paycheck to paycheck and depend on it. It is necessary to consider additional sources of income, to invest money. possible, if the right to plan a family budget. To speed up the process of compiling a monthly program of income and expenditure will help application for personal Finance.

Family budget allows you to create a General account for the payment of expenses within the family, would provide the opportunity to repay loans and to achieve certain goals. Every family budget approach different. Some spouses can put all their income, and then spend as needed. Another pair can add a certain part of wages in total expenditure, the remainder will be for personal use. However, any option not perfect, as the family may have differences on the basis of misunderstandings. One spouse may feel, the other spends more on himself and prejudice his interests.

The lack of a family budget means, no clear idea, where to spend the earned money. There are quarrels and resentment. To avoid such an outcome, mutual accusations will help to establish clear budget. It is necessary to specify all possible expenses and purchases. The acquisition and purpose in the financial sector need to discuss together. To determine in advance a space for personal expenses. Many financially successful people plan their family budget. They make up rigid rules, prescribe completely for all the expenses. So they are able to save large sums of money on account, get rid of unnecessary expenses and save as.

At the beginning of each month you must calculate the cost of food, utility bills, to move around the city, clothes and shoes, children and Pets, to paint the possible sums. Then the couple can split the costs. One would assume the purchase of food, clothes, the second will pay for the rent and services. Both have to allocate some money to savings to Fund.

Solving problems

Planning a family budget allows you to solve many problems. The list includes:

  • to avoid rash, impulse buying, which are then not used in the home or a person;
  • a more sensible approach to costs, assistance in achieving certain goals;
  • accumulation on expensive items, quick payment on a loan, travel by saving money;
  • eliminate the misunderstanding in the family on financial grounds, as per the plan for a month clearly indicated spending every members of the family, which are subject to adjustment;
  • determination of the amount of money, which can instead of spending directed to achieving future goals and financial freedom;
  • improving quality of life by eliminating useless spending, increase opportunities to spend the money on important.

The reasons for the lack of planning of the family budget

Not all families are engaged in budget planning. They know about the need, however, for some reason not doing this. Possible obstacles becomes:

  • the unwillingness to share the income;
  • wrong attitude to the family budget;
  • the complexity of the planning process;
  • income brings only one member of the family;
  • there is no agreement on the financial part;
  • the inability to calculate the costs.

Planning tips

Budget transparency

learning, how to plan a family budget, the pair will find the need to make it transparent. This will help to avoid misunderstandings, to fully describe costs and increase efficiency. All expenses for the month must be stated.

Receipts from purchases

One way, to understand, how to plan a family budget, is to collect receipts from purchases. This method is time-consuming, as they are often lost and not everywhere you can get them. Will have to sort through a mountain of receipts, to analyze the budget for the last month, remember, what stood out cheques without certain information, constantly count the amount. This will help avoid the immediate insertion of data in the Excel file.

Mobile app

A more convenient way, than the accumulation of checks, is the use of mobile applications. Every smartphone has a shop, where you can find such an application. They can record expenses and income, categories, to configure the access plan for all family members, see analyses and statistics. Typically, sharing can be obtained only in the case, if the paid version. The app requires an instantaneous record of all expenses, yet they are not forgotten. If you ignore this, at the end of the month will show the amount, which was spent on the suspense.

Joint Bank account

More reliable and easier way is to open a shared Bank account. So tracking spending is easier. All transactions will be reflected in the application automatically, don't have to write them yourself, nothing will be lost. However, not all banks offer a similar feature. The total bill is under development in Russia, therefore, such option offer individual financial institutions.

You must know in advance with your Bank, if such a function. Some institutions have a program for family banking. All family members can share with each other Bank products. This can be a account, of credit debt, deposits. It is possible to combine costs on the cards. Some banks offer to create a separate account, and then open access to other members, issuing each of them a separate card. Often, however,, to use this function, all family members must have their own account in a particular Bank, create a free account in online banking. Only then will they be able to access the shared expenses.

This service is available not only to families. The total score can open friends, which the Bank provides the opportunity without verification of family ties. All transactions will be reflected in the report of the Internet Bank. It can see any member of the family. This will make budgeting more transparent. When changing circumstances can block access to a specific person to your account, deposits. However, not everyone will dare to give family members public information on revenues and expenditures. The reason may be the distrust, purchase, which family members do not need to know, the need for freedom and personal space in the financial sector. This should be considered when planning the family budget.

Personal needs and savings

If a family was chosen General Bank account, this does not mean, it will have all the money to transfer him. You can send part of their income, and the other leave for personal needs. Loved ones will be able to use only public services, the rest of the operation, associated with money, they are not available. No one will monitor private accounts and deposits.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the accumulation of money. Usually with income retained 20%, are either accumulated in a special account, or invested. However, it should be done if you can afford. Otherwise, you will have to spend the money on daily expenses. The savings will be able to help out in unforeseen circumstances, to go to major expenses in the future. If the accumulation of individual, you can leave on private account. When, if the whole family wants to make a contribution, you can make a separate savings account with public access.

A common goal

During budget planning the goals of both the spouse must be the same. If you want to reduce costs, save up for a vacation or faster to repay the loan, husband and wife should go together to that goal. Very suitable for this joint deposits in a Bank. Opening a shared account on spouses, they may jointly invest money into savings or paid on loans.

Talk to your spouse about, what monthly amount would come from each family member on a joint account. If the repayment of the loan, you can open access and monthly transfer the agreed amount. In this case, faster to pay back the loan turns into reality, since both spouses act together and put a certain amount of money. Plans begin to be implemented. The same rule applies if you wish to accumulate. Creates a separate account, be accessible to both spouses, and the required amount transferred monthly both. This will allow to unite the family and reach goals faster.

The costs of children and parents

figuring out, how to plan a family budget, spouses find additional costs in the form of aid to parents and the allocation of pocket money for the offspring. It is also possible for two people to share. It is recommended to use the mobile application using a common Bank account. You can configure the automatic payment to transfer a certain amount to the account of the parents. You can create a shared account, which periodically will be credited the money.

Some banks offer special cards for kids. They can be issued with parental permission, to which they can connect Autopayment with a shared family account. Did that pocket money for children of both spouses. Parents can manage their child's card, refill, browse all perfect with her surgery. This option is available for children 6 years old, which offers mobile app. It training information, which will teach the child how to manage personal finances.Family budget

The attitude to the family budget

It is not necessary to associate the planning of the family budget as the need for a strong economy and deprivation of life's pleasures. This error. Quality of life from planning must be improved. You need the right attitude to the family budget. Raising the standard of living is due to the fact, what person usually spends 20% available amount wasted. This abuse of a useless purchase, frequent trips to cafes and restaurants, overpayment for products and services, which you could buy cheaper. Purchases can be impulsive, spontaneous. Renunciation of such activities would help in future to improve the standard of living.

The money saved could gladly be forwarded on the necessary things. Items to care for themselves, vacation and travel, hobbies, nice gifts and surprises. It is recommended to create personal capital, which will make you feel financially independent. It can also be an airbag. We are not talking about simple cuts, you need to prioritize. Planning a family budget will help to improve the quality of life without the need to increase income and apply for several works.

The family budget does not depend on, how much each family member earns money. It is possible to take into account to apportion costs. If the husband monthly salary, and his wife works as a freelancer and the money is sent several times per month, during planning it is possible to consider the factors and to allocate costs correctly. This can be done through the Internet Bank, with a total score of. Will help you create a family budget is the most honest, to increase the transparency and save the family from arguing about financial problems. The opportunity personal savings and spending.

No overload

Use software for budget planning can greatly facilitate the life. However, some of them are too detail, counting the slightest waste up to grams of food eaten. This approach is incorrect, it is not useful and wastes power. The family budget will quickly get bored and it will cease to.

The solution to this problem would be to replace the app. The application on the phone must keep a budget, which includes only the basic income and expenses. Spending on food, entertainment and fun, utilities, transport, essential wardrobe items. Budget planning is sufficient tedious. He doesn't need to spend too much time on. Overloading yourself while planning to kill interest in the calculation of Finance. Minimal effort will bring maximum results.

Yourself first, then the rest

Getting paid, a family member commits expenditure. Usually deposited money, remaining at the end of the month. There are always important needs of the first necessity, which will have to spend the remaining amount. Approach wrong. You must immediately defer the designated amount, which goes into the creation of personal savings, the remaining money can be spent. This will bring man to his goal, spending money will be more comfortable.

Time is money

learning, how to plan a family budget, people are faced with the constraint of saving. They think about public opinion, if you ask for a discount or will be traded. However, the approach is incorrect. Financial wealthy people know the value of money and time. You need to think, how much is one hour of your life. To divide their own salary to the amount of time worked. This will be the price 1 o'clock. By mindless spending in 20% from the total income a person loses the money and the time of his life. It will be almost 1 wasted weeks. You should also think about, where could do to spend the money, if at a certain point to save. Comforts in life will not fall, the costs will decrease, the money will accumulate easier.

Reduction of major expenses

Excessive savings also negatively affects the family budget. People can save money on travel, using the services of the bus instead of taxis, however, due to a bad mood then to spend more money in the restaurant. No spending cuts, bad mood persists and is deteriorating. Why skimp on the little things should not be. It is better to spend less money on major purchases. This will help not to lose the comfort of living, save money.

General tips

learning, how to plan a family budget, found, the process is simple. Compliance with certain of the recommendations will help control costs and to introduce planning into the habit. The process will be implied as mandatory. Planning a family budget will provide for a more comfortable life and financial success. You need to choose the convenient and the best method, to then enjoy the results. They were positive, you must follow the advice:

  1. You need to remember the reason for the decision to start planning a budget. You don't make decisions based on public opinion. You need to set a specific goal and explain why. It can be quick paying loan, cost reduction.
  2. You need to set a clear goal, which would be motivated to continue planning the family budget. These can be accumulation, major purchase.
  3. It is necessary to introduce a thorough report on revenues and expenditures. This will help you to be confident in the results and to better organize the budget for the next month.
  4. To open a savings account for optimum delay means. It is better to limit the opportunity to take his money. This will help to better shape the family Foundation.Accumulation
  5. You need to get realistic about things. No need to set unrealistic goals and strive for the impossible. Start to be small.
  6. An important aspect is the support of loved ones. The family budget must be drafted with the participation of all family members.
  7. Do not be afraid of radical changes in the budget. You need to be flexible and choose to work in a specific situation method. The numbers may differ in view of unforeseen circumstances, it is not always possible to strictly follow the plan.
  8. Small, however, achievable goals will be more motivated. They need to constantly increase in connection with successful planning.

Cost optimization

figuring out, how to plan a family budget, the family asks the question about cost optimization. There are a couple of ways:

  1. The first is for people with a developed internal discipline. In the first month, you must develop a spending plan with estimated spending for each item. Within just months to live according to the clearly established rules. If not enough money, you can't spend more. It helps to better see the overall picture and the next month as to optimize costs. Consequences will teach proper planning. Do not forget about, that at least 10% should go in a savings account.
  2. The second method is a more forgiving scheme. In the first month, you must record and accurately count all costs. At the end of the period need to consider the result. Many people are shocked, how ugly manage your money. Will appear asking, where are such amounts.

Seeing a specific amount, you can start to plan a family budget. Need to cut costs. You can use a more economical mobile tariff, instead of lunch at the restaurant to carry lunch box, instead of entertainment in the public areas to sit at home and read a book. Optimal consumption come within 4-5 months.

Salary increase

Before, how to plan a family budget, man thinks about a possible salary increase. It is necessary to divide by 2 parts. The half set aside in personal savings, the second part is to spend on expenses. While increasing salaries for 5000 rubles most people increase available for expenditure the amount of all the appeared money.

However, people used to live for a certain amount and increasing no need. Therefore it is necessary to give 2500 RUB on spending, the second half to make personal capital. This will help to save money and to invest more, as well as slightly improve the quality of life by increasing available amounts. Financial wealthy people spend less, than get. The difference is a useful investment, the enhancement of their own capital and profitable investments.

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