Top 40 tips about getting rid of a headache

Headache may surprise any person. Unpleasant feeling knocks the normal rhythm and allows you to go about your daily routines. Faced with, you need to see a specialist. However, if for any reason immediately visit the physician fails, the person is able to get rid of a headache.To get rid of a headache

Predisposing factors

The causes of headaches are varied. Often discomfort provoke:

  • increase or decrease pressure;
  • drug abuse, alcohol or Smoking;
  • people suffer cervical osteochondrosis;
  • increased body temperature;
  • the weather changes.

When you need to call an ambulance?

Before, how to get rid of a headache, you must pay attention to the accompanying symptoms. The presence of associated symptoms may indicate serious pathology. So, headaches can announce the beginning of a heart attack, meningitis or encephalitis. You should immediately call an ambulance, if discomfort accompanied:

  • loss of consciousness;
  • paralysis;
  • appearance of weakness or stupor;
  • disclosure of violations with walking, vision or speech;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • observed stiffness in the cervical;
  • the body temperature exceeds 38,5 degrees.

To consult a specialist in case of need, if a person is plagued by frequent or severe pain, but drugs do not help.

Home therapy

means, to get rid of a headache, depend on the specific situation. Into account the need to take comorbidities. We must also consider the presence of contraindications. Not all methods suit everyone. To choose the best method of treatment, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Discomfort localized in the neck

If a person wants to get rid of a headache in the back of the head, to help able back massage, neck and shoulder. When the procedure is carried out, it is recommended to sleep in a comfortable position, go to bed and try to sleep. It is not necessary to think about the existing problems. In addition, you should resort to humidifying the air.Neck massage

To remove the occipital pain will help the orthopedic pillow to sleep and use cold compresses. They must be applied to the area, which is localized unpleasant feeling. However, if his appearance provoked an increase in pressure, apply massage is not recommended. Additionally it is allowed to resort to the help of physiotherapy.


If bad blood comes to the brain, head might start to hurt. A similar phenomenon can provoke low back pain. Usually it is localized in the cervical spine. His condition is also important. The displacement of the vertebrae can also hinder the normal blood flow and provoke pain. The result is a pain, which are localized mainly in the occipital part. In this situation, you should enlist the help of specialized exercises and massage. To get rid of a headache, run them at home.

If unpleasant feelings arose after sleep or after a long work behind the computer, you must perform the massage of the cervical. The procedure is performed with fingertips. The impact should be punished on both sides of the spine. Need gently press and move your fingers up and down.

Another remedy is honey ointment. To cook it, you need to take vegetable oil and mix it with honey. The oil should be unrefined. Components it is necessary to take in equal proportions. You will also need alcohol tincture of propolis. You need to take a teaspoon of the substance and add it to the mass. The resulting mass should be applied on the affected area. Above is a close region compress paper. If it is not available, fit the classic paper for baking. The top should cover the area with straw or a blanket.


It is believed, that migraine is a genetic disease, which is inherited. To completely get rid of it. To minimize the risk of severe pain, it is necessary to examine the factors, provoking attack, and try to avoid them. Cause migraines able:

  • Drug use;
  • insufficient sleep;
  • large breaks in eating;
  • the intake of alcohol;
  • eating fast food, canned, food additives and smoked;
  • excessive physical activity;
  • stress;
  • sharp fluctuations of temperature in both directions;
  • noise or bright light.

In women, the onset of may cause the beginning of menstruation. A common migraine is accompanied by the phenomenon first 2 day. Contraceptives are produced using hormones. Their impact almost always causes a headache. The same rule applies in relation to other hormonal methods. Today there are several ways, to combat phenomenon.

Person, suffering from migraine, may resort to using:

  1. Baths with added essential oils. To prepare it, need Melissa essential oil, basilica, oregano, mint. must 1 plant. It is impossible to take in too hot or too cold water. The temperature should be comfortable and vary 26-39 degrees.
  2. Cryotherapy. The essence of the method consists in exposing the ice cube. On the human body a lot of points, can have an impact on the entire body. While cryotherapy is the effect on the base of the skull. Here is the hole. At this point you need to put a small ice cube. It should not be more 2 on 2 cm. The ice must be kept for half an hour. Allowed to lie on your back or stomach. The choice of method depends on the convenience of the patient. When the procedure is completed, need more 10-15 minutes spend at rest. The duration of treatment should not exceed one month. Previously recommended to consult a specialist.
  3. The use of mood elderberry with honey. To prepare it you need honey and dried flowers of elderberry. You need to take 1 Article. spoon plants. Then the basis of the infusion pour boiling water. Would need 1 glass. You can't use the infusion from. You need to give him a brew. The process is of the third hour. After this infusion is ready to use. You need to take a quarter Cup of the drink before a meal. In the infusion you want to add St. a spoonful of honey.


If a person wants to get rid of a headache of this type, therapy will focus on restoring the nervous system and strengthening it. Need grass, possessing medicinal properties. From them prepare infusions. Decoctions of plants also differ in the efficiency. The treatment process is quite long. Can be done:

  1. Mud. The procedure consists in applying to the head of tincture of clay with medicinal decoctions. It can be mixed with the infusion of peppermint. Additionally can be used the therapeutic mud, which added to medicinal plants or their oils.
  2. Acupressure. To impact you need on your disk, nasal area, eyebrow or benevolent. The impact on each point should not exceed more than a minute. For holding of acupressure is better to consult a specialist.

The discomfort arose because of fatigue

The most common type of headache in the medicine acts as an unpleasant sensation, provoked by overexertion. According to statistics, only 10% the population of the globe are not faced with the phenomenon. Headache may occur occasionally or to accompany the person all the time. In both situations, the discomfort capture both sides of the head. The duration of the attack varies. It can last from an hour to several days. Risk category are people, who have long time work on the computer. To get rid of a headache of this kind is possible without the use of medicines. For this we have to learn how to relieve stress. The process should be carried out by, does not harm the body. It means, the use of psychotropic drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited. To combat the discomfort, you can resort to the help of:

  1. Energizing bath. For cooking you can use essential oil. You need to dial into the bath water and add 2 drops of each substance. You can not pour essential oils directly into the bath. It will not dissolve. Therefore, it is recommended to dilute it in a spoonful of honey. Only after this it is necessary to add a substance to the bath. The water temperature should be slightly above body temperature and to be of the order of 38-40 degrees. You need to remember about the time. Can't be done in the bathroom more 15 minutes.
  2. Cold inhalation. The method is used in stressful situations. To get rid of a headache, you will need to enlist the help of aroma lamp and essential oil of bergamot. You must put one tablespoon of the liquid and five drops of oil. You will then need to light a candle. Aroma uplifting, has a tonic effect, reduces fatigue and gives you the opportunity to get rid of fear in stressful situations. It is believed, that bergamot can raise female libido and improve male potency.
  3. Low-contrast shower. The method is applied, if you have a nervous breakdown. Low-contrast shower has a relaxing and calming effect. Originally applied warm water. You need to configure the shower and hold him under 10 minutes. Then the temperature rises to a comfortable hot. Repeat the temperature change should be three times.
  4. Bath application of the salt. To use the method recommended, if discomfort arose from the surge. For the preparation of baths require food or sea salt. Bath allows you to relax after a working day, to reduce excess weight, calm down. Apply the recommended rate. Its duration is 10-15 procedures. The water temperature should be 36-38 degrees. You can't stay in the bathroom longer 20 minutes. Salt will remain on the body, after swimming in the sea. Take a shower after the procedure not worth it. It is recommended to give substance to dry on the body. To cook one bath, It needs about 0,5 kg of salt. If a person has a reserve of medicinal herbs, you can make one broth. The liquid is poured into the tub. Instead of herbal decoction suitable essential oil. It only takes a few drops of the substance. It is mixed with salt, and then is added to water.Bath salt

In the cold

If you want to get rid of a headache with a cold, it is recommended to enlist the help of popular recipes. So, to fight the discomfort rose petals with honey. It is necessary to take a plant, carefully grind it, then mix with honey in equal proportions. Prepared mixture must be put in a jar. It should be made of dark glass. A lot need to leave for 7 days. The process is performed in a dark place. When the stuff is ready, you need to take a cotton swab and soak it in liquid. Then the infusion is introduced into the nasal passages. The procedure is repeated at most 3 once a day. In addition to getting rid of discomfort, method eliminates a runny nose.

Used in diseases of the pulmonary. Homemade preparations for their implementation are prepared with onions and garlic. Plants are natural antibiotics. Garlic contains volatile, which can destroy the bacteria of typhoid fever, streptococci and staphylococci. substances, contained in onions, struggling with the tuberculosis Bacillus. To conduct inhalation of garlic chop 2/3 slices of plants and inhale the vapors for 10-15 minutes. Dishes with garlic you want to keep near nose. Through 10 minutes the weight need to replace a new.

Of garlic can be done drops, to get rid of headaches and to fight the cold. This will need to take peeled garlic, finely chop them. The resulting mass is filled with fluid, pre-boil. Its volume is 50 ml. Capacity to cover and let stand for 2 hours. When it is ready, drops, you must apply for each hour. If the procedure provokes irritation, it is recommended to add vegetable oil. You want to make 1 no. l. substances.

With the discomfort faced hypertensive

The problem concerns not all hypertensive patients. but 70% of them have encountered a similar phenomenon. Headaches result from vascular dystonia. In addition to increased arterial pressure and intracranial. The result is discomfort. To relieve the pressure, it is recommended to take two heads of garlic and 2 lemon. The peel should not be removed. The fruits are crushed using trowel. The resulting mush need to put in a glass jar. The oil then pour hot water. Would need 2,5 liters of fluid. You may not use the boiling water. When the process is completed, must be well-mixed mass and close jar lid. Capacity then put in a dark place and insist. In a day, you will need to strain the stock through a clean cheesecloth. The resulting home preparation is before going to sleep. The dosage is 2 Article. l. facilities. Treatment for headache continues 14 day.

Another way of dealing with pressure are the use of decoction of viburnum with honey. For cooking need a glass of berries and 3 Article. l. honey. The fruit plants need to pour 1 l. water. It should be brought to the boil. The resulting mass is cooked more 10 minutes. You will then need to cool the substance at room temperature. Next, you add the honey, the resulting mass is mixed. It is recommended to drink 200 ml per day in three reception. Treatment of headache lasts from early autumn to late spring. A decoction normalizes blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. Pre-required specialist advice.

When sinusitis

If you get rid of a headache when you have sinusitis, you can resort to the help of honey-salt compress. They must be applied to the forehead. However, the method may only be used in that case, if there is free drainage of accumulated mucus from the nose. Another method, able to alleviate the patient's condition sinusitis, acts are frequent and copious lavage of the nostrils. The process is performed by using a weak salt solution. It is better to cook with sea salt.

After a stroke

If a person suffered a stroke, he will need a calm environment and support from relatives. To improve blood flow and remove spasms can help warm bath for hands. This requires the lower limbs to the elbow in warm liquid and pour as it cools down the hot water. Hold hands in the bath is necessary for 10 minutes.

Some patients experience relief after the use of oranges and lemons with honey. You must clear two fruit from the seed, to scroll in the blender, add to the resulting mass of two tablespoons of honey. The product must during the day to stand at room temperature for, then put in the refrigerator. Need to add one tablespoon weight tea.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy is associated with restricted medication. Medicinal drugs can harm the fetus. Therefore to get rid of a headache better to stay in a dark room. Additionally, you should use the compress. The peculiarity of the procedure depends on the localization of unpleasant sensations.

Medical facilities

The first is to take painkillers. Most drugs for my headache starts to act in 12 hours. They need to be applied at the first signs of discomfort. Ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen is able to relieve the pain.

You cannot receive painkillers every day, if such treatment is not prescribed by your doctor. The more often a person takes certain drugs, the faster the body gets used to them. Excessive consumption of medicines can cause overdose and even re-trigger the occurrence of pain. You need to visit a specialist, if a person is forced to consume the drug more often 3 once a week.

Traditional methods

Today there are several ways, to get rid of a headache without using drugs. Methods are the use of certain substances or the use of effects. Before using a particular procedure, it is recommended to verify the absence of contraindications. Note should be taken concomitant diseases and hypersensitivity. It is better to consult a specialist and learn about the possibilities of using a certain technique to get rid of headache in a particular case.

Essential oil

To effectively get rid of a headache allows essential oil. It was used in ancient times. However, the oil can be used, if triggers headache causes frivolous. If you need urgent medical intervention, aromatherapy can help not able. In all other cases, you can try to resort to methods. Allowed to use a mixture of essential oils. They are not able to complement each other in properties. Essential oils can be used in the composition of cold compresses. They are recommended to be applied on different areas of the head. The scope depends on the variety of discomfort.

To prepare the solution for the compress, you need to take 100 ml of water and add the essential oil. It can consist of oil of lavender. Substance from the same quantity can be mixed with peppermint leaf. Another view of the proportions of the essential oils are the three drops each of lavender, 2 Romashkovo and 1 lemon. Can be sprinkled with a few drops of lavender oil to a handkerchief and inhale the aroma for several minutes.

Cool compress

To get rid of a headache, can be applied to the head with a cold rag. Cold bandage of soft tissues are able to narrow blood vessels. In most situations it will reduce unpleasant sensations. The method is particularly effective, if the pain is localized in the sinuses or temples.Compress

Faced with the unpleasant sensations, it is recommended to wet the soft cloth with cold water and applied to the forehead. The bandage must be re-wet from time to time. The process is recommended to perform the, how is heating.

If the pain was triggered by stress, overexertion, anxiety or muscle stiffness, it is recommended to take a warm shower or apply a warm compress. The use of cold cloth is not recommended.

Perhaps the use of potent compresses. To do this, moisten a piece of cloth with water, wrap it in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Through 30 minutes the fabric must be removed and applied to the forehead. Compress a greater amount of time will be able to stay cool. A plastic sheath protects the person from melting ice.

Exercises for the neck

To help get rid of headaches able exercises for the neck. Stretching of muscles is able to reduce an unpleasant sensation in chronic pathologies, as well as relieve acute pain. Exercises are performed in the following way:

  1. The chin should be lowered to the chest. The process is slow. Shoulders to move not. As a result the person will feel tension in back of neck. You must then return to the original position.
  2. The neck needs to rotate in one direction. The process needs to be done carefully. In this position, you must stay on 15-30 seconds. You will then need to return to the starting position and do the same steps for the other side. You are then returned to the original position.
  3. You need to put your head down, to make the ear closer to the shoulder. The process is carried out smoothly. Shoulder raise impossible. In this position, you must stay on 15-30 seconds. Then you want to return to the starting position. The same procedure is repeated for the other side.

To do the exercises recommended as needed.


If I don't have, this can trigger a headache. So you need to eat regularly. However, the cause of the attack is capable of some drinks and foods. Usually it's chocolate, red wine and some other products. It is necessary to follow the diet. It is recommended to refuse food, provoking a headache. To get rid of the discomfort can help:

  1. Spinach. It contains a large number of substances, providing beneficial effects on human health. The product is able to reduce blood pressure and help to get rid of a headache, which was the result of a hangover. It is recommended to eat spinach in a salad, replacing them with other greens, or put in sandwiches.
  2. Almonds. They contain magnesium. It relaxes blood vessels and get rid of the pain. The substance present in large amounts in avocados, bananas and cashews.
  3. Sharp. However, you need to take into account the type of headache and the individual characteristics of the person. Such foods can help not always. However, if acute sinusitis relieving nasal congestion and reduces headache.
  4. Caffeine. It narrows the blood vessels, reduces discomfort. However, use the drinks, containing the substance, caution. Experts recommend to drink tea instead of coffee. It contains less caffeine.

The practice of relaxation

To get rid of a headache can be different methods. If a person is faced with the discomfort, do not try to try this time something new. It is better to resort to some simple method. A positive reputation when dealing with discomfort managed to earn:

  • the use of visualization;
  • meditation;
  • prayers;
  • calm.meditation

Muscle relaxation

To get rid of a headache, you can try alternately relaxing each group of muscles. This will give the opportunity to dull the discomfort. To implement the actions you can perform the following exercises:

  1. Must be placed in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply.
  2. To stretch a certain muscle group and stay in this state for 5 seconds. Action should begin to run from his forehead.
  3. When the set period ends, it is necessary to relax the muscles. Attention is required to focus on the feeling of relaxation.
  4. Move on to the next muscle group.

Breathing technique

Sometimes, to get rid of a headache, enough to breathe correctly. For many, the statement seems strange. However, it is proved, deep breathing can help. If you perform exercises regularly, this will enable you to relieve stress and relax. As a result, the discomfort subsides very quickly. To perform the necessary:

  1. Find a quiet place. It should be dark and cool.
  2. To stay comfortable. To do this, sit or lie down, and take off all uncomfortable clothes.
  3. Begin to breathe deeply. The process is carried out through the nose. You must feel, as you inhale, the expansion of the abdomen. In this position, you need to stay for two or three seconds. Then you want to produce a slow exhale through the mouth until, while in the lungs will have no air.

Healthy sleep

To get rid of headaches, need to sleep. Adults who need to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night. If a person has difficulty falling asleep, recommended:

  • bedtime should not watch TV or use the computer;
  • to sleep or to have sex only better on the bed;
  • in the evening it is better not to drink coffee and a large number of tea;
  • dim the lights pre-order, that the organism had time to prepare for bed.

Fresh air

When you start the heating season in the apartments, the air is getting stale. The percentage of oxygen in it decreases. This provokes the emergence of headaches. The way out is the ventilation. You need to follow the steps 5 minutes every hour. Alternative acts half walk. To perform the procedure is recommended 1 times a day.

Heat and cold

If the cause of headache are allergies or a strain, help capable of applying cold. You need to wrap the ice in a towel and applied to the forehead and temples. If a person is concerned about severe pain, a towel can be applied closer to the shoulders and neck. Should not directly use it on exposed parts of the body.

If the cause of the discomfort is getting poor circulation or low back pain, also cramps, help capable of vasodilation with heat. It is necessary to take a warm bath and applying a heating pad to the neck. You can also use contrast showers and a small warm up the neck.

Rest during strenuous activity

If a person works in front of a computer, he is forced to watch a flickering monitor. The problem is aggravated, if there is no LCD screen. Sometimes flicker is invisible to the eye. The situation arises, if the screen is set to a frequency 60 megahertz. However, the brain perceives the phenomenon. It increases fatigue and causes the pain. Therefore, you need to take breaks. Their duration should not be less than 10 minutes. To adjourn the recommended 1 every hour. You need to completely break away from previous activities. To do this is to get up, walk around the room, go to the window and look into the distance.

The use of liquid

Experts recommend drinking more fluids. If there is a lack, there is a General discomfort. The risk of collision with the phenomenon increases, when an uncomfortable feeling caused by hangover or vomiting. To get rid of a headache, it is necessary at the moment of occurrence of discomfort to drink a large glass of liquid. You will then continue to eat small portions during the day. Gradually the pain will go away.

An adult male should drink each day minimum 3 liters of water. For women, a similar figure is low 2,2 l. Humid climate, high temperature, exercises increase the required amount of liquid. The impact and weight. The daily rate is calculated, on the basis of the following rules – 15-30 ml per kilogram of weight.

You should not use ice liquid, if a person has a headache. Such water can provoke a migraine, if the patient is prone to this disease. Better to use a liquid at room temperature.

Additional funds

Before every house there was a balm Asterisk. He was able to help a headache. To get rid of the discomfort, it was necessary to lubricate the whiskey and the point between the eyebrows. The balm Asterisk can be found now.

On the painful area you can put lemon zest. This helps to eliminate discomfort. The same way applies a poultice of crumb of bread, soaked in vinegar. The essence of the substance cannot be used. The bread crumb in the vinegar should be wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the, in which there is discomfort.

To help in the fight with discomfort is capable of Valerian. Its root is to insist in a glass of boiling water and take a tablespoon. The procedure is repeated three times a day. The method allows to deal with the headaches, which arise as a result of stress.

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