Top 40 tips on how, how to choose the decoration

Jewelry has always been considered one of the main accessories. You can emphasize the dignity of elegant earrings, suspension, necklace, bracelet. knowing, how to choose the decoration, can effectively complement the image and to please a good gift for another person.How to choose the decoration

The choice of frame

The most popular materials, which are made of jewelry, ancient gold and silver. They come in different samples and types. Gold can be classic red, white. The color depends on various impurities, used in the manufacture of eyeglasses. However, gold is not for everyone. Along with the jewelry made of this precious metal produced silver jewelry. It is soft and has high ductility, therefore, it is easy to make fine wire. Jewelers prefer silver. This is especially true of complex and intricate products. Silver goes well with all precious and semi-precious stones, elements.

Jewelry of precious metals, it is recommended to buy only from popular and well-known, expensive brands. Otherwise you can buy a fake. This is especially true for those, who are allergic to metal products. In this case it is better to give preference to rhodium and platinum, they are hypoallergenic. Either buy gold or silver jewelry with anti-allergic coating.

When choosing jewelry, you must pay attention to the damage. The surface should be uniform, finished to a high Shine and have no scratches, cracks. When, if the choice fell on the frosted decoration, it is necessary to assess the uniformity of the respective coating, velvet.

Jewelry should not have traces of special tools, glue, scuffs or waviness. There should not be stains. If the choice fell on the stamped or carved, with engraved drawings – they should be clear.

Tag decoration

Tag called paper, which contain all the necessary information for the buyer. It is necessary first of all to pay attention to, how it looks. Usually the tag is made of white paper high density, has holes for the thread, which connects the label and jewelry. It must be the seal, which is a clear indication of the company's. Usually one letter or the whole name. On the label:

  • manufacturer;
  • company address;
  • the appearance of the product and the part number;
  • sample;
  • weight;
  • the price of jewelry;
  • description insert stating the name and material;
  • the size for rings, bracelets;
  • length for chains and bracelets.

The inscription on the ornament

learning, how to choose the decoration, a person needs to pay attention to labels. They can be on the tag, on the product. to understand, what is the meaning of the symbol on the decoration, you can see an example of a diamond 2 cu 48-0,40 5\2.

  • 2 – the number of stones in the decoration;
  • Cu – round cut;
  • 48 – the number of faces of a diamond;
  • 0,40 weight, measured in carats, the rate of 1 on 2 mg;
  • 5 – shade of the diamond spectrum 1(transparent) to 9(a light shade of yellow);
  • 2 – indicates the defectiveness of the stone is based 1-3 – no defect, 4-6 – small inclusions, 7-11 faint defects, 12 – noticeable inclusions.

Also on the decoration, you can find a sample. It is written on the inside of the rim. Sample means the quantity of precious metal in the alloy. To find out the percentage, you need to divide the number by 100. This is the percentage of the metal in this alloy, which is used for making rims. Frequent breakdown of silver is 925. It means, what the alloy was 92.5% pure silver. The sample also means the authenticity of the products.

You need to check the mark. The authentic decoration is the impression after checking the state on, as well as a personal sign company. In case of absence it is safe to say, the product is fake. The most popular prints of gold are 585 and 750.The sample on the ring

In gift girl

Jewelry is a great gift for girls for any occasion. However, you need to choose carefully, to present furor.

The right kind of product

Interested in, how to choose jewelry as a gift to the girl, man faces the problem of choosing the category of the product. When, if the relationship never last long and this is the first joint celebration, the ideal option would be earrings, a necklace or bracelet. It is not necessary to give a ring. Girl this can be considered as an offer hands and hearts, that would entail a positive answer or a negative response in the form of fright. It is better to avoid embarrassment for both, by choosing another product. The woman on the explanation, that offer while the man is not going to do, might react negatively. Not worth the risk.

When, if the choice fell on the ring, you should definitely check size. To ask it head not necessary, you need to gently ask. After purchase it is better to transfer the decoration to the master, which would have adjusted the ring at the perfect size. You can also Refine, what is the policy for return or exchange in store.

If the girl's been given all sorts of jewelry, you can stop the choice on the clock. It will be elegant and useful gift. It is necessary to specify in advance the size of the wrist.

Perfect size

To pick the perfect size of jewelry you need. The optimal length of the necklace is approximately 30 cm. Too short or too long chain may not suit the girl. This applies to all jewelry. Too large and pretentious inserted stones will look good only on the middle-aged ladies. It is therefore necessary to take a cautious approach to the question of the sizes not only of the rim, but gems. This is especially important, if the jewelry presented for the first time. For, to know the size of the jewelry girls, you need to follow the advice:

  • look at the decoration, she always wears, and find out their approximate size;
  • make a photo of a girl, when her necklace or bracelet, in order to show in the jewelry store;
  • take one of the ornaments and watch, measure the size.

Decoration materials

to understand, how to choose the decoration, it is necessary to observe the girl. This is especially true for materials of the product. She can love and wear gold, silver. It is important to choose products made from the right material, to fit to the rest of the collection and clothing. Not every girl likes gold jewelry. Many prefer silver, as it is more versatile.

Demure look

There is no need to sprinkle from the girl a big diamond. It may look too pretentious, to offend the girl. There is no need to abandon precious stones. You need to choose the diamond size 1 to 3. Is the optimal size, especially at the beginning of the relationship. A neat little stones always in fashion.

Preferences girls

The preferences of ladies of the heart is the main criterion when choosing. You need to notice, what kind of jewelry she usually wears. If the girl prefers bright stones, it is not necessary to give her a ring with black onyx. This applies to material. You also need to pay attention to the following things:

  • favorite brands;
  • a preferred kind of accessories;
  • type;
  • style in clothes.

Knowing this information, you can pass it to the consultant in a jewelry boutique, he was able to give the right gift.

The time of purchase

Do not delay. Need to learn jewellery market and assess, when and where to buy profitable. Foreign boutiques often do not have time to increase the price in connection with a change of course, because the allocation occurs infrequently. To buy something in Russian boutique can be more profitable, than in the country of the original. You also need to pay attention to those time periods, when there are discounts. It's a different holiday, black Friday and the summer sales. This is the most advantageous for, to buy jewelry as a gift. The price of jewelry is usually high, so the discount will help to save.

Gift girl

How to choose the decoration

To choose the right jewelry for the sweetheart, you must take into account a number of tips:

  1. Pay attention to your existing jewelry collection girls. You must follow her during various events. She prefers to wear to work, for a party, for formal event and celebrations, in everyday life. This gives you an idea, it may be necessary.
  2. Joint shopping. This option is very convenient. There is no need to immediately buy, if you have the desire to please the girl unexpected surprise. You need to go to various jewelry stores and gently suggest options, watch, what jewelry she pay attention.
  3. In that case, if for a long walk to the shops no time, favorite requests too high, you can do otherwise. To give jewelry set. This will help to make a great gift, also easing the life of the girl – she won't have to find jewelry available. The second way is to give ornaments with the stone, which fits her zodiac sign. You can imagine it as bringing luck and prosperity in life. Girl will wear it every day.

Ring as a present

The ring is a sufficient intimate gift. You can give it to a friend, mother, relatives or friends without any hints. However, if such a gift is presented from male to female, who are in relationships, the lady will definitely think about the offer hands and hearts. If men have no such intentions, you need to limit others. When, if a couple is already married and there is no risk to accidentally make an offer, the ring would be out of place in her collection.

If you have a goal to buy a wedding ring, it must carefully select. It should not be too flamboyant and pretentious. It is better to choose the elegant options without a huge diamond on the floor with your hands. Engagement ring is a symbol of pure feelings. Modesty and aesthetic beauty make an offer beautiful. Interested in, how to choose the decoration, it is necessary to consider, what you need to buy them only from known and expensive brands. This will give the guarantee of quality and will make a lasting effect on the woman. One of the most popular brands wedding collection is Tiffany.

learning, how to choose a ring, it is necessary to pay special attention to the hands of the man, who is decoration. You must follow the advice:

  1. For young girls the best fit thin and small rings with nice stones. It will emphasize the elegance.
  2. Women best age to give a large ring.
  3. The longer the fingers, the larger the jewelry, you need to choose. Otherwise, a small ring will look ridiculous on the very long fingers.
  4. If the toes are short and chubby, to prefer the better to the rings of medium size.
  5. You should definitely check out the ring before buying. It must match the description on the tag.
  6. You need to check, how well fixed the gems.

The definition of forgery

learning, how to choose the decoration, people faced with such a concept, as a fake. It is the worst when buying any items. But worse, when paying a full price. To avoid this, you should follow these tips:

  1. Always check the tag. This is a special shortcut, which has all the necessary information. He attached a seal. It is better, if it is iron. It is necessary to verify compliance of all parameters, listed on the label, by product. There must be a stamp. This applies to and have previously used products.
  2. Stamp and sample have to be placed. Usually the stamp acts coat of arms and name jewelry manufacturer. In addition to these parameters there should not be any more information. However, even the consistency of the parameters does not guarantee, the decoration is authentic.
  3. The sample must stand in the right place. The jewelry set she should stand on each of the items. On the rings this option is located on the inner side. The earrings should look for a sample at the temples. The chain it is possible to be on the locks. If there is to be a pendant or pendant, the trial will stand or on the lock, or on the reverse side of the pendant. On the bracelet this parameter is indicated by a ring or one of the links. If the sample is in the wrong place, in which, it is safe to say the forgery.
  4. To buy jewelry is only necessary in formal and certified stores. You should avoid informal sellers and always ask about certificates.

The savings on the purchase

Every man want to please his beloved expensive jewelry from well-known brands. However, prices in the shops are very high. You can contact Lombard, where you can buy used products at a lower price. However often deceived about the quality of the jewelry and raise prices. So you need to be very careful and know jewelry.

If you need to save, you can contact the company, which spetsializiruyutsya on the purchase of used goods, their alteration, closer to the original. In jewelry these companies are buying the inhabitants of jewellery with precious stones, and then jewelers establish their status. Such companies also provide the official documents. You can save approximately 60% from the price of the original boutique jewelry company jewelry. This will help more intelligently manage the available money. So, girl would be lucky to get the jewelry from famous brand, man will be happy with huge savings.

Better purchased during the holidays and other events – black Friday, Christmas eve, summer sale. It is preferable to buy the decorations in advance and hide it to a certain point, than pay in the store the day before the scheduled holiday.

In the Internet

learning, how to choose a piece and where can I buy, people will see the opportunity to buy jewelry on the Internet. It is much cheaper and more convenient, than to go shopping. However, in the boutique there is an opportunity close look, touch gift, with precision to know about the authenticity of the product. On the Internet you can focus only on the photo, description and reviews bought. The sellers can be liars, the decorations fake, reviews fictitious. To avoid this, you must carefully examine the website, possible reviews about it on the Internet. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. To check the range. It needs to be large and diverse. This means a sufficient number of suppliers, that increases the credibility of the store.
  2. If the online store good, he has a telephone reference managers. The AI can ask question. If the answers are literate, without evasive phrases, online store you can trust and order with the decorations.
  3. The appearance and design of website. It is important. If you can see, what did it in 5 minutes, you should not trust him. Good stores always spent on the design. This is especially true of photos of the products. There should be no 2 blurry, and at least five high quality. Good stores do not skimp on photographers and professional photography.
  4. The history of the store. If the sellers honest, nothing to hide. Therefore it is necessary to check whether the website addresses of offices and branches.
  5. Payment. Should be given opportunities to pay special attention. If the payment is made only through the e-wallet, you must cancel the purchase on this web page. Good stores provide the possibility of payment through Bank card. For payments made using online wallets, it is difficult to track the fraudsters.
  6. It is better, if there is a possibility of a return, as well as paying the courier. This ensures trust, the store does not want to lose reputation and gives the client the opportunity to see and try on jewelry.

Insert into decoration

figuring out, how to choose the decoration, people run with the concept of inserts. They are called gems, which are inserted at specific decoration. There is a stereotype, large stones like the, what a neat and small diamonds. It comes from ancient times, when large bulky rings could afford only the wealthy people. Since such decorations are considered a sign of prosperity. When selecting large stones must pay attention to the quality and cut. There should not be defects, crazing. This will reduce the period of wearing jewelry.

Has a value and a color. Crystal-white diamond will cost more, than with a yellowish tinge. Carat affect the price, however, to a lesser extent. Small, but the crystal-white diamond will cost more than a big yellow. However a diamond is not the only precious stone, used in jewelry. You can also buy beautiful jewelry with emerald, ruby, Topaz and other stones. To choose the right jewelry with precious stones, you must follow the advice:

  1. Be sure to check the tag on the authenticity of the stones. Dishonest sellers can replace it with regular glass. So buy items you need only in certified shops.
  2. Pay attention to the characteristics. For emerald and sapphire of the most important parameters are the color and transparency.
  3. When choosing jewelry with ruby, you need to pay attention to the hue and saturation.
  4. If the choice fell on pearl jewelry, you need to pay special attention to the color, the reflection and thickness of the nacre. Also cleanliness is important, the size and cut. Pearl needs to have a perfect round shape.
  5. If you bought earrings and brooches, necklace, chains and bracelets, you must pay attention to the quality of the lock. It should not break down after 2 time wearing. The padlock should be easy to zip up and be comfortable. Worth checking out, to buttoned jewelry was not opened yourself. Castle must not have gaps. It must be the fuse.The decoration with precious stone

How to choose the decoration, on the basis of appearance

learning, how to choose the right decoration, people face the, need to coordinate jewelry with the look. Often the decoration itself is like, but it is not suitable person. A delicate ring may seem too modest, large earrings can give a luxury image. In the window decoration looks good. You need to choose the right jewelry according to the appearance of the buyer. You need to follow a few simple tips.

Based on figure type

If a woman has large forms, the ring is better to choose a large. Small rings will highlight the fullness of the fingers. Opting for the ring with a massive frame and a large stone, you can decorate your hands, to emphasize and give elegance features. Principle to use when choosing earrings. Large and massive earrings will look ridiculous on skinny girl. It would look more subtle. Decoration lose its charm. If you have to choose the decoration on the neck, you must follow the advice:

  1. Owners of long neck have to give preference to short chain. You also shouldn't wear a massive necklace and beads.
  2. Short neck best fit elongated pendants. They will visually increase the length. Decoration should not descend below the collar bone more, than 5 cm. Fit v-neck clothing.
  3. The owners of massive Breasts, wide neck are forbidden to wear big jewelry. They will draw attention to the fullness. With a pretty neckline goes well elegant brooch.
  4. With a short torso should wear pearl beads, one thread with little stones on it. This lengthens the upper part.
  5. The younger the skin, the shorter should be the decoration on the neck.
  6. If a woman already at the age of, it is necessary to divert attention from wrinkles appeared big and bright necklaces. The most eye-catching part should be placed below the collarbone.
  7. You should pay attention to the quality. Each bead must be separated by knots on a string. They should all be the same size. A hole in the center. You need to check the chains on the reliability of locks.

Earrings and face shape

Often people begin to find out, how to choose the decoration, because of the desire to buy earrings. The kind of decoration depends on the shape of a human face. In order to choose the right earrings, you must follow the advice:

  1. Earrings for round face. The widest part is typically the space between the cheek closer to the ear level. Chin and cheeks round. For this form of face fit elongated earrings. They will help to pull the face. Also good forms are the square, a triangular or a rectangle. Corners must be clearly visible. You can experiment with the geometric shape. To give preference to the recommended earrings pendant necklace oval. They should dangle, visually lengthen the face. You need to avoid all kinds of studs, big rings.
  2. Earrings for oval face. The extension observed in the cheeks. The narrowing occurs to the chin and forehead. This type of person is not limited to certain types of earrings. You can buy jewelry of any shape. Good will look elegant cloves and pendants.
  3. Earrings triangular face. Features a broad forehead and eyebrows, the narrowing of the contour of the face to a small chin. Owners of such forms it is preferable to choose the oval, round earrings. To soften the face, you can select curved products. They will help to balance the top and bottom of.
  4. If the shape of the diamond, preferably, choose oval earrings. They will help to soften the facial features. Worth a look for small and round, wide and short earrings. It is better to avoid those, that will narrow down. It is necessary to abandon studs and a long, thin hanging earrings. Also not suitable for this form long chains.
  5. Oblong. The width of the chin and forehead match. The distance between the cheekbones and between temples proportionally. Owners is preferable to buy a round, triangular earrings large size. Will look good square. They shorten the face, visually enhance the cheekbones and cheeks. Is to abandon flat, dangling earrings. They lengthen the face. Bright pinks are also valid.
  6. Earrings for square face. This form is characterized by straight lines from forehead to chin, parallel. The width of the forehead, cheeks and jaw are the same. To soften the contours, you must choose a rounded, long earrings. You should avoid square shaped. Fit the triangles, circles, will look good cloves. You can experiment with subtle shades and long. To lengthen the face, fit earring drops. Categorically it is not necessary to wear a pointed earrings.
  7. Earrings on a trapezoidal face. Allocated to corners of the lower jaw, and the top part already. To smooth the corners and reduce the volume of the lower part of the face, you must give preference to small round or long thin earrings. Also will look good decorations in the form of elongated to the top of the triangles. Lateral angles smoothed.Face shape and earrings

Decorating eye color

figuring out, how to choose the decoration, you must consider the color of the eyes. This applies to all jewelry, which contain precious stones. In order to choose the right decorations, you must follow the advice:

  1. To emphasize brown eyes, you need to choose earrings with stone of red and brown, yellow shades.
  2. Green eyes can be made deeper with the help of decorating with purple amethysts.
  3. Depth black eyes betray jewelry with rubies.
  4. Owners of blue eyes it is necessary to pay attention to products with dark blue sapphires.
  5. Grey eyes are neutral. It is possible to find jewelry with stones of any shade. They will get Shine.
  6. Stones with warm shades – ruby, grenades – give expression dark eyes.
  7. Light colored stones will accentuate eye light shades of blue, light green, grey.
  8. To Shine in any eyes, you can buy diamond jewelry. They are universal.

Decorating by color

learning, how to choose the decoration, one finds the correlation between skin color and products. It is important to choose the exact shade of metal and gemstone, to focus on the merits of. If your choice is wrong, jewelry will completely overshadow the natural beauty. In order to choose the right decorations, you need to follow the tips for combination skin:

  • to shade a bronze tan, it is necessary to give preference to jewelry made from white gold;
  • to give snow white pale skin will help black gold;
  • for owners of dark leather suit products made of pure gold;
  • owners of warm skin tones will suit the product with a Golden or bronze tint.

For pale skin you should choose silver, platinum jewelry.

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