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Pregnancy is a welcome development for many women. It is a speedy completion of the family as a child. However, you need to know, how to plan pregnancy, the baby was born healthy.How to plan pregnancy

need to prepare

Planning for pregnancy is not, to limit and subordinate the schedule sex life husband. This will cause stress and delay the onset of pregnancy. learning, how to plan pregnancy, wife understand, that the process is a conscious decision about the desire to have a baby. Actions are needed to diagnose the health of potential parents and its correction. It is necessary to begin the process of planning a pregnancy for three months or more before the alleged conception. This is the minimum amount of time, spent on medical examinations and lifestyle changes expectant parents. If there are any diseases, who require treatment, you need to add the right time.

Properly planned pregnancy leads to a favorable course and the birth of a healthy child. Undertreated sexual infections and diseases can trigger the baby disease, miscarriage, fetal death. To this may also result in inadequate intake of folic acid, the future mothers, and other essential vitamins. Problems with the nervous system can also harm the pregnancy, increase the waiting period. Therefore, physicians are advised to plan pregnancy, less nervous and treat diseases found.

General tips

figuring out, how to plan pregnancy, should pay attention to the following tips:

  • both spouses need to abandon the nicotine dependence of the minimum 2 months prior to conception;
  • Both prospective parents should reduce or fully abandon the use of alcoholic beverages in any form for several months prior to conception;
  • women should protect themselves from the bath, saunas, hot tubs during the cycle, when conception must occur, avoid overheating and overcooling;
  • it is recommended not to fly again, not to go to the far south of the country, the climate is very different from home, during the alleged conception cycle;
  • completely eliminate the practice of all diets;
  • not recommended to engage in active sports, with strength training on the abdominal muscles before pregnancy;
  • stop using drugs, if they have not been prescribed by a doctor and did not read the instructions;
  • minimize the risk of any disease;
  • when the disease to be treated is preferably traditional methods, however, if needed antibiotics, Conception should be postponed for a few months;
  • ensure regular intake of multivitamins both spouses, especially folic acid, where reception can be continued during pregnancy;
  • the first three months after the rejection of oral contraceptives increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies, which should be considered when planning;
  • professional activities must not be related to radiation, chemicals, vibration, harmful substances.
  • diversify the diet, balance it, make easily digestible;
  • in case of the need for regular use of medication, you must discuss this with your doctor and learn about the effect of drugs on the fetus possible;
  • to get rid of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity before pregnancy.

Surveys before conception

learning, how to plan pregnancy, the couple finds it necessary to pass medical examinations. You should ensure the absence of genital infections, diseases, have a negative impact on possible conception, infertility. First you need to visit a gynecologist and urologist before planning pregnancy. If there was to be a disease, inherited, prospective parents more 35 years each, you need to ask about being referred. For, to find out all possible epidemic, the expectant mother will be sent for a thorough diagnosis of the organism. In some situations, you may need to consult an endocrinologist, immunologist, dentist and other medical professionals.

A visit to the dentist

Before pregnancy need to cure all diseases, associated with teeth and oral cavity. To do this, you should visit the dentist. During pregnancy can start to crumble teeth, so to it is necessary to treat the pathology, during – take an adequate amount of calcium.

visit Laura

A visit to the otolaryngologist(Laura) helps to determine the presence of chronic diseases of the ear and throat Department. During pregnancy the immune system of women weakens. Therefore, a high risk of getting infections, you can pick up in public places, at work, houses. This is especially dangerous for pregnant women fruit. In no case should not be allowed, to disease prolonged nature of the deteriorated and passed on to the fetus. Severe stage of acute respiratory viral infections may endanger the child's development and lead to abnormalities.

internal examination

Be sure to visit a therapist prior to planning a pregnancy. His advice plays an important role, when the hands are test results. Based on their doctor will be able to give advanced information on possible diseases of women. If necessary be written out directions for additional medical events. After them, also you need to come to the therapist, who will appoint the treatment.

Gynecologist and preparation for conception

One of the most important doctors to visit during pregnancy planning is a gynecologist. Need prematurely to make preparations for the reception. To remember long-term disease, those, what runs in the family, prepare menstrual calendar, not to forget to take the medical card, because of the disease, transferred at any one time, can have a negative impact on fetal development. Detailed information about the life of the patient before pregnancy will help the gynaecologist to prescribe the right tests to identify potential problems. During your appointment the doctor will take smears, issue an assignment to:

  • analysis of blood and urine;
  • studies to identify HIV infections;
  • ultrasound.Visit to the gynecologist

future father

learning, how to plan pregnancy, the wife will find out, what needs to be examined and the man. The first thing to cure chronic infections and diseases, especially those related to the teeth and nasopharynx. The condition of the teeth you need to follow carefully. If there are to be a chronic disease of the nasopharynx, in need of a permanent prevention. It can be washing and rinsing. Be tested for the presence of staphylococcal and streptococcal infection, since the presence of their parents increases the risk of disease of a newborn.

specimen collection

Before you plan pregnancy, it is necessary in order to pass all the tests. They ensure the health of future parents and no risk to the fetus.

blood group

The first thing you need to take a test to establish blood group and RH factor. The latter may be the cause of the conflict and incompatibility of partners. Therefore, doctors carry out medical research, to identify antibodies thereto. RH positive have the expectant mothers and the negative from the father is normal and requires no action. If the situation is reversed, possible RH-conflict. The woman, which had previously been pregnant, endured surgical intervention, blood transfusion, increases the risk of certain antibodies in the blood. If the RH factor from negative moms, the child has a positive, possible complications in the form of isoserological incompatibility. This increases the risk of hemolytic disease of the newborn, followed by the strong decay erythrocytes. In most problem occurs after the second pregnancy.

More rare conflict is the incompatibility of blood groups. The risk group includes the following pairs:

  • woman 1(0) groups, male any;
  • woman 2(BUT) groups, male 3(AT) or 4(AV);
  • woman 3(AT) groups, male 2(BUT) or 4(AV).

Couples with such combinations it is recommended to take a blood test to detect antibodies to the group antigens. This is true for the second and subsequent pregnancies. During the first need to do a similar study in the period 8 of the week.

Diseases ToRCH group

learning, how to plan pregnancy, expectant mother and father will discover, the most dangerous are infections, which infected woman during pregnancy. Therefore, the analyses are conducted, to learn, if there were to be a disease previously. If there were none, during pregnancy need to be more vigilant and careful. Devastating infectious diseases for the future child are illness group ToRCH. The abbreviation combines the first letters of the following pathologies:

  • parasitic disease toxoplasmosis;
  • third disease(Rubella);
  • cytomegalovirus;
  • herpes.

The risk of rubella

Recover from childhood rubella women can not be afraid of this disease. If this is not certain, it is recommended to test for IgG and IgM. If the detected antibodies are of the second kind, so virus a woman is infected for the first time. This is rare. In this case, it is impossible to plan a pregnancy within the next 3 months. If discovered the first antibody, confirmed, what was previously migrated infection, and the presence of immunity to rubella. If both are missing, it is necessary to vaccinate, during pregnancy, there was risk of Contracting. Planning should also be transferred to 3 of the month.

The disease toxoplasmosis

The called Toxoplasma antibody eponymous infection. Infection occurs from Pets, private culprits are cats. The infection is transferred 15% women in reproductive age. Remaining 75% have a high chance of Contracting while the fetus in the womb. If antibodies in the analysis not detected, the danger of Contracting confirmed. It is desirable during pregnancy, in this case to limit interaction with your Pets. You need to thoroughly cook meat, to follow washing and cleaning fruit and vegetables, cat toilet washing gloves when, after contact with meat and seafood thoroughly wash hands.

The risk of cytomegalovirus

A big threat to the fetus carries the cytomegalovirus. There is a risk of developmental disorders and infections of the child. The infection spreads due to the localization of virus in mucous membranes of the respiratory organs. So before you plan pregnancy, you need to find out the level of cytomegalovirus. If it is high, will have to take antiviral medications. If the result is negative, precautions before and during pregnancy will still have to comply with:

  • meticulously wash hands, regardless of the kind of prior actions;
  • limit contact with young children, especially the contact with them.

Herpes and STD

Herpes is a lifelong disease. Treatment is aimed at reducing symptoms. To completely cure the disease impossible. The tests are made in order to assess the risk of infection of the fetus during pregnancy.

If you are concerned about these symptoms, as scabies, burning, selection, was the place to be a failed pregnancy, definitely needs to be examined for detecting the presence of genital infections. Subject to verification of chlamydia, Miko- and ureaplazmoz, gardnerellosis. If a similar disease was identified in the expectant mother, spouse also need to get tested.

additional tips

learning, how to plan pregnancy, a woman will find the need to pass a number of laboratory and instrumental investigations. The list includes:

  • fluoroscopy;
  • Ultrasound of the reproductive system;
  • analysis of urine;
  • determination of hormone levels;
  • HIV test, STDs and other infections.

For fathers there are several additional tests and examinations:

  • analysis for STDs and HIV infection;
  • semen.

The latter may appoint in that case, if you are unable to get pregnant within a year. Similar studies are available at any clinic, also in the family planning centers.

hormone level study

Hormonal balance has a significant impact on the development of a fetus. His assessment of women is done taking into account the menstrual cycle. The analysis of the blood concentration of hormones. Based on reproductive function in humans. The main system in this process is the hypothalamus – pituitary – ovaries. If there is a failure in 1 link, the reproductive system will be broken. It impairs the ability to conceive. The specialist will send a similar study, if a woman:

  • there are the extra pounds;
  • the last pregnancy ended badly;
  • present acne;
  • hypertrichosis;
  • disturbed menstrual cycle.

The doctor will determine the list of hormones, which will be the analysis of blood. must be considered, that the case of every woman is individual and requires a special approach.

genetic tests

learning, how to plan pregnancy, future mother and father discover the need for medical genetic research. They help to clarify the risk predisposition of the child to pathologies, inherited, the development of the fetus under the influence of external factors. Each has tens of thousands of different genes, they have a significant impact on the livelihoods. Not found specific, which are formed of a genetic disease, caused by mutations in. Future mother and father possess exceptional sets of genes, defining features. A child receives half from each parent. Genetic parameters are determined 46 chromosomes. If they are subject to change, it is imprinted on the child's health. To prevent mutations, it is necessary to go on reception to the genetics before pregnancy and undergo the necessary medical examinations.

It is necessary to make a molecular-genetic examination, which will allow you to learn about the individual characteristics of the unborn child. This will help to find out, what is the risk of hereditary diseases. This must be done during pregnancy planning, also during her. Referral for expert advice on genetic diseases can give the family doctor.Genetics counseling

risk groups

For certain categories of genetic counseling before pregnancy is considered to be strictly necessary. The list includes:

  • vapor, in which the woman reached 35 years and older, the man behind 40;
  • in the family both parents or one had hereditary pathology;
  • spouses and prospective parents are close relatives;
  • the first child was identified inherent problems with development;
  • previous pregnancy ended in a miscarriage or stillbirth;
  • was the place to be to harmful external factors during conception or pregnancy;
  • in the course of pregnancy was the place to be viral infection acute type.

Prevention of pathologies

Before you plan pregnancy, you must make the prevention of diseases. It's a lot easier than cure. If you take prevention seriously, diseases can be avoided in the future. Treatment may be delayed and the delay time of conception and pregnancy in the long term. Medicines can give side effects, especially if the disease is detected during pregnancy. Therefore, prevention of expected complications is necessary. Most of the possible pathologies can be prevented through targeted training:

  • saturate the body with vitamins and minerals;
  • timely examination and diagnosis before pregnancy;
  • correction possible pathology predisposition.

The negative impact of some diseases can be eliminated, if it is identified in advance. The lack of immunity to rubella suggests a vaccination and three months of abstinence from conception, that will lead to minimizing the risk of disease in the future. If you do not carry out prevention, it is necessary to subject the body to stress 9 months, constantly take the tests and put the fetus at great risk, since there is 50 percent chance of abnormalities. This could lead to abortion on medical grounds.

States are there, not be the complete elimination of, but their timely diagnosis before pregnancy will allow you to know in advance about possible complications. This will allow time to prepare for them and to make correction. Assigned to the administration of specific drugs, to help keep the pregnancy for the first time.

Visit to the gynecologist can result in unpleasant news. There are processes, which aktiviziruyutsya during pregnancy. The treatment will take time. So the preparation for pregnancy should occur in six months before the deadline.


figuring out, how to plan pregnancy, future mom and dad will discover the importance of a correct lifestyle. Required a positive attitude, Frequent walks in the fresh air, the decline in physical activity and adherence to the sleep mode, planning a balanced diet. This will greatly increase the chance of a successful pregnancy. Caring for their own health should enter the parents into the habit, which also positively affect the baby.

Bad habits

Bad habits when planning a pregnancy should be totally rejected. Nicotine and drug dependence, consumption of any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Bad habits weaken the body and result in chronic pathologies. They adversely affect fetal development in the womb from the earliest days, therefore it is necessary beforehand to get rid of them. Give up bad habits prior to pregnancy, as this will cause stress in the body.

Proper nutrition for women

Child health depends heavily on a diet of both spouses. To take care of a balanced diet need in advance, as in the first month a woman may not be aware of a pregnancy. The formation of the fetus begins at this stage. It is necessary to prevent the shortage of vitamins and minerals. Doctors recommend to do it for 3 months prior to conception, including diet:

  1. Folic acid. It is a vital element. Acid takes part in cell division, that is vital for a child's development, has a positive effect on the development of the CNS and cardiovascular system of the fetus, reduces the risk of congenital abnormalities and premature pregnancy termination. To get enough folic acid, you need to use nuts, citrus, green vegetables, beans. Dose for women, which plans soon to get pregnant, is 400 mcg daily.Products with folic acid
  2. Iodine. It normalizes the thyroid gland, increases the chances of successful childbearing. Iodine has an impact on the full development of physical and mental abilities of the baby. Its deficiency leads to incorrect formation of the Central nervous system. Many regions of the Russian Federation are considered to be iodine-deficient. To compensate for of the substance in the body should eat more fish, seafood, seaweed, figs. The daily rate for planning to get pregnant women is 0.2 mg.
  3. Vitamin A. It has a positive effect on reproductive function, during pregnancy helps the development of the placenta. Should be limited to three thousand IU daily. Vitamin a is not able to be formed independently. Need to get from carrots, pumpkin, marine fish, tomatoes. Through food it is often impossible to get the required number, therefore, the diet should be supplemented vitamin complexes. However, you need to pay close attention to the composition, as overdose of vitamin a can have harmful influence on the child's development in the womb.
  4. Vitamin D. The inclusion of the substance in the diet helps normalize the reproductive system, has a positive effect on bone development of the child. A day should be consumed to 400 IU. Vitamin D can be obtained from hard cheese varieties, yolks, butter, fish and seafood. However, an overdose of vitamins, which accumulate in the body, can lead to negative consequences for the fetus. In vitamin complexes, prescription, should not be more than the daily requirement. You need to carefully control the intake of products containing vitamin D with food.

An overdose of vitamins has a negative effect more, than the deficit. Abuse of folic acid can result in predisposition of the unborn child to SARS, bronchial asthma. Prolonged overdose hides the symptoms of anemia, which subsequently leads to the ulterior development of the pathology and neurological disorders. Therefore, in any case can not exceed the recommended dose.

For the future father

learning, how to plan pregnancy, the future father will reveal the importance of adhering to diet. Diet men should be full to improve the quality of sperm. Fertilization will occur easier. Even before conception the future Pope need to exclude fast food, fatty and spicy foods, unnatural spices, canned, smoked. Instead, the menu should present a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, marine products and dairy products. To increase the testosterone level, you need to eat wheat, nuts, dairy products, fatty fish, oysters.

Special attention to the diet need to pay men with obesity. It promotes the development of female hormones instead of male, which are necessary for good sperm. Full men suffer from low sperm volume and its concentration. Unhealthy sex cells develop to a greater extent and prevent pregnancy.

For the normal development of the fetus of the future, when planning a pregnancy the father should include in the menu:

  1. Folic acid. Use the daily rate in 400 mcg reduces the concentration of sperm with chromosomal defects or incorrect number. Use is subject to fresh herbs, beets and cabbage, bran, nuts.
  2. Vitamin C. Its deficiency has an effect on the sex glands, lowering sperm production and causing the adhesion of sperm. Be to eat citrus fruit, bell peppers and herbs, green tea and kiwi.
  3. vitamin B. It helps to normalize metabolism, to improve the process of DNA synthesis and hormones. Increase sperm activity and their ability to be in the egg. Eat be meat dishes, chicken eggs, milk products and cereals.
  4. vitamin E. It has a positive effect on sperm quality, and sperm vitality. Their mobility will improve. Deficiency may lead to an increase in defective cells, reducing the possibility of conception. Eat be vegetable oils, crops, cereals, nuts and eggs.
  5. Selenium. It has a positive effect on the protection from free radicals. Helps in cleansing the body from salts, update sperm. Selenium deficiency can lead to abnormalities in the development of the unborn child. To eat be dairy products, seafood, liver, garlic.
  6. Zinc. It contains the most enzymes, has a positive impact on testosterone production and hormones, necessary for the synthesis of semen. The lack of a component can be identified infertility. To eat cereals shall be, hard cheese, pulse, seeds and nuts. You can also use wheat bran. One tablespoon product contains the daily norm of zinc.

Vitamin complexes when planning pregnancy

It is impossible to obtain all the necessary nutrients from food. Their amount in food is constantly decreasing. This is due to soil depletion, early harvest. Now the concentration of most micro- and macro, vitamins, reduced minerals in foods more, than 50%. This leads to, it is impossible to obtain all of the necessary dishes. Daily allowance is too large to maintain good health. You must eat a minimum of 5 kg of food per day, however, this is too much for a person. Therefore, the required intake of vitamin complexes. Before you plan pregnancy, you must see a doctor, who prescribes the appropriate drugs to maintain the body's health. They need to take during pregnancy.

before conception

If the test results were good, then you can start to prepare for pregnancy. All medications for 3 months should be excluded in addition to those, are allowed to eat gynecologist. There should be a changes in life style, elimination of bad habits, reducing the amount of consumed coffee, the exception of the hot baths, baths and saunas, improving the immunity. Both parents should start to take folic acid. Taking care of your own health will positively affect long-awaited pregnancy.

The chances of pregnancy

For conception usually takes from six months to a year. If during this period it does not occur, To Call a Doctor. Such terms are connected with the, that ovulation does not occur every month. Especially true for interrupted oral contraceptives, hormonal drugs women. They needed a few months to restore the menstrual cycle. Ovulation influence the emotional state, the lifestyle change, deterioration of health. However, if a woman had sex before ovulation and the egg was fertilized, there is no guarantee the beginning of the development of the embryo.The chances of getting pregnant

Do not be surprised, if in the first six months of pregnancy planning could not conceive a child. For married couples, intimacy which happens several times a week without contraception, situation following:

  • 60% pairs next child birth for six months;
  • 80% steam carries the conception of a child within a year;
  • 90% steam carries the conception of a child for two years.

Do not rush things and worry without cause, if it is impossible to conceive immediately. If no disease, pregnancy occurs.

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