Top 38 Tips for hair mesotherapy

loss of splendor, gloss and hair loss require treatment. Mesotherapy hair used, if the standard methods do not help, or the person is counting on a quick recovery strands. This new service. She deserved popularity due to the effective anti-dry skin. When the method is possible to reduce loss and reduce the number of split ends. However, the mode of action does not fit mesotherapy

The definition

Hair mesotherapy is a non – surgical method of treatment of the scalp. Perform the procedure should cosmetologist, having respective certificates. During exposure under the skin of the patient is administered a special preparation. The process is carried out by means of microinjection. Means rich in trace elements and vitamins. It contains a number of other substances. As a result, there is an intensive growth of hair. Selection is carried out individually mezokokteylya. Selection of business experts. The decision is made depending on the patient's problem. Today Mesotherapy Hair is one of the best ways to restore curls.

According to statistics, order 60% sessions accounted for aesthetic care. Usually the procedure is performed in respect of a person. However, the method earned efficiency and combat the problems of hair. It can be used for the correction of different areas of the body. Mesotherapy is suitable for almost all types of curls. It allows you to solve a wide range of problems. However, it is not able to revive dead follicles and hair follicles, have atrophied.

The method makes it possible to stop the loss, extend the phase of hair growth. Allow injection to deliver nutrients to the necessary faster. Mezokokteyl provides the roots with all the necessary. When the method is possible to restore the function of the scalp, if they have been lost. Density increases Lukanov. They become stronger. The method allows to stimulate blood flow to hair. As a result, the opportunity for growth is increased. In addition, it normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands of the head.

The method

On the quality of the hair is influenced by a list of factors. The main one serves the state of follicles. They are fed through the vessels and scalp. Elastic hair look, healthy and grow well only in the event, if there is an appropriate balance of nutrients. However, the balance can be broken. If there is a nutrient deficiency, it leads to the weakening and loss of curls. Possible emergence and associated problems. So, hair can be thinner. Sometimes there is increased skin oiliness. In this situation, experts advise to support the balance of substances on artificial method. Today there is a whole list of external resources, which can be used at home. However, they can help, If the problem lies outside.

Mesotherapy for hair involves the introduction of artificial ingredients directly into the scalp. Injection is performed in the hairy part. The composition is brought to a depth of 1,5-2 mm. In the first place determined by the existing problems. Depending on the composition of the selection they made. Substances are released directly into the hair follicles. The result is improved circulation. Hair gets the necessary nutrition. Nutrients are better absorbed. Their deficiency is compensated. Usually these substances are used for the procedure:

  1. B vitamins. They contribute to the maintenance of hair pigmentation. The substance responsible for the metabolic processes. If enough B vitamins, metabolized actively.
  2. growth factors. Substances accelerate hair growth. In addition, growth factors have an impact on the density of locks.
  3. Amino acids. They determine the structure of the hair. Its essential component acts keratin.
  4. Koenzim Q10. It affects the density of keratin scales, increasing its. In addition, the substance stimulates microcirculation in the scalp.
  5. Peptide copper and zinc. It allows you to prevent thinning of the follicles.
  6. hyaluronic acid. It promotes skin moisture saturation. It is used to activate locks growth.

Today there are several types of procedures. The first of these acts manual technique. Sometimes it is called manual. In this situation, it made cocktail preparation, depending on the individual characteristics. Next, the manually drawn into the syringe. If you are using mesotherapy for hair of this type, the master must have some experience. The method has high efficiency.

An alternative method performs a hardware method. In this situation, special tools are used. Outwardly, they are roller with needles. Control of the insertion depth of the composition provides the equipment itself.

The effect on the hair and scalp?

Mesotherapy scalp hair can be done with the help of drugs, including the list of active components. Typically, the method is used to treat. However, possible preventive effect. Mesotherapy hair can meet men and women. Exposure is carried out in two directions. Tailor-made cocktails delivered to the roots of curls. Substances penetrate to a depth of, where shampoos are not able to get there. It is closed for balms and tonics. As a result, absorption of nutrients during the procedure improves.ended input

The drug is administered by injection. Because of this, in addition made more and massage. It also has a positive impact on the delivery of agents to the hair roots. The introduction of the drug irritates. As a result, blood flow to the scalp increases. It increases metabolism. When I passed a course of mesotherapy for hair, It occurs improve their appearance and structure. The first positive results are already noticeable in a month. Pronounced effect was observed after six months. The long period associated with the growth cycle curls.

Indications and contraindications

Buy Hair mesotherapy can be in the clinic. The cost of a service includes a special cocktail and a doctor. Resort to it is recommended in the following cases:

  • prepares the scalp for subsequent transplantation;
  • the tips of the hair whipped;
  • there is baldness, centers located;
  • hair began to fall out, or there is a massive hair loss due to hormonal imbalance;
  • gray hair appeared ahead of time;
  • overdried hair and often break;
  • in the skin of the head there is dandruff;
  • the amount of hair and their structure changed after the birth of a child;
  • locks were damaged under the influence of cosmetic procedures, UV exposure, or use of drugs.

The substances used have antiandrogenic properties and antiseborrhoeic. They are able to fight inflammation and a number of other problems. The cosmetic product contains a list of useful substances. However, this method does not fit all. In the presence of contraindications to perform mesotherapy can not. Abandon its implementation is recommended in the following situations::

  • observed reduction of immunity, or a woman wants to see a specialist during menstruation;
  • there are deviances, the list of which includes epilepsy;
  • a woman bears a child or breastfeeding him;
  • there are systemic blood diseases, or it is badly curtailed;
  • observed on the skin inflammation, provoked by fungi, viruses or bacteria
  • a person is forced to take medication, have an effect on blood clotting;
  • there are benign or malignant tumors;
  • gall stones found;
  • take place to be endocrine system diseases.

Before performing the procedures required to obtain expert advice. It will help to identify contraindications and to identify, Does mesotherapy allowed hair in a particular case.

used drugs

Mesotherapy for hair loss involves the use of high-quality drugs. Their selection is carried out strictly specialist. It takes into consideration the idiosyncrasy and existing health problems. Typically, experts prefer a vitamin cocktail, which contain retinol, tocopherol and ascorbic acid. Additionally, in the injection of hyaluronic acid is included, Selenium, magnesium, zinc and complex substances, which activate hair follicles. Experts divide the substance, contained in preparations, into three groups:

  1. active. main components. They have an impact on the structure of, roots and hair follicles.
  2. allopathic. Have a stimulating effect on the growth of. After their application patterns observed improvement. Substances are used as replacement therapy.
  3. ancillary. This additional components, which contribute to saturation and Nutrition. They have an impact on the blood supply and circulation, normalizing their.

drugs, by means of which can be carried out for hair mesotherapy, many. We managed to earn a positive reputation:

  1. Keractive. Manufacturing tools involved in the Mexican company. Experts advise to use it, if there is alopecia. Getting into the scalp, drug normalizes blood circulation. As a result, the hair roots are supplied. The product contains a long list of minerals, amino acids and vitamins.
  2. XL-Hair-Aesthetic-DermalMesoline. Product is manufactured in Spain. Manufacturer included in its composition hyaluronic acid, koenzim Q10, copper peptide. substances list is not exhaustive.
  3. F-Hair. Another drug, Country of origin that serves Spain. The product contains plant extracts. The list includes Centella Asiatica, protein. Are the benefits and vitamin B, which are also present in a preparation. The list of substances is supplemented with zinc.

Means for growth and against hair loss

Cocktails for mesotherapy hair can accelerate their growth. The effect is achieved due to the influence of nutrients and vitamins. If you believe the reviews, the effect is noticeable after the procedure. Curls are healthier. An improvement in their growth. The density of the strands loss

In practice Mesotherapy Hair is more often used to deal with fallout. Before, how to sign up for the procedure, it is recommended to find out the root cause of the phenomenon. To do this, should see a doctor. The problem has been trichologist. In order to identify the root causes need to get tested. Based on them will be revealed, what procedure is required to carry out. The patient can be assigned allopathic or homeopathic mesotherapy. In the first case, the method is used to normalize body functions. The second procedure is aimed at achieving quick results. The injections contain lipolitiki, vitamins and vasodilator drugs.

Preliminary preparation

Mesotherapy for the hair can not be made without prior preparation. Encourage to perform the procedure is capable of dry appearance, dropping out, brittle curls or dandruff. It is necessary to identify the cause of the deterioration of the condition of hair. Treatment begins with a visit trichologist, cosmetologist or dermatologist. A specialist will examine your scalp and hair. Then the person will send a series of tests. Usually these studies are performed:

  • general blood analysis;
  • iron level determination;
  • identifying the level of hormones;
  • determining the amount of the vitamin in the blood.

Analyzes will be transferred skilled. The doctor read them, and then generate the required selection of drugs. It is taken into account and the presence of contraindications. If they are not, appointed date of the procedure,. The patient can start preparing for it.

Mesotherapy for hair involves a number of restrictions. So, for 3 days prior to the impact of discontinued use of medicines, which are responsible for blood clotting. These include antibiotics, NSAIDs, aspirin and painkillers. Just before the visit to the specialist you need to wash your hair. However, the use of styling products is strictly prohibited. It bans the use of gel adjudged, lacquer and mousse.

performing procedures

The result of mesotherapy for hair depends on experienced professionals. So do not be shy to ask your doctor about the presence of a certificate. The document confirms the fact of passing special training. If a person wants to achieve positive results, implementation of a single procedure will not help. Treatment should be complex. The list is part of the 8 to 12 procedures. Initially, the action is carried out with an interval of one treatment per week. Then, the period is extended to 2 weeks. In the subsequent conduct can be assigned to maintain results 1 procedures per month. Sometimes the gap between exposures extended to 3-4 months.

If one wants to maximize the positive effect, additionally assigned ingestion of drugs. So, person may appoint a medication containing zinc. They help to deal with excessive fat hair. If detected low levels of hemoglobin or ferritin, You need to use iron. In the same situation, assigned to receive B vitamins and whole complexes of nutrients.

During the anisotropy required to change your daily beauty care. It is recommended to use the funds, prevent hair loss. Care must be carried out using a shampoo, masks and the use of special ampoules.

She takes mesotherapy 30-40 minutes. During the procedure, the doctor inserts an injection under the skin. In this case, their composition can be alternated. Changing them through 2-3 session. The method is recommended to use those, who failed to make an accurate diagnosis, or there are changes in the structure of hair. Exposure is carried out manually or by hardware. The injections are performed using a syringe. The funds are entered using the thinnest needle. Their thickness does not exceed 0,3 millimeter. Devices sold in specialized stores. Normally present in the product memo for mezoinektsy. The needle is designed to perform multiple punctures. During the entire procedure the needle can be changed once or twice. This helps reduce pain.procedure

When performing mesotherapy for hair, the patient should sit or lie down on the couch. Method exposure differs soreness. Initially, the scalp is treated with an antiseptic. If a person has a low threshold of pain, it is recommended to resort to anesthesia. In this situation, applied lidocaine. Introduction means is fast enough all over the head. The patient will face about a hundred shots. Before, how to pierce the skin, Specialist disinfect it. This will reduce the pain. When injections are made, made repeated treatment of the skin antiseptic. Then, the light massage.

After the first exposure to increased hair loss may occur. This feature will require a preliminary discussion with the doctor. If the phenomenon is observed, composition may be supplemented with vitamins. After the exposure is forbidden to wash my hair. The procedure is recommended to be postponed for two or three days. Within a few days banned from pool, bath and sauna. Sun exposure is also subject to the ban. It is recommended to minimize the number of touches to the hair and scalp. If a person wants to prolong the effect achieved, We need to start taking vitamin complexes and perform restorative mask.

Is it possible to perform at home?

hair Mesotherapy, performed by means of injection, at home is not carried out. Today, however, special devices appeared on the market to perform the procedure. This is a special roller, equipped with a small needle. With their help, will be able to perform exposure at home. However, pre-need to consult with a specialist, and to identify the absence of contraindications. Mechanism of action of device is very simple. To perform the procedure, You need to hold the roller on the scalp. You must first perform slipped hair. The action is carried out in order, so that the needle slightly pierced the skin tissue. This will increase the efficiency of absorbing composition. The procedure itself is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. Scalp and hair are cleaned. To do this, you must make washing strands. Then they listened.
  2. Device should be wiped with an alcohol solution. This will remove it from pollution and reduce the risk of infection. We have to wait, while the mechanism of dry.
  3. Skin and tissues of the head treated with an alcohol. Instead, it can be used chlorhexidine.
  4. The roller is applied nutrient composition. Selection means must be implemented together with a specialist.
  5. Performed slipped hair. The procedure is performed using a special comb. Then, it is held device. The impact is on the back of the head to the front of the head. Device used throughout the hairy part. Exposure required to perform parallel. If a person is just starting to use the device, it is recommended to buy mezoroller needles 0,3 mm. When a person gets used to the effects of, you can move the needle 0,5 mm.
  6. When processing is complete scalp, its cover minoxidil. At least twenty-four hours is prohibited to wash your hair.

Mesotherapy for hair at home is forbidden until adulthood and during pregnancy. From the effects must be abandoned during the critical days. When an impact, It is to abandon drugs with a warming effect. If there is lesion tissues of the head or allergic reactions of the means components, perform impact is also prohibited. Mezoroller should be individualized for each person. After that, the procedure is performed, device must be well soaked. The process is carried out using hot water.

Top Top Tips for follow-up care

Best Hair mesotherapy involves follow-up care for locks. Complex actions do not have to perform. However, patients are some limitations

During 2-3 days to wash my hair is forbidden. Liquids are an obstacle to assimilation cocktail. Additionally, it may be inflammation of the scalp. Due to similar reasons you should not use the swimming pool and sauna. Massage treatment zone to perform and should not be.

On the day of the procedure increased physical activity should be avoided. The following day, they also need to limit. If you ignore the rules, This will slow down the puncture wound. Absorption of nutrients and slow.

During 7-8 day banned staining. The composition may react with mezokokteyl. The result would be a violation of the assimilation of substances entered. Additionally, it may be allergic.

No alcohol. Restrictions imposed day of the procedure, as well as for 2-3 days after it. Method effects leads to poor circulation. As a result, deterioration of suction can occur mezokokteylya.

Prior to exposure and after it is recommended to refuse the use of drugs, reduce blood clotting. This can lead to complications.

All the time, until treatment is carried out, better to give up smoking. The prohibition is not strict. However, no bad habits result will be better. He will appear soon. Reduce the risk of complications.

possible result

If you are mesotherapy for hair, results quickly should not wait. Initially manifest adverse reactions. In areas of the skin puncture formed a crust. In the area of ​​drug administration edema appears. At the points of human injection may be concerned about a weak pain. Sometimes there are slight bruises. They are due to capillary damage. On the day of the procedure and the next day the patient can disturb an itch. Normally, side effects are small and mild. If there is to be strengthened and joined atypical symptoms, you must consult your doctor immediately.

To mesotherapy hair has had a beneficial effect, It takes time. Typically, the positive effect becomes noticeable after 3-4 session. After this period there is improvement in the appearance of the scalp. Disappears increased greasiness and a sense of tightness. Mezokokteyl stimulates the follicles. Hair growth begins. Initially, there are so-called vellus hair. When the treatment is finished, hair starts to fall out less.result

The functioning of the sebaceous glands is normalized. As a result, hair is able to stay longer clean after washing. An improvement in blood circulation. As a result, increased hair volume and restored their structure. The tips of the stop to split. Hair reach its natural thickness. Acceleration of growth observed curls. dandruff disappears. Dries up and the feeling of dry skin. The procedure allows to deal with the early graying. Hair get healthy shine and even color.

to understand, what effect mesotherapy for hair, it is recommended to take a photo. It is better to perform it before and after the procedure. This will allow to observe changes. The result will last 8-10 months. However, if a person is able to neutralize the factors, which led to the deterioration of the condition of hair, the effect will last longer.

How often?

If a person is struggling with hair loss, to go about 10 procedures. In this mode of implementation varies. The first five procedures performed during the week. second 5 made within two weeks. The process is repeated after six months. The specialist may recommend a different angle and implementation procedures.

How much is?

The cost of mesotherapy for hair varies greatly. For one procedure will pay about 1500-5000 rub. Spread the cost depends on the appointment of the drug. Are taken into account and other circumstances. The specialist will take into account:

  • existing problems;
  • the number of injections, to be carried out;
  • the condition of hair and scalp;
  • the required number of procedures.

Perform mesotherapy hair must be in a good clinic. This will reduce the risk of complications. The value influences and skills. Mesotherapy allows to strengthen hair growth, back previous density, strength and health. The method is used for the prevention and. One session is performed once a 2 of the week. The duration of the full course will be 7-10 procedures. Wanting to get beautiful hair, you should not rely solely on injections. Mesotherapy For Hair must be combined with the principles of proper nutrition, minimize the amount of stress and quality daily care.

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