Top 38 tips for lamination of hair

If a woman wants to get beautiful hair, it can perform hair lamination. The procedure is done in a salon. Home run is also possible. After the process, hair will become shiny, smooth and manageable. Technology implementation is complex. However not all are equally positive about the procedure. To decide, whether to execute her, you must be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the method.lamination of hair

What it is?

Lamination of hair – the procedure, allows you to return them to obedience, sparkle and Shine. Restoration is carried out from the inside. Initially, the impact was conducted only to create external beauty. A curative procedure was not carried out. However, in subsequent lamination principle was modified. Today for the implementation of the actions are applied cosmetics, created based on plant extracts. Additionally they include minerals, oil and vitamins. Tools allow you to restore curls and saturate them with nutrients.

During the process, the hair covered with a special compound. As a result, it forms a film. It protects from external influences. The film may be colored or colorless. After lamination hair is resistant to bad weather, chemical or mechanical devices, ultraviolet. The film lasts up to two months. The value of the index depends on the chosen tools, the frequency of shampooing and the use of shampoo. Acting on the hair, components of the solution fill the cracks.

The substance helps smooth unruly cuticles and repair the damage. In fact, the solution to seal nutrients. It allows you to protect the shade. Moreover, the hair acquires the Shine and smoothness. Their color becomes saturated. Even the dim curls get healthy. They are not electrified. Fading effect of the deterioration. The hair easy to comb and keep their shape, tinsel. To perform the lamination, it is important to find professional masters and pick up tool, which will help to achieve a positive result. Attention is directed to the condition and type of hair client. All the above factors affect the final result.

existing varieties

The requirements the customers in relation to the services to maintain the appearance and beauty of the rose today. Lamination of hair is not an exception. Women is no longer sufficient effect, which had been reached earlier. They want more. Manufacturers strive to meet customer needs, creating new compositions. Master improve technology and create new. As a result, the updated types of lamination hair. The most popular today are:

  1. Classic. Allows to achieve a visible effect already after the first treatment. The coating is carried out using a colorless film. It gives curls Shine and brightness. Hair protection. A means for lamination developed by the manufacturers in different countries. Currently used formulations, manufactured based on synthetic, or means, consisting of natural ingredients. The latter allows to achieve the healing effect.
  2. screening. A relatively new procedure. The solution contains the active substance, having a high penetrating power. As a result, after the procedure, the curls becoming a kind of screen. It reflects a negative impact from the outside. In the film, remain sealed nutrients. Maintained a high level of humidity. The method is divided into classic and allows you to purchase a new shade.
  3. Color. Allows you to change the appearance of the curls and give the desired shade. Pigments do not penetrate into. They are fixed on the surface. Shade will be bright until, while the film does not come. After that, the color will fade. The method of staining is considered to be safe. It is suitable for women, who are afraid to harm the hair's chemical dyes.
  4. Biolaminirovanie. The process is carried out using solutions, which does not include synthetic components. All substances natural. Usually positive effect can be achieved due to the effect of plant extracts. Is a tonic and classical bio-lamination. In the first case is staining. Dyes are natural. The method allows to restore curls. As a result, the woman's hair returned to its former strength, energy and beautiful appearance.

Contraindications to perform

If a woman wants to hold a lamination of hair, reviews should examine only after, how will be able to verify the absence of contraindications. Method is not recommended, if there is a problem with the loss of the curls. After laminating, they will become more thick and heavy. Forces the hair follicle may not be enough to retain them in the scalp. Will start the process of loss. The same rule applies in respect holders are too thin and long hair. Weighting can also trigger hair loss. If there is a disease of the scalp, should inform the specialist. The decision to conduct a lamination will be taken individually.

The procedure must be avoided, if there are small sores, rash, irritation and other negative symptoms on the scalp. The risk of infection increases. As a result, the disease can progress. There is a risk of complications. The presence of wounds acts as the window for getting the solution for lamination in the blood. If this happens, there is a risk of serious health problems.

The procedure is designed for women, having problems with the hair. If the tresses is healthy, it is not necessary to perform the lamination.

To suit procedure?

Set for lamination of hair you can buy in specialized stores. Before to carry out the procedure, it is recommended to familiarize with the list of indications for its implementation. So, experts recommend to refer to the master, if a woman has damaged hair, brittle and dry hair. The procedure is carried out on fine short hair. Using a procedure it is possible to increase the effectiveness of treatment. If the therapy involves the application of medicines, lamination will help to keep them on the affected area. The solution is to seal the medication. As a result, their impact will increase. However, to use the method only in the absence of contraindications for the procedure during treatment.

Experts recommend to visit the wizard and before you travel to another country, the climate is radically different. The impact of unfamiliar environments can severely degrade the condition of the hair. However, lamination will protect women from the effects of dryness, the sun, water and wind. Recourse to procedure, and after dyeing. Sometimes it is performed after perming or bleaching. This will prolong the effect. However, the decision on whether the procedure is accepted in an individual order. Not always useful method after staining.

Choose salon

Lamination of hair at home is running with the appropriate skills. If the performance is still far from perfect, it is recommended to turn to professionals. Hair lamination is performed in the salon. The procedure is available to residents of almost all cities. However, the quality of services can vary considerably.

Deciding to perform hair lamination at the first time, should pay attention to choosing the right salon. The first is to examine reviews. It is better to choose several organizations, service providers. Then among them select the best salon in the ratio price-quality.

The cost of lamination of hair is very different. It is impacted by experience master, prestige salon, the implementation of additional services. So, specialist can offer a woman to make a film for more serum, providing an intense impact on the curls. Possibly the use of other substances. For classical lamination will give the order 5000 rub. If you are running an myprocedure, the cost increases to 8000 rub. Set for lamination of hair you can buy yourself. This will allow you to perform Spa treatments at home. The woman would only have to follow the instructions. Its price is from 1000 to 6000 rub. The value of the index depends on the composition, the volume of vials and the cabin

Preparations for the

If you will be laminating hair, procedure necessary to prepare. The only way to achieve maximum effect. The essence of preliminary activities is in improving and strengthening. This will minimize the risk of negative effects, which can lead to the application procedure. For effects, we use the nourishing balms, masks and other means.

Step-by-step conducting

When the master completed, you must sign up for lamination of hair and at the appointed time to visit the salon. You should choose, what procedure will be performed – colored or colorless. In the second situation the impact will highlight the natural beauty. In the first situation will in addition be able to achieve the effect of dyeing.

Initially, the master will hold a conversation with the client. While it will be clarified, what results plans to reach the woman. Additionally will be taken into consideration contraindications. If they are not, and presentation of the results of the procedure, the master and the client agree, you can proceed directly to implementation. The session consists of several stages:

  1. Initially produced deep cleaning. This applies to a special shampoo. It not only removes the contamination, but and dead cells. As a result, their permeability increases. This has a positive effect on the effect of the procedure.
  2. The curls are thoroughly dried. This is done, the mixture is better absorbed. The presence of fluid complicates the procedure.
  3. Is applied to the laminating structure. It is distributed evenly along the entire length.
  4. The scope of the feature is wrapped with a special film. The action is performed to achieve the greenhouse effect. This gives you the ability to increase the activity of the active ingredients. As a result, they penetrate better into the hair structure.
  5. The composition is washed away. In the final procedure is applied to air conditioning.
  6. Hair client re-wash, dried and stacked. While they cannot be influenced with hot and chemical methods of styling.

Used compositions

If you will be laminating hair at home, it is important to correctly choose the means for implementing the procedure. Better to give preference to professional cosmetics. It is more expensive, however, will maximize the positive effect. Initially, you need to use the emulsion or shampoo. Then the hair is gently dried with a towel. For the procedure, you can use the following tools:

  1. The company specializiruetsya in the production of professional cosmetics for lamination of hair. Tools to use at home. They are divided into 4 categories. To carry out the procedure independently, you will need to acquire the directly solution for lamination, air conditioning, shampoo, lotion, fixing the achieved effect.
  2. Consept smart lamination. Manufacturer appeared on the market recently. However, he has already managed to gain popularity among women, independently conducting the procedure. Deciding to use the funds of the company, the woman have to purchase three products. The list includes hot and cold laminating solution, and mousse. It is applied at the final stage. The tool normalizes the breathing of the hair and restores moisture balance.
  3. The company also only recently entered the market. In a set of lamination from the manufacturer are just 3 facilities. This paint, product, normalizing the condition of the hair and cream, allowing straightening. Means effectively act on the hair.laminating at home

possible effect

The effect of lamination of hair lasts for months. After the procedure, the hair becomes stronger. This is due to the effect of the active components. Strength of hair is improved. Procedure increases their natural defenses. Around each strand forms a thin film. It prevents the negative impact of external factors. The sun's rays, cold, wind and heat do not cause such damage, as before. The film keeps in the moisture rod. After the procedure, the curls look beautiful. They returned a healthy, a well-groomed appearance.

The method allows to get rid of split ends. Curls become more smooth. Human hair is composed of a large number of keratin scales. Usually they are closely attached to each other. However, when the deterioration of the relationship between them is lost. Observed flaking. This affects the appearance. It deteriorates significantly. Gradually, the phenomenon leads to the appearance of split ends. The influence of lamination leads to a bonding of the flakes. It makes hair smooth and shiny.

The method allows to keep the rich color. This is especially important, if the curls were subjected to staining. The film allows pigment to be washed away. As a result, the saturation estimation lasts longer. The method enables easy combing. The hair becomes silky and smooth. A woman will easily be able to lay. Technique gives more volume. Film firmly adheres to every hair. As a result, he becomes more 10-15 percent.

The shortcomings of the procedure

Picking the best hair lamination, you need to be aware of the shortcomings of the procedure. So, if a woman decides to run in the cabin, for the manipulation will need to pay well. Kits for home implementation effects also are expensive. This effect did not last long. A month later the hair is back to normal. There is a risk of hair loss. possible, if the hair follicles are not strong enough. They are not able to withstand the resulting load, which caused weight gain hair. To avoid this kind of result, it is recommended to strengthen curls.

Film, formed around the hair, prevents the free access of oxygen. As a result of natural processes are violated. This is having a negative impact on the condition of the hair. So you need to give the curls a break. When the composition is completely removed, you must wait a week before re-taking action. Better to let the hair rest for two weeks and more.

The film prevents the penetration of moisture. This affects water balance of cells. If the procedure was carried out without prior intensive moisturizing, they can be thin, dry and weak. Gradually, the film begins to fall. With it loose and part the hair cuticle. The hair will become damaged, thin and weak.

The method will allow to get rid of the problems only temporarily. The procedure does not give therapeutic effect. When the makeup will wash off, all the problems come back. If you do not take care of curls properly, lamination of hair will only worsen the situation.

Do after dyeing?

If a woman not previously exposed to hair chemicals, a salon will help her to strengthen them. However, to perform a similar manipulation with colored hair need to be careful. Reaction after lamination unpredictable. However, experts even advise to perform the procedure after staining. The fact, the lamination of hair allows for longer maintain the rich color and to fix the pigment in the locks. As a result, the hair will look brighter, the colors will remain saturated to 2 months. The procedure in this situation is carried out by the classical scheme.

Can also apply protective substances. They help to reduce a chemical reaction between the solution for laminating and dye. Experts recommend to perform the procedure using 1-2 weeks after coloring. The time required for the disintegration of aggressive chemical compounds and the penetration of the coloring pigment in the structure of the strands. After the process the appearance of hair will improve. They will get healthy. The cuticle will get better. As a result, the strength of the hair and their attractiveness will increase.before and after

How to care for hair after lamination?

Performing lamination of hair, a woman should exercise proper care of curls. You need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to use a nourishing oil. They promote growth of hair and gives smoothness and softness. This effect occurs after applying castor, burdock and olive oil. You can also do the mask. If they are made of oil-based, the appearance of curls will improve.
  2. If the lamination of hair, within two-three days it is forbidden to wash a head. You should try not to handle the curls with a hair dryer or flat irons.
  3. It is necessary to abandon the use of aggressive media chemical composition. Fall under the ban products with sulfates. Better to give preference to gentle shampoos.
  4. It is necessary to reduce the number of mechanical influences on the hair. Not worth actively rubbing them after washing. If a woman uses a metal comb, better to replace it with wood or a brush with natural bristles. The use of hair dryer and Styler prohibited.
  5. No need to use products, which include in the alcohol and acid. Components quickly destroy the film.
  6. You need to try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, chlorinated or salty liquid. If a woman is forced to stay out of the sun, it is better to wear a hat or Panama. Bathing should be done in the hood. If a woman wants to wear it, you need to collect curls up and try not to wet.
  7. If there is a need to use a hair dryer or Styler, you need to set the temperature mode on 100 degrees. If the value is higher, this can lead to the deterioration of the appearance of curls.
  8. It is not recommended to produce staining immediately after the procedure. To achieve the desired effect will fail. The influence of chemical components will affect the state of the film, applied to the hair.
  9. You cannot use the scrubs for the scalp and shampoos peels.
  10. All the masks, in addition to funds for oil-based, fall under the ban. They will not give a positive effect. Protective film will not miss nutrients. The use of funds is possible only after removal of the laminating composition with the hair.
  11. You need to take care about the nutrition of hair follicles. The hair to receive nutrients, you must produce a stimulating massage. The procedure is performed twice a day. For its implementation you can buy a special massage. If it is not, effect on the scalp is fingers.

Is it possible to perform at home?

Salon treatments allow you to quickly achieve the desired effect. However, they are expensive. Their conduct is not affordable for everyone. So you can try to perform hair lamination at home. The process is carried out with the help of the purchased assets or your homemade mix. The choice depends on the woman.

Recipe for homemade lamination hair less effective, than store bought cosmetics. However, it has a more gentle effect. The method allows to minimize the risk of harm to the hair. Effect after home treatments persists for 2-3 weeks.

On the hair will be applied a special medicated shampoo. It includes gelatin. The product is non-allergenic. He has no contraindications for use. For comparison of professional staff has a large number of conditions and diseases, the use of the funds is strictly prohibited. before, than to carry out the lamination in the home, you will need to carry out a test. It allows you to determine the reaction of the hair to the gelatin mixture. This product is applied in small quantity on the strand. After that he left to the hair 15 minutes and rinse. If burning is missing, you can start the procedure. Lamination of hair at home is done with the following rules:

  1. The total duration will be two to three hours. Therefore it is better to perform the procedure in some days.
  2. Lamination of hair at home is recommended to perform after shampooing. Pre-treatment will achieve the best effect. While washing is removing cosmetics or dust, which managed to accumulate on the hair.
  3. During the procedure used special composition. As a result, the hair becomes thicker and fuller. The product has no weight effect on the hair. Method approved for use women, in which there is increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  4. The gelatin keeps the hair soft. It has a nourishing and moisturizing effects.

First you will need to cook the mixture for homemade lamination hair. This requires gelatin, water and oil. It can be coconut or castor. You need to take two teaspoons of gelatin, one teaspoon of oil and 30 ml of water. All the products are mixed together and placed in a water bath. During the process, gently stir the future composition of the. The action is performed before, until the gelatin is completely dissolved. When the action was carried out, you need to give the mask to cool down. After the execution of the process starts to apply to the strands.

It is important to observe the sequence of application. We need to move from the roots to the tips. It is recommended to use a comb. This will help evenly distribute the composition over the hair. When the medium is applied on all the strands, on the head it is advisable to wear a plastic cap. Then the hair covered with a towel. With this gear you need to go within the hour. After that, the mask is washed off. Shampoo during the procedure is not being used. To conduct weekly exposure you need. The procedure has a cumulative effect.laminating effect

Common mistakes

There are a number of errors, facing women, hesitating for lamination. The main one is the procedure for healthy tresses. Such hair in the effects don't need. Before, how to contact the webmaster, is to ensure the necessary impact.

Performing lamination of hair at home, women often purchase a special set. However, during the procedure used all of the funds. This is a common mistake. It is necessary to provide a complex effect on curls. Each product is responsible for the performance of its functions. Only a comprehensive exposure possible to achieve a positive result.

After completing lamination, women often use a hair dryer or hair iron. From the implementation of the action should be abandoned. Once under the influence of high temperatures, curls begin to break down and shrink. Useful components are still not absorbed.

Before the procedure to pre-prepare. Hair should be well cleaned. Otherwise the tool may not provide the desired effect. Only after that is allowed to perform the procedure. If the lamination, it is better to abandon the use of tight elastic bands and Bobby pins. Squeezing the curls, fit stimulate hair loss. The situation is getting worse because of the General weight in the procedure result. Better to do hairstyles without the use of the above fixtures.

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