Top 37 ways to get rid of cough

Coughing allows a person to get rid of accumulations of airway foreign bodies, dust and mucus. So the body reacts to the irritation of the bronchi. Phenomenon may provoke a large number of reasons. It exhausts the person, knocks from the normal rhythm of life. Therefore, it is important to quickly get rid of cough. Combating the problem may be with medication or by using one of the popular methods.get rid of cough

Causes of

The emergence of general malaise, sore throat, runny nose says about the development of disease. If the cough is joined to the above problems, This indicates the presence of complications. Its appearance may indicate the development of a cold or a more serious pathology it is Important to find out the cause of the problem and start appropriate treatment. Most often provoke cough bacterial and viral infections. However, the problem can trigger other diseases, which includes a list of:

  • allergic reaction;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system;
  • CNS pathology;
  • oncological diseases.

Treatment is chosen individually in each case. It is necessary to give preference to drugs, who do not have a negative impact on the human body. It is recommended not to self-medicate and seek medical advice. Get rid of a cough at home only in the initial stage of development problems. In this situation, can help folk remedies. Operational initiation of treatment will prevent further development of the pathology. Therefore it is important to react to the current situation.

existing varieties

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of cough, it is important to identify the predisposing factor, which led to its emergence. Depending on this, further treatment begins. Cough is usually divided into two categories – wet and dry. In the second situation, the problem is connected expectoration. they say, that the person dry cough, when the separation of mucus is observed. A man plagued by attacks. to cough problematic. The pathology dangerous – may cause suffocation. Sometimes it becomes a cause of vertigo, nausea and even vomiting. Dry cough observed in the presence of:

  • pharyngitis, laryngitis or bronchitis;
  • catarrhal tracheitis;
  • asthma.

If the patient coughs readily, phlegm out of the lungs, called wet cough. The color of the mucus can vary significantly. Depending on its appearance can be suspected pathology, with which people faced. So, if developed bronchial pneumonia, harbinger of disease is the appearance of purulent mucus. If the airway struck by a bacterial infection, sputum color becomes yellow-green. If there is to be heart failure, the discharge becomes reddish.

If an allergic reaction occurs occurrence of clear sputum. The physician first attempt to correct underlying disease. Then, treatment is started coughing. Traditional methods are typically used in addition to the main method of controlling pathology. Do not neglect medical advice. Only a specialist is able to develop a competent treatment regimen.

Precautionary measures

Determined to get rid of cough, you need to remember about precautions. Initially, the disease is preceded by tickling and irritation in the throat. The symptomatology may be accompanied by fever. However, occurrence of cough can occur without any precursors. All treatment methods have a number of contraindications, which should take into account. Producing a variety of folk and medication, you need to pay attention to this point. Particular caution should be women, to bear a child or breastfeeding. Not all drugs can be used in such a situation. A similar rule applies to folk remedies.

Attention is paid to the dosage. So, for children it is much less, than for adults. The volume of the drug depends on the age of the child. Exercise increased care costs if the following pathologies:

  • problems of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract;
  • presence of neurological disorders;
  • presence of liver disease and kidney;
  • monitoring violations of hormone production;
  • take place to be cancer.

Is there a cure for cough 1 day?

Get rid of cough 1 difficult day. Usually rapid treatment effect at the beginning of the problem. However, competent approach to the fight against the disease will facilitate its. It should be understood, cough occurrence that occurs as a result of receptor stimulation. They are located in the airway from the nose and throat to the lungs. And the irritation can be localized in only one of the segments. The problem provokes the development of bacteria, viruses, allergens or chemical components. Cough is not an independent disease. This is a symptom of the existing pathologies. The problem may be accompanied by tearing, sneezing, or sore throat. This may indicate the presence of allergic stimulus. In this case, to get rid of the problem it is recommended to use anti-allergic drugs. In the subsequent costs to see a doctor and find out the cause of the phenomenon.

If only there was a cough, localized irritation in the upper respiratory tract. For speedy disposal of problem it is recommended to approach the complex treatment. Starting the process with recommended nasal lavage. The process is repeated every three hours. To implement steps used Spray. Positively proved akvamaris. It is necessary to pay attention and throat. To get rid of cough, It needs to carry out rinsing. The process is performed using a salt solution and soda. The alternative serves any disinfectant. The positive effect of the application and gives furatsilina. The process repeats every 2 o'clock.

You can use the candy, having antiseptic properties. This sage preparations, Strepsils and anti-angina. It is necessary to try to activate the protective properties of the organism. In this case, can help people's recipes. Positively proven ginger, propolis and lemon. It is important to pay attention to the room, in which the sick person. We need to follow, flat to air regularly. However, the patient can not be in the draft.cure cough

If a person wants to get rid of cough, it is first necessary to neutralize irritation, resulting in the appearance of the reflex. It is localized in the upper respiratory tract. Further preventing effect on the cough center. It is located in the human brain. To prevent the occurrence of irritation is, It needs to use drugs, has an inhibiting effect on cough reflex. This is Dr. Mom, Codeine and butamirata. Chest need to warm compresses. High temperature provokes irritation of the throat. Therefore, the use of hot drinks is forbidden. Help in the fight against cough can:

  • milk, to which added a bit of vegetable oil;
  • herbal tea;
  • berry juice;
  • milk with banana grinded.

At night, the chest must be warm compress. It can be prepared using honey, flour, sunflower oil and mustard powder. You can use all the ingredients. This requires one tablespoon of each agent. The resulting mass is stirred well and formed to a state tortillas. It is placed on the sternum. It is necessary to cover the target area of ​​the permanent paper and cloth. This will create a greenhouse effect. The resulting device is fixed around the chest. It is impossible to bandage too tight. It is necessary to ensure that, that the area did not give up.

Fighting depending on the type

to understand, how to quickly get rid of cough, it is important to take into account its variants. The person may suffer dry and wet cough. Usually for life you have to experience the problems of both species. One can not ignore the presence of cough. If for a long period of time not to take any action, problem can develop into chronic stage or pneumonia.

Dry cough

Variety is the problem of unproductive. After coughing occurs sputum. A man does not feel relief. The desire to cough persists. This phenomenon is often heralds the beginning of ARI. Cough accompanied by sore throat and sore. The voice becomes hoarse. If a person has developed pharyngitis, cough becomes like a dog barking. He was very rude. Development tracheitis or bronchitis is characterized by cough deaf.

To get rid of dry cough allow licorice. Usually use the root of plants. It is characterized by the greatest efficiency. Licorice promotes discharge of phlegm. As a result of a decrease in inflammatory processes. cramps are. Body begins to produce protective mucus.

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of dry cough, you can enlist the help of thyme. The drug can reduce inflammation and remove spasms. It has analgesic and calming effect. Medicinal often used in cold and cough. It is able to make a positive impact in case of sciatica, atherosclerosis, gastritis, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Treatment of dry cough in the first place is not aimed at the suppression of reflexes, and for conversion into a productive wet. To this can help Sage, eucalyptus and calendula. Are willing to drink. Healing infusion is recommended to use fresh. Through 3-4 hours after the preparation of its beneficial properties disappear. Positive reputation deserves milk with butter. It is recommended to eat before going to bed. The method helps to get rid of dry cough child and adult. The oil is added to the milk and dissolve.

Moist cough

If a person is worried cough, observed sputum expectoration. Experts call it a productive. After an attack, there is a relief. Suffice it passes quickly. Gradually, however, the airway is observed re-accumulation of phlegm. Her separation is performed without difficulty, if it has a liquid consistency. When, when the viscous mucus, difficult process. It is an active reproduction of pathogenic microbes. It is therefore important, to sputum does not stagnate in the bronchi and trachea. If the discharge of slowing, it will affect the recovery rate. Increases the risk of complications. It is therefore important to get rid of phlegm.

To get rid of the wet cough, it is recommended to drink a lot. Should give preference to mineral water. It is required to warm up a bit. The positive effect of cranberry juice have, water with lemon juice and mint tea. It has a damaging effect milk. It promotes the excretion of mucus. Therefore, there are a large number of recipes, in which the product appears. Combine milk with figs. It's tasty and healthy recipe.

To make it, you need to take figs. There should be black or dark purple color. Would need 3-4 pieces. then taken 25 ml milk. They are filled with plant. The drink is placed on the heat and boil for 1 minutes. Longer carry out the action is not recommended. Fresh fruits are required to prepare the beverage figs. Dried fruits can also be used. However, the cooking process is slowed. Previously required to hold them in cold milk for 30 minutes. Means two minutes then boiled and 20 minutes tunes. Broth is recommended to use in the form of heat. It must take 100 ml three times a day. The process is carried out 30 minutes before a meal.milk cough

Milk can be combined with ginger. Means has a warming impact and allows you to fight germs. The product helps to reduce inflammation. The drink is recommended for use before bedtime. You can drink milk with honey. It means positively established itself in the fight against cough. Additionally propolis can be used. Milk with substance use at exhausting coughing. The products are used to prepare an aqueous solution. Deal with the problem and allows black radish. The plant cut top, make a recess to pour honey. Broken top is used as the cover. Gradually will juice out. It is mixed with honey. The resulting liquid has a positive effect in the fight against cough. It is recommended to drink during the day for one teaspoon of funds. The process is repeated 4-5 once a day.

elimination methods

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of cough adult, you need to select one of the existing ways of dealing with the problem. Today, there are traditional methods and medications. Before using any method it is recommended to consult a specialist. Access to a doctor helps to find and pick up the presence of contraindications drug, which is suitable in a particular case.


Selection of drugs is dependent on the patient's diagnosis. Preparations are issued in the form of medicines, tablets, lozenges, inhalations and sprays. Competent selection of tools allows you to quickly remove the symptoms of the disease. To get rid of severe coughing, necessary to carry out complex combat problem. In the treatment process may require several drugs, belonging to different groups. So, medicines, It has a calming influence, allow to remove the cough. They suppress airway spasm. Mucolytic contribute to liquefaction of sputum, expectorant accelerates the removal of mucus from the body. Get rid of cough can help:

  1. Doktor Mom. Typically agent is used in the form of troches or syrup. It is used as first aid in coughing. Effect on sputum, normalizing its viscosity.
  2. Sinekod. It has a devastating effect on the phlegm. He enhances the secretion of the bronchi.
  3. Mukalla. It helps to clear the lungs and bronchial tubes of mucus. Have an impact on the throat, eliminating pain. It promotes rapid disposal of cough.
  4. Termopsis. The medicament manufactured plant-based. He contributes to a better expectoration. The medicament can be used in children. To remedy became available for use, a child must reach 2 years old.
  5. Bromhexinum. It has a softening effect on the cough. After the drug becomes more productive cough.

Rid cough with drugs is possible only after a visit a specialist. Especially this rule relates to the treatment of childhood. A sound approach to the problem will speed up getting rid of cough.


Razbirayasy, how to get rid of cough adult, you can enlist the help of rinsing. The method is easy to use. To use it you do not need to buy expensive drugs. Treatment is carried out by means of special rinse solutions. They can be purchased at any store. And visit the pharmacy is not always necessary. Rinse promotes moisturizing of the upper airways. After him, a decrease of pathogenic microflora. Means anti-inflammatory effects. However, the effect is observed only in the area, at which exposure is carried out.

Typically, marine or cooking salt is used for rinsing. need only 1 teaspoon of matter. Also required regular water. It should be warm. Needs one glass of heated liquid. In it are the major active component and stir. Important, that means completely dissolved. Rinse cleaned every 2 o'clock. Additionally, the solution is brought half teaspoon baking soda. Saline solutions have a withering effect on the mucous membrane of the throat. Therefore, their use is possible only in the first two days since the beginning of the cough. Later rinse is also used. However, the solution for implementing changes. So, for this purpose use sage tea, chamomile or calendula.From cough

hot showers

Help get rid of cough adult capable of hot showers. However, the method can resort only, if the cause of the problem is not asthma acts, temperature missing. When a person is good steamed, he notices, that breathing becomes easier. The method is particularly effective in the fight against dry cough at home. Soothe paroxysmal cough, which is repeated again and again, capable pairs. He brings the phlegm from the throat and lungs and clears the sinuses.

Medicinal herbs

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of cough in a child, Parents can consult with a specialist about the use of medicinal herbs. Means possess antibacterial activity. They reduce inflammation and contribute to the removal of phlegm. Therefore, they are often used in the fight against cough. To speed up getting rid of a problem, you can resort to the help of:

  1. plantain. Tool is used as a tea. We need to take two small spoons of plant and brew boiling water. Would need 1 liquid glass. The drink can add honey. The resulting solution is necessary to insist. The funds are used 2 times a day.
  2. Coltsfoot. To prepare the composition, allowing to get rid of cough, you need to buy at the pharmacy and take the dried tool 2 table spoons of the product to a pint of boiling water. The ingredients are mixed and left to infuse. The process takes about an hour. The infusion of use 3 times a day. At a time is allowed to drink no more than a half cup. If a woman is pregnant, the use of mother and stepmother is recommended to give.
  3. Sage. To prepare the therapeutic infusion need to take a tablespoon of the plant and pour boiling water. It will take a glass of liquid. The resulting solution insist. Then it is filtered and mixed with warm milk. The liquid should be the same number of. The resulting mixture was consumed twice daily. It is necessary to drink half a glass of funds.


Get rid of the cough can be and with the help of inhalations. Moreover, the methods for carrying out the procedure can vary considerably. Actions will be able to carry out at home steam method, performed using the inhaler purchased in the store or to carry out with the help of a special device. All methods have a softening effect on the cough. Phlegm starts to deviate better. This is due to the fact, that during the procedure, a person inhales drugs, which fall into the airways.

Hardware methods are more effective. This is due to the fact, that special devices allow direct means to the desired area with greater intensity. Fillers for medicinal treatments can greatly vary. So, often used cardamom, eucalyptus, baking soda, cypress, peppermint, cedar.inhalation

additional methods

To get rid of cough, not necessarily to take the drug inside. there are ways to, allowing to have external effects on the human body. The process requires compliance with rules. So, if the heat, all procedures, implying warming, are not held. Help get rid of the cough can the following methods:

  1. The use of mustard plasters. Ready means you can buy in a drugstore. If a person does not want to spend money, you can cook them yourself. To do this, taken the same amount of flour and mustard. They are mixed with each other. They add a little warm water. Thereafter, the substance is applied to the paper. Mustard plaster is applied to the skin. It is necessary to avoid the heart area. Funds may be used for no longer 10 minutes. If you put a compress child, mustard plaster applied over tissue. If a person feels a strong burning, the procedure should be stopped immediately.
  2. Using salt compress. The method can help, if you want to get rid of cough, became a complication transferred colds. To prepare a compress, You need to take 90 g NaCl. It is approximately 3 tablespoons. Also required to heat a liter of water. It should be warm. Then you need to take two towels. They must be made of natural fabrics. Towels folded in half, wetted in a solution, slightly squeezed and are superimposed on the body. It is not necessary to lay open a wet cloth on his chest. You must cover the top of the patient warm woolen scarf or towel. Compress is recommended to keep within 10-11 hours. Therefore, it is better to do at night.
  3. The use of medicinal cakes. They are helping, if you want to get rid of cough for children. For the preparation of cakes require potatoes. He boiled in their jackets. It is then mixed with potato flour. Would need 3 tablespoons product without top. Then, the weight is added and honey mustard. Substances required in the amount of one teaspoon. After that, added to the mixture one tablespoon of vegetable oil. The resulting mixture is poured into a cake. After that, more hot laid out on the child's chest. Caution must be exercised. must not, that funds were too hot. Tortilla is placed on the chest or back. The process can be alternated. So, one day the mass is applied on the back, and the other on his chest.
  4. Using medical fats. Positive properties are bearish, barsuchyy, goat and sheep fat. You can also use oil of cedar and pine. Substances recommended rubbed into the cervical and upper back. Additionally agent is applied to the chest.

preventive measures

If a person is able to get rid of cough, it is important to prevent its re-emergence. It is recommended to resort to preventive measures. You need to dress for the weather. This will minimize the risk of hypothermia. It is recommended to try to avoid stress. It is better to give up smoking. This will prevent the emergence of smoker's cough. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system. For this purpose we implement hardening. It is important to approach the process correctly.

A person should get enough of physical activity every day. It is recommended to use vitamins. Additionally, should not drink immunomodulators. The living room should be aired and cleaned in a timely manner. It is important to monitor the humidity. Significance may be below 60%. The disease must be treated in time. If there were first a cold or other disease symptoms, it is crucial to seek medical advice. To self-medicate is not recommended. Traditional methods to be used as an adjunct to primary therapy, doctor's.

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