Top 37 tips on skin hydration

The main source of life, health and beauty is water. One third of the total amount of moisture in the body, found in the skin. Its amount under the action of a number of factors may decrease. If a woman wants to stay young, guard against the negative influence of the environment and restore youthful appearance, it is important to moisturize the skin. Saturation humidity is done by massage, special creams, eating certain foods and drinking regime.
moisturize the skin

Why do I need moisture?

You need to moisturize the skin, if a woman wants to slow down the aging process. Cells in epidermis 85% It consists of water. If the fluid is not enough, it provokes rapid aging. If a woman wants to maintain the water balance, You need to use a list of funds. They allow oxygen to saturate the epidermis, provide access to vitamins and minerals, remove dirt and toxins, endow the skin healthy and fresh appearance.

Indicating increased dryness?

Understand, the skin dry, not so easy, as it seems. It may be present pimples and inflammation. However, they are observed not so big. Unlike fatty, Dry skin does not shine and does not shine. morning person may disturb the feeling of tightness. If you wash your skin and spend an hour on it with a napkin, no traces remain. If a similar procedure to do with oily surface, it can be seen traces of sebum.

May cause peeling. There is an active rejection of our cells. Externally, the process is similar to dandruff in the hair. There is a slightly yellowish or gray. It depends on the original color. In the corners of the eyes may be present crow's foot. If you start to care for centuries, it will have no effect. There retraction cheeks. All of the above symptoms are dry skin. In this situation, you need to moisturize the face. The procedure is performed using the entire list of methods.

factors, affecting the state epidermis

Condition of a person depends on a list of factors. One of them acts as a stress. With him we have to face all the people. It can occur as a result of fatigue or irritation. To cause deterioration of mental equilibrium conflicts, problems at work, bad news. In times of stress there has been increasing production of the hormone cortisol. This becomes a cause of dry skin and moisture loss. To combat the problem, you must learn to relax. It is important to try to turn away from negative emotions. If a woman visited by bad thoughts, it is recommended to perform a few deep breaths. It helps to improve blood circulation. As a result, a woman can calm down quickly.

Nutrition is also reflected in the condition of the skin. You need to eat regularly, Meals should be balanced. From food depends on the psychological and physiological health. The daily diet should include vitamins, proteins, cellulose, fats, carbohydrates. eat recommended 5-6 once a day. Food to be consumed in small portions. Diet depends on the state of health and weight. Experts advise to schedule power. Meal should be carried out at the same time. This will benefit the state of the skin and the organism as a whole.

With age often need to moisturize the skin. Gradually it loses moisture. Its appearance and elasticity deteriorates. Protsess irreversible. However, you can slow it down. For this purpose we perform skin care.

The season also has an effect on skin conditions. In winter, the face needs special care. the skin condition is getting worse under the influence of low temperatures. In addition to moisturizers, it is recommended to apply makeup. It helps to provide protection from exposure to frost. It is recommended to give preference to Drugs, which contain beeswax, glycerol, lanolin and vitamins A and C.

When spring came, need for care does not disappear. After a winter skin gets tired. To maintain it in good condition, it is important to continue the application of the cream. Preference is recommended to give cosmetic products, in which the present plant extracts. Neglected care in summer time period and can not be. During this period, the skin becomes oily. It may be rash. Therefore, it is recommended to wash frequently. Increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Often people go on vacation at sea. Here the sun is stronger than the effect of. Experts recommend the use of sunscreen. They protect the skin. Care must be to make nourishing masks. They should be carried out 1-2 times a week.dry skin

The skin condition depends on the ecology. It affects the internal and external condition. Under the influence of the environment may appear premature wrinkles, and the skin to lose elasticity. To minimize the risk of such, You need to start doing sports, eat right, minimize stress and get enough sleep.

Rules skincare

Razbirayasy, how to moisturize the skin, it is important to reconsider the principles of care for her. Improper implementation of action often leads to dehydration. So, not recommended for a long time to be outside in windy and cold weather. It is better to stay indoors in the peak of solar activity. The air in the apartment to be moistened. If hard water wash, the skin may begin to peel off. You can not abuse the disinfectant and cleaning agents. To moisturize the skin, it is recommended to observe the following tips:

  1. Produce washing procedure twice a day. The face should be cleaned morning and evening. If a person makes the procedure more often, it removes the lipid layer. As a result, the moisture begins to evaporate from the skin faster.
  2. Peeling is recommended to carry out no more than once a week. If the skin is dehydrated, for deep cleansing agents can not be used, containing hard abrasive particles.
  3. For washing is best to use the gel, instead of soap. If you are using thermal water, by additional cosmetic products recommended to refuse.
  4. Removal of make-up must be carried out using milk and water micellar.
  5. When performed cleansing and toning, it is recommended to moisten the skin, causing a special cream.
  6. Twice a week is recommended to moisturizing mask for the face. homemade or professional tool can be used for the procedure.
  7. The cream should be selected taking into account the season. So, during the summer period of time suitable products with SPF protection, and in the winter with high fat content and enriched with vitamins A and E.
  8. You can not apply makeup, containing alcohol. He dries the skin.

humidification principles

before, you do moisturizing mask for the face, It needs to become familiar with the principles of moisture saturation. Today, there are many ways to care. It is important to familiarize yourself with the features of the procedure, to avoid mistakes. The skin is normal, oily, dry or combined. In the first place it is recommended to consume a large amount of moisture. If it is not enough, may cause premature wrinkles. The skin begins to lose nutrients.

To help the flow of natural processes, it is recommended to drink at least a day 2 liters of water. The skin is supple and beautiful, if liquid saturation comes inside and outside. Purified water will restore youth and health. In said volume does not include tea, coffee and juice. Other drinks are also not taken into account. Eat fluid should be using small sips. This will make procedures more efficient conduct. Strongly recommended to be under the influence of long-term direct sunlight. In the summer you need to go outside, It needs to rely on protective gear.

For washing is best to use the cool liquid. By affecting the pores, they narrowed. This slows the contamination area. If a person has oily or combination skin, it is important to give priority to care facilities, having in its composition vitamin E. If the skin is dry or rough, should be performed daily treatment of cosmetic products, in which there are vitamins A and C. Bring benefit collagen and natural oil. All wetting procedures are performed on a clean face. Generally applies to deposition masks, lotions, creams and other means.

preliminary consultation

In some situations, your own moisturize enough. Require specialist advice. The doctor will make a treatment regimen existing diseases. You must contact a dermatologist and allergist. Attention should not be left without the form of allergic contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis and a number of pathologies. Dry skin can indicate the presence of disease, if she observed in children. Problems arise in the situation, when a child in the first year of life was ill diathesis.

In this situation it is important to choose an adequate diet and therapy. This will help improve the situation and will act as a prevention of further aggravation of the problem. general health of the body and get rid of the product of dehydration create conditions, in which the state of the skin begins to improve. Carrying out cosmetic procedures and the use of funds will allow the skin to moisturize and relieve dry.

Moisturizing, depending on skin type

Women usually apply moisturizer. Facilities, included in this category, It can be used daily. However, it is important to make the right selection of a cosmetic product. Should be taken into account skin type and the season. In the hot season it is recommended to give preference cream with a light texture. They can replace fluids. Application of the diaper will prevent, which in the summer heat breaks and increases the risk of blockage and inflammation. In winter, the use of suitable creams with a dense texture. They have the added protective effect.face cream


Producing a selection of cream, important to understand, how to moisturize oily skin. In cold weather, it is under the influence of low temperatures and the effects of wind. As a result of the process is enhanced keratinization. The way out of a situation in favor abandonment of the use of powerful fat-free funds. Daily care is necessary to optimize the. It is important to follow the procedures, relating to the protection, cleansing and moisturizing. Scheme basic care should be selected together with the beautician.


If you want to moisturize dry skin, it is important to refuse to take a hot shower. You can not rub the body with a towel and use rough sponges. When the washing process is completed, body and face gently with a towel miss. Then, immediately using an emulsion or a moisturizer.


Moisten problem skin hardest. It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of cosmetic products. substances, means included in the, may provoke a breach of the sebaceous glands and skin pores. Therefore it is recommended to give preference to cosmetic products, allowing gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin and effectively. If funds are made on the basis of salicyl alcohol, its application is performed with caution. presence of alcohol in the composition of funds could have a strong effect of withering.

How to apply moisturizers?

figuring out, how to moisturize skin, it is important to understand the principle of the pharmacy and creams factory. Usually they contain a list of moisturizing ingredients. Experts divide them into several groups:

  1. Capable to penetrate deeper into the horny layer to retain water and there. Such substances produced by the body alone. However, the use of creams, which include such elements, can significantly improve skin moisture saturation. Amino acids have similar properties, lactic acid, urea and sodium permanganate.
  2. Retarding moisture loss. In the creams include elements, which create a film on the skin surface. she semipermeable. Similar effects have animal fats, series oils, wax and lanolin.
  3. Helps to restore the lipid barrier. Properties are essential oils and natural. They are rich in essential fatty acids.
  4. Leading to the creation of conditions of hygroscopic. As a result, there is an effect on the skin wet compress. Property exhibit protein and nucleic molecule, glycerol, elastin and collagen, pektinы, polisaharidy and polyglycols.
  5. cosmetic products, which enhance the withdrawal of fluid from the intercellular space. To implement the procedure mineral salts are used. They contribute to the degree of hydration of the horny layer of the epidermis.

In addition to the above components, the creams may contain natural remedies, allowing to moisturize the skin. Typically, the action carried out by means of infusions and extracts specially selected herbs. In addition, they have a calming, seboreguliruyuschee, nourishing and softening action.

Top best tips for skin hydration

Razbirayasy, how to moisturize the skin at home, it is important to stick to a systematic approach. In addition to the liquid saturation, You need to give your skin the nutrients required. Basic maintenance is carried out daily. Its purpose becomes replenishing water deficit and maintaining water balance. If there is a tendency to be skin dryness, We should try to normalize its lipid barrier.

Natural fatty lubricant has a protective function and minimizes moisture loss. If you want to, the procedure is performed, allowing deeply moisturize the skin. Methods of influence are usually held courses. The process is carried out in the cabin. It performs Specialist. Usually performed mesotherapy, injection or laser biorevitalization, and massage with essential oils. And are able to help these cosmetics:

  1. masks, containing natural and synthetic ingredients. They are sold in specialty stores ready-made. They can be cooked alone.
  2. salon treatment. Ensure intensive and deeply moisturize the skin, and saturate its power.
  3. cream. It is recommended to give preference to vehicles with a hygroscopic substance. With their help it is possible to normalize the skin's natural moisture balance.
  4. Folk remedies. Allow to moisturize skin. The process is carried out with aqueous compresses, which are prepared on the basis of infusions and decoctions, masks, steam baths and a number of other procedures.
  5. Means for artificial humidification. They create a protective film on the skin. As a result, excessive moisture loss is prevented.
  6. pharmacy agents. commonly used, if the skin is very sensitive or overly dry. Are appointed by, and in the presence of a number of pathologies. So, via means of pharmacy treated atopic dermatitis and other diseases list.
  7. Essential oils and vegetable oils. Used means of natural origin.

If a woman wants to moisturize the skin, taken into account the existing dermatological problems, and season. It is important to choose the most appropriate daily hygienic cleaning. Alkaline soap under ban. It is necessary to renounce the use of abrasive or alcohol-containing agents. Bring benefit gels for washing, foam.

drinking regime

persons not help moisturizing mask for the skin, if you fail to comply with an adequate drinking regime. This is the main way to deal with the excessive dryness. If a person consumes too little liquid, may cause latent dehydration. As a result, blood clots, decrease in enzyme activity, metabolic disorder and insufficient elimination of its products. A decrease in the saturation of tissues of the head. Man feels decreased performance. Reduced overall vitality.drinking regime

The fluid in the body is present in free and bound form. It is present in the intercellular space of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and a whole list of substances. The above components are responsible for the skin's elasticity. Hygroscopic molecule of the above compounds are large enough. They can not penetrate deep into the dermis intact, if performed outside the introduction. Therefore, the use of professional pharmacy means a long-term effect will not give, if the total water deficit in the body is stored.

An adult should drink at least a day 1,5 liters of water. If there is excessive sweating, which is characteristic in the hot season, during intense physical exertion, operating in high temperature environments, fever, It needs to increase the amount of fluid intake.

proper nutrition

Experts call the human skin mirror, which reflects the state of internal organs. The skin is reflected work of the digestive tract and liver. Therefore, it is important to normalize the diet, timely being treated chronic diseases and to monitor the functioning of the intestine. These are the basic elements of a comprehensive program of humidification. Experts advise to minimize the consumption of smoked and pickled foods. From the diet is better to exclude soft drinks and sausage factory production. Eating potato chips and other products, not of particular value, also need to minimize. The benefit will not bring and preservatives, as food, composed of synthetic additives.

The diet should include cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Favor will bring dairy products. However, you must first eliminate the presence of lactose intolerance and allergies to milk protein. If a person present special dietary habits, or he keeps to a diet, it is important to monitor the intake of essential trace elements and a variety of substances. This is especially important in the process of weight loss and vegetarianism. The diet should be present vitamins A, B and E, zinc and selenium. If there is iron deficiency, it can cause anemia and can cause dryness of the skin.

natural masks

To moisturize the skin, you can resort to folk methods. The method involves the use of natural ingredients for the preparation of cosmetic products. The products will be able to buy at almost any store. So, moisturizing mask for dry skin may be formulated using vegetable and fruit. they light. Typically, such masks are used for normal skin.

Home agent contains a large amount of vitamins. They are useful and nutritious. So, You can perform a crimson mask. For this purpose it is to acquire 100 Mr. berry. Mask replenishes sour cream or cream. It will take one tablespoon of ingredient. The resulting mass introduced egg yolk. Raspberries used in the form of juice. His pre-squeezed from berries. Then all the ingredients are mixed. If a woman is the owner of oily skin, juice blended with a protein or rice flour. The mask is applied to the 15 minutes. After that it washed off. The process is performed first using a warm, then cool liquid. It is recommended to repeat the method of exposure every 7 days.

Moisturizing facial mask of the skin can be prepared by using vegetable components. Favor will bring a list of funds. earned popularity:

  1. calendula. Promotes degreasing and narrow pores.
  2. Aloe vera. It allows to separate water from organic or inorganic compounds.
  3. lime. It helps reduce inflammation. The plant has a long list of useful features. It allows you to remove excess fat.
  4. Chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be applied in the form of lotions or poultices.
  5. rosemary. Used in the form of tinctures. It allows you to get rid of wrinkles and has an overall rejuvenating effect on the skin.

So, if you want to make a mask with aloe, One tablespoon is taken ingredient is mixed with flakes. They must be pre-grind. The resulting mass is applied on the face for 10-15 minutes. After this you must wash off the mask. During the procedure, it is recommended to use warm water.natural facial mask

Bring benefit and apple mask. must 200 ml milk and fresh apple. The fruit is cut into small pieces. After that, it should be boiled in milk. The component then undergoes baking. After that apple will grind. To carry out the process is recommended to use stupa. The resulting mixture should be applied to the face. The skin should be pre-cleaned. The mask must be kept within 15 minutes. Thereafter, it is washed with water. Need a cool liquid. Will benefit the execution of apple massage. For this fruit is cut circles. She rubbed her neck and face. This will saturate the body with vitamin C.

To make a mask of chamomile, need two tablespoons of flowers plants. they are crushed, and then mixed with the yogurt. The resulting weight is applied to the face and left for 15 minutes. Thereafter, the mixture was washed.

homemade lotions

Moisturize the skin can use the home lotions. So, will benefit from a facility of honey and linden blossom. Lotion to moisturize facial suitable for normal skin type. You need to take 150 ml of water. It should be clean. It is necessary to heat. When the liquid has reached the boiling, taken 1 tablespoon linden flowers. Plants are flooded. The resulting mass should be left to infuse. Through 40 minutes of weight filtered. The liquid is added to honey. Enough one table spoon of the product. The weight is used for wiping. It allows you to moisturize the skin. The process is recommended in the morning and evening.

If the skin is dry, suitable lotion plum. must 4 ripe berries. They peeled and get rid of bones. The remaining mass is kneaded and boil for 10 minutes. Then the filtered liquid. After that it is ready for use.

Oily skin flakes of suitable lotion. Need three tablespoons of the product spoons. They are brewed with boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Then the mass is filtered and decanted. Tool is used to wipe the face, morning and evening.

If a woman wants to moisturize dry skin at home, it is important to observe a number of rules. So, before using the tonic, masks, cream or lotion surface is cleaned from dust and other contaminants. If you want to apply a liquid to the skin mask, it is wetted cloth and put on face. On average, the cosmetic products are left on the field to 10-15 minutes. When the procedure is completed, the skin is cleansed with warm or cool water. Its temperature depends on the means of. All ingredients, used in the preparation of, must be fresh.

moisturizing soap

If you need to moisturize the skin, it is important to make a selection of soaps. It is designed to cleanse the skin, person, Hand and Body. Today in the shops sold a large number of different types of soap. A number of brands does not dry. Help moisturize the epidermis can:

  • Dove;
  • Palmolive;
  • Duru;
  • johnson's baby baby soap.

Soap can be made at home. This will allow a person to know in advance the composition of assets and represent, what properties it will possess. For humidification can be added to the basis of milk powder, essential oil, copper, as oatmeal. To prepare the tools required to take 100 g of natural soap. This may be a children's product. Important, that it did not include additives and dyes. then need 100 g milk powder. Bring benefit to add 2 spoons oat flakes and spoon coconut oil.

Pre-bought soap Grate. After that, he melted in a water bath. It is important to ensure that, so that the liquid does not boil. Then poured the milk into butter. The resulting mixture was constantly required to stir. We need to achieve, so that it becomes uniform. When the achieved effects, add coconut oil and oat flakes. Means melted is poured into jars or formochkam. After that, it takes approximately, until it cools down. When this happens, neat soap is recovered and used for cleansing the skin. It is necessary to keep money in the refrigerator. It is considered suitable for use for 2 weeks. Additionally, you can add essential oils, as well as aloe vera. This will improve the effect of.

Using oils

Additionally, it is recommended to use oil, moisturizing the skin. They can be natural and essential. The component comprises a large number of microcells, vitamins, minerals. They are beneficial for the human body. Positive feedback has earned olive oil. It is able to moisturize the skin better than the rest. The means include various lotions, shampoos and cream. The component is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It can be used alone or used as an additive in the cream.Facial Oil

In second place on the benefits brought by almond oil is located. It contains vitamins A, E and F. Vitamin A is able to moisturize the skin. When vitamin E aid it receives the necessary power. Element contributes to slowing aging. Vitamin F has an impact on the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Coconut oil is considered to be universal. It can be used for any skin. Means able to humidify, saturate nutrients, get rid of germs. Component possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Possible to use oil in pure form or together with other oils. You can add it to a mask and cream. Mink oil is similar to human tissue. The composition is virtually identical. Tool can mitigate, moisturize the epidermis. It is well absorbed. Mink oil is often used for the production of creams. Bring benefit and sesame oil. It contains proteins, minerals, B vitamins and antioxidants.

The substance capable moisturize the skin, rejuvenate and cleanse it. If you want to saturation of vitamin C, better to give preference rosehip oil. Additional funds are able to get rid of acne and wrinkles. It has rejuvenating properties and capable to saturate the skin. Are the benefits of cocoa butter beans, avocado, buckthorn, rose and castor. They also contain high amounts of vitamins, trace elements and helps to maintain the proper fluid balance in the body.

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