Top 37 tips on how, how to get rid of constipation

Modern people are faced with a slow metabolism. The problem is associated with the occurrence of difficulties functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Often this is due to the use of incongruous products, oily and junk food, and drinks. As a result, there is a need to get rid of constipation. In women, a problem arises in 2 times more likely. To improve intestinal motility, You can use traditional methods or resort to using medication.get rid of constipation

What it is?

Constipation – a condition, wherein the frequency of bowel movements less established norm medicine. Part of the food stays in the intestine. Its removal results in incomplete sealing mass, which it begins to develop actively pathogenic microflora. It affects the appearance of the human condition. The most dangerous chronic constipation. It requires long-term treatment. Usually you need to get rid of constipation for older people and young children. In affluent western countries, the problem is diagnosed in 10% the population. In women, the illness is found in 2-3 times more likely.

Constipation is easy to recognize. His appearance says a sense of incomplete emptying after using the toilet, small amount of feces, which have a high density, the absence of the usual frequency of defecation acts. In some cases, it may disappear for a few days. Because of the pathogenic processes, which began in the intestine as a result of incomplete removal of food residue, external symptoms appear. People can begin to disturb pains, localized abdomen. The patient lost appetite. You may experience problems with bowel movement. The process becomes difficult and painful. Sometimes there are problems with sleep. May cause discomfort in the anal area. Symptoms appear periodically. The significant harm may be caused by human health.

Causes of constipation

Constipation gives a large number of discomforts. As a result, normal life disrupted. Several distinct types of constipation. One of them acts as spastic constipation. The pathology is characterized by the appearance of muscle spasms. They are located in several parts of the intestine. As a result, movement of feces hampered, and there is constipation. State is accompanied by flatulence. Constipation person worried heaviness in abdomen. By the occurrence of the problem can lead:

  • menopause and stress state;
  • breach of the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • the presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • there is irritation of the intestinal wall or poisoning.

Faced with constipation, first of all need to normalize bowel movements. For this purpose it is to get rid of the causes of constipation. Typically performed medication. He was appointed after a comprehensive survey. Traditional medicine can serve as an additional means of normalization condition. Man will adjust menu. Laxatives without prior consultation with a specialist can not take.

Another type of problem is considered atonic constipation. Name has been the absence of peristalsis. It arises from the weakness of the smooth muscles of the intestine. Usually the problem is observed in individuals, sedentary and forced to comply with prolonged bed rest. Similar states appear in the case of the use of water with a large amount of lime, failure to comply with the rules of supply, too frequent bowel cleansing using enemas or lack of fluids you drink.

Reasons for problems normally hidden in the presence of chronic diseases or the use of a number of medications. Often the problem facing women, Unborn baby. Selection of treatment occurs individually. It is determined depending on the individual reasons. Usually conducted drug therapy. Extras will keep to a diet. Experts recommend to perform a series of exercises, aimed at the stimulation of intestinal peristalsis.

Constipation is able to go into a chronic condition. About like you can talk, if the act of defecation delay occurs more, than two days. In this case, the feces is released in small quantities, it is very dry and tight. Allocation process accompanied by discomfort. To carry out its, It requires strong attempts. Relief when the process does not come. A person may be concerned about the severity of abdominal. By the occurrence of chronic constipation resulting in a list of reasons, the list of which includes:

  • poisoning;
  • the presence of diabetes or obesity;
  • diet or diet noncompliance;
  • appearance of anal fissures and other problems with an intestine;
  • stress or reaction to the use of drugs.

The emergence of problems with a chair more, than 3 of the month, He speaks of chronic constipation. In this case, you need to see a doctor. The specialist will reveal the exact cause of the disease. Next, you will add more fruits and vegetables in the daily menu. We must begin to play sports. Lifestyle should become more active. Help and traditional medicines. So, the positive effect has the use of paraffin oil or the use of enemas. However, their use must be approved by your doctor. In this situation, there is a risk of adverse health effects.

Why is it necessary to treat constipation?

finding the problem, important to understand, how to quickly get rid of constipation. One can not ignore the state and count, it will pass on their own. Systematic occurrence of problems serves a reason for passing examinations. The problem can lead to the development of rectal prolapse, obstruction, diverticular disease or hemorrhoidal bleeding.

Delay of the chair may indicate the presence of a nerve, endocrine, gastrointestinal and oncology. If there is chronic constipation in step, the most dangerous and severe complication of acts, colon cancer. Experts explain its appearance release carcinogens, which are able to trigger tumor growth. It is not necessary to bring to the appearance of complications. Treatment is recommended to start on time. Perhaps the use of traditional methods and traditional medicine. Treatment should be agreed with a specialist.

The problem during pregnancy and after childbirth

Often the situation occurs during the childbearing or after childbirth. sort out, how to get rid of constipation during pregnancy, you need to study the causes of the phenomenon. Delay of feces leads to poisoning of the child and the mother's body. However, during the period of gestation all means should be as reliable and secure. So, deserved popularity glycerin suppositories. They are considered to be the most popular way to fix the problem during pregnancy. The drug is highly efficient. He does not lead to the emergence of allergies. To speed up the withdrawal of accumulated feces can do an enema. However, their implementation is permitted only after consultation with a gynecologist.

The need to get rid of constipation after giving birth is a result of hormonal changes and internal disturbances. A woman may not normally go to the toilet. This adversely affects the state of the whole organism. Normalize peristalsis is possible by means of folk remedies, characterized by high security. It is recommended to increase the amount of fluid intake, as well as to include in the diet of foods with laxative influence. There are extra ways to empty the bowel. So, can help cleansing enemas and glycerin suppositories. The above methods are useful for accelerating the purification. However, they do not cure constipation.constipation in pregnant

If constipation worries children and infants

Get rid of constipation in infants is more difficult. Often leads to the appearance of the disease problems. So first of all need to contact your pediatrician and get tested. It is necessary to give first aid. If you have trouble emptying, the child is experiencing severe pain. When finding grudnichka bottle-fed, need to change the formula for power. If breast-feeding, woman should reconsider your diet. It should consist of a recommended and permitted products.

Perhaps getting rid of problems and mechanically. So, it is recommended to use candles or gas outlet tube. There is a number of drugs, allowing to get rid of constipation in infants. Efficiency had demonstrated Duphalac. He differs high security. It is useful to conduct a special massage. It allows you to enhance the intestinal peristalsis. However, the impact should be carried out correctly.

The problem may be encountered regardless of age. Treat constipation in children must be carefully. application of funds, Cumulative adult, may cause adverse effects on the child's body. Therefore, use laxatives is not recommended. Help combat the problem is capable of carrying out the massage, performing an enema with paraffin oil, and the application of glycerine candles. Using the above methods usually fixes the problem quickly and efficiently. Self-medication is not recommended. All actions should be carried out under supervision of a specialist.

Top the best ways to combat constipation

If a person is constantly worried about constipation, need to comply with preventive measures. First of all it is necessary to balance the power. It is recommended to develop the habit of eating frequently, but small portions. From the diet is recommended to exclude all products, has a strengthening effect on the chair.

In addition, should maintain a healthy lifestyle. We need to start to play sports or sign up for yoga. Bad habits recommended to refuse. If you get rid of constipation fails, it is recommended to pass a comprehensive examination. In the first place all the actions should be aimed at addressing the causes, provoked motility disorders. Additionally, you need to try to improve the state. Today, we developed a set of methods, helps get rid of constipation.


If you want to get rid of constipation, traditional methods can help. They are based on the use of natural products, having a laxative effect, and their combination. The most effective is to use leaves of senna. They are used as a decoction. Once in the body, substance has an impact on the gut wall, irritating them. As a result of an improvement in peristalsis. The plant is used in traditional medicine. At its base is made a list of pharmaceutical products. They are all combined in a group sennosides. The product has an increased efficiency. However, use it for a long period of time is not recommended. This could lead to addiction.

If there is difficulty in defecating, able to help county. To combat the problem using its seeds and oil. The first product is ground, and then mixed with a small amount of water. The resulting material should be consumed on an empty stomach. The oil is allowed to use in its pure form. However, it will have a positive impact in the case of, if you use it for salads.

Help urgently get rid of constipation in the home capable of petrolatum. It is characterized by high efficiency and safety. The product is used, even in the event of problems in an infant. The substance is not digested by the human body. It remains in the intestines unchanged. Means having an impact on the smooth muscles. His influence leads to the normalization of peristalsis. In ancient times, to deal with the problem of using burdock seeds. They are brewed with boiling water. Means need to be boiled in a water bath for an hour. When the process is completed, container covered with a lid and allowed to brew for full cooling. Then strain the broth. All the resulting amount required to drink at a time. Today, the recipe is also popular.

Taking medication for constipation

If a person is worried about constipation, an urgent need to take any action. The problem needs to be solved quickly and without damage to health. Get rid of constipation medication forever can help, having laxative action. The pharmacy offers a wide list of drugs, suitable for different age and status. Your doctor may prescribe:

  • Senade, Pikolaks or Bisacodyl. Funds is efficient and low cost;
  • Slabilen and Guttalaks. It drops from constipation. they are appointed, If administration in the form of suppositories or tablets undesirable;
  • Buckthorn or glycerin suppositories. Have a mild laxative effects. They are prescribed to children;
  • Glicelaks, Dulkolaks, Ferrolaks. They are made in the form of rectal suppositories. Characterized by low price. Provides local irritant. As a result of the stool quickly fade;
  • Slabilen, Regulaks. Appointed by the elderly. Help get rid of constipation, resulting from age-related changes in the body.

High efficiency differs drug Dufalac. It is made on the basis of lactulose. Medications recommended to drink in the morning. Action is carried out well before the meal. You can get rid of constipation and using the activated carbon. Active agent is capable of removing toxins, normalize bowel function and have a neutralizing effect on the poison. Means taken several times a day. The dose depends on the patient's weight. Usually need to be used for 6-7 tablets.

Effective against constipation and is Noshpa. However, it is useful only when the spastic variety of problems. Means able to remove spasms. If you are treated with charcoal constipation, additional methods are not recommended. The sorbent has a porous structure. As a result, it can absorb not only the harmful, but also nutrients.

Changing eating

Often a violation intestinal motility causes unhealthy diet. In this situation, to quickly get rid of constipation help the adjustment of the diet. It is recommended to drink plenty of pure water. It is better, if it is mineral. In this case, from carbonated drinks recommended to refuse. If you always drink mineral water, there is no possibility, it is allowed to replace boiled. Water from the tap, not further processed, does not fit. Drinking tea or coffee does not allow to make up for lack of fluid in the body. The aforementioned beverages have a strengthening effect.

The daily menu is recommended to include a large number of products, rich in fiber. These are fresh fruits and vegetables. Astringent products are not suitable. Fiber-rich cereals and wholegrain bread. Food, which is easy to digest, It should be excluded from the menu. Fall under the ban smoked, fatty foods. It means, that eat sandwiches with smoked sausage and fresh bread is not recommended.cellulose

Too milled products are also not necessary. Such a method of preparation facilitates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. However, it could negatively affect the peristalsis. Sometimes it is reduced. Bring benefit and dried fruits. The list includes apricots and prunes. It is recommended to prepare compote on their basis. Seeds have a strong laxative effect. Similar properties inherent to yogurt products. Get rid of constipation allows low-fat yogurt. Food is recommended to flavor vegetable oil. This may be olive, sunflower or linseed oil. The choice of product depends on individual preferences.

Enema for constipation

Recommend to do an enema, if you can not get rid of constipation with medication and proper nutrition. For procedures need water. It should be boiled. Sometimes instead use chamomile broth. Additionally need medical pear. Carry out the procedure should, Lying on your left side. Tip devices smeared with vaseline oil. Then, it is inserted into the patient's rectum. Next, fluid is introduced. The procedure is carried out carefully and slowly. When the procedure is finished, necessary to keep the urge to defecate. The process is carried out 15-20 minutes. This is required, so that the liquid can penetrate as far as possible and have a moderating effect on the stagnation in the intestine, if he has. The procedure is not for everyone. Pre-need to consult with your doctor.

You can perform an enema and constipation in infants. However, the procedure requires increased accuracy. Person, performing its, must comply with all sanitary standards. To get rid of constipation by using enemas, also using camomile tea, boiled water and conventional syringe. Tip smeared baby cream. Then a small amount of liquid introduced. The procedure is slow. When she completed, during 30 seconds you need to keep the anus of a child. This is required to soften the stool. Get rid of constipation by using enemas newborn easy. But the procedure is carried out only with the permission of the pediatrician.

Separately isolated microclysters. The name given to the use of a small amount of liquid to cleanse the bowel. Several distinct varieties mikroklizm, which includes a list of:

  • cleaning;
  • poslablyayuschye;
  • emulsion;
  • of infusions and decoctions.

Today you can buy a ready structure for mikroklizm. They are sold in pharmacies. Products on the market mikroklizm represented by the following medium – Microlax, normakol, norgalaks.

Increase fluid intake

The main component of the human body acts water, it is about 80%. Fluid is required for hematopoietic, influences the course of metabolic processes in cells, natural bowel movements, timely removal of decay products through excretory organs. If it is not enough, internal organs can not function in the normal mode. As a result of coordination of their work and the automatism violated. Get rid of metabolic waste products become more complex.

Stool can move through the intestines without difficulty, if you have a viscous, soft consistency. The water has a moisturizing effect on the intestinal wall, content accelerates movement towards the anus. If the water is not enough, may have problems with digestion. If the chair is a dry pellets, they have an irritating effect on the intestinal mucosa, injuring her. Struggling with chronic constipation, man tries to achieve defecation struggling. As a result, scratches cal mucosa. There are minor wounds and crack. This leads to the development of hemorrhoids.

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of constipation quickly and easily, you need to follow the drinking regime. The day women should drink up 2,2 liters of water. For men figure rises to 3 liters. The problem is easier to solve, if eaten or mineral table water without gas. It is recommended to add it in the honey. It is not necessary to drink the entire volume quickly. Allotted amount of liquid is distributed in equal portions and drunk during the day. The process is carried out in small sips.

The fluid you should drink one hour before meals. Its reception is possible in the future through 60 minutes after eating the food. Violation of the rules gives rise to problems with the natural digestive process. In this situation, the liquid is harmful for constipation. Additional laxative influence has honey. The product itself is a mild laxative.

fruit mixes

figuring out, how to get rid of constipation, man finds highly effective fruit mixtures. They allow you to fight even with severe manifestations of the problem. The mixtures consist of five components. The list includes:

  • figs;
  • prunes;
  • copper;
  • astrologically;
  • senna leaves.

To prepare the mixtures requires 50 g of each ingredient. Exceptions are senna leaves. required 30 g product. The cooking process is different complexity. The ingredients are finely cut. You can use a knife, food processor or meat grinder. After that the products are mixed with each other. Next, they added honey. Then again all required mix. The resulting composition has a good taste. It is necessary to use in the morning or in the evening, as well as at night. For one process consumed one tablespoon of funds. Frequency of consumption depends on the severity of symptoms of constipation.Mixed fruit

The composition can not be used for too long. He is able to help get rid of constipation naturally. However, if you use the tool continuously, longitudinal muscles of the intestine cease to perform its function. This may result in the so-called lazy bowel syndrome.

There is an alternative version of the composition. In it instead of honey use coriander. In this case, the cooking process is changing. Prunes and figs need to be carefully milled. The same amount of funds necessary to. The products are then thoroughly mixed. They added coriander. From the resulting mass necessary to form round balls. Fruit candy can help to get rid of persistent constipation. At night you can eat up to 5 pcs. The product eliminates digestive problems quickly.

Good laxative effect possesses mixture of senna, honey, prunes, Qur'an and figs. The last three components are taken by 250 g. Senna is needed in an amount 50 g. Honey is added to taste. All dried thoroughly crushed, then mixed with each other. Mass honey flavor. The mixture should be consumed on a few tablespoons a day. Significance should not exceed 3. If you eat more, it can cause digestive problems.

Oils from constipation

Help get rid of constipation following oil:

  1. Vazelinovoe. It is used as an emergency laxative. Chronic use is contraindicated. It can be consumed orally or be used to prepare an enema.
  2. Kastorovoe. Means drink one hour before meals or 2 hours after receiving. It is recommended to drink milk or oil more fluid.
  3. sunflower. taken on an empty stomach. It not only helps to get rid of constipation, but also it can be used as a preventive agent. The product improves bowel functioning.
  4. flaxseed. Available in liquid form or in the form of capsules. Natural remedy has a soft gentle effect.

laxative tea

Laxative teas have a stimulating effect on the intestinal peristalsis. Composition of the beverage can be made independently or purchased in a drugstore. Tea is commonly used chamomile, dill, aloe. Also possible to use other components. Laxative teas have a therapeutic effect. However, the product can have a list of contraindications. Therefore, pre-advised to consult a specialist.

Exercises for constipation

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of constipation and establish digestion, you can resort to the help of physical therapy. It serves an excellent preventive method to avoid the problem. Experts have developed a set of exercises, contributing to the normalization of peristalsis. Effectiveness of different breathing exercises. They contribute to the activation of the diaphragm. It affects the intestines. Are the benefits of load on the press, jumping rope, exercises from yoga and jogging. It is recommended to perform squats, side bends, rotational movements of the lower part of the body. However, if a person diagnosed spastic constipation, exercises on the press is not recommended.exercises

Performing massage

Get rid of constipation, you can use a massage. Are the benefits of circular impact. In this case, the path of movement of stool in the large intestine need to perform small pressing. If you want to get rid of chronic constipation, need to massage a certain point, localized at the bottom of the abdomen. It is located on the left side diagonally from navel. At this point, you can manually test the large intestine. The impact is also performed in a circular motion. Pressing need to conduct fingers. The process takes a few minutes a day. The mechanical stimulation will improve the intestinal peristalsis. However, the impact to be performed correctly. In this situation, there is a risk of harm.

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