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Get lush lashes can not only through capacity. We have developed a number of procedures, allowing to improve the beauty and the length of the hairs. One of the latest innovations became Botox eyelashes. Help maintain a positive result as long as possible will help the top tips for the best treatments and care after the.Botox eyelashes

Preliminary information

Botox is associated in women with subcutaneous injections. However, in respect of the implementation of the eyelashes injection is not required. procedure bezboleznenna. It is distinguished by a small list of contraindications. After its implementation requires minimal additional care. Botox eyelash – procedure, involves the processing of the hair with a special compound to give them volume, length and nutrients saturation. Means for carrying out procedures contain the active ingredients. Impacting on the eyelashes, they stimulate their growth. Follicles better perform their functions. With the help of staff, you can dye your hair in the desired color. As a result, a woman gets healthy, smooth, beautiful black eyelashes.

The use of Botox allows you to perform complex therapy, restoring hairs and helps to improve the appearance of the. Thermal effects are not carried out. Transfiguration is due to the influence of special composition. Experts do not immediately able to find funds, allowing to improve the appearance of lashes and implement their improvement. Initially, the funds have been taken into account, which can improve the curls on his head.

Lashes are too close to the mucosa. The skin around the eyes is very thin. This makes it impossible to use cosmetics for hair color. The first compounds could stay only a few days. They led to the appearance of redness and irritation. As a result, the impression, it failed to achieve the desired effect. However, work continued. The new structure was created during the year. As a result, after the test was able to get a cosmetic product, has become the benchmark. Scientists were able to isolate keratin molecules, able to freely penetrate into the structure and restore it.

Botox eyelashes was a breakthrough in the field of cosmetic procedures. Achieve visual improvement of hair condition can be in a single session. After a few effects are observed to improve their quality.

Why perform the procedure?

Botox eyelashes allows to save time in the morning and curling mascara application. In the evening, the need for removing makeup from the eyes is missing. The effect is maintained for 3 weeks. Botox is not able to fully replace the capacity. After running it lashes become thicker. The effect is achieved through the addition of an artificial material. Botox affects the eyelashes natural hair. Under the influence of the composition they become thicker. The number does not increase. Capacity can increase the length of eyelashes.

Use the method recommended for women, which have no natural lashes bend. The procedure will improve the condition of hair, and in the case of, if they grow downwards. The method is suitable for women, which can not perform capacity resulting from an allergic reaction or other reasons. must be considered, that the body is able to also respond to the mixture for Botox. Therefore it is required to carry out a preliminary check. The owner of the procedure will help thin eyelashes. Composition envelops hair, contributing to their thickening. If a woman is tired painted in the morning, method is also suitable. However, if the client has the nature of the curled lashes and eyes wide open, Botox should be abandoned. Otherwise, the result will look ridiculous.

Differences from the lamination

Botox and lamination is often confused. The procedures are similar to each other. However, differences exist. Both methods involve biozavivka and eyelash coloring. If you are laminating, achieve hair thickening is possible with the help of keratin film. Improved appearance. However, nutrition and recovery does not occur. During the procedure, apply the keratin. This protein. But if there is a lack of, hair become dry and begin to break down. After lamination, eyelashes get shine and elasticity. To fix the keratin, requires heat treatment.

If a woman performed Botox eyelashes, improve the appearance of hair. The best expert advice to help permanently preserve the achieved results. This is the main difference between treatments. To produce lamination, It needs about 40 minutes. When the Botox woman should be prepared to, that the procedure will take about 2 hours. The cost also varies. The price of Botox 2000-3.000 rub. During lamination specialists are asking less money. If you believe the reviews, external effect after lamination better. choosing procedure, you must define the purpose. If a woman wants to just get beautiful eyelashes, help lamination. Whether in all cases it is better to use Botox.

Sometimes the modalities used in conjunction. If we use Botox after lamination, This will enhance the positive effects and to saturate the hair. If you are only laminating, volume increase to eyelashes 40%. In the case of adding to the procedure Botox indicator value increases to 60%. Change the duration of benefit. It will last longer.

Squad botox

Ingredients for Botox eyelashes includes a list of useful substances. It includes:

  1. keratin. The substance has a strengthening effect on hair. In addition, it leads to a thickening.
  2. Arganovoe oil. It allows you to restore the hairs, which have been previously damaged.
  3. hyaluronic acid. It stimulates the growth of hair.
  4. tocopherol. He nourishes eyelashes power. Additional substances to moisturize the hair and strengthen them.
  5. Collagen. It protects against the negative environmental impact.
  6. panthenol. In another substance called vitamin B5. Provides firming and moisturizing effect.
  7. Lemon acid. Capable to enhance the effectiveness of other components.

manufacturers claim, what, after using the serum, woman becomes the owner of the natural eyelashes.

Contraindications to perform

Training will begin to carry out their own process, if a woman wants to perform Botox eyelashes. However, before, than to carry out its, It encouraged to review the list of contraindications. Use eyelash correction method is prohibited in the following cases:

  • components present idiosyncrasy, a part of the means, or an allergy occurs;
  • woman has too sensitive eyelid skin, or present enhanced tearfulness;
  • have a place to be wound, eye injuries and age, or eye surgery has been moved;
  • there is an eye disease.

Follow the procedures are not recommended for pregnant women, especially in the early stages. During this time, there is a surge of hormones. As a result, the eyelashes can not succumb to curling. During menstruation should also abandon the procedure.Botox

Required tools

By studying the top of the best tips on BOTOX eyelashes, and materials necessary to prepare the device for the procedure. It can be purchased separately or as part of a set. will get:

  1. botox. It comes in the form of a serum. The means may be sold in ampoules. In this case, the bundle includes a syringe, to which are attached three needles and detailed instructions.
  2. Butter, softener and retainer.
  3. Glue. Tool is used during lamination and biozavivki.
  4. plastic rollers. With their help performed perming. In the salons may be several options for rollers biozavivki.
  5. Paint. applicable, if in addition a woman wants to paint eyelashes. The color chosen depending on the desires.
  6. cotton pads, shtetochki, sticks and tweezers.
  7. Facilities, allowing degrease the scope of.

Buy kit for Botox eyelashes you can be specialized cosmetic stores or order online.

Popular funds

compositions, by which Botox is performed eyelashes, many. A woman can buy the following products:

  1. Lash Botox. The main component is considered to be hydrolyzed keratin. He is able to fill all the cracks and grooves in the hairs. The result gives a reliable protection means. Cosmetic product contains argan oil and vitamin E. The first substance affects the coloring pigment eyelashes. As a result, they become darker. Vitamin E moisturizes eyelashes.
  2. Efecto Magic. Cosmetic product is made by the manufacturer from Spain. With the help agents manage to restore eyelashes during a single session.
  3. Novel. Cosmetic product comprising vitamin E, hydrolyzed keratin and collagen. means used, to restore eyelashes, subjected to damage. The effect is maintained for succeed 3 months.
  4. Velvet. It is considered a good remedy for hair lamination. Cosmetic product comprises a growth promoter. It affects the hair follicles, stimulating their functioning. The product is suitable for use with upper and lower eyelashes.

Top the best tips to prepare for the procedure

When carrying out scheduled procedure, You need to prepare. Specific measures are required. It is recommended to come to the cream without the use of a procedure for the age and makeup. At the initial stage should perform an allergy test. If there is a response to one of the serum components, PROCEDURE falls under the ban.

Carrying out treatments in the salon

If a woman wants to perform Botox eyelashes, it will need to allocate to the procedure of the order 2 hours. In the absence of contraindications, the wizard will perform the following steps:

  1. To see the face of makeup.
  2. The hairs on the lower eyelids put a band-aid. To the eyelashes is applied on top of the cushion. It is necessary for iron. To achieve a beautiful bend, the wizard will place a fixture at the hair roots.
  3. Is Brazilian blowout. The hairs stick to the roller. This applies to a special glue. Is performed the application of specially formulated. Leave it for the lashes on 15 minutes.
  4. Satisfied the application of paint. The client chooses the color. To remedy gets onto the skin, napkins made podkladyvanie. Hair dye is applied with a brush. dyeing stage takes 10 minutes. Then the paint is washed off.
  5. Specialist treated eyelashes special serum. It has a strengthening and nourishing effects. Serum was applied to 20-25 minutes. The final result is noticeable immediately.Effect

Is it possible to carry out at home?

Botox eyelashes can be done at home. This will require to acquire the necessary materials and devices, get training and learn the best tips top. When the action is completed, you can try to go to practice. The procedure involves the following acts:

  1. produced degreasing. The action is performed using a special liquid.
  2. The rollers are fixed on the eyelids. These eyelashes are attached. The procedure is performed using an adhesive for biozavivki.
  3. Apply softener. means necessary, so that the hairs could scroll shape roller. Then you need to leave the substance to a specified period of time in the instructions, that it worked. Next, the removal of product using a cotton disc.
  4. Satisfied the application of paint for hair. Means does not act immediately. it must stand on the eyelashes certain period of time, specified in the instructions. Next is the removal using cotton discs.
  5. Parallel necessary to prepare serum vial. It should be placed in warm water. Syringe heated to 70 degrees.
  6. Produced a set of serum into the syringe. Means may require pre-dilution. The action is carried out in accordance with the instructions.
  7. Serum the syringe is applied to the eyelashes. To be distributed by means of hairs evenly. Serum should be left to 20 minutes. The time necessary for the, that means affected. This is followed by removal of the whey with a cotton disk.
  8. Applying is performed retainer. You first need to read the instructions and find out, what period of time should be kept on the eyelashes. When the period is complete, removes the cosmetic.
  9. Produced oil eyelash treatment. When the procedure is completed, rollers can be removed from the eyelids. You must comb the lashes. After completing the procedure is completed.

possible effect

The final result is noticeable immediately. The volume will increase by almost half. Will change their color. They become darker. The positive effect persists for 1,5 months. Next, you need to see a specialist again. Gradually there is a change of hair structure. Botox contributes to the restoration of the keratin layer. As a result, reduced brittleness eyelashes.

BOTOX consists of natural active components. This reduces the risk of negative consequences. The drug is able to penetrate deeply into the hair structure. After the procedure, the eyelashes are soft. Touching them nicely. Hairs become an aesthetic bend. View becomes spectacular and open. The method is considered one of the safest methods of resuscitation hairs on the eyelids.

The drug has a stimulating effect. Gradually there is a real increase in the growth of eyelashes. It is possible to achieve due to the effect on the hair follicles. As a result, increased number of hairs. In addition, they become thicker. Botox allows to fix the pigment in the hair for a long period of time. Fortress and elasticity eyelashes increases. This has a positive effect on their appearance. Is the formation of healthy hair follicles, from which subsequently grow robust, strong eyelashes. The method allows to protect your hair from the effects of changes in temperature, cold and dry.

Top tips for follow-up care

To Botox eyelashes outlasted, you need to care. This requires to produce the daily wetting eyelashes. For the procedure, the standard water. Combed hair brush. This allows you to restore the beauty and neat hair, which in the course of everyday life wrapped. You can not leave the makeup on the eyelids and mascara at night. It is recommended to daily make-up remover. The rest overnight hairs. As a result, the morning will have time to recover.

Removal is done with cotton pad. We should not press it too hard. follow the procedure, It recommended moving from the nose to the outer corner. Do not use makeup remover, which contain alkali or alcohol. Substances can be harmful. Under the influence of cosmetic products hair can start to fall and break. The positive effect of periodic application of the field is extended burdock and castor oil. The substance is a nutritional effect and contributes to improvement of the structure.

Eyelash appearance does not change. Therefore, the result obtained can be maintained until they upgrade. The substitution is performed within 1-2 of the month. Repeated procedures recommended after, all eyelashes are updated. Gradually strengthened eyelashes. Effect manages to reach across 4-5 sessions. This will reduce the need for too frequent intervals Botox. will produce just enough in the procedure 2-2,5 of the month.oils

Meals and compatibility with makeup

Botox eyelashes saturates nutrients. The product contains high amounts of vitamins. If you are Botox for eyelashes, they are not enveloped impermeable film, as the lamination. As a result of lack of oxygen does not occur. Hairs can continue to be supplied freely.

After the procedure the woman can continue to be applied daily makeup. The use of Botox does not affect the result of the procedure and the duration of effect. This is not the lamination. When applying the cosmetic coating is destroyed. As a result, the duration of the positive effect of reducing.

Price and frequency performance

Botox is expensive. Price lamination below. This is due to the cost of the ingredients, a part of the means. Both procedures require large amounts of cash outlay. They are not cheap. On average they will have to pay about 2000-4000 rub.

way the duration of exposure varies greatly. Botox is performed for 2 hours. The effect is noticeable immediately. On the lamination will spend about an hour. After the procedure, it is impossible for one day to wash off makeup. This is not very convenient. Falls under the ban make-up application and impact of the fluid. Initially hairs seem to be sticky. They will look presentable, Only when completely dry. After Botox eyelashes can make any manipulation with them directly after treatment.

The consequences of the procedure

In most cases, Botox is safe eyelashes. However, sometimes the execution of a procedure leads to itching, redness of the eyelids or the appearance of age spots. Such phenomena occur in the following situations::

  • there is an allergy to drugs, included in the serum;
  • technology procedures violated;
  • used poor-quality materials.

Negative effects can be avoided. The first will see the list of contraindications. Then, a allergotest. In addition, should make, that all materials are of high quality. If a woman has decided to perform Botox eyelashes at home, you need to carefully examine the top of the best tips from the experts and follow all the rules of the process.

Advantages and disadvantages

Performing Botox eyelashes due to a number of advantages and disadvantages. So, procedure can accelerate hair growth. After 3-4 months of regular performance impact, a woman can get long eyelashes. The need to use mascara disappear. The hairs become darker, longer and thicker. However, if a woman wants to use decorative cosmetics, the ban is not imposed.

The use of cosmetic products will not affect the positive result. He will remain the same length of time, as in the case of non-use of any additional tools. The rehabilitation period is no procedure. A woman can immediately perform the manipulations with eyelashes. The next day, you can use the swimming pool and sauna. A day later allowed to use gels for washing. Botox eyelashes high security differs. Almost all of the components in the composition of natural resources.

However, there are some disadvantages. The method has a list of contraindications. Therefore, you can not use it all. Procedure high value differs. It is not included in the list of budget. Therefore, the mode of action is not available for all. Dramatically change the thickness and length of lashes with the method can not be. Botox aims to strengthen the hair and improve their fluffiness.before and after

Experts do not fully studied the serum. Therefore, there is the risk of negative consequences. After Botox eyelashes may be a rash on the skin. The phenomenon occurs because of individual intolerance of the drug. In some situations may cause hives. Eyelids may blush. The phenomenon passes through day, if you start receiving timely antihistamines. Another side effect is severe itching. Faced with, you must immediately contact the beautician. Eyelashes may fall. If the detected occurrence of a side effect, subsequently recommended to refuse to carry out this kind of procedures.

Top additional tips from the experts

Deciding to perform Botox eyelashes, topom should be familiar with the best tips from the experts. Hairs do not need special care after the procedure. However, compliance tips will allow longer maintain a positive result. So, if applied decorative cosmetics, recommended constant cleaning these areas. Action is required to fulfill in order, that there was no blocking of access to oxygen. Do not overload lashes makeup. This may cause damage to the hair and premature skin aging.

Producing a make-up removal, We need to move from the nose to the cheeks. Do not rub the lashes. All manipulations must be done as carefully as possible. In that situation there is a risk of hair loss. If the cosmetic products contain lye or alcohol, their application must be abandoned. The rule is especially true in the case of, if the components are the basis of the product. If a woman wants to saturate the lashes nutrients, recommended bedtime applied to them castor oil or burdock. Execution procedure is not prohibited after botox.

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