Top 35 tips for keratin straightening

Today the high popularity received a keratin straightening. Procedure to improve the appearance of curls, making them healthy and obedient. However, the positive effect can be achieved only by using quality tools and following the recommendations for the care of straightened hair. In that situation the result will quickly disappear.Keratin straightening

What it is?

In fact, keratin is one type of protein. Made of human hair. Keratin is rich in amino acids. It depends on them health tresses. Amino acids contribute to the smoothness and elasticity of the hair. It is necessary to monitor the level of keratin. Important, to producyruetsa in sufficient quantity. If for any reason the body is not able to synthesize the required amount of substance, You need to adjust the power.

Substances into the human body from food. In this way they are absorbed best. Fashion keratin arose 5-6 years ago. She came from Brazil. There was invented a special technique of hair straightening. In the procedure one of the major substances was keratin. Therefore, the method has a second name – Brazilian straightening.

Today to make keratin hair straightening can be in almost any salon. Technology has long proven. The master will not have problems in carrying out operations on locks. Manufacturers offer funds in your price range. This makes the method available to every woman.

Procedure to make the curls smooth. They will be silky and will sparkle in the sun. After effects keratin hair easier to take care of. They will no longer be highly confused. Additionally, the woman will save time. From Curling irons can be waived. Curls will be straight. Happens and external improvement. Disappear split ends.

Why should you perform?

Apply keratin straightening started not so long ago. It is usually performed in specialized shops. The method allows to straighten and restore health of the deformed hair. The impact of the environment, styling, high temperatures have a negative impact on the condition of curls. The method makes it possible to return them to original appearance.

The method provides intensive treatment. Human hair need keratin. This is their basis, which should be enough. In a different situation appearance of the curls deteriorates. Gradually, may form a lack of keratin. To compensate for it, should recourse to the procedure. Penetrates into hair structure, keratin enrich it. Additionally, it protects from street dust, ultraviolet light and cigarette smoke. Empty cells are filled with curls of substance. As a result of applying the keratin helps to extend the life of hair.

However, not all funds, used during the procedure, equally effective. There are convoys, which can cause irreparable harm to the tresses. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to quality products. If the procedure is performed in the salon, We need to find, what kind of material will be used.

Keratin straightening takes several hours. The effect lasts until 12 weeks. In this period of time a woman can sunbathe, curl your hair and swim in the pool. The effect will remain the same. Perform the procedure, it is necessary to renounce the use of shampoos, composed of sulfates. In some situations the effect of the procedure will disappear instantly.

Do not count, what the effect will remain forever. The salon will have to visit periodically. With proper care for curls between visits may take up to six months.keratin

Recommendations for implementation and reasons for cancellation

Keratin straightening is not for everyone. It has a chemical effect on the hair. The method has a number of contraindications and indications. To perform the procedure is recommended for girls, who have long curly and thick hair, difficult laying. Method can help both the, who wants to achieve the effect of Shine and smoothness, as well as get rid of the fluffy. It is strictly forbidden to perform the keratin in the presence of:

  • hair loss;
  • diseases of the scalp;
  • asthma bronchial diseases;
  • you are allergic to components of the solution;
  • a precancerous condition or chemotherapy.

Child bearing or breast-feeding also become an occasion to refusal of the procedure. Some solutions contain formaldehyde. He is able to harm the fetus and affect the milk for the feeding of the newborn. Harmful for the woman. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to the means for rectifying, which do not contain it.

existing types of

Today there are two types of keratin straightening – Brazilian and American. The first method has high efficiency. It allows you to immediately achieve the desired result. The composition of the solution contains extracts of plants, grown in Brazil. They restore locks.

American straightening is not as efficient. However, it can be called more forgiving. Part for it do not include carcinogens. However, the value of the U.S. straightening more, than the Brazilian counterpart. The effect of the procedure largely depends on the initial hair condition and length.

Preliminary preparation

Before, how to keratin straightening, need to prepare the scalp. This will use professional tools. The head must be washed by shampoo for deep cleaning. He will wash away all the accumulated silicones, also residues of styling products. This will allow the keratin to penetrate deeper into the hair structure. Account should take the following advice:

  1. To perform the colouring before the procedure it is not recommended. The ink pigments penetrate into hair. On a similar principle applies keratin. If staining is done immediately before karatinoidam, for him in the strands of space simply will not. So experts recommend to run the application at least two weeks before restorative procedures. In a different situation instead of beauty a woman can obtain the complete lack of Shine and smoothness, and uneven color.
  2. Procedure is done only on clean hair. You first need to open the cuticles of the curl in order, to penetrate nourishing ingredients. In a different situation to achieve the effect will not work. The washing process is performed with the shampoo for deep cleaning.
  3. To perform keratin straightening after Botox is possible only through 4-5 months after the procedure. The fact, after the Botox is strictly prohibited to use irons with high ambient temperature. This will lead to thinning of hair and increase the risk of rash on the scalp and itching. There is a risk of oversaturation hair. As a result, the woman will get sleek curls, which will look dirty.
  4. If you have clarification, execute ceratinine through 15-20 days. The same rule applies in the highlights. In General, the procedure will benefit the bleached hair. Keratin filling all the damaged areas.

If the woman complied with the failed Perm, straightening using keratin will help to get rid of the curls. To perform the procedure a few days after chemical exposure. The method strengthens the hair, will give them Shine and smoothness.

What will it take to complete?

Keratin straightening is done with the use of additional devices and drugs. To complete the procedure, you will need:

  • straighteners. For influencing the curl should be used only professional equipment;
  • Cape on the shoulders, the clips and comb;
  • shampoo. Required to remedy, deep cleansing hair;
  • gloves. They should be disposable;
  • products with keratin. Is to use only funds, earned positive reviews.

What you should know in advance?

The procedure is performed in average within two to three hours. About 30 minutes spent on washing and drying, but 20-30 minutes is necessary to sustain the curls. This time goes to work with the old order, to solder the keratin inside the hair follicle. The duration of the effect depends on the condition of the hair. If they are healthy, not previously clarified, straightening can act within six months. On damaged hair it will last 3-4 of the month. The duration also affects everyday care. If you implement it correctly and pay attention to the process every day, straight hair can be stored for 7-8 months.

Keratin straightening can be done repeatedly every time, when it becomes noticeable, the effect disappears. Keratin tends to accumulate in the hair. If you run, you notice, the result lasts longer.

The price depends on the salon and drug, with the help of which you will be straighten. The cost varies from 900 to rub 15.000 rub.

Popular funds

Remedies for keratin straightening significantly different from each other. The difference hides the price and the products for straightening. For keratin straightening can be used:

  1. Cocococo. The most popular brand means for rectifying. The products are of high quality. The effect is maintained for 5 months. The product does not include harmful chemical components.
  2. Cadiveu Professional. Brand of professional cosmetics. The manufacturer assures, what line of tools suitable for any type of hair. Styling can be done the day after keratinization. If the woman is the owner of colored hair, color after the procedure would be more stable.
  3. HONMATOKYO. The Brazilian company. Features a large range of products for different types of curls. The composition of the funds does not include formaldehyde.
  4. Inoar. Engaged in production of products to restore the keratin. In the line there is a professional cosmetics, tools for home use.

Performing in the salon

The procedure is better done at a professional. You must use only high-quality tools. The process is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. The head must be washed using a cleansing shampoo.
  2. The selection keratin mass. It is necessary to give preference to composition, which suits the type of hair women. Evenly distribute over the entire length. must, so did not get to the roots. Cause, deviate from them at 1-2 cm. You should carefully monitor this.
  3. When the mass caused, is drying.
  4. The hair is divided into several volumetric parts. Then each of them straighten with a flat iron. It can be used only after, as a thorough drying. Keratin mass will create a shield around the hair. It protects them from exposure to high temperatures. Because straightening irons valid.In the cabin

Do I need to contact the salon?

The procedure can be performed independently. However, at least once you must visit a salon and see, as it conducts master. Better to pass training and obtain the relevant certificate. In that situation there is a risk to cause irreparable harm to the hair.

The main difference from a salon, it is the composition of mixtures. Professional products has a stronger effect. It can have revitalizing effects, and straighten strands. Manufactured own weight to restore the structure of hair and only slightly straighten them.

To achieve long-term effect, with self-holding process fails. Procedure, done in the salon, allows you to keep a positive effect on 5 months. Home straightening will repeat every 2 of the month. If a person wants to buy professional mix, its price will be the same, as the services of a professional. However, such substances will last for more treatments.

Alternative to keratin straightening is the use of masks. They will not give exactly the same effect, as keratin mixture, but it will help to restore hair structure and make the curls straight.

The influence of the type of hair

Depending on the type of, curls can behave differently after keratin straightening. It is therefore important to find out beforehand, is to resort to the method of exposure or not. If the woman is the owner:

  1. Thin curls, it is better to abandon the procedure. Visually, it is even more thins to them, a significant portion of volume lost.
  2. Extension hair, to implement the procedure of straightening will not everyone is a specialist. Synthetic tresses are different from natural. They are unable to tolerate high temperature. Material is damaged and loses its appearance. When the keratin straightening to do without such effects will fail. During the procedure, the master must solder composition on the curls. The process is carried out with the help of impact iron. The largest positive effect will be achieved, if for natural or synthetic hair will be used for different compositions. Enriching keratin is not recommended, if you have already build a tape.
  3. Rare curls, in this case the rule, similar situation with thin hair. Keratinization removes the fluffiness. As a result, the volume seems less. So the girls with liquid hair better to abandon the procedure.
  4. Highlighted hair, specialists recommend to carry out ceratinine. The procedure will give them Shine and smoothness. Additionally, impact has a healing effect.
  5. Curly locks of hair, the procedure is able to help and make them straight and smooth. Thanks to her influence, within a few months the curls will stay straight. You do not have to use a pad, and additional stowage facilities.
  6. Bleached hair, the use of keratin suitable. After the treatment, hair will begin to Shine and become smooth. This is due to the sealing of damaged areas under the influence of the drug.
  7. Bleached curls, the enrichment of keratin shown. The fact, such hair are often in poor condition. During the procedure there is treatment keratin. This allows you to give your tresses a healthy appearance and prevent the appearance of split ends.
  8. Painted curls, the use of the keratin will not be superfluous. The painting has a negative impact. The result is a depletion of and damage to the hair. Ceratinine fills the void and gives hair a healthy appearance.
  9. Hair, undergoing a Perm, keratin can help to get rid of bad curls. It has the opposite Curling effect. Ceratinine makes the tresses smooth and straight, It has a healing effect.
  1. The result


If a woman is going to do the keratin straightening, she needs to understand, the classical treatments for hair is not suitable. The first is to change the tool. Wash the head through 3 the day after the procedure. It is necessary to give preference to sulfate-free shampoo, in the composition of which is sodium chloride. To produce the procedure should be carefully. Close attention should be paid exclusively to the roots. For the procedure wash you should use warm water. Too hot liquid will not work.

Hair masks can only be applied through 2-4 weeks after the procedure. You should give preference to those, containing keratin. To make a mask you need 1-2 in a week. Should give preference to professional products. They should be applied to the roots and scalp. It prevents dandruff and loss of volume. Additionally, it is recommended to purchase a protective spray. It also needs to go keratin. The product must be used before going on street or bathing in chlorinated water. This will allow to extend the validity of the procedure.

In the early days cannot soak your head in any case. Additionally, avoid steam baths or saunas during the first two months after the procedure. The influence of humid hot environment leads to, the leaching composition will happen very quickly. It is necessary to abandon the use of hard gum. It is better to give preference to springs, which are now in Vogue. They are not so much hurt the hair.

Dry your hair after the procedure, you can use a hair dryer or a natural way. The procedure is best to exercise in the cold mode. This has a less negative impact. Preference is sulfate-free funds. products, containing such substances, eluted protein from the strands. Sulfate-free masks will be an excellent solution for hair care. You can find among brands or organic cosmetics, professional tools. The advantages of masks that, they consist only of natural ingredients. It is recommended to apply one to two times a week.

After keratin straightening, don't overuse styling products, use a flat iron and blow dryer. Special care should be taken to the first device. If you want to make curls, better to do the procedure the old fashioned way. To do this is to use soft curlers. Alternative to keratin straightening is galogenirovannami. It is also able to give the hair smoothness. Some salons continue to offer chemical straightening. However, this method is now outdated. The fact, that spoils the hair structure.


The procedure is quite new. Because it is shrouded in myths. Many of them do not correspond to reality. So, considered, the procedure is suitable only for owners of curly and frizzy hair. Women with straight tresses can do keratin straightening, to make them Shine. Another myth is the fact, ceratinine harm your hair. Qualitative means, does not contain formaldehyde and other substances, not have a negative impact.

It is believed, all systems of the same ceratinine. This is not true. The consequences can vary considerably. From this follows another myth. It is believed, what can you lose hair. It depends on the cosmetic product, used. Poor composition is really able to negatively affect the scalp and cause hair loss. However, after a good products, such phenomenon is not observed.

Answers to popular questions

Keratin straightening is a large amount of issues. Answers to the most popular of them below:

  1. If after keratin straightening curly hair, it is the result of individual reactions or severe damage to the hair follicle. In the latter situation, it is recommended to perform the procedure again. A similar result may occur as a result of using a defective part or violations of the technological process.
  2. Keratin and amino acid recovery are identical procedures. The difference is in the brand of the tools, which are used for the process.
  3. If greasy hair remains within one to two days after keratin straightening, this is a normal reaction. If it doesn't disappear after the first wash, the reason may be hiding in the incorrect technique of the master, who used too much makeup.
  4. The curls can start to exfoliate after the procedure as the result of individual response and incorrect work of a specialist. A similar effect occurs in severely damaged hair. To achieve the desired result, you will need to complete the process again.
  5. Visiplate is the next step rectification technology. As the main active ingredient is used the fruit of the bixa Orellana. It has a moisturizing effect, gives smoothness and softness. The procedure is more expensive, what ceratinine.
  6. Botox and keratin straightening differ from each other. In the first situation, the solution has an impact on the inside. It penetrates into the hair structure, strengthens and restores damaged scales. However, the effect is not immediately. You may need to repeat procedure. Sometimes it takes two or three times. For Botox apply solutions, the main ingredient which is a different formula of vegetable protein. It leaves curls supple and elastic. In preparations for Botox no formaldehyde. The choice between treatments must be made depending on, what is the purpose of a woman. If she plans to carry out the treatment of the curls, it is preferable to Botox. The procedure is cheaper. For it have to pay 2000 to 5000 rub.
  7. Keratin recovery also differs from rectification. The first is caring function. If a woman wants to get shiny, healthy curls, it is better to give preference to restoration. If the goal is to receive smooth and straight hair, have to resort to straightening.
  8. Nanoplastic is a kind of keratin straightening. The difference between the procedures is used in the compositions. When nanoplastic uses natural ingredients. However, the effect is less. If you care for your tresses properly, it will last until 4 months.
  9. Keratin protects the hair from UV exposure. So experts are allowed to do the procedure before going to sea. However, you need to follow, so the hair does not get chlorinated or salt water. This will lead to rapid leaching of the element.
  10. If after rectification began losing hair, this can occur as a result of individual intolerance, save on products, and with thin thinning hair. In the latter situation, the composition was too burdening them, which leads to the loss. Error, admitted to one of the stages of rectification, also trigger similar effects. So you should only visit salons, earned positive reviews and not saving on cosmetic products.
  11. Children the application of the method is contraindicated. Masters to perform the procedure, only if the client has reached the age of majority.
  12. Procedure to assist in the growing curls. Protein fills hair from the inside, prevents the appearance of split ends. As a result, the curls begin to look healthy throughout the length. From the use of scissors can be waived.
  13. Polishing and keratin straightening is a completely different treatments. The first process is performed using a special machine. Acting, the device produces mechanical removal of split ends. It gives hair extra smoothness. They look more aesthetically pleasing.
  14. If this has been keratin straightening, it is not recommended to sleep with wet hair. It is recommended to dry them. Additionally, it is not necessary to braid her hair at night or to fix the curls while you sleep otherwise.
  15. Care must be taken on a suitable bedding. It is recommended to use a pillowcase made of silk or satin.
  16. The tool may not have a smell or have unbearable aroma. Usually do not smell the products of premium segment. It is more gentle. Cheap hair products often have an unpleasant odor. However, it quickly disappears. If the smell hurts your eyes, the use of poor quality composition. It can be hazardous to health. Having experienced such feelings, must immediately abort the procedure.
    After keratin

To decide, whether to do the procedure during menstruation, need individually. Most women will not associate hair care with the menstrual cycle. However, some girls have curls during menstruation can do not to give keratin straightening. There is the influence of hormones. Their level during menstruation changes. If earlier the woman had problems with the final effect of the treatments because of my period, it is recommended to postpone the trip to the salon for another time.

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