Top 35 Tips to get rid of wrinkles

Over time, the skin begins to lose elasticity. The process is influenced by a whole list of factors. The result is the appearance of fine lines, swelling, visible vascular mesh. All the above factors spoil the appearance of women. However, there are a number of ways, to get rid of wrinkles. The effects can be used together. The struggle with the problem may be cosmetic or home remedies.

To get rid of wrinkles

Causes of

Wrinkles appear as a result of changes, taking place in a woman's body. A decrease in skin turgor. It loses its elasticity. A decrease of elasticity. With the first wrinkle you may encounter, reaching the age of 26 years old. They are barely noticeable and are small grooves. These wrinkles gather in the corners of the eyes. Closer to 30 years, this situation started to affect the forehead. However, such wrinkles are visibly only when movement of the eyebrows and active facial expressions. The most severe problem becomes to 40 years.

Most often wrinkles occur as a result of reducing the amount of hyaluronic acid. It is contained in the skin cells. With age, a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin. These substances are responsible for skin elasticity. Age wrinkling in women can vary considerably. This is facilitated by individual factors. However, there are precipitating causes, causing the change sooner. It can be:

  • the presence of pathologies, chronic character;
  • woman is inherent dry skin type;
  • the man smokes a lot or not eating;
  • is the place to be genetic predisposition;
  • there is a hormonal imbalance.

The sun also has a negative effect on the skin. If in the course of his life to spend much time under the influence of its rays, it will accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. A similar effect has the use of a large number of decorative cosmetics. Today it is used daily.

existing varieties

If a woman wants to get rid of wrinkles, you need to decide, what group will fight. The classification is carried out depending on the localization. Wrinkles can be accommodated:

  • on the forehead or eyelids;
  • on the bridge of the nose or around the eyes;
  • on the chin and around the lips.

Another classification divides wrinkles depending on the reasons for their occurrence. There are the following problems:

  1. Age. They can be observed in women, which suffers from shortage of hormones. It can appear as a result of menopause or ovarian dysfunction.
  2. Senile. With age, the skin becomes dry. This is due to insufficient hydration. The result is the formation of wrinkles.
  3. Facial. When a person is talking or experiencing emotions, the skin form small folds. They arise when talking, anger, laughter or other situations. Over time, the place, where the skin is constantly exposed to as a result of active movement of the facial muscles, form grooves of. They are called mimic wrinkles.

If a person has active facial expressions, with the first wrinkle you may encounter in the age of 20 years old. The problem often appears and emotional people.

How to get rid of wrinkles?

The modern woman is a large number of procedures and tools, to get rid of wrinkles. The most effective method depends on the age and depth of the grooves. Today often use the following methods:

  1. Homemade methods of dealing with the problem. Method is suitable for almost everyone. Therefore, it enjoys high popularity. At home a woman can resort to the help of the popular ways, to do the mask, to use the cream, protects the skin with essential nutrients, and to peels.
  2. Perform massage and special exercises. Today developed special gymnastics for the face. It can be done at home. If the woman is unsure, she's got enough willpower to force yourself to make exercises every day, it is better to start attending group classes. They are also. You can also do the massage. It helps to improve blood flow, what prevents the appearance of premature aging.
  3. Treatment in salon. Today made different injection, the application of the rejuvenating effects of laser and peeling. The most effective methods are injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid. they are used, if the women are middle wrinkles. The positive effect lasts up to six months. Then the procedure must be repeated.
  4. The operation of the facelift. The method is applied in the most extreme cases. It is used, if there are deep wrinkles. Lifting is performed through a small incision. The positive effect may persist for several years. A woman can rejuvenate by as much as 10 years old. It should be noted, the operation has high complexity. It is atraumatic. There is a risk, in the place of sutures will remain scars. The effect often does not meet expectations. Because you need some time to think first, than to agree to surgery.
  5. Today in medicine is often used hyaluronic acid. Women do injections of the substance. She was so popular due to the fact, used liquid, which is in the human cells. The use of injections of hyaluronic acid can improve the skin's appearance. This is due to the fact, that substance helps to slow down the aging process.
  6. If women are the wrinkles near the ears, on the nose and in the neck, to perform their facelift you can use gold thread. The method extends the existing grooves. Experts have proved, that method of exposure is safe. However, to maintain the positive effect for a long time will fail. As a result of ageing is re-skin change. This will cause, that the wrinkles may reappear.

Remedies for wrinkles

Wrinkles and age

Starting to fight wrinkles or to take action to prevent their occurrence should at the age of 25 years old. During this period you can resort to chemical and acid peels. The procedure must be performed every few months. It can be done in salon or to do yourself. The method of exposure is applied to the skin, the special formulations. They are quite aggressive. The result is a light burn of the epidermis. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, preventing premature aging. Application of peels gives the opportunity to fight with fine lines, wrinkles.

Reaching the age of 40 years old, you can enlist the help of mesotherapy. Another effective way to perform injections of Botox or its analogues. If you select the first procedure, the clerk enters under the skin of women of a specific drug. It is injected at a shallow depth. The drug has a nourishing effect. It nourishes the skin cells with nutrients and necessary amount of moisture. Adequate nutrition prevents premature aging. Most often when this method is used hyaluronic acid. It can be used in pure form or is an integral part of the whole complex of substances. If you are an injection of Botox, muscle, the movement which provoked the appearance of wrinkles, immobilized. As a result, possible to get rid of facial wrinkles. To procedure gave a positive result, they need to repeat it once in six months.

After 50 years you can enlist the help of laser resurfacing. The procedure is carried out using a special apparatus. It gives you the opportunity to inspect radiation. During the procedure, is laser exposure. It penetrates the skin and affects the dermis. The result is activation of metabolic processes.

At the age of 70 years there are significant changes in the skin. It may cause serious wrinkles, that without surgery to remove. In this situation, the method of surgical intervention, during which the facelift. Any excess skin is removed, on the site of the incision superimposed seam. As a result, the person is essentially sticking to the. All wrinkles, that was even deep, disappear. To use the method of exposure is often strictly prohibited. It is recommended to carry out the process once in 10-15 years old.

Skin aging can be slowed down. In addition to the above procedures, there are home methods of influence, to get rid of wrinkles. Methods need to be applied systematically. Otherwise, they are positive does not give effect.

Fighting depending on the type

methods, to get rid of wrinkles, can vary considerably depending on their species. Make the selection procedures or tools need to reflect these features. In that situation the way a positive result does not give.

With small

The first wrinkles are small. To get rid of them much easier, than other varieties of problems. Faced with the situation, a woman can try to begin to deal with them by using home methods. Additionally, it is recommended to apply nourishing mask. They are also able to give a positive result. The most effective are the following recipes:

  1. Mask of cosmetic clay. It gives a rejuvenating effect. You need to take one tablespoon of the substance and dilute it with water. The liquid should be warm. Do not add too much water. It is necessary to achieve the consistency of sour cream. When the result obtained, you need to take essential oil of orange and lemon and add to the mass of one drop. The resulting composition must be thoroughly mixed. Next the mask is applied on face and left for 15 minutes. When the term ended, need to rinse a lot with water. It is recommended to perform the procedure once a week.
  2. Home peels. The procedure helps exfoliate the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. For the preparation of the composition will need to take a lemon. You need to split it in half and from one of them, squeeze the juice. It is better to use a glass bowl. When the process is completed, you will need to add to the juice one tablespoon of olive oil. The composition is applied to skin with patting movements. Pre-face must be cleaned. The composition is left on the face for a 5-10 minutes. Next, you need to wash it. During the procedure the woman may feel a slight burning and tingling. This phenomenon is perfectly normal. However, if an unpleasant sensation is enhanced, it is necessary to stop immediately the effect on the skin. Carry out the procedure once you in 2 of the week.
  3. Mask cream, essential oils and wheat germ. Effectively nourishes the skin. You need to take one tablespoon of cream and add two drops of essential oil ylang-ylang. Further, the resulting mass is added a teaspoon of wheat germ. All the ingredients are mixed until an homogeneous mass. When a similar effect was achieved, the composition is applied to the face. It must be kept within 15 minutes. Then carry out the removal by means of water. It should be warm. To have the procedure had a positive effect, it needs to be executed regularly. However, the process cannot be made more often 1-2 once a week.
  4. proved, that anti-aging effect has cocoa. It is also possible to make masks. You need to take the stuff and pour hot water. It is not necessary to go to far. The resulting mass consistency should resemble cream. When the effect is achieved, need to leave money for a while, allowing it to swell. The tool then is applied to the face. It has to be held within 20 minutes, then remove with water.

Skin care

With medium and deep

Get rid of medium to deep wrinkles more difficult. Therefore, a woman should be ready, that she would have to resort to more radical procedures. Usually they are in the cabin. So, a positive reputation managed to get biorevitalization. The method consists in the introduction under the skin of the vitamin b complex. The composition includes hyaluronic acid. Injections are made using a small needle.

The manipulations can only be carried out specialists, having a medical degree. After that, as the process is completed, the woman's face is treated with antiseptic preparation to prevent infection. Once under the skin, substances affect cells, preventing aging. Rejuvenation occurs by exposure of hyaluronic acid.

Today popular varieties of peels. They can be:

  • laser;
  • acid;
  • chemical.

The most effective is considered the first kind. The procedure quite painful. To the patient felt less discomfort, the doctor may apply anesthesia. The method consists in influence on the epidermis laser. It heats up turned out to be underneath the station and vaporizes the top layer. Such a stimulates the renewal of epidermis. 1 the procedure associated with rehabilitation. Skin rejuvenation comes in 1-2 of the week. All this time recovering.

To resort to acid and chemical peels species is only recommended, if a woman has medium wrinkles. On the skin applied special formulations, which cause burn. As a result, the body is forced to produce skin renewal.

With age

With age, the epidermis starts losing elasticity. You need to make braces. To resort to surgery do not have. Experts have developed an innovative way of rejuvenation. Effect on the skin is performed using special equipment. It directs to the deepest layers of light and electrical currents. It has a stimulating effect on the cells. The result of the renewed production of collagen and elastin. The procedure is gradual effect. A positive result can be noticed in a month after performance impact.

A woman can decide on a facelift. The method makes it possible to deal with sagging or droopy skin. The procedure allows to transform in one go to a specialist. However, you need to understand, that will be surgery. Therefore, the patient should be prepared. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. Excess skin in different parts of the face is lifted and cut. The technician then places the seams. Usually they are invisible to the eye. However, the method has side effects. If the expert is inexperienced, can be made skin displacement in the wrong direction. This will result in overvoltage, and facial features women bent. Additionally, there is a risk of contamination of infection. Experts recommend to use the method only in extreme cases and to perform the operation have earned the most positive reviews surgeons. This method of influence will be expensive.

How to choose the right cream?

If a woman wants to get rid of wrinkles on face after 35 years old, she will begin to apply a special cream. Without their continuous use to achieve positive results will be very problematic. Cream managed to prove positively. They can effectively deal with the problem.

However, the intensity of different series may differ significantly. There are products, which enable to reduce wrinkles, which already appeared on the lady's face. Experts recommend to prefer only the good brands with a positive reputation. Such products are usually marketed in specialty stores or pharmacies. Statistics show, what's the best tool companies produce Dior, Vichy, "Shiseido". Brands of the mass market is not able to give the same result.

You must understand, professional tools to deal with wrinkles are expensive. Price starts from 1,5-2 thousand. rub. Selecting means, it is imperative to pay attention to its composition. In the list of ingredients, which is made from good wrinkle cream, need to sign:

  1. Fruit acids. Their effect is to proper skin care and the saturation of nutrients. Additionally acid have a supportive impact on the tone of the epidermis.
  2. vitamins. It is mandatory to attend A, C и D. Vitamins help to remove the epidermis from accumulated harmful substances. Additionally there is a protective effect. Getting into the skin, vitamins help to strengthen the flow of regeneration. Substances protect the skin from sun exposure, shaping immunity and resistance.
  3. SPF-filters. Another substance, to protect the skin against the effects of the sun. If you don't prevent its impact, can occur photoaging.
  4. Collagen and hyaluronic acid. This is a required substance, that should be part of any cosmetics, to combat age-related changes. Experts have proved, that substances safe. They help to maintain moisture in the skin. With age, its losses significantly increase, what causes wrinkles. Additionally, collagen and hyaluronic acid contribute to the production of elastin fibers.

Treatments for wrinkles

Is it possible to remove at home?

Today there are many methods, to get rid of wrinkles at home. Women can prepare a mask, scrubs, to resort to the help of massage, creams, and to adjust the power. One of the effective methods of influence performs gymnastics. The procedure managed to earn high popularity today. To use the method, you must perform the following exercises:

  1. Find point above the brow and to put the index fingers. This requires to move them down slightly. Do eyebrows rise up. You need to try to overcome the resistance of the fingers. The exercise is performed 50 time.
  2. Lip will be folded into a tube, and then stretch them. This is followed by stage relaxation. The position does not change. Necessary to make 30 repeats.
  3. The index finger should be placed on the corner of the eye, and the average is placed on the other. You need to try to stretch the eyelids, squint eyes. The exercise is performed at a fast pace. It needs to be 30 time.

The author of the gymnastics is a Carol Maggio. The woman has demonstrated a stable positive effect of exercise on yourself. Similar to results achieved and other women, the author has published a number of textbooks.

Top 7 ways of dealing with wrinkles

There are a number of additional ways, can help in the fight against wrinkles. If a woman wants to slow down aging of the skin, it is recommended to enlist the help of the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to periodically take breaks daily care. Too-frequent washing leads to the washing away natural barrier. As a result, the skin becomes dry. For daily washing, it is recommended to apply special milk or soft gels. If a person has problems with blood vessels, he should not wash with too hot water. Violation of the rules will result in, that the cheeks may appear spider veins. Need to spend fasting days. Instead 2 time can wash once and not to use the cream. If a woman is at home, it is better not to apply makeup at least once a week. In the fasting days, should give preference to eating healthy food. To saturate the skin with minerals and essential vitamins.
  2. To protect against photoaging able soy. If you add it in cosmetics, this will give the ability to achieve smooth tone, and improve metabolism, occurring in the cells. Additionally, the substance protects against negative effects of sunlight.
  3. To get rid of wrinkles, it is recommended to add in the daily menu fish. It can be river and sea. The product is one of the main sources of protein. Substance required in order, to create healthy skin cells. If you eat oily fish, the human body will get enough omega-3 acids. It is required in order, to restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and to maintain the normal production of fats and maintain water balance.
  4. It is recommended to get rid of the habit of squinting. Usually she has people, who suffer from vision problems. Bright daylight also causes the need for such actions. However, as a result people wrinkles forehead and lifts eyebrows. As a result, the risk of facial wrinkles is significantly increased. To prevent this, the sun is to use sunglasses. If you have vision problems, need to purchase special glasses with diopters.
  5. One should use vitamin C. The substance should be included in the cosmetic composition. It helps the body to fight infections and colds, and also improves the appearance of the epidermis. Cosmetics, in which there is vitamin C, gives you the opportunity to even skin tone and increase collagen production.
  6. It is better to sleep on your back. If a woman is accustomed to rest on my stomach or side, gradually this will provoke the appearance of certain types of grooves. So, the best option is the dream on the back. It is useful not only for the skin, but for the spinal cord and brain.
  7. Instead of coffee better to give preference to cocoa. It is much more useful. The substance contains antioxidants, epicatechin. All of these substances inhibit the destruction of the skin, have the protective effect. After ingestion of cocoa has witnessed the acceleration of cell regeneration. substances, its constituent, prevent the influence of solar radiation.

How to prevent the emergence of?

Experts advise to avoid the situation, when you need to get rid of wrinkles. It is better to try to prevent their appearance. Skincare should be carried out throughout a person's life. The woman must follow the simple rules:

  1. A full night's sleep. Sleep duration starts from 7-8 hours a day. If rest is not enough, the appearance of the skin deteriorates significantly. Over time, this can lead to the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. You need to eat right. The daily menu should include greens, vegetables and fruits. Protein intake is also necessary to the human body. In the above products contains large amounts of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, required for normal skin regeneration for other processes.
  3. You need to apply makeup, which hydrates and nourishes the skin. It is necessary to give priority to quality tools. In some situations they can cause harm.
  4. For skin care requires a minimum of twice a week to use scrubs. They can be purchased in the store or make your own.
  5. Should be massage. Experts recommend having your procedure at least 1-2 times a week. The implementation effects are not complicated. You can learn to do massage against wrinkles yourself.

You should drink enough water. Fluid the human body requires for most processes. The daily amount of water is from 1,5 l. The liquid should be filtered.

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