Top 35 tips on recovering from childbirth

The birth of a child – stress to the mother's body. He is exhausted in the process of carrying a child. It is therefore important to understand, How to recover after childbirth. The procedure consists of a complex of methods of exposure, and also involves the adjustment of diet and lifestyle. Accelerate the process will only be with the help of competent approach to the implementation of the Action. The procedure involves carrying out of external and internal events.recover after childbirth

Return to normal life

Childbirth is a culmination of pregnancy. After the process takes time a woman, to recuperate. Most women feel that they are quite healthy after childbirth. However, the body during this time losing a few kilos. It is necessary to have time to regroup and get used to the absence of pregnancy.

The recovery period after childbirth is called postpartum. he is 42 day. Conventionally, it is divided into two parts – early and late. The first category includes 2 weeks after birth. At this time, a woman can pamper yourself. Duties include breastfeeding, Swaddling and self-care. In this situation, the recovery process goes according to plan. In the first days after birth the nurse will come to his mother from the clinic. They monitor the status of newborn. Recovery will take better, if a woman is helping close relatives and friends.

When the light appears the child, All relatives and friends want to meet him and rejoice with his parents. However, such visits are stress. Therefore, experts advise postpone meal and friendly visits at least a month. This period is required in order, that the child has got stronger, The woman recovered. If the visit is not possible to bring, it is recommended to make it useful for women. Experts do not recommend to refuse, If friends offer to purchase products for the first time and help with the cleaning of the apartment.

Late in the postpartum period is the period from the 15 at the forty-second day after birth. At this time, a woman's body is returned to the usual state. There has been a decrease in the uterus. reduced allocation. Subsequently, they have completely stopped. At the end of postpartum is allowed to perform gymnastics. But a return to the normal sports undesirable. When postpartum period ends, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist and get advice.

Recovery in the postpartum period is rest and peace. Relatives and friends must take this with the understanding. When the first month will be left behind, you can move on to more action to return to the familiar form. However, all activities should be conducted under the supervision of a specialist.

Top best tips for recovery after childbirth

Recover after childbirth must be physically and mentally. In the process of having a child born woman exhausting. As a result, the mood may disappear. Sometimes young mothers absorbs complete apathy. The body is hormonal changes. All this provokes discomfort. Not every organism able to withstand such loads. Many women do not want to find out their status and spend the exact diagnosis time and effort. The whole first period of the women attention devoted to newborn. However, ignoring the symptoms of prohibited.

In the later stages of pregnancy and in the first period after the birth the woman will need support. In the hospital it provide health care workers. Woman home should help parents, husband, friends. Sometimes they take on the role of wage earners. According to statistics, 6 of 10 Women are faced with postpartum depression. It is important to recognize the state of. His signs are the:

  • mood swings;
  • women experience fatigue and apathy;
  • worried tearfulness and aggression;
  • during breastfeeding, pain;
  • there is chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • may be bowel obstruction.

The list of symptoms is not exhaustive. Their appearance may require help from relatives. With the situation easier to deal with their support. It is important to warm fellowship. If a woman worried about her condition, child care and performing household chores may lie at close.postpartum depression

The best medicine is considered a dream. However, in the first month after the birth of a child to sleep is rarely succeed. The expert recommends pay attention to the process in the daytime. Can not sleep. It is recommended to go back and close your eyes. In this position, you can try to meditate. It must be remembered about the safety. You can not allow yourself to fall asleep while feeding the child or at the time of its location at a dangerous distance. During sleep the phase of the so-called paralysis. In moments like this woman is able to cause harm to the child. Before going to rest, you must make, that the child is not in danger.

If you need to recover from childbirth, process it is recommended to start with self-care. With the advent of the duties of the child the woman added. However, it is recommended to find time for yourself. Before sending to bed should make feeding or hydrating mask. We need to pay attention to the state of polish, Hair and skin. It is recommended to start taking vitamins. Walks should be more likely to. They are useful woman and child.

It is worth to pay attention to physical exercise. Initially they should be minimal. you can perform the exercise only after 42 days after birth. This period is required in order, to the female body come in the form of. There is a decrease in the size of the uterus. allocation disappear. The body returns to its previous state. This is an ideal time to perform a post-natal gymnastics.

However, before exercise should be screened. Need advice gynecologist. If the doctor recommends to refrain from strenuous exercise, better to resort to simple methods. Help help recover walking with stroller. But do not think, that it is enough to go outside and get down on the bench. Walk will not benefit, if a woman does not walk enough time. These classes can substitute for race walking. As a result, the body will come in the form of.

The most terrible phenomenon after childbirth vagina becomes change status. But do not scare yourself. Gradually, it will go. Usually disappears after dry 14-30 days. The dimensions of the vagina gradually decrease. However, the body will not be able by itself to return to its original state. A woman can accelerate this process. In the first place it is recommended to perform Kegel exercises. They can be practiced anywhere. Bring benefit and exercises with weights. Today developed many simulators. They can be purchased in specialized shops. If the previous methods did not help, you can go for surgical way. In this situation, performed plastic. The above methods allow you to recover faster after childbirth.

It is not necessary to fall apart on close. After birth, there is a change in hormone levels. As a result, a woman can not understand themselves and their desires. However, it is recommended to remember, that irritability and excessive sentimentality temporary phenomenon. AT 80% cases they are alone. If escape is not possible from the problem, seek medical advice. Perhaps medication. Happiness depends on the happiness of the child woman. Therefore it is necessary to take care of yourself and your well-being.

There are other ways, allows you to recover after childbirth. Competent approach will quickly bring yourself back to normal.

The uterus and pregnancy

learning, how to recover after childbirth, a woman finds out, the process begins with the uterus. When there was a separation of the placenta, body acquires a spherical shape. During this time, he weighs 1 kg. After a week of weight decrease to 500 g. when completed 13 Sunday, weight drop to 50 g. Throughout the period of the return to the old form of the woman can be confusing pain in the abdomen. By the end of the recovery period cervical shape change. After giving birth, she becomes a cylindrical shape. However, this does not affect the health of women.

If rapid recovery of the uterus after childbirth is necessary to achieve, It may be configured oxytocin injection rate. The procedure should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician. The positive effect of providing and performing massage. The first sessions should be done in conjunction with a specialist. Subsequently, the impact will be able to perform on their own.

The normalization of the cardiovascular system

figuring out, both restored body after childbirth, should pay attention to the cardiovascular system. Protsess individual. While carrying the baby's blood volume in women increases. Typically, it is returned to normal one week after delivery. During this period there is an increase in heart rate.

After birth, the woman opened the bleeding. As a result, the system, responsible for the clotting of blood, forced to work hard. This leads to an increase in the number of platelets. Their number remains high for 2 weeks. During this process, observe experts. In the postpartum period, there is a risk of thrombophilia. The process is particularly relevant, if the birth was performed by Caesarean section.

Tidy body

If a woman wants to recover after childbirth, it is important to pay attention to the body of. Normally, in the process of carrying a child a person gains about 10-12 kg. However, more than half of the weight goes during delivery. He made up of the child's weight, amniotic fluid, loss of blood and placenta. The remaining dialed kilos go away within the first 2-3 months. It is sometimes possible in the past to get rid of them. However, in practice, women can gain much more. Therefore, postpartum need to make an effort to, to freshen up.

To restore the figure, it is recommended to start to wear a special bandage. It contributes to the acceleration of uterine contractions and abdominal utyagivaniya. If there is no special device, it can replace the classic children's diaper. Physical activity after childbirth should be moderate. Too heavy exercise can have a negative impact on a woman's body. Sometimes lost breast milk. Active recovery after childbirth can begin no earlier, than 2 of the month. In this period the disappearance of postpartum discharge occurs. The woman has time to get used to the new regime of the day, and the uterus is completely reduced. In this period it is allowed to start the swimming pool, aerobics and exercises.exercises

Restrictions on exposure are almost no. You can perform any exercises. However, the impact on the press can cause discomfort. If a woman recently gave birth, she may appear low back pain and back pain. Because of the discomfort some women can not even lie down on your stomach. Therefore, to fulfill the increased load must be gradually.

After delivery recommended refuse reception slimming preparations. Such means are unsafe. Almost all of them have a laxative effect. He reflected not only on the woman, but also on the child's body. rule applies, If the newborn is drinking breast milk. You need to move more. Taking a walk with your child, should not stand in one place. It is better to give preference to walking. Walking bring joy, If the newborn is in a wheelchair, not on hand, and the weather outside is good.

normalize cycle

Many women are concerned about, as the cycle is restored after childbirth. considered normal, if menstruation offline during the breastfeeding period. However, most of the monthly return in the first year after birth. There are cases, when the first menstruation appeared after 6 weeks after delivery. In the first cycle can conceive. Therefore it is recommended to use contraception.

To help protect against unwanted pregnancy can birth control pills containing progestogen, condoms or IUDs. Through 6-7 months is recommended to switch to a more reliable drugs. This combined pill. Unwanted pregnancy can occur even in the absence of menstruation. The phenomenon is easily explained. First ovulation can occur after childbirth. This is a dangerous period. Conception occurs when unprotected intercourse. Restoring month after delivery is delayed. pregnancy occurs.

There are so-called natural method of protection. He enjoys high popularity. It is called lactation amenorrhea. Argued, that situation, when a woman is feeding a newborn, and from the time of delivery was not more than six months, ovulation does not occur. The phenomenon is observed due to high blood prolactin. rule applies, if the feeding takes place at night. However, it does not always work. Therefore, the expert advises not to risk.

Restore cycle after childbirth in one moment may. Initially menstruation can occur irregularly. Profuse discharge also varies. They can be scarce or too abundant. In this situation, it is important to contact your gynecologist. It will allow to find out, Do normal phenomenon, or takes place pathology. Woman, recently given birth, must attend every professional 2 months after delivery. Statistics show, that most women menstruation after delivery is less painful. In some situations, the discomfort disappears completely.

Return to sexual activity

If a woman wants to recover from childbirth and return to sexual activity, intimacy is allowed only through 2 of the month. Pre-need to be examined by a gynecologist. The doctor assesses the state of the genital tract. Additionally Smears. If no problems are detected, Specialist will make recommendations regarding contraception. If a woman recently gave birth, may be a problem with sexuality. During the lactation period, there are hormonal changes.

As a result, the amount of generated vaginal secretion decreases. The result is loss of libido. Sexual intercourse may be more painful. To achieve excitation, It requires more effort and time, there is a state of instability. Help get rid of vaginal dryness can be using grease. It is better to give preference to water-based product. They are safe.weight loss

Usually, the problems faced by women, who underwent incision of the perineum during childbirth or got her break. If stitches were properly, healing occurs quickly. However, there is a psychological factor. The woman can remain fear, that the seams will disperse. As a result, to have fun and do not manage to relax. Return to normal vaginal size is not right. The process takes a certain amount of time.

However, it can be accelerated. To do this, apply a vaginal exercisers. They can be purchased at specialty stores. Assistance is provided by Kegel exercises. They allow you to work on the pelvic floor. Exercises are the preventive measures and by the omission of the uterus and all internal organs. In total, will be able to recuperate after giving birth until two years later. This deadline is required in order, so that the body is fully came into shape and prepared for a new pregnancy.

The fight against constipation and hemorrhoids

When recovery is performed after the birth, may cause of hemorrhoids and a violation of the gastrointestinal tract functioning. Problems are considered common. With them, many women face. Constipation occurs due to the fact, that during 9 months intestines had high blood pressure. After birth, dilate the bowel wall. The pelvic floor muscles are able to relax completely. However, they can not immediately return to its previous state. It will take time. However, there are a number of ways, with the help of which it is possible to normalize the condition of the intestines and help digestion. It is recommended to use the following routes of exposure:

  • take a warm shower;
  • observe the correct diet;
  • perform abdominal toning massage.

Women tend to have issues causing the latter method effects. Massage is a light stroking belly. They are executed in the navel. Impact is clockwise. When an exhalation, you must click on the area. During respiration pressure is reduced.

To recover faster after childbirth, a woman should keep to a diet. The daily menu is recommended to include a large number of plant foods. It can be zucchini, pumpkins and apples. For the normalization of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract will require fiber. When the organs begin to work smoothly and harmoniously, will be able to get rid of constipation.

Prolapsed hemorrhoid in women is common after childbirth. The problem disappears on its own. Nodes should disappear within a week from the date of birth of the child. During this period, the decline comes discomfort. If the situation has not changed, I need to refer to the proctologist. The physician will select an effective and safe treatment of hemorrhoids. It is not necessary to pull on a visit to a specialist. From visiting the doctor depends on the rate of recovery.

Breast after birth

At first, the mother's mammary glands are the main source of food for a newborn. The body prepares the breasts for this function, the entire period of gestation of the child. Breast milk allows to obtain the necessary substances for growth and development. The most important period of the act a few days after birth. During this period there is a selection of colostrum. It is a concentrate of beneficial bacteria. Once in the body of the newborn, they inhabit his intestines. As a result, the digestive system is finally matures.

The process is important and formation position defenses. order 70% concentrated in the gut. Colostrum contains the so-called growth factors. Therefore, breast-feeding process is very important. Colostrum resents a yellow substance. It has a thick consistency. The substance can reduce the burden on the child's adrenal glands. With colostrum body of the child is better adapted to the new world.

If the baby suckles, it speeds up the production of milk. That she was not gone, it is recommended to put the newborn to the breast on demand. This will get rid of the need for decanting. Breastfeeding creates a contact between the child and the mother. This is required for the psycho-emotional balance of newborn.

Access to a doctor

Sometimes recover after childbirth is not possible without recourse to a specialist. The need arises in the first place, if there is a complication. With such a process is to increase the temperature. Most often, women are faced with endometritis. This name are inflammatory processes, which are located in the inner membrane of the uterus. The temperature may rise to 38,5 degrees. Gradually the discomfort arises. He is localized at the bottom of the abdomen. Pathology treatable. However, the need to visit a doctor. Referring to the skilled, the woman will have to pass ultrasound. Therapy is based on the results of the

If a woman has breast milk stasis, mastitis occurs. To prevent the problem recommended attachment of the newborn to the breast, observing the rules. You need to call a doctor, If a woman worried about pain in the breast, there is an increase in temperature. You can continue breastfeeding. However, the mother should start receiving a series of drugs and treatments to attend physiotherapy nature. If diagnosed purulent mastitis, It needs surgery. Breastfeeding baby stops.

Carrying out cosmetic procedures

Razbirayasy, how long the body is recovering after giving birth, a woman can accelerate the process by using cosmetic procedures. However, the need to observe a number of rules. All actions should be performed only by professionals. Acceptable application means hypoallergenic. If a woman decides to have recourse to any extent independently, You need to consult with a specialist.

Start visiting salons and cosmetic surgeries after birth is problematic. Taking care of the neonate limit a woman in time and moving. Therefore, the number of all the procedures to be done at home. Acceptable performance of the following actions:

  1. The use of a contrast shower. It allows you to fight cellulite.
  2. Performing self-massage. However, pre-should take a few lessons from a specialist.
  3. The use of scrubs and masks.
  4. Performing wraps.
  5. The use of special funds in the areas and zones of increased pigmentation of stretch marks.

Manages to achieve the maximum effect, if you regularly perform the procedure. You need to pay attention to hair and. After birth, a woman may face the loss of their power. Such a phenomenon is considered normal. During pregnancy, hair loss is practically not carried out. As a result, a woman's body compensates for stagnation. Norma is considered, if one day the hair loss does not exceed the order 500 rods. Gradually, this figure decreases. Over time, the figure fell to 80-100 volosinok. To improve the situation, it is recommended to start the use of vitamin and mineral complexes. Help and the use of shampoo. It is necessary to give preference to Drugs, containing plant extracts and oils.

Help and carry out laser therapy. The procedure is carried out in the cabin. Using the method will be able to align the surface of the skin. The method makes it possible to deal with pigment spots and stretch marks. Do not expect lightning fast results. It is necessary to continue work on a. Gradually begin to appear changes. Steady implementation of the recommendations and compliance specialists of useful tips allow a woman to return to its former shape more rapidly.

Nutrition after birth

If a woman wants to understand, How to recover after childbirth, need to adhere to the rules of proper nutrition. The diet should be made wisely. On it depends the health of the woman and child. Rules are breastfeeding. If it is not carried out, you can stick to any diet and eat food, which a woman finds it necessary. In order to bring the body back to normal, it is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

  1. In the diet to include a sufficient amount of meat dishes. It needs to normalize hemoglobin stocks. The substance acts as a kind of building material for newborn.
  2. Compliance with strict diets prohibited. The neglect of the rule could lead to a reduction or complete disappearance of lactation milk.
  3. Eat only allowed non-carbonated liquid. On the day you need to drink about 3 liters of water.
  4. It is recommended to minimize the number of bakery products in the diet. They are able to cause excessive gas formation in the newborn, cause colic or provoke an allergic reaction.
  5. It is better to prepare meals for a couple, simmer or bake them.
  6. The menu is recommended to include cereals. However, do not get too often include a menu of rice. Its use can lead to the emergence of constipation in a child.
  7. Should eat dairy products. They allow you to quickly restore the body after delivery. The daily menu is recommended to include live yogurt, yogurt and cottage cheese. Better to give preference to products home cooking. This will allow to find out in advance, from what we were made of milk, as well as to know the full composition. In addition, a woman can control the level of freshness of products.
  8. It is recommended to consume multivitamin preparations. They allow you to make up for supply of nutrients in the body.
  9. You have to try to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. It is not necessary to go back to alcohol and nicotine.
  10. From the diet is recommended to remove the sausage, soda, sweet, shoplifting desserts, fatty and spicy foods. Fried also falls under the ban.nutrition after birth

To recover from childbirth, You need to spend a lot of time. However, changes in the body should not lead to the emergence of depression. Experts recommend limiting activity and focus on the child. It is not necessary to withdraw into themselves. We need to continue to communicate with family and friends. It is recommended to set aside time to attend cultural events. Life does not have to pass by the newly-minted mother. This will enable faster to restore power and return the tone.

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