Top 35 tips on how, how fall asleep quickly

To feel comfortable, a person needs to sleep. Sleep revitalizes the body and improves health. After relaxing the skin looks healthy and radiant. Sometimes, however, sleep does not work. Even fatigue doesn't help. You can spend a few hours, lying in bed and toss and turn from side to side, and then to feel in the morning is not the best way. Faced with the phenomenon, a person can use one of the methods, to quickly fall asleep.Fall asleep quickly

The optimal duration of sleep

The optimal duration of sleep identified by scientists. Researchers believe, what is the average person to maintain the beauty, health and youth need daily rest for 8 hours. Rate may vary. The duration of the period is determined individually. Some people feel comfort after 10 hours of sleep, and the other is enough 5 hours. To fall asleep quickly, it is important to determine the individual duration of stay.

To complete the process you need to wait holiday or other extended period of rest, and then find out the duration of night sleep. Important no need to Wake up to an alarm clock. The experiment will be sleep mode. Then schedule should be based on established data. Adherence will allow the person to sleep and not think about that, how fall asleep quickly.

Stage of sleep

to understand, how fall asleep quickly, you need to have an understanding of the physiology of the process and its stages. The dream – state, during which her reactions are slowed down. The need for process is present in humans and other living beings. Normal sleep is not like fainting, who, cryostasis, hibernation or lethargy. The process is repeated every day. In a normal situation, the rest falls on night time. The process is characterized by a period of drowsiness or falling asleep. Sleep has several stages.

In the process of falling asleep the brain activity is reduced. A similar situation occurs with the heart rate. The person overcomes yawning. A decrease in sensitivity of sensory systems. Slows the secretory activity of the. Begin to adhere to the eye.

During the night we pass 2 stage of sleep – slow and fast. The first occurs after falling asleep. A decrease in muscle activity. The person feels pleasant relaxation. Vital processes are slowed down. The person is immersed in slumber. It gives way to a deep sleep.

In the normal state to the sleep you want 10 minutes. At the stage of light sleep, hearing sensitivity is preserved. At this time the person is easy to Wake up. This can occur as a result of loud sound. Stage of NREM sleep is deep sturdy rest. Person visit dreams.

The second stage is REM sleep. Its duration takes a maximum of a quarter of an hour. The researchers often call it the phase of slow sleep. During this period, the brain wakes up. It fully restores the activity. The human body returns to normal. The goal is a kind of psychological protection in a transitional state. In the period of REM sleep increased heart rate and blood flow in the brain. The adrenal glands begin to produce more hormones. The person breathes more often. Recorded pressure changes.

Causes of problems falling asleep

With physiological causes you may encounter, if a person suffers from a disease, carrying a child or breastfeeding. A similar situation occurs, if a broken mode of life. Normal rest prevents the disorder. It bothers the person, and not let you sleep. During pregnancy or breast-feeding woman physically and psychologically tense. The changes sometimes make it impossible to sleep. It is recommended to increase the length of time, per stay. You can try to sleep in the afternoon. This will improve mood and reduce the risk of depression.

Diseases have a negative impact on the rest. People feel bad. He is worried about the anxiety. proved, sleep speeds recovery. However, it is the cause of transient insomnia. Violation of of life will definitely affect sleep. Faced with a similar, it is necessary to review the usual schedule. Every day we need to allocate enough time for rest.

List the pathological causes include the situation, associated with sleep disturbance. Pathology can be of different nature. A similar problem to fight on their own difficult. You need to see a specialist. He will offer ways out of the situation and will allow you to get closer to the normal resting mode.

The external factors include the reasons for, annoying person and not allowing it to go into sleep mode. Music neighbors, the noise on the street, snoring partners make it impossible to sleep. The smells interfere with normal rest. Lead to insomnia able cigarette smoke or chemical fragrances.

Before sending it to sleep, switch off the light. The rule applies to all sources. Nothing should flash or glow. Sources of light interfere to relax.

  • Phone before going to sleep

If the light is on the street, need to buy thick curtains and draw them before sending to sleep.

The cure can take a few hours to rest. The rule applies only in relation to drugs, contains the invigorating components. Do not eat before bedtime. If a mode involves such, need to reconsider it. After eating begins working digestive tract. This prevents sleep. In the best case it is recommended to eat several hours before sleep. The minimum amount of time after a meal should be one hour.

Preparing for the night's rest begins with the space for it. You need to choose a comfortable bed. It is chosen individually. Not everyone is comfortable on a too-soft surface. Obstacle of falling asleep can become a pillow. If she seems uncomfortable, you can try an orthopedic appliance for sleep.

In the list of internal causes include depressive disorder, a stressful situation, nervous excitability. Encounter stress for a variety of reasons. The state can prosecute the person constantly or appear once. Often the anxiety overpowers the night before the exam, before the first working day or an important speech.

Perevozbujdeniem is positive or negative. The condition occurs after exercise before sleep or the result of an argument with a dear person. Depression is divided into 2 view. It is a simple worsening of mood or psychological disorder. In the second case, you will need to appeal to professionals. The first situation is eliminated over time.

The elimination of insomnia

Sleep performs many important functions. It allows a person to fully relax. During the process occurs in the processing of information, which was received during the day. The brain evaluates events, that happened to the man during the day. Proper rest is required for the immune system.

If you are experiencing sleep disturbance, it will affect human health. Nedosıp, accompanied by nervousness, can cause irreparable harm and weaken immunity. It is believed, that sleep is a natural mechanism, which developed as a form of payment to changes in light levels. Most people choose to rest at night. However, there are other habits. So, in southern countries people rise with the sunrise, and then the rest after lunch. This is due to the fact, what to do anything on the street is impossible because of the intense heat.

For the duration of sleep is influenced by many factors. So, very important the age of a person, fatigue and lifestyle. Most small children sleep. Older people Wake up with first rays of the sun. It is believed, what is the duration of healthy sleep should be at least 8 hours. To person feel fine, you need to relax 6 hours. If there is a reduction of sleep duration to 5 hours below, there is a risk of insomnia.

Because you need to give yourself a complete rest, in advance of taking action to address the emerging sleep disorders. Today there are many methods, which enable you to quickly fall asleep. The choice of a suitable depends on the individual preferences of the person. To sleep was better, it is recommended to prepare for the upcoming vacation. Important to have a comfortable place to sleep and no distractions. Nice atmosphere and the best practices will allow the person to fully relax.

The arrangement of the room

Causes of insomnia can disappear in the interior. It is therefore necessary to pay increased attention to the arrangement of bed. It is better to use pastel colors. They help to calm the nerves, de-stress and have a positive impact on sleep.

The bed should be comfortable. You must give preference to hard mattress and thin pillows. It is better, if they are filled with feathers or buckwheat. It is better not to use silk underwear. It helps insomnia. To rest on such linen is not very nice, especially in the winter time. Better to give preference to the underwear made of natural cotton. This will allow you to quickly fall asleep.

Ways to help me sleep

Sometimes to speed up the sleep necessary to change the situation. To prevent the processes are too bright Wallpaper, providing irritant effect on the nervous system. However, drastic methods are not always required. To speed up falling asleep, can:

  • watch a Comedy with a positive ending;
  • to go out and walk. The walk can be short;
  • ventilate the apartment.;
  • to evoke a positive memory;
  • to resort to relaxing yoga;
  • to change the pose;
  • to take a relaxing sex;
  • close your eyes and try to count sheep.

Traditional methods

Insomnia has plagued man since olden times. Because there are a number of folk methods, to combat phenomenon. If people can not fall asleep quickly, recommended:

  1. Try to read a book, does not cause interest.
  2. Hang the Dreamcatcher. It should be placed above the headboard.
  3. To prepare milk with honey and drink it. The liquid should be warm.
  4. You must lie on your right side. The legs can bend at the knees.
  5. It is recommended to prepare a tea with hawthorn and drink it. The drink has a calming effect.
  6. You need to take a little lavender oil. The substance you want to put on whiskey.Dreamcatcher

Proper relaxation

To fall asleep quickly, you need to be able to relax. Experts have developed a number of ways, quickly implement the process. So, well established visualization technique. For this you need to imagine a place, which man would like to be. Need to draw in my head all the details.

If a person is worried thoughts or not be kept awake by ideas, you need to record them on paper. In some situations, such a process will lead to the acceleration of relaxation. This in turn will allow you to fall asleep faster.

During the day it is necessary to evenly distribute the load. It should be in good mental and physical. Fatigue allows you to fall asleep faster. But to hold a training session before heading to bed, experts advise. Recent activity will prevent sleep. It is better to do at least 2 hours to CH.

Another effective method of relaxation is the practice of muscle relaxation. The method consists in the fact, what you need to stretch every muscle. Thus in such a situation you need to stay on 5 seconds. Then you want to relax. During the procedure, you need to breathe deeply. You should not hold your breath. Every muscle tenses up in turn.

Able to help deep breathing technique. To resort to using, you need to sit down and relax. The eyes should be closed. When correct posture is adopted, I can take a deep breath through the nose. The exhalation is through the mouth. Producing breath, you need to listen to yourself and try to feel, in what part of the body is concentrated voltage. Then have to try to relax. During exercise you need to try anything not to think. People should be totally focused on relaxation of the body.

Massage for insomnia

Made a good showing massage for insomnia. It allows you to eliminate the existing problems with sleep, and normalizes the General condition of the body. The process can be performed independently. If for any reason it is impossible, you should enlist the help of a partner. In the second case, the probability, it will be possible quickly to sleep during the procedure, significantly increased. In the first case will manage to achieve relaxation of body and peace of mind, that will help speed up the process of falling asleep. Self-massage is performed using the following techniques:

  1. You need to warm the palm, then stroke the face. The process mimics washing. Fingertips, you need to Pat yourself in the face. Actions must be easy. Then you need to move your fingers on your temples and with circular movements massage them. Should pay attention to the point between the eyebrows and the hair of the head. Movements are performed within 5-10 minutes.
  2. Need to find a point of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, located behind the earlobe and ending in the direction of the clavicle. Forefinger you need to massage this area. Need to move this muscle, performing massage movements. The duration of exposure should not be more 5 minutes.
  3. To do this, two fingers are placed on the lobes. This should be on the inner part, the index can be placed on the external side. Then you want to perform the massage of the ears. Need to move around the ear from the top down. The impact will be massaging in a circular motion. Self-massage is performed during 3-5 minutes.
  4. Massage need to provide to the stomach. It is necessary to preheat the palm of your hand. Then you want to put one of them on the area and begin to perform light circular movements. Originally they are made clockwise. Can be done 20 repeats. Then, a similar effect is anti-clockwise. Action to do more 20 time.
  5. The impact has to be put on the soles of the feet. The process is recommended to perform during bathing. It is necessary to carry out massage movements, using the thumb on the hand. Massage to the point, located on the balls of the feet.
  6. The back also should pay attention to. It is recommended to preheat the palm of your hand. To increase the positive effect, it is best to lubricate them with oil. For the procedure it is recommended to use lavender oil. The massage begins with a light warm-up movements. First you need to have an impact on the shoulders. The process is performed using circular motions. They are made on each side, and are symmetrically. Then you need to shift down, continuing to have an impact on the body. Massage for insomnia needs to wear relaxing in nature. Because the movement should be soft and run counterclockwise. It is not necessary to exert strong pressure. Such actions are not conducive to relaxation and only complicate the process of falling asleep.Massage for insomnia

Top 14 ways, allowing you fall asleep faster

Often fall asleep quickly prevents internal dialogue. So the conversation is not started, can be used 1 of the techniques. To speed up the process we recommend the following exercises:

  1. Method scouts. Must be placed on the back. Then you need to stretch, then relax. Next, you will roll his eyes under closed eyelids. You do not need too zealous. Eyes should also remain relaxed. This situation is a natural for deep sleep. Therefore, such a pause allows you to fall asleep faster.
  2. Ball. The way with a score of sheep known to all. However, a more effective visual way is the ball. You need to submit, as he gently sways, emitting a wave. If people noticed, what distracted by third-party, it is necessary immediately to get rid of, returning to the original image.
  3. The restoration of dreams. It is necessary to remember one of the pleasant dreams, which previously came man. If dreams are not remembered, they should come up with. Pay attention to take a sensation. You should try to finish the picture. The dream belongs to man. It can be completely perfect. All depends on desire. There is a probability, what, falling asleep, you will be in it.
  4. A fictional story. Many parents told bedtime story. Often led to the fact, that man began to nod. The expert recommends that you try to tell a story about yourself. You can even come up with a crazy story. It should allow it to develop independently.
  5. The use of self-hypnosis. For this you need to choose the most comfortable position and try to steady my breath. Myself need to repeat any phrase, like the classic “I'm more relaxed”, “close your eyes”, “I'll be asleep soon”. The result of the process becomes the utterance of the phrase “when I finish counting, I'll fall asleep soon”. After this you need to start the countdown. It is not necessary to give preference to too large numbers. So, you can count to 50 exhalations.
  6. Reverse blinking. Have to close my eyes, relax, and then quickly open them for a split second and closed again. The process need to be repeated using 10 seconds. Method will not to get bogged down in distracting reflections and provide an opportunity to relax.
  7. Application of autogenic training. To resort to using the method, you can stay on the back. Person should be comfortable. You will then need pulled and try to begin to spread throughout the body a feeling of warmth and heaviness. We need to follow, to feeling flowed from head to toe. They should then move to the feet. Do not forget about the face. Similar processes should be performed with the eyes, chin. All these parts should be relaxed.
  8. Mental mouse. It is necessary to represent any object. Mentally we should try to postpone it, zoom and rotate, if the process is carried out using a wheel mouse. The visualization will give the ability to escape from troubling thoughts. Not worth trying to discuss with you the features of the subject. Should remain only a bystander.
  9. Rapid eye movement. To do this is to open them and translate the view from one object to another. It is not necessary to dwell on something specifically. After a few minutes a person will feel, his eyelids begin to grow heavy. Should try a little to resist fatigue. Then allow your eyes to close.
  10. You can try to hear the silence. This should take a comfortable position and listen. You need to pay attention to other sounds, which are distributed over a window or entryway, namely, to listen to the silence. It's not an easy exercise. However, when people will be able to run it, he will feel relax and quickly fall asleep.
  11. Time machine. You can try to restore the memories of the past day. The process should be carried out without any emotions or judgments. You need to scroll in the imagination all the events, that happened during the day. Thus it is necessary to try to remember as many details as possible.
  12. 4-7-8. The process starts with inhalation through the nose. Its implementation will require 4 seconds. Then you need to hold your breath and remain in this position for 7 seconds. Next is the exhale through the mouth. In the process you will need to spend 8 seconds. The method makes it possible to reduce the level of adrenaline in blood and to calm down. Concentration on the exercise will provide an opportunity to distract from extraneous thoughts.
  13. Before bedtime, you can play words with yourself. To do this is for each letter of the alphabet to create a word, which consists of three letters. The process then repeats for four letters and then. It is not necessary to analyze. Is to count the first word, came to mind. This activity is boring and monotonous. As a result, the brain quickly shuts off.
  14. White noise. You need to try to discover the source of the monotonous noise. It needs to be quiet. If it is not, you need to create. You will then need to listen to the sound, not giving yourself opportunities to be distracted by extraneous thoughts. After some time, the person will feel, that he was overcome by the Sandman.Bedtime story

use of medications

If a person tried all the previous methods, and to fall asleep fast can not, you can resort to medication. However, the use of drugs should be, if the following conditions are true:

  • duration of insomnia continues for more than 1 of the month;
  • the cause of the violation of the stay was the strain, irritability or stress;
  • insomnia was the result of diseases of the nervous system.

It is important to use drugs, not addictive. To use drugs is recommended after prior consultation with a specialist. The doctor will help you choose a medication depending on the individual characteristics. It is better to give preference to Drugs, made on the basis of medicinal herbs. They are calm and have fewer side effects.

Preventive methods

To fall asleep quickly and not be faced with problems due to the occurrence of insomnia, you must observe a number of rules. The last meal should fall behind 2-3 hours to CH. If the person got used to eat, the feeling of hunger will not allow normal sleep, as the presence of a full stomach. In this situation, it is recommended for an hour before going to bed drink warm milk, with a small amount of cheese or half banana.

To sleep came quickly, you need to keep moving. it's desirable, to process took in the fresh air. You should try to develop the habit to carry out a walk before heading to bed. enough 20 minutes. This will give you the opportunity to escape from current problems and prepare for bed.

Ventilate the room. The process is performed before, how to go to bed. It is better, if the window is slightly ajar throughout the night.

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