Top 34 ways to get rid of the common cold

The appearance of secretions from the nose, stuffiness, itching and sneezing are symptoms of the common cold. Rhinitis usually occurs due to hypothermia or flu. Rid of rhinitis preferably immediately. You can resort to medicines or folk methods. Treatment should be started after consulting a doctor.
get rid of the common cold

A bit of a cold

Experts called rhinitis rhinitis. This phenomenon is observed, if there is a swelling of the airway mucosa. A similar phenomenon may occur as a result of exposure to mechanical or chemical irritants. Some people are faced with sneezing and nasal congestion by inhalation of dust, exposure to bright light or too drafts. If the phenomenon has arisen as a result of the above reasons,, after a few days it will pass on their own. Carrying out a specific treatment is not required.

By itself, a runny nose is not a contagious disease. The phenomenon accompanying the initial stage of influenza or the common cold.

variety of issues

before, than to get rid of the common cold, it is recommended to deal with the existing types of disease. They are quite a lot of. A person can experience the following types of rhinitis:

  1. infectious coryza. Accompanies colds. It arises from the activity of fungi, viruses and bacteria. The problem is accompanied by dryness. It is important to prevent the penetration of the virus in the throat and bronchi. Therefore, the kind of problems requires immediate treatment.
  2. allergic rhinitis. It occurs as a reaction to certain substances. They may be in the air, part of the food, cosmetics, products for personal care. Sometimes the reaction provokes animal hair. Allergic rhinitis may occur seasonally. From other varieties of the reaction differs tingling. In humans, there is a desire to sneeze. Pathology requires treatment. If it is run, it can develop asthma. Therefore, to remove the symptoms of ointments or medications, do not affect the underlying problem, Not recommended.
  3. vasomotor rhinitis. Accompanied by a watery discharge. The congestion is alternately manifested. A person can not breathe the same, the other nostril. Patients concerned about tearing, headaches and a desire to sneeze. A variation of the pathology is part of the reflex nature of neuro-disease. It arises as a result of hormonal disorders, emotional experiences and reactions to tobacco smoke. The pathology is accompanied by irritability. The patient easily tired, he is concerned about the weakness and insomnia.
  4. Acute. Can act independent pathology or a symptom of the disease. Man feels an itch in a nose. The mucous membrane dries up. Patient concerned about the general weakness and lethargy. Shortness of breath occurs when you try inhaling any of the nostrils. The patient is observed tearing. There is a desire to sneeze. Violated the human sense of smell. It almost does not smell. There are abundant nasal discharge. They are muco-purulent character. During disease may damage the blood vessels. This leads to, that the release is accompanied by the appearance of blood. The duration of the state begins 7 days. In acute rhinitis may increase the temperature. Her value is 37 degrees and above.
  5. chronic simple. There are abundant nasal discharge. We have to be stuffy. Usually, however, it is localized on one side only. Chronic rhinitis can be a complication of acute forms of. It happens, if there is poor circulation in the mucosa or paranasal sinus pathology is present. Chronic rhinitis should be treated. If you ignore the problem, he can go in the form of hypertrophic. A similar phenomenon is observed due to the abrupt climate change, the development of inflammation in the sinuses. The problem manifests a strong deterioration smell. Patient worries nasal congestion and headaches.
  6. chronic atrophic. The problem develops, if a person has severely weakened immune system. A similar phenomenon may be a consequence of infectious diseases, accompanied by a runny nose, and also due to surgery in the nasal cavity. Chronic atrophic rhinitis can develop due to exposure to harmful substances and weatherproof. A patient, Faced with, observes periodic nosebleeds. He can not completely blow your nose. There nasal dryness. The man practically smell. Pathology also requires immediate treatment. Ignoring the problem leads to sinusitis. A complication may arise, if there is inflammation of the middle ear or sinuses.

Causes of

To get rid of the common cold in the home quickly, it is important to determine its cause. Treatment will vary depending on factors, provoked pathologies. So, if it was caused by the:

  1. blockage, you need to clear the nasal cavity. It is necessary to get rid of mucus fills.
  2. Allergy, a reception of antihistamine. Such drugs without a prescription. They can be bought at any drugstore. It is recommended to visit a doctor and start competent treatment.
  3. Doing poor lifestyle or stress. It is important to devote sufficient time to rest. Sleep must be in sufficient quantity during the night. It is recommended more often to relax. One should try to get rid of stress. All of the above actions is required to produce, until the symptoms disappear.
  4. Cold, need to rely on steam inhalation. This would alleviate the symptoms of the common cold. Additionally, it is recommended to use a decongestant. Separate treatment can be carried out not more than two days. If during this time symptoms persists, or has worsened, an urgent need to see a specialist.cold

Treatment of acute rhinitis

rhinitis treatment will vary depending on the problem and the variety. So, if you want to get rid of acute rhinitis, should pay attention to the accompanying symptoms. Initially, the person begins to disturb the heat. He has a dry nose. Nasal occurs only through 1-2 hours after the onset of major symptoms. Along with it there and headaches. It begins profuse nasal discharge. Man constantly sneezes. Against the background of the above-mentioned symptoms observed occurrence of temperature. Gradually release gusteyut. They are temporary. This phenomenon occurs about a week after the onset of disease.

If you want to get rid of acute rhinitis, need to comply with bed rest. The legs must be warmed in hot water. As it stands add mustard. However, the process is carried out with strict observance of dosage. On 8 liters of water should be not more than one tablespoon substance. The skin can put mustard. The process is carried out in compliance with precautions. If a person starts to bother strong burning, you must remove the device immediately. You need to wash the nose or bury it in the collection of medicinal herbs. Usually use mint, eucalyptus, chamomile and St. John's wort. An alternative are the fees mother and stepmother, plantain, sage or marigold.

A method for the preparation of remedies for the common cold does not change depending on the composition. To prepare an infusion to wash or instillation, you need to buy at the pharmacy plant material. Then all the ingredients are mixed in equal amounts. There should not be more than one tablespoon. When the components are mixed, They poured boiling water. It will take one glass of liquid. The mixture is placed from a cold to a slow fire. It should be boiled for more 5 minutes. When the process is completed, fluid is removed from the heat and allow it to infuse. The process must be carried out in a sealed container. Its duration is 1 time. Thereafter, the liquid from the common cold is considered to be finished. It can be used for washing or bury.

If people chose the first way of treating the common cold, buried 10-20 drops in 1 nostril. After that you want to tilt your head gently and wait, until liquid is spilled. After that you want to blow your nose. The process is repeated 7-10 once for each nostril.

If the nose is strongly laid, perform washing can be problematic. In this situation prefer burying. medicament dose is reduced. In making nostril 5-6 drops. Vysmarkivatsya not need. The course of treatment of rhinitis 7-10 day.

In acute rhinitis medications may be applied. However, they are used on prescription. Commonly used Galazolin, Naftizin, Sanorin and Ephedrine. The above drugs are included in the category of vasoconstrictors. It is important to observe the dosage at a cold. Such funds can be used to deal with no more pathology 1-2 times a day. If we neglect the established rule, may cause irreversible changes.

Treatment of chronic rhinitis

To get rid of chronic rhinitis can be difficult. The problem arises without temperature. However, congestion is constantly worried man. It can occur in one or both nostrils. Deterioration occurs in the supine position. reduced sense of smell. There is a strong mucus. In the mouth there is dryness. The man headache. The duration of chronic rhinitis can range from several months to several years.

Stuffy nostrils during rhinitis depends on, on what side sleeping man. If he is on the left side, mucus going to the left. When you move to the right side by a similar phenomenon is observed. If you lie on your back, nasal breathing completely hampered. Most often, the phenomenon arises from the curvature of the nasal septum. In response to the problem, mucous begins to grow. It is observed thickening. As a result, the nasal passages are closed. Man becomes harder to breathe a nose.

Possible opposite effects. In this situation, there is thinning of the mucosa. As a result, the discharge becomes viscous. The nose crusts. Gradually, their decomposition can begin. In this situation, there is the so-called ozena. This is the name assigned to the stench down the drain. Chronic problem can cause otitis or sinusitis. Both diseases involve inflammation development. They differ only at the place of its location. When otitis phenomenon is located in the middle ear. If developed sinusitis, it comes to an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

Carrying out the fight against the problem, people are starting to dig a drop from a cold for a long period of time, hoping, that the problem will disappear. The effect really pops. However, short-term. Soon, the problem returns. The efficacy of treatment will increase, if not enlarged adenoids. Is the name given to the pharyngeal tonsil. The increase in their size prevents nasal breathing. If such a phenomenon is present, adenoids removed. If a person has developed chronic rhinitis, doctor will prescribe drugs, which will reduce the secretion, and will have a withering effect on the mucous. To do this, use the ointment for the common cold. prescribers, mentholated, Nipple, stryeptotsid. So, if a person has a place to be sinusitis, apply ointment Simanovskiy. When the viral nature of the disease using oxolinic ointment.

If the problem has been overcome, it is important not to allow her to return. preventive measures are implemented to prevent the common cold. In this situation it is possible to use methods of folk. So, will have a positive impact herbs. Preparing a solution for inhalation of steam.

When the first symptoms

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of constant runny nose, it is important to take action when the first symptoms. Into account the need to take the following tips:

  1. During the common cold should immediately get rid of the discharge from the nose. It requires to carry out blowing the nose. However, a person should care, the pressure in the nasal cavity was rising too high.
  2. It is recommended to avoid the smoke. Under a special ban enters the inhalation of tobacco smoke. It is not necessary to inhale the pungent smells. All the above mentioned substances irritate the mucous.
  3. At a cold necessary to monitor the air temperature and humidity. If it is too dry, in the nasal cavity has a negative impact. The optimum temperature 21 degrees above zero. It is necessary to maintain the premises.
  4. If the problem does not go away within a few days, You need to see a specialist. The presence of a constant runny nose may indicate serious problems, requiring adequate therapy.reception at Lore

Recommendations for the treatment of the common cold

Typically rhinitis precedes subsequent inflammation nasopharyngeal. Therefore, get rid of the common cold, acting in a complex. The therapy can be done at home. However, medical advice is still required at a cold. To combat the problem are applied:

  • facilities, prepared yourself;
  • pharmacological agents. it sprays, drops, have vasoconstrictor activity and anti-edematous;
  • physiotherapy. These include lavage and inhalation.

If you want to get rid of the common cold during pregnancy, the process will be supervised by an otolaryngologist. Most of the drugs in this period gets under ban. Therefore, the focus will be on the lavage and inhalation procedure. This will help alleviate the patient's condition. At home, the need to comply with special treatment. Into account the need to take the following tips:

  1. Required to monitor air humidity. If you want to, be implemented increasing the concentration of water vapor. To this end, domestic humidifiers can be applied, Daily wet cleaning. Can be added to water to clean a few drops of thyme or eucalyptus. It promotes nasal breathing.
  2. It is better not to carry a runny nose on his feet. Patients are advised bed rest. The rule is especially true, If the problem is accompanied by fever.
  3. It is important to follow the drinking regime. The day should drink 2 liters of water. The volume is turned still water, extracts of herbs and teas. Also, green tea is allowed, it should be weakly brewed. Permission is granted to add a slice of lemon in a drink. Such a method is allowed during pregnancy. However, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is recommended.
  4. You need to adjust the power. During the common cold roast, acute, fatty foods fall under the ban. It is recommended to eat milk products, fresh fruit and vegetables. Additionally, you can use white bread. However, it should be pre-dried.
  5. During the common cold can not go from a warm room as soon as the cold air.

The modern pace of life makes it impossible to comply with all of the above rules. So, many can not leave work at the time of the common cold and to pay attention to the problem, bed rest. Sometimes the disease occurs during childbirth, on a trip or in front of it. In this case, you want to keep your feet warm. You can not supercool and be in a draft.

Fighting congestion can be carried out with a bow, garlic and horseradish. Their juice instilled into the nose. The combination agents or their dilution with a liquid. It is necessary to show extra care. The above dates are aggressive plants. As a result, they are able to trigger allergic rhinitis, or burn. Therefore it is necessary to strictly follow the recipe.

Perhaps warming salt area. The product is placed in special bags. However, without consulting a doctor method is better not to apply. At a certain stage of development of pathology it is capable of provoking spread of the inflammatory process.

Use antibiotics without a prescription is prohibited. Drugs can help or in case of a bacterial nature of the problem. Most often it occurs as a result rhinitis viral diseases. The uncontrolled use can provoke dysbacteriosis, low immunity. Drugs can help the patient stop. As a result, in the subsequent, when a person can be identified runny nose bacterial in nature, funds will not have a proper impact, and treatment will be difficult.


Facilities, allowing to get rid of the common cold, are divided into several categories:. During treatment, can be used:

  1. Drops, providing vasoconstrictor effects. they are used, if a person wants to facilitate breathing for a short time. The drugs have a rapid and positive impact. However, they can not eliminate the cause of pathology. Therefore, a drop is allowed to use no more 1-2 once a day. It is better to give preference to drugs, which include essential oils. So, positive reviews had merit medicines with eucalyptus. There is addictive. In this situation, the disease may become chronic.nasal drops
  2. antihistamines. They allow you to get rid of the allergic rhinitis. Medicines prevent development of histamine. As a result, a decrease in airway mucosal edema. Drugs are divided into several groups. medicines 1 application have a wide range of side effects and low efficacy. These include clemastine, promethazine and a number of other medicines. second-generation drugs are more effective. These include loratadine and azelastine. medications from 3 generation rarely cause side effects. If they are, the minor. Most often it is irritability, increased appetite, and drowsiness. Medications differ efficiency. This group includes fexofenadine and levocetirizine. Separately available medicines for children.
  3. antibacterials. apply, If rhinitis is bacterial in nature. Generally available in the form of aerosols. Helps reduce puffiness, normalization of nasal breathing. Such preparations are simple to use. They are evenly distributed in the nasal cavity. These include Bioparox, Dr. Theiss and Sinuforte. Funds can be addictive. As a result, they can not help the next time you have a problem.
  4. combined. Capable of destroying bacteria, have a regenerating effect on the nasal mucosa. The category includes medications, made on the basis of essential oils. They facilitate the removal of inflammation and exhibit an antiseptic effect. The category includes Otrivin Menthol, pinosol, Advance title. Medications are not addictive.
  5. homeopathic. can be used, if you want to get rid of a cold baby. They are used after first consulting a specialist. The composition comprises only natural ingredients preparation. Therefore, the risk of side effects is significantly reduced. Positively proven Sinupret and Cinnabsin.

Without prior consultation with a specialist is not recommended to take any medication. There may be individual contraindications, can provoke side effects. Competent approach to treatment would get rid of the common cold and to prevent the occurrence of any problems.

The use of folk remedies

Get rid of the common cold can be and with the help of folk remedies. The most popular are the following methods:

  1. Using balm asterisk. The drug became popular in Soviet times, and continues to be in demand so far. It is made on the basis of essential oils. method harmless. He was able to prove its effectiveness. Negative torque applying means acts sharp unpleasant odor.
  2. The use of sea water. You can clear the nasal cavity. Washing are carried out using 3 drops of the solution.
  3. Foot Bath. Gets rid of the mucous swelling and improve circulation. Feet should always be kept warm. You can wear warm socks. However, if there was already a runny nose, get rid of it, if you hover legs.
  4. Herbal tea. To combat the problem, the viburnum, raspberry, mint and sage. The above means leads to profuse perspiration. Further improved breathing.
  5. The use of aloe or Kalanchoe. To get rid of the common cold, You can use the juice from the plant flowers. It is used as drops. Medicinal plants are introduced with a pipette in the nose. In each nostril instill 2 drops.
  6. The use of essential oils. A positive reputation in the fight against the common cold eucalyptus deserved, mint, tea tree. We need to take one drop of substances and to put on a scarf. It is placed next to the bed. Bring benefit and inhalation. To carry out its, You need to take 5 drops of essential oil and pour boiling water. It needs to take a glass of liquid. After that, the head covered with a towel. In this position, you need to take a breath for 15 minutes.
  7. You can start using spices. In this category falls the red pepper. A similar effect has garlic and onion. Onion juice helps protect from a stuffy nose. To get rid of the problem, It needs to take a teaspoon of water, mix it with the juice of plants and drip into the nose.
  8. Drinking warm liquids. This category includes compotes, teas and fruit drinks. The fastest way to get rid of a cold lemon tea allows. Has similar properties cranberry juice. It is recommended to add to drinks natural honey.berry juice

Prevention of common cold

If you are unable to get rid of the common cold, It recommended subsequently carry out preventive measures to prevent the return of the problem. Especially important rule during seasonal outbreaks. It is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We need to be outdoors. It should start doing sports and balanced feed. Power must be complete. It is recommended to begin to observe the regime of the day, and healthy sleep.

All pathology should be treated in a timely manner. It is recommended to avoid hypothermia, contact with sources of infection. Additionally, should carry out breathing exercises and massage active points. You can use aromatherapy. For its implementation uses citrus oil, eucalyptus and tea tree. They possess antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. However, their use is only possible in the absence of allergy.

To get rid of the common cold, it is recommended to travel to other geographical areas. They contribute to immune activation. The greatest positive impact have travel, conducted for the treatment and rehabilitation. Perhaps the use of folk remedies for prevention of the common cold.

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