Top 30 ways to remove a toothache

Faced with toothache, one forgets everything else. His only concern was the desire to get rid of the discomfort. Pain can vary widely. Mild discomfort can range up to a strong growing throbbing pain, does not allow to think about something else. The problem may be encountered unexpectedly. In this situation, it is important as a toothache can be removed quickly and go to a specialist.remove a toothache

The causes of the discomfort

To remove a toothache, you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence. Most often, discomfort arises from the:

  • periodontitis;
  • enamel cracks or thinning;
  • periodontitis;
  • caries;
  • inflammation of the pulp.

If the enamel is thinned, or on cracks, tooth becomes more sensitive to external stimuli. Pain can provoke mechanical impact, a cold or too hot food, the use of aggressive acids. In this situation, you want to first of all follow the diet. It is necessary to choose the gentle treatment. This will minimize the likelihood of injury to the sensitive tooth. Deal with this problem will be possible only with the help of treatment to the dentist. Traditional methods can help relieve discomfort, but the root cause can not eliminate.

Another common cause of pain are caries. In the initial stages it does not manifest itself. Sometimes the person may encounter discomfort when using aggressive acids or with the use of hot or cold food. When the tooth crown defeat skyrocket, discomfort will always arise. Man is exposed to it during a meal,, using toothpaste and chewing.

If a person has developed a pulpitis, the pain is localized not only in the tooth. It can be given in the ear or temple. Usually attacks occur closer to the night. They are worried sick very. The disease affects the nerves and soft tissues of the tooth.

Periodontitis affects the periodontal bone mass. As a result, there is an inflammation. This is due to the penetration of infection. Often pathology is accompanied by the formation of cystic. Periodontitis dental disease is not. It affects the soft gum tissue, that surround the root of a tooth.

Provoke a toothache is capable of error, admitted doctor in the treatment of dental caries or pulpitis. As a result of the seals can begin to develop an infection. Often it strikes root canals, who were ill are sealed.

Pain may occur as a result of cracks. Lead to the emergence injury and blows. Drinking too much solid food is also able to split the tooth.

Pain and provoke inflammation of the periosteum. The disease is called periostitis. If the process affects the jawbone, we are talking about osteomyelitis.

Toothache can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes discomfort constantly accompanies man. Otherwise, the possible occurrence of paroxysmal pain. It may last from several minutes to several hours. Depending on the pathology of discomfort can occur at any time, or worse in the evening, then becoming unbearable at night. Can respond to a cold, hot, acute, sour and salty. If the pain is paroxysmal, tooth as it pulls, likely people faced with pulpitis.

diagnostic methods

Toothache is a symptom, not a disease. So first of all find out the cause of the discomfort. To this end, the expert is conducting a series of diagnostic measures. If there is a hole in the tooth, the cause can be seen with the naked eye. However, violation of the integrity of the surface of the enamel can be completely unnoticeable. A situation may occur, when the outside small hole, but inside is a large band, in which the destruction of the pulp.

If there is no visible damage, determine the cause of the image without fail. For this purpose radiographic equipment or its modern equivalents, which are called radiovisiograph. Experts recommend to give preference to the latter, if there is a choice. Such equipment is highly durable, reliability and has minimal exposure to human.

Before, how to remove a toothache, It tries to ensure, that the cause of this phenomenon are the very teeth. Perhaps the inflammation of the jawbone. In this situation, the self is absolutely contraindicated. The therapy will be much harder. The use of folk methods can provoke complications, which entail a risk to human health.Hike to the dentist

What is forbidden to do in case of toothache?

To remove a toothache, it is important to find out the procedure, which is strictly prohibited in the implementation of the action. So, absolutely can not warm the aching tooth. Do not use bags filled with heated salt on the fire, warming compresses and lotions. They will lead to, that to the diseased area of ​​a sharp strong blood flow. As a result, inflammation will increase. This will cause, that the problem will be more trouble. It is better in this situation recourse to ice.

Only warm liquid can be used to rinse. Hot and cold infusions and solutions only exacerbate the problem. Lie all the time is not recommended. In this position, the pain increases. This is due to the fact, it increases blood flow to the human jaw. As a result, the tooth is formed near the high pressure, that even more irritated nerve fibers.

You can not use the unknown party drugs. They are able to not only get rid of the pain, but also provoke a long list of side effects. A person can be individual intolerance of medicines. That is to use only proven tools.

rules, to be observed

To remove a toothache, seek medical advice. However, discomfort may occur on weekends or holidays, when dentists do not work. In this situation, it is recommended to observe a number of rules, to help relieve the discomfort and suffering to visit a specialist. Experts advise to perform the following actions:

  1. It is not necessary to chew food on the side, where the bad tooth.
  2. It is necessary to perform regular cleaning of the tooth of the patient. At the same time need to be cleaned and the gaps between them and a number of standing teeth. During the process, you can use a toothbrush, irrigator or brush.
  3. To remove a toothache, You can use warm soda solution. To do this, dissolve one teaspoon of the substance on a glass of water and rinse your mouth.
  4. It should be taken into account, state in which there is increased pain. If it appears when opening or closing the mouth, should not yet perform actions, that provoke discomfort.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use lotions and hot compresses. They are able to enhance the inflammation in the tooth and worsen the overall condition of the person.
  6. If the toothache persists, you need to drink a painkiller. Commonly used analgesics. Some doctors do not recommend to use drugs, pohozhie of Ibuprofen. However, you need to consider, that these substances are not the most friendly. Eliminating toothache, they give the load on the kidneys, liver and other organs.
  7. Many people start using aspirin, regardless of the type of pain. This is a mistake. Acetylsalicylic acid, from which the drug is, It has a significant impact on the human body. It is much better, than the analgesic effect, which is capable of giving medicines.
  8. If a person has decided to visit specialist, you can take the drug for 3 hours before the visit to the doctor. It is better, if after eating pills will take a longer period of time. The fact, medicines that can significantly distort the overall picture and symptoms. As a result of diagnosis of the disease will be significantly impeded.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to drink antibiotics. They will not help relieve pain. However, the drug in this category is able to trigger a whole range of new problems, one of which is a dysbacteriosis.

Analgin is today recognized as one of the most harmful of drugs, which can be used for toothache. He is forbidden during pregnancy, in the presence of an arrhythmia, liver disease and kidney, breastfeeding and several other pathologies. In many countries the drug for a long time excluded from the pharmaceutical directories and use safer analogues. The strongest painkiller considered Ketanov, Ketorol, Ketorolak. However, the list of contraindications of medicines no less, than that of dipyrone. The drugs are often sold without a prescription. The fact, that medicines have started to use fans of banned substances.

Methods of combating toothache

Today there is a whole list of ways, allowing to remove a toothache at home. If the cavity is a hole, it is recommended to dial into the mouth a small amount of vodka and to take over the sore spot. Alcohol quickly penetrates the gum and has a mild local anesthetic effect. The method helps in the case of, if no external tooth damage. However, the effect is temporary. So do not count, that method will help get rid of the disease.

The human body is a complex system. However, you can try to fool. If one wants to remove a toothache, you can resort to massage. On the human body there are a few points, which is a large number of nerves. One of them is the area between the thumb and index finger. Signal toothache flows along the nerves, as the current on the wire. As a result, she was very worried. The message can be changed. This will ease the state. The information flow can be blocked, sending new data. That's what is done pressure on the region. Nerves are not able to cope with several streams of information. If, within 5 moments to RUB and put pressure on the area, this will be the main signal, which displaces a toothache.

However, it is possible, when a toothache, nothing helps. The nervous system of the organism as a whole is a specific body. Nervous psychosomatics able to lead, the meds will cease to have a corresponding effect. Additionally, a person may develop an individual response to the drug. Possible situations, when the patient had used the tool, and it stopped giving the corresponding effect.

If the toothache is unbearable in nature, and it arose at such a time, when even the duty dentist does not work, you need to call an ambulance. Injection always has a stronger effect, than classic tablets. Sometimes it is necessary to use not only a pain reliever, but and sedatives, as well as several other features. The pain can cause spasm of blood vessels and increase blood pressure. Because it can cause other problems. And with such able to face not only the elderly, but young people. To endure tooth pain is not necessary.

In practice, people often try to lay the tablet in the cavity, in order to accelerate the impact of money on the area. If you use aspirin, manipulation will not bring benefits. Medicine can help only in case of dissolution in the stomach. Even in this situation, it is unlikely to relieve pain.

It is impossible to resort to the help of recipes, suggesting a struggle with a toothache with honey. It is composed of sugar. It is the ideal food for the development of carious bacteria.

The use of massage

To remove a toothache helps the physical effects on the human body. The technique involves pressing on certain areas. They concentrated a large number of nerve endings. So, when the pain in the tooth experts recommend rubbing an ear.

Holding of acupressure should be done with fingertips. The impact must have gently. It is impossible to do sharp movements and to produce too much pressure. All actions are performed with gentle movements in a circle. The massage is performed in a clockwise direction, through time the other way. A person can resort to the following techniques:

  1. Massage the area, which is located between the thumb and forefinger, ice cube. The method allows to deal with the sudden pain. Press on the area with caution. It is necessary to make pressure on the point, located between these fingers. The impact of the need to provide for 5 minutes.Acupressure
  2. The pain will help and the impact on the point, posted on jaw. It is located at the bottom of the outside of the. You must clench your teeth and discover the place, where a palpable nodule. This area need to massage for 2 minutes.
  3. Another point, to eliminate toothache, is the space between top lip and nose. It is located right in the middle. Press and simultaneously to make a massage area. The effect occurs within several minutes.
  4. Good point for analgesic massage is the place near the outer corner of the eye.

use of medications

preparations, allowing to remove a toothache, should be in every medicine Cabinet. The use of medicines must be properly. Many drugs are toxic and capable of providing harm instead of good. Conventionally analgesics are divided into several groups depending on the mechanism of action. secrete:

  1. Weak drugs. They are applied with little discomfort. The group include paracetamol, aspirin or analgin.
  2. Strong non-narcotic medications. They are able to relieve acute discomfort. Safe vehicles are considered to be Effective and Ibufen. However, it is worth remembering the presence of the daily dose. On the day it is forbidden to drink more 4 tablets. Strong effect and medicines, comprising nimesulide. However, such drugs have a large number of side effects. Is to use carefully and only as directed by your doctor. Should maintain the dosage.
  3. Narcotic drugs. This includes funds, composed of morphine and promedol. Doctors do not recommend to use them even with a powerful toothache. Drugs can disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. This has a negative effect on the psyche.
  4. Asthma medications. This medication, similar to papaverine or Nospanum. Tools capable of quickly and effectively remove spasms in smooth muscles.

The use of drugs can quickly relieve toothache. Producing a selection of drugs, note should be taken of the presence of acute and chronic pathologies. They can cause contraindications for use. To remove a toothache, people can use:

  1. So. It helps to eliminate inflammation and get rid of discomfort. It includes codeine. The drug is contraindicated in persons, who have liver disease.
  2. Nise. It is a potent medication, which is able to help with severe pain. He is allowed to drink strictly one pill. The drug begins to act within several minutes after drinking. The effect may persist until 8 hours. Nise can not be used women, expecting a child.
  3. Baralgin. The maximum dosage should not exceed 2 pills. The drug is banned for children up to 15 years old, pregnant women and people, who have kidney disease.
  4. Tempalgin. The drug is banned for use people, with a number of diseases of the blood, there are also problems with the functioning of the liver and kidneys. If patients concerned about discomfort, you can take one tablet 1-4 once a day. The total dosage should not exceed 6 tablets.

The use of rinse

If a man began to bother teeth, the first is to clean them, and then rinse mouth. The procedure is performed using special solutions. The effects of decoctions of herbs. To prepare a solution, you must take two teaspoons of dried herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. Then you must let it infuse on a water bath for 20-30 minutes. Then the liquid must be cooled down. Grass, serve as a basis for the broth, you must remove. The process is performed using straining. The prepared liquid is used for rinsing. In order to achieve a positive effect, recommended action several times a day.

If the home kit includes furatsilin, you can prepare anesthetic solution with it. Will only fit the tablet form of the drug. You need to dissolve 2 pieces in a Cup of liquid. You need to pre-chop the medication. Otherwise, the pills will be a long time to dissolve in liquid, even if it is hot.Rinse

Soreness, spasms provoked by, able potassium permanganate. A few crystals of a substance can be dissolved in a glass of boiled water. For rinsing, you can apply the solution, made of water, salt and baking soda. In the Cup of liquid added to granular substances. The amount of each of them should be 1 no. l. Then paid 2 drops of iodine. The solution is able not only to relieve the pain, but to have disinfectant effects on oral cavity.

Itself soda solution also has a positive effect. To cook it, you must take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of baking soda.

Non-traditional ways of dealing with pain

If recourse to the classical methods, allowing to remove a toothache, for some reason it is impossible, you can use non-traditional methods. So, in the struggle with the discomfort is able to help the magnet. It needs to be put in my cheek from the other side, where the pain is localized. Discomfort will disappear after a 30-40 minutes.

Alternatively, you can use homeopathic medicine. They will help, if the pain arose as a result of mechanical damage of jaw. If you apply the remedy after tooth extraction, it helps to eliminate bleeding and accelerate wound healing. If discomfort arose during SARS, help capable of Aconite.

If a person had the seal, and as a result any pain, to stop it will help propolis. The tool needs to be put in the hole. It has a high anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Additionally, you can enlist the help of mumiye solution. For the preparation of a substance to dissolve one tablet of money on a glass of warm water. The resulting mouthwash is not being used. It is applied to the diseased area with a cotton swab. It is pre-moistened with the prepared liquid. Too long to keep the swab on the tooth can not. It must be removed through 15-20 minutes. The procedure requires the observance of some rules of completion. So, within half an hour after the action no Smoking, eat and drink. When the period is complete, you can return to your normal lifestyle. However, it is recommended to include in your schedule a visit to the dentist. In that situation the risk of, the pain will come back.

For rinsing you can use strong black tea. It needs to be warm. Do not add liquid sugar. The tool is able to suppress his discomfort. Rinsing must be repeated until, until the discomfort subsides.

Methods depending on the characteristics of pain

Not all methods, allowing to remove a toothache, suit everyone. Make the selection you need with the features of the condition and age.

If the pain is beginning to trouble during pregnancy

During pregnancy you need to carefully approach the selection of methods, to fight pain. During gestation the risk of collision with the uncomfortable feeling increases. The formation of bone tissue of the child requires a large amount of calcium. The body of the fetus takes from the mother. Possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. The use of drugs during this period is strictly prohibited. Therefore it is recommended to use the means at hand. To help in the fight with discomfort able in the following ways:

  1. The use of clove powder. It must be applied to the gums near the aching tooth. In the same way are used the leaves of aloe or Kalanchoe.
  2. We need to take a plantain leaf and put it in the ear about the patient's tooth. Will only fit the fresh plant. Sheet should be pre-stretch in the hands. In winter it is allowed to use root plants.
  3. During pregnancy should not delay a visit to the dentist. The specialist will put a temporary filling. It will allow you to save it from complete destruction.

If the problem is diagnosed in a child

Children are more difficult to tolerate the pain. They begin to fret and cry. Therefore, it is important to get help quickly. Experts do not recommend the use of pills prior to the visit to the dentist. They can have a negative impact on the child. There are alternative ways to help. They will help the child to withstand the pain until a visit to the dentist. It is recommended to resort to the following ways:

  • to clean the oral cavity. The action is performed with the help of toothpaste;
  • details to clear the hole in the tooth, if it exists. It could accumulate food debris, providing irritant effect. The process is performed with a toothpick. You need to be careful. If you hit a nerve or anxiety therapy area, discomfort will substantially increase;
  • if the tooth has a hole, should put a piece of propolis. The substance is used only in the absence of Allergy.

Propolis it is better to wrap a small amount of bandage or gauze. This will prevent the risk of burns of the mucous. When aching pain will help the use of soda in solution. If the child is still not able to rinse your mouth, it is necessary to hold the liquid for some time. This will allow to sanitize the oral cavity and remove the aggressive actions of bacteria. The salt solution has similar characteristics. It sanitizes and renders analgesic effects.Toothache in a child

To reduce the discomfort is capable of oil of cloves and fir. You need to add a few drops of the substance in warm water. You then need to rinse her mouth or to offer the child some time to hold liquid in his mouth. If essential oil is missing, you can offer to chew on plants. However, you need to watch closely, the child didn't swallow them. The method is suitable for older children.

Regardless of the chosen tools, the pain does not occur instantly. Therefore it is necessary to distract the child. It can take the game, to shift his attention to something outside of the room, to read a book with colorful pictures. All this will help the child easier to bear the discomfort.

If the tooth crown stands, but it still hurts

In practice it is possible to face a situation, when he was treated, and the tooth was set a crown. After some time, the pain can return. This is due to the onset of inflammation. It localized under the crown. External symptoms may be completely absent.

To get rid of the problem, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with a specially prepared mixture of. It consists of salt and egg whites. To natural products, is added to the novocaine. Thus it is necessary to competently approach to the selection of medication. Use only 10% solution. Protein can be mixed with a pinch of salt. Novocaine is entered into the ready mixture. Paste for cleaning the teeth, it is recommended to cook. It should consist of salt, soda and crushed garlic. Then the substances need to be added to water and hydrogen peroxide. In the end, the mass has the consistency to resemble pasta. To clean teeth must be a standard way.

Good analgesic effect has calamus root. Plants need cooking in water, and then the resulting liquid to cool and rinse her mouth. To stop the aching pain, it is recommended to keep the solution in your mouth for some time. Then have to spit.

Do dental crowns have a shelf life. They usually have a positive impact for 5 years old. Crown, which is older than this period, becomes a source of infection. It is able to trigger tissue inflammation. It is therefore necessary to make timely replacement.

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