Top 30 Tips for speeding up the metabolism

In a human body, food splits. As a result of chemical reactions, it is converted into energy. If the process is slowed down, part of the food stored as fat. A person can speed up metabolism. Process can be accomplished by using a series of compliance recommendations.accelerate metabolism

What is metabolism?

Experts call the exchange of metabolic substances. So that's the process of converting calories into energy. You can talk about, that man accelerated metabolism, if the body does not have time to postpone the calories received from food in the form of body fat. On the slow metabolism they say in the opposite situation. Burning calories is delayed. The remaining volume of the body lays on the future. order 80% energy is spent on the course of internal processes. Remaining 20% used for physical activities. As a result, it will be able to speed up the metabolism, not only with sports, but also the implementation of a number of other actions. At the rate of metabolism affect:

  1. Diet. For weight loss, most people sit on a strict diet. However, to obtain the necessary amount of calories necessary. In another situation, the body begins to slow metabolism, trying to save energy.
  2. Displacement muscle. Muscles need energy, even if the human body is at rest. That is why the metabolism in men is always faster, than women.
  3. The functioning of the parathyroid gland. It is responsible for hormone production, regulating metabolism. If their volume is insufficient, metabolism can slow down.
  4. A person's age. After 40 s metabolism slows down naturally. To continue to keep yourself in good shape, a person needs to put more effort.

As the metabolism affects the appearance of?

Energy is required not only for exercise and thermoregulation. Consumption of nutrients is carried out on brain activity, breath, the functioning of internal organs. Individual metabolic rate is the amount of calories, that the human body spends every day at rest. From this figure depends on the activity of brain functioning, energy and human health. Razbirayasy, how to speed up metabolism, people will find out, that the flow rate of the process has a direct impact on the:

  1. posture. If there are errors of metabolism, may have joint problems.
  2. skin. Violation leads to pigment spots, peeling and dryness of the skin. When choosing a means to combat the problem, We need to give preference to products, which are combined with measures, allowing to improve metabolism.
  3. The presence of edema. In people with impaired metabolism observed swelling of the limbs and face swelling. You may experience problems with the functioning of the kidneys, increased vascular elasticity and the appearance of varicose veins.
  4. Hair and nails. If there are problems with metabolism, hair and nails can become brittle and begin to break down. If you do not deal with the improvement of metabolism, the positive effect of cosmetic products do not give.
  5. The appearance of mouth odor. This is due to the stuck food in the stomach.
  6. The emergence of excess weight. If slower metabolism, Fat begins to accumulate. The result is excessive perspiration, increase in body weight and the appearance of dyspnea.

Top top tips to speed up metabolism

To speed up your metabolism and lose weight, observe top of the best expert advice. Please note the following:

  1. It is forbidden to fast. If a person wants to lose weight, It needs to reduce the amount of calories. However, the index value should not be too low. Care should be taken, volume to the incoming energy enough to perform the basic functions of the organism. Otherwise, will the reduction of metabolism. To provide themselves with energy, the body will break down muscle cells. To lose weight, recommended only eat to satisfy hunger. Per meal should consume about 150 calories. However receptions frequency should increase to 5-6 per day. This will allow the metabolism to remain at a normal level.
  2. The diet must enable fiber. Some fibers can accelerate the burning of excess kilogram on 30%. The more a woman uses dietary fiber, the less weight it scores over time. The day should eat 25 g fiber. To do this, you must consume 3 servings of vegetables or fruits.
  3. You can not give up breakfast. During the meal starts metabolism. Breakfast allows to keep it at a high level during the day. scientists have proved, what people, who do not eat breakfast, more likely to suffer from obesity. In the morning, you can eat low-fat milk with oatmeal and a handful of nuts or yogurt.
  4. Should be included in the diet products, rich in iron. They are required for the delivery of oxygen to muscles. Prior to the onset of menopause a woman loses a large amount of iron during menstruation. If the loss is not replenished, metabolism observed decline. The substance is present in the legume, spinach, fortified flakes.
  5. It is recommended to drink milk. experts have proved, that many women suffer from calcium deficiency. It becomes the cause of reducing the rate of metabolism. Calcium, that women were yogurt and skim milk, can help reduce the absorption of fats from other foods.
  6. It is necessary to drink tea or coffee. Drinks contain caffeine. He advocates an effective stimulant of the nervous system. If a woman uses tea or coffee, metabolic rate will increase by 5-8%. As a result, the body does not begin to process 98 calories, but 174. Japanese scientists claim, that one cup of tea can increase metabolism by 12%. Manages to achieve the effect due to the presence in the tea catechins.
  7. Required to comply with the drinking regime. Experts recommend to buy a big bottle of water. German scientists have proved, that drinking cold liquids improves metabolism on 50 calories a day. Missing values ​​in order, to burn 2-2,5 kg per year. The effect is due to additional energy costs. The body needs calories for, to heat the water to the required temperature.drinking regime
  8. The diet must be a sufficient amount of protein. It is required to maintain muscle mass. A large number of substances present in lean meat, low-fat yogurt, nuts. It is recommended to add a small amount of food at each meal. experts have proved, The protein can improve the body's metabolism to 35%.
  9. It is required to use a sufficient amount of vitamin B. He is required to maintain the level of metabolism. according to research, only 4% persons over 50 years receive a sufficient amount of vitamins. Most of the substance is present in salmon. To get the daily rate, enough to consume three servings of fish. Alternative sources are the eggs, tuna and shrimp.
  10. You need to eat more natural foods. If food has been treated with pesticides, it adversely affects the weight loss. There is an accumulation of toxins in fat cells. As a result of the burning of difficult. Other researchers claim, pesticides, impacting on the human body, contribute to the accumulation of excess weight. To avoid this, it is recommended to give preference to vegetables and fruits.
  11. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Organism drunk person is able to burn smaller amounts of fat. This is due to the fact, in that the energy source is an alcohol. After drinking a couple of glasses of martini, man slows metabolism by 73%.

cleansing the body

Razbirayasy, how to speed up your metabolism and lose weight, people will find out, you need to give the body to discharge. Specialists have a negative attitude to the popular cleanse the body of toxins, claiming, that this is just fiction. However, some of the methods the procedure is still able to benefit. So, experts recommend to spend fasting days.

Benefit lies in the correct selection of product, which will form the basis of the diet, and a substantial decrease in daily calorie intake. If a person has no problem with the digestive system, acidity is at a normal level, It will be able to unload both on apples, and the high-calorie food. However, the daily amount of energy intake should be in the 2 times less than conventional. The short-term lack of nutrients leads to a state of stress. It has a stimulating effect on metabolism.

It is recommended to observe the correct drinking regime. according to research, metabolism is improved through 10 minutes after consumption 0,5 liters of water. When this maximum is reached through 30-40 minutes. Then there is a return to the classic level. Results of research prove Specialists, that drinking water is good for weight loss.

It is necessary to keep to a diet. However, action must be carried out correctly. A significant reduction in the volume of food consumed in the long term benefits will not bring. If a person is hungry for too long, body begins to try to save each incoming calorie. When the restriction period ends, metabolic rate remains low. As a result, the same portion of a person begins to recover more, than before. As a result, you can gain more and more weight loss, than before. However, generally not valid, If a failure occurs on oily, fried, tinned food, and daily calorie reduced by 15% from standard values.

products, improving metabolism

If a person wants to lose weight, it will help produce, speeds up the metabolism and burn fat. Normal digestion prevents the use of too many semis, baking, sweets and pasta. Fresh food of vegetable origin have the opposite effect. It stimulates the metabolism, significantly increases the metabolic rate. Benefit for digestion can bring:

  1. Almond. The product contains fatty acids. They have a stimulating effect on the body. However, in the nuts contain a large amount of calories. Therefore, experts advise to carefully monitor the amount of used products. You should not eat more than a handful of nuts twice a week.
  2. berries. Are the benefits of any product, included in this category. They also include any fruit. Foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates. These components are required to improve metabolism. antioxidants present in fruits of plants. The substance has healing properties. In addition, they stimulate the regenerative processes in the body.
  3. chocolate. But are the benefits of dark chocolate only. He stands a good source of magnesium. The substance responsible for the amount of glucose in the blood. If this indicator is stable, the risk of sudden attacks of hunger and drowsiness after eating the food decreases. If a person's appetite is at the same level throughout the day, it makes it easier to digest food.
  4. Coffee. It contains large amounts of caffeine. The substance provides a big boost of energy. Positive effects caffeine has on your metabolic rate. Drinking a cup of coffee, people will be able to burn the day before 100 extra calories. In combination with physical activity in the long-term way to allow for greater loss of excess weight. However, the use of the substance has a number of limitations and contraindications. Therefore, it is recommended to use coffee with caution.
  5. A fish. Fatty kinds product rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They have a positive impact in the fight against inflammatory processes and help to reduce stress levels. It is recommended to add to the daily menu of three servings of salmon per week. This allows you to control the level of sugar and keep it at a normal level.
  6. Green tea. It contains catechins. The substance also helps burn calories, although it does not actively, caffeine. about drinking 3-5 cups of drink per day, people will be able to increase the burning of calories 70.
  7. Seaweed. They improve the functioning of the thyroid gland. They have a similar property and seafood. However, a surplus material can lead to poisoning. Therefore it is recommended to use no more algae 3 once a week. It must be remembered, that the excess of the required level of iodine in the body is more dangerous, than the lack of it.
  8. Watermelon. You should not have a product in a large quantity, when the season comes. experts have proved, that the berry contains a lot of sugar and capable to flush out the body of minerals and salts. However, a large amount of watermelon enriches arginine organism. Substance accelerates weight loss.
  9. Turkey. Large protein level of harmony in a product with low fat content. More 30% derived calories the body need to assimilate meat.
  10. grapefruit. The product most other fruits are used in fat burning diets. It has the ability to reduce insulin levels in the blood. In the fruit there is a large amount of vitamin C and fiber. As a result of the use of grapefruit has a positive impact on the functioning of the immune system and overall health improvement.
  11. pulse. Vegetable proteins are poorly digested. 1/5 energy, resulting from ingestion of food, to spend money on its digestion.
  12. bone broth. During food cooking procedure allocates collagen. Necessary for normal digestion and absorption of nutrients. The more useful components absorbed, the higher the metabolism level.
  13. Curry. This name are multi-piece seasoning. The combination of elements allows faster metabolism and impart savory taste food.
  14. Spinach. It speeds up the metabolism in the 30%. The maximum result possible to reach, if you eat 3 portion of product per day. Spinach contains large amounts of calcium, fiber and iron. Abuse has a positive impact on the bone health of muscles.healthy foods

Top the best tips on losing weight

Pills, accelerating metabolism, optional. Initially, you can try to make a plan of correction. Will be able to speed up metabolism, if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to make a calculation of metabolism. The index value is dependent on the growth of, age, activity level and weight. For women, the metabolic rate calculated by the formula 655 + (9.6 x weight in kg.) + (1.8 x height in cm.) – (4.7 x age in years). For men, the calculation of the following scheme: 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg.) + (5 x height in cm.) – (6.8 x age in years). The resulting value must be multiplied by a factor of physical activity. he is 1,2 for people, who lead a sedentary lifestyle, 1,375 for people, involved in sports 1-3 times a week, 1,55 for slimming, who visit the gym 3-5 once a week, 1,725 for people, actively involved in sports and 1,9 for people, who actually live in the gym. The resulting amount will be the daily volume of consumable calories. The indicator helps to understand, how many calories can be consumed before, as the body begins to gain weight.
  2. correct diet. Action carried out gradually. To speed up metabolism, daily need to cut back on 100 calories. Most individuals, dieters, dramatically reduce the amount of energy consumed. So, sitting on a diet, person, who had previously used the day of 2000 calories, the next day, he eats only 1500 calories. Implementation of the action is invalid. It is recommended to gradually reducing the volume of food. In another situation, the body begins to think, that fell on hard times and reduce the metabolic rate.
  3. The diet is recommended to include more protein. Substance improves metabolism. When a body arrives protein, required 2 times more calories for digestion and subsequent disposal of waste substances. It is therefore recommended necessarily include in the diet of fish. This source of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.
  4. It recommended to eat once a 3 o'clock. proved, that the metabolism varies depending on the frequency of receipt of food. If a person is difficult to immediately add two full meals, we can restrict snacks. proved, what people, snack that a small amount of food, generally consume less food and have a high level of metabolism.
  5. It is recommended to drink cold drinks. For their preparation is enough to add a few ice cubes. As a result, the body is forced to expend energy for heating the liquid to its normal assimilation.
  6. To add to the diet products, rich in zinc. The substance has a suppressive effect on the feeling of hunger. It raises the level of leptin. This name is a hormone, signaling the man of satiety. As a result of eating while, yet there is no hunger, not succeed. Zinc will be able to buy in pharmacies.
  7. It is necessary to practice in short sessions.
  8. The seven-day plan is a starting point for individuals, wanting to accelerate the metabolism. You must comply with the rules consistently. It is important to develop the habit. Compliance with the rules will improve the appearance and condition of the body as a whole.

Diet to speed up metabolism

dismantled, What foods speed up metabolism, you can try to create their own diet or use ready-made version of weight loss schemes and improve the overall condition of the body. The expert recommends to use for breakfast yogurt and fresh fruit. Between dinner and the morning meal is permissible to drink a cup of morning coffee. Day is recommended to eat salad, cooked vegetables, rich in fiber.

To speed up metabolism, between lunch and dinner you need to drink a large glass of water. Per day worth taking 6 glasses of fluid. As you can eat snack grapes. An alternative version performs any other useful snack. For dinner, you need to eat chicken or fish. This protein products, which saturate the body with essential substances. Before going to bed is recommended to drink a glass of milk. The alternative serves low fat cottage cheese. The process is recommended to perform one hour before sending to sleep.

herbal teas

Razbirayasy, how to start the metabolism and speed up metabolism, you can start drinking herbal teas. This is one of the popular ways to improve the overall condition of the body and body shaping. Any liquid has a positive or negative impact on metabolism. Experts identified a number of decoctions and infusions, which are able to improve their health, speed up the metabolism and help a person lose weight. Following topu top tips, You can be prepared broths and teas from the following herbs:

  1. horsetail. It helps cleanse the body and metabolism. It contains a large amount of useful acids.
  2. Gathering herbs. It is a combination of various acids, have a positive effect on the human body. However, drinks are contraindicated for people, in which there is a problem with the digestive tract, especially if we are talking about high acidity. Before taking the drink is recommended to get acquainted with contraindications and observe the permissible amount of daily consumption of plant.
  3. Nettle. It contains large amounts of vitamin C. It improves digestion, that allows you to speed up metabolism.
  4. Dandelion. This plant inhabitants of the middle latitudes get easier, than any other. Dandelion is rich in trace elements. He improves carbohydrate and salt metabolism.herbal teas


Useful vitamins can be used separately. Usually, the body gets them along with vegetables and fruits. However, if the power is inadequate, used or processed fruit plants, you may experience a lack of vitamins. In this case, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes. They are prescribed by a doctor. Eliminate the use of a vitamin deficiency will help these B vitamins:

  1. B1. It contributes to the acceleration of carbohydrate metabolism and intestinal motility. Present in buckwheat, peas, bread, oatmeal and some other cereals.
  2. B2. Experts call it riboflavin. If the substance is not enough, metabolism slows down. Vitamin B2 is present in buckwheat, dairy products and eggs.
  3. B9. It helps cleanse the body and allows to speed up the metabolism. It can be obtained, eating carrots, citrus, pulse, liver and eggs.
  4. AT 12. Also it has a positive effect on the course of metabolic processes. Present in dairy products, eggs and liver.

Hardening and massage

By studying the matter, which accelerate the metabolic processes, People also know, that the positive effect of providing and performing procedures. Good reviews had merit hardening and massage. Pouring cold water, adoption of a contrast shower by themselves influence the metabolism does not have. However, the application procedure leads to increased thermoregulation. To carry out the process of the body needs to expend large amounts of energy. If a person eats correctly, energy for thermoregulation consumed from fat reserves. As a result, weight loss begins to be carried out. A similar effect and allows the use of cold water.

Massage also has a benefit. It leads to improved blood flow. The positive impact is not all massages. reducing, relaxing and aromatic treatments on absorption of calories is not affected. To disperse the blood and accelerate the metabolism able honey, cellulite, Sports and vacuum massage.massage

use of medications

preparations, accelerating metabolism, also there. However, experts agree, it is safer to stimulate the metabolism with the help of the reception of conventional products. Use of pellets and additives must be carried out strictly intended for specialist. All synthetic drugs, to speed up metabolism, divided into several groups. Gradation is dependent on the orientation of action. secrete:

  1. Stimulator of thyroid function. They give rise to hyperthyroidism. As a result, there is a sharp decrease in body mass index.
  2. Dietary Supplements. The product includes a vegetable ingredients. They have an effect on the intestine, stimulate increased peristalsis. In addition, there is appetite blunting.
  3. regulators insulin. Have a decisive impact on the amount of glucose in the blood, allow the body to process non-stop protruding material.
  4. Anabolic steroids and male sex hormones. Commonly used by professional athletes. The drugs have an effect on hormones, disperse metabolism.

None of these drugs should not be taken without the supervision of specialists. Violation of the rules can lead to health problems. particularly dangerous, If people ignore the rules, having chronic diseases.

Exercise stress

Healthy eating is one of the major steps to improve the quality of life. However, consumption of food has an impact on metabolism only for half an hour. To improve the metabolism and lose weight, require physical exertion. They have the same effect, as well as products, but positive effect lasts for a few hours. If you practice regularly, will increase muscle mass. It will also lead to burning energy even at rest. To speed up metabolism, practice should be regularly. An integrated approach will achieve a positive result.

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