Top 30 tips on how, how to remove bags under the eyes

Today, remove bags under the eyes is quite problematic. Standard concealer to help combat the problem of not able to. However, there are a number of popular and medical devices, allowing to get rid of the visible manifestations of the problem. In some cases, the appearance of bags under the eyes will require the attention of specialists.Remove bags under the eyes

Which is why there are bags under the eyes?

Remove bags under the eyes is more difficult, than to prevent their appearance. Therefore, experts recommend to take preventive measures, designed to deal with the problem. Preventive measures are based on the reasons for the appearance of bags. Sometimes they are the result of genetic predisposition. Initially the rate of tissue growth incorporated promote occurrence of edema. Usually notice a genetic predisposition to the appearance of bags under the eyes succeed even in adolescence. In this case, get rid of the problem will only be surgically.

However, there are other reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes, non-hereditary. So, swelling may occur due to the presence of excessive amounts of liquid in the body. Under normal conditions, water is removed by natural means. However, eating large quantities of salty, acute or coffee results in fluid retention. This results in swelling. They are most visible on the face. It is necessary to maintain the water balance in the body. Not receiving a sufficient amount of water, the body begins to save. This results in swelling and bags under the eyes.

When the struggle with bags under the eyes, pay attention to costs and food. Sometimes to remove bags under the eyes by changing your usual diet. The problem occurs because of a shortfall of nutrients, Too late, eating the food, improper diet. You may encounter with intoxication and swelling as a result of constipation. Their cause becomes a properly drafted menu. In the top of the best tips include advice to eat in small portions. However, there must be 5 once a day. It is recommended to create a balanced diet. As it should be present proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber. In the food should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Such food improves skin tone, improve its appearance. Reduces the risk of edema. Vegetables is recommended to drink daily. The same rule also applies to fruit.

Often remove bags under the eyes is necessary after a bad night's sleep. A similar situation occurs due to fatigue and stress. To avoid the problem, It recommended to sleep 8 hours a day. In this case, the head should be slightly above the housing. Facilities need to be aired. The optimum temperature for sleep is considered 18 degrees Celsius.

Allergy to cosmetics is one of the major risk factors for the appearance of bags under the eyes. Sometimes the circles under the eyes may occur as a reaction to its use. If this happens, You need to choose a safe analog or completely eliminate the use of a means of. Wash off the makeup must be timely. The bags can be formed in the case of, If a cosmetic product is applied in a large number. Greasy nourishing cream at night should be avoided. That the skin looked good, must:

  • produce timely removal of make-up;
  • give preference to creams, water-based;
  • use a light foundation cream;
  • not to apply too much makeup.

Provoke bags under the eyes are capable of and physiological reasons. However, there are pathologies, leading to such phenomena. If a person suspects the presence of the disease, before the beginning of the struggle with bags under the eyes is recommended to visit a specialist and pass examination.

When the bags under the eyes a reason for the visit to the doctor?

At home, remove bags under the eyes do not always succeed. There are a number of cases, that phenomenon indicates the presence of health problems. In this situation, will eliminate the source of, and then carry out a struggle with bags under the eyes. The appearance of swelling in the morning may indicate the presence of problems with the urinary system and to a violation of kidney function.

Sometimes the eyelids swell due to exposure to the allergen. It needs to quickly adopt means, neutralizing its effects. In one situation, the tumor will continue to grow. If the bags are bluish or red, it may indicate the presence of a viral infection. Provoke capable sinusitis, conjunctivitis. Bags under the eyes may appear periodically. In this case, sometimes bluish. This phenomenon may indicate heart failure. Problems require that regular treatment. The process will take a long time.

Top the best tips to eliminate edema

To remove the bags under the eyes, It needs to establish a sleep mode. You need to eat right. Do not get too much to eat at night. It is recommended to give up alcohol and adequate sleep. If the problem persists, you must pay attention to the physical condition, depending on the menstrual cycle phase, if we are talking about a woman. If the phenomenon can be observed directly in the second phase of the cycle before menstruation, recommended these days is used mild diuretic. It may be natural products. Get rid of the problem and help to improve the physical condition of diuretics charges, cranberry juice and cranberry leaf broth. The positive effect is given and perform exercises for the eyes. They have a favor, if a person has a lot of work on the computer or to carry out odd jobs with tilted head.

Sometimes a person independently creates conditions, which are formed bags under the eyes. The skin around the eyes has high sensitivity and tenderness. Behind it is necessary to exercise special care. Not buy moisturizers, having too active action. Such means promote fluid retention. As a result, may appear edema.

In order not to have any bags under the eyes, it is not necessary to leave a night cream for the entire period of sleep. It is better to carry out his removal through 2-3 hours after application. If a person wants to remove bags under the eyes, better not to waive the application of cosmetics, and do not drink too much fluid before bedtime. The ban falls and tea. Before heading to bed it is recommended to ventilate the room. Fresh air improves metabolic processes. As a result, people will sleep tight.

Homemade ways to remove bags under the eyes

Today, there are many ways, allowing to remove under-eye circles at home. So, in the struggle with bags positively proved cucumber. methods, allowing to correct defects, divided into two main categories – improves skin tone and constricts blood vessels. The first category includes the use of:

  1. cucumbers. Noticed after waking up the appearance of edema, you must take a vegetable, cut away two circles and attach to the closed eyelids. Cucumber of bags under the eyes should be fresh. The product should be left in the field to 10-15 minutes.
  2. honey. The product has a good taste and useful properties. He is able to return to skin a healthy appearance, get rid of bags. To remove under-eye circles, must be applied to the means at their fingertips. With their help, you must massage the area around the eyes.
  3. Exercising of bags under the eyes. Such exposure improves blood circulation and strengthens the eye muscles. Help clean the wheels capable of intense twink, reduction of the eye and the nose of rotation.cucumbers on her eyes

Separately, experts distinguish vasoconstrictor remedy for bags. Such properties has cold. To remove under-eye circles, you first need to take the ice. Required control pretreated ice cubes from the freezer. They need could move on the skin around the eyes. proved, that after such exposure circles disappear very quickly. If there are no cubes, you can dial in the freezer a little bit of snow, wrap it in gauze and used for the procedure,.

Against bags can be used and classic iron spoon. The subject should be placed in the freezer for 5 minutes, and then applied to the skin under the eyes. You must hold a spoon until, until it warms up. Then, the procedure should be repeated again. The action required to carry out before the, until the swelling subsides, and the bag will not disappear. However, care must be taken. There is a risk of harm to sensitive skin. Therefore it is necessary to be guided by their own feelings. Vasoconstrictor properties and has cold milk. It is necessary to apply a small amount of product on a cotton pad, applied to the face and leave on the field for 10-15 minutes. Milk allows you to remove under-eye circles and nourishes the skin with essential nutrients.

Present universal folk remedies, that will remove circles under the eyes of men and women. This tea bags. Commonly used chamomile, black or green tea. Enjoy a drink in the morning, do not discard the bag. It is recommended to apply it to the skin around the eyes for a few minutes. The effect is noticeable fast. The result is achieved due to the presence of caffeine in tea and tannin. Natural Herbal tea leaves is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is able to remove the swelling and redness, if it is present.

The use of masks by bags

Razbirayasy, how to remove bags under the eyes, You can start to use the mask. They are purchased in the store or prepare their own hands. Cosmetic products recommended regularly. If there are no bruises, masks will be an excellent preventive tool. Cooked weight applied to clean skin of eyelids. The tool then left for 20 minutes. After that a cosmetic product is washed off with water. To help remove bags under the eyes are capable of the following types of masks and lotions:

  1. Birch. To prepare the required mineral water and fresh birch leaves. You need to bring five or six pieces and pour a glass of liquid. The resulting mass is left for the night, and then used as a lotion.
  2. herbal. Help remove under-eye circles capable of mint, chamomile, train, linden blossom and a number of other plants. To prepare the tools you need to take any of the above herbs in the amount of 1 tablespoon and pour boiling water. Would need 1 liquid glass. Before using the tool should be insisted. When cooking is complete, eye superimposed slightly warm compress. His need to constantly update.
  3. Melissovaya. Melissa officinalis need. Squeeze the juice from the plant. After performing the process in the liquid wetted white bread crumb. The resulting mass is wrapped in gauze and applied to the eye area. Compress eliminates puffiness and bags under the eyes for 30 minutes.
  4. Sour cream. To prepare the necessary cream and parsley. Means are mixed in a ratio of two to one. The measurement is carried out in teaspoons.
  5. Medovaya. It is necessary to pre-melt the ice. Need one table spoon of funds. Then you need to take a similar amount of wheat flour, mix with honey and add the egg white.

Performing exercises on the bags under the eyes

Gymnastics also allows you to remove bags under the eyes. Man is going to do the exercises. They must be carried out regularly. not be able to achieve a positive effect in a given situation. The exercises are not complicated. To implement them, will perform the following actions:

  1. Eyes should be strongly screw up. When the operation was, need to open wide their. Exercise should be repeated 6 time. Between sets needed to take a break. Its duration is about half a minute.
  2. Eyelids should be well closed,. In this case, the facial muscles do not have to strain. In what position it is necessary to count up 5. Next, you need to open your eyes wide and look up. This position is also necessary to count to 5. When the period of time ended, eyes need to lower.
  3. Straighten your back. It is required to keep your head steady, looking straight ahead. Then you need to look in the direction of. This position must count to 4. at the expense of 5 you need to look up and look straight ahead. After that you want to close my eyelids for a few seconds. Similar manipulation needs to be done in the opposite direction. It is recommended to repeat the exercise four times.
  4. We must begin to blink so fast, how to manage only. When it is required to count to ten. On 10 the expense required to close eyelids. It should not be allowed, to skin wrinkles. You need to stay in that position 5 seconds. Thereafter eyelids require open wide. Eye muscles should be relaxed. Over the next 5 seconds is required to look into any part of the. It is better to choose a distant object. Next, you need to take a break. After this exercise was repeated. must perform 3-5 approaches.
  5. Should be directed to the left eye, and then look to the right. It is necessary to try to keep your head as straight. Then you need to look up and down.
  6. It carried out a circular rotation of the eyes. The procedure is performed alternately in one direction, or the other side.

In order to achieve positive results in the struggle with bags, it is recommended to perform the above complex for 3 time in one session. In this case, you can do a two-minute pause. The gym is best done three times a day. Experts advise to carry it in the morning, afternoon and evening.

When doing the exercises completed on bags, need to impose on the eye area cotton pads. They must be pre-impregnated with infusion of medicinal herbs. Gradually, the eye muscles are strengthened. As a result, the exercises have to exert less effort.

The use of drugs of bags under the eyes

Razbirayasy, how to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes, you can enlist the help of pharmaceutical agents. For this purpose, apply the ointment. They differ from each other in value and on the basis of impact. The method makes it possible to get rid of any problems together. ointment tube does not require much space. It can take with you on a business trip, journey or a trip to another city. The result is noticeable fast. However, after stopping use of the drug problem could return. Ointments provide only a temporary effect. A person can have recourse to the following means:

  1. heparin ointment. Tool helps to strengthen skin, removing puffiness. After its application, vascular mesh becomes less noticeable. Defects under the eyes disappear. However, the drug has a profound influence narrowing. The skin under the eyes is thin and delicate. The composition is capable of damaging the. ointment effect can be mitigated. It is recommended to mix it with fat cream. Means is recommended to apply 1-3 times a day.
  2. Dyermakhil. This is a whole range of funds, which include professional cosmetic drugs. They are aimed at addressing shortcomings in the area of ​​the eyes. Among the cosmetic composition has for mesotherapy. She does not fit all. However, after the meeting the positive effect is attached to the long period of time. The course requires periodic repetition. Its duration is of 10 sessions. Then will take a break. Its duration depends on the individual. Thereafter, repeat the course again.
  3. Neolid. Ointment not sold in the classic pharmacies. It must be ordered from the manufacturer. Funds are highly price. A lot of money will be able to get a small bottle of the drug. However, consumption of the product is minimal. As a result, the tube long enough. The positive effect is noticeable after a couple of days. Blueness and swelling disappear quickly. Remove bags under the eyes and bruises succeed for a long period of time. Means able to save on skin aging. Forever will not be able to get rid of the problem. However, the formulation retards age-related changes.
  4. troksevazin. The drug is used to fight varicose veins and hemorrhoids. However, the tool is able to help in the elimination of bags under the eyes. After its application, the problem becomes less noticeable. Sometimes possible to get rid of it completely. The positive effect is noticeable and anti-bruising and swelling. but, using the drug, you must observe safety. We can not allow, to remedy fell on the mucous membrane of the eye. Violation of the rules can provoke irritation. As a result, the opposite effect can be achieved.eye cream

The use of massage

Massage also allows you to remove bags under the eyes. It belongs to one of the most effective ways to combat the problem. If there is severe swelling, better to see a specialist or a beauty salon. Today, the clinic offered to spend the whole list of massages. The client can use the following one:

  1. Vibro Eye. They combine the advantages of several types of massage. Device has special massage fingers. The system is able to operate in the tapping mode, full vibration, soft pressure and rapid tingling. To improve blood circulation and lymph capable vibration point. The positive effect is noticeable within a day after the procedure.
  2. lymphatic drainage. The process conditions applied in the interior. It requires the use of specialized equipment. Adaptations have an effect on the upper layer of the skin by means of electrical pulses. With this accumulated liquid starts to move away. The process is performed at the cellular level,. As a result, the blood begins to circulate better. The procedure has a positive effect on the movement of lymph in the body need to perform Impact courses. It is recommended to go 10-15 sessions.
  3. Dermotoniya. On the surface of the skin are different kinds of pressure. As a result, exposures are even cells, located deep in the depths of the skin. Lymphatic fluid under the influence of the procedure begins to circulate better. As a result, it manages to remove bags under the eyes.
  4. Self-massage. It is recommended to carry out the procedure 2-3 times a day. On the skin near the eyes previously applied a small amount of cream, preventing the occurrence of edema. Then you want to start providing fingertips light coming impact. You must move from the inner corner of eye. Then, a similar procedure is performed in a different direction. In this case, the need to move from the outer corners of eyes. The process is performed until, until the cream is completely massage

The use of cosmetics

In today's market you can find a large number of cosmetic products, allowing to remove bags under the eyes. However, it is necessary to select products based on individual characteristics. You need to pay attention to the age and state of health. So, cosmetic cream, which allows to deal with bags under the eyes, can be used on a daily basis. The funds will give a good preventive effect. Today managed to establish itself positively cream Skin doctors, Premium, DjabaLabs.

A number of manufacturers, in addition to the cream, It is engaged in manufacturing of masks from the bags under the eyes. It is recommended to use means 1-2 times a week. This enables you to nourish skin. Positive feedback had earned mask Belkosmeks, Twins Mining and Baylan.

Better use of funds in relation to the eye area, having the consistency of gels. They are more pleasing to the zone. The gel has a cooling effect. They are quickly absorbed. While shiny oily stains do not remain. Wanting to remove bags under the eyes, a woman can start using gels Teana, Lierac or Gigi.

The positive effect is observed after administration of sera. They allow you to normalize the metabolism and functioning of the subcutaneous glands. Skin regeneration is normalized. These properties are serum doctor Brand and Markell.

Other cosmetic products only mask the problem, without eliminating it. If you regularly use means, which clog the pores, it can only make the situation worse. Therefore, if a person is faced with the appearance of bags under the eyes, it is recommended to minimize the use of decorative cosmetics, and masking.

Surgical correction of eye bags

If you remove the bags under the eyes without surgery fails, applied blepharoplasty. The method can be performed in one of two ways. In the first situation, made a neat incision of the lower eyelid. Through it removed overgrown subcutaneous fat tissue. They consist of bags under the eyes. The skin on the exposed areas completely through srastetsya 4 of the week. There is an alternative. During its execution, the incision is made inside of the lower eyelid. The result is no trace of the face does not remain. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. It is no different complexity. A person does not have to endure severe pain. The risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure is minimal. Excess tissue was removed for 20 minutes.operation

Today, we developed a number of alternative procedures, allowing to remove the bags under his eyes surgically. So, there is a laser blepharoplasty. The procedure consists of exposure to the laser beam on the accumulated fatty tissue. At the same time healthy skin remain intact. Processing of the subcutaneous fat can be performed using RF energy. Procedure called Thermage. The technology began to be used in the beauty industry recently. It had not yet been brought to perfection. As a result, not all customers are satisfied by. In the following technology can be improved. While perform this procedure stands with caution and only after consultation with a specialist.

Person, wishing to remove bags under the eyes, may participate in the sessions of electrostimulation. During it is an influence not to the fatty tissue, and on the skin tissue. Under the influence of low-frequency micro-there is a substantial tightening of the skin and returning elasticity. In this case, the subcutaneous fat is distributed evenly over the surface of the face. Bags are formed.

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