Top 30 Council of the action in the case of slamming doors

Doors protect housing rights of ingress and protect the peace. Sometimes they become an obstacle to the master room. It happens, if the door is slammed. Caught in a situation, do not panic. There is a list of ways, making it possible to get rid of the problem and be in the room.

The door slammed shut

The causes of the problem

reasons, leading to the phenomenon, many. Door wedge due:

  1. locks. Any device has the ability to break down. Sometimes wedge locks, and get into the room becomes problematic.
  2. shifted latch. The position of the door for a number of reasons for changes. As a result, it becomes difficult to open the latch.
  3. Jammed the tongue of the pen device, which is on the locking mechanism. If the tongue stopped moving, open the door in a familiar way fail.
  4. The door slammed shut, and the key is on the opposite side. As a result of using a different key tine crank mechanism does not work.

The behavior of the apartment owner

If the door is shut, you need to calm down. Then make a call to be competent professionals, able to open the lock. It is better not to take any action on their own. Specialist will take a few minutes to carry out manipulation. As a result, the property will not be affected. On the door of recovery, damage yourself trying to get inside, It needs to spend more money, than professional challenge.

tampering, not recommended as

If the door is shut, owner of the apartment starts to pull the handle, hoping, that manage to get into the room. However, manipulations do not help. Landlord panics. Attempts are being made to open the door using the pins, Lunch, clips, pins and other devices. Aids break down and remain at the castle, deteriorating situation. The circuit does not work. Experts do not recommend trying to open the lock means at hand.

Then, in the course are serious tools. Trying to open the lock with an ax, hammer and other devices. Exposure to spoil the door leaf. Open the lock alone will not succeed. Modern devices are equipped with mechanisms, protecting mechanisms.

Documentation for opening the door

Master and arrived rescuers may require a citizen to prove, that the room really belongs to him. Will provide a package of documents. You need to have your passport stamped with a residence permit. In practice, the identification of a person missing. If the door is slammed in front of the owner of the premises, a paper located inside the, they need to demonstrate after hacking. The presence of a temporary registration gives the citizen the right to visit the premises. officers may interview neighbors and concierge. Individuals are able to confirm or deny the fact of residence.

If the door is slammed in front of the tenant space, you must contact the owner. Solve, how to act, It must be based on the views of the apartment owner. During attempts to get into the room and lock the door may suffer. Replace costly. It is necessary to find out in advance, on whose shoulders lie damages.

In practice, property owners and tenants of buildings often do not conclude contracts. The owner of the premises will have to drive yourself and demonstrate to employees caused by the service documents for real estate. MOE staff can not enter the premises without the consent of tenants. A similar rule applies to property damage. Typically prescribed point 2 and 3 articles 3 RF LCD.

Owner of the premises or the person living in it will need to sign the act, acting confirmation consent for events. In that situation there is a risk, dissatisfied with the work carried out that the property owner will go to court.

Child closed in the room

A call to the Ministry of Emergency Situations

If a person has lost keys, or they stayed inside the apartment, jammed the lock can not be opened independently, should contact the emergency services. To do this, you must call from your mobile number 112 or dial from a landline 01. The man replied Manager. It is necessary to explain the situation. The brigade is sent in case of emergency. In practice, it closes the door could lead to an accident. Indoor children can stay, appliances included. The reason are the situation and to appeal to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in which the premises were elderly or ill people.

If the door is shut, people want to apply to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Number of rescuers known. people believe, what, received a call, service representatives to immediately come and fix the problem. The procedure will be carried out free of charge. The realities are different. Upon MOE performs a quick check, if human life or health is in danger.

In a situation, when a person calls in and says MOE, that the keys have been lost, call to disregard or take, but to put in place. there are situations, requiring the immediate attention of rescuers. During the call without endangering life be charged. MOE specialists redirect citizens to private organizations, dedicated to opening locks. The situation is normal. A person can call the Emergency Situations Ministry and ask for a room. In its provision of a citizen will not give up.

Then you need to contact a specialist, performing the procedure. Private companies respond quickly. Workers' organizations will arrive almost immediately. Then, the lock opening. The process is fast. Manipulation takes a few minutes. For the service will be charged. The man guaranteed to get into the room.

Ways to get into the room

If a person, who slammed the door, I decided to try to open it, advice on the implementation of the procedure will differ depending on, what it is required to open.

Entrance door

If the front door slammed shut, and the key is missing, you can get into the room. For this purpose we resort to the following methods:

  1. If the key is missing, open the lock, you can use the pin. It is necessary to divide the device into two parts. One is inserted at right angles and is used as a lever. The second part gives an opportunity to deepen fonts.
  2. In the event of a breakdown right key in the lock will try to pull the debris. require pliers. Take the tool can be, referring to the neighbors. Using pliers, you should try to catch the edge of the protruding key and attempt to rotate. If you can not carry out the manipulation, should ask the neighbors jigsaw. essential nail file. It will insert a keyhole. We need to follow, to teeth located up. Worth trying to turn, having tried to catch a piece of. If you carry out actions failed, you must try to pull it out.
  3. If the key is stuck and does not turn, to find a lubricant. It is possible to use engine oil or liquid wd-40. Means to be poured into the keyhole. Once the process is carried out, We need to wait. Then will try to shake the protruding key. If you are unable to carry out the process, We need again to briefly leave the key in the lock. Then an attempt is made to re. After three or four times as possible to achieve a positive result.

Methods sufficiently disruptive. They increase the likelihood of, that the lock is broken. It is better to call the master, If the first attempt to open the door without success. If a person has no clue, better to wait, while households will not come back and open the door.

interior doors

Open interior doors easier. They set simple locks. If the device has a simple circuit operation and closes with a standard tongue, you can try to open it, using a plastic card or an analogue. To perform the actions required to put the subject into the open slot and hold vertically against the locking device.

If the key was in the door and prevents opening, you need to try to knock him out. It is worth to take any thin object. Under the door need to shove a newspaper. When the key is rolled, you need to pull up the paper and try to get it. If the gap large, the problem will be solved.

In the presence of an interior door with glass frame, you can try to remove it. Performing actions will penetrate into the room.

If there is a door latch, unscrew the screws and remove the handle. The exploded mechanism can detect the convexity. To the area need to push. There will be the opening of the castle.

Donate capable standard needle or nail file. You can try to find elements of the lock and lift them. Man in the street is difficult to perform an action. There is a risk, that the lock is broken.

Self-opening doors

To the bathroom

situations, when it is impossible to get to the bathroom because the door is closed, many. Current models have a built-in lock. In devices latch wedge. The door will not open, If the cause of the latch budge, or downhole stuck key. The reason stands and broken lock. In the bathroom there is an increased concentration of moisture. Wooden structure swells up and gets stuck. Action is needed depending on the situation. With regard to the door to the bathroom apply the above methods.

car door

Slam can not only input or interior doors. With the same problem faced by car owners. Open the car without damage capable specialist. It is recommended to contact the service. For the service will have to pay cash. There are separate methods. Resorting to them, you need to understand, that there is a chance to break the lock or damage the door. If a person, who slammed the car door, decided to perform actions on their own, you can resort to the following methods:

  1. Initially, you should pay attention to the machine manufacturer. If the car is produced in Russia, you must press the palm of your hand to the glass and try to push down. Action leads to the opening of the door.
  2. You can try to have recourse to the classical school ruler. rubber, arranged near the glass door, will bend. The process required to produce accurate. When the operation was, you need to find a ruler lock the central locking system and try to pressure. Action can help unlock the door. Rubber insulation is necessary to push back, to see central locking. Without this perform an action will not work.
  3. Apply can be metal wire. It needs to take a small wooden wedge and hammer the driver's side door. The result is a gap. The hole can also try to push long wire and try to click on the lock. If you set the opening lever, at the end of the wire is necessary to make the hook and try to catch them arm. When the procedure will be able to, you can try to stretch the wire up. If successful, the door opens.

Procedures can be carried out in respect of own car. A person must be ready to prove, that the vehicle belongs to him. It is required to provide documentation. Alert passers-by can call the police. If a person will explain what happened and confirm, The car really belongs to him, passers-by can help.

way, allows you to open the car door slammed, advocates attempt to climb into the cabin through the trunk. The method works, if the luggage compartment open, and has the ability to move the seat. If the methods have not helped, worth trying just to break the lock. Will insert a screwdriver into the hole and scroll. Castle break. If a person does not want to resort to drastic measures, will restore a key on vin-code. The service is provided in the service station. If the copy key is not on hand, it cost to call a specialist for emergency opening.


If the door is shut, you can try to open it, using methods viewable.END_BOLD. You need to select the appropriate, making an assessment of the situation. Not all methods are suitable in a particular case.

Help neighbors

Faced with the situation, You need to ask for help to neighbors. Some people keep duplicate keys. They may be with relatives or friends, zasluzhivshih trust. Previously the keys were not transferred to anyone, should try to figure out a way to get to the apartment. Residents of the first and second floors easier. If the neighbors know their, You may be asked to let the balcony and try to move into the apartment through a window. Events associated with a high risk. Perform the movement without special training and equipment is not necessary. High risk of break.

If the windows are locked, will have to break glass. You need to install a new. A person help to make for burglar. There are cases, when alert the neighbors called the police. It is important to maintain positive relations with its neighbors. If a person learns, manipulation of the door of suspicion does not call. Neighbors can testify, able to confirm the staff of Ministry of Emergency Situations, that the person lives in an apartment. In the given situation to be documented to prove the existence of the right to housing.

Brute force

If the door is shut, and can not wait, you can resort to drastic measures. It is necessary to apply brute force. Method property damage. Must be able to carry out the process. The film shows, door knock shoulder. Implemented in such a way the procedure is not recommended. Run process is not using the method. You need to use the foot. It is necessary to calculate the blow, so he came closer to the handle, there, where there is a castle.

Remove the door from its hinges

If the door is shut, you can remove it from its hinges. The method works with respect to interior doors. The method allows to get into the room, not damaging things. Uses standard loop card, consisting of two parts. To resort to the method can be, if between the upper part of the door and the frame has a size of the gap 3 cm. On some loops are present specialized parts. They lend themselves to loosening. It will take a classic screwdriver. This will give an opportunity to increase the size of the gap.

Less options is, that recourse to it can not help everyone. It requires a specific knowledge. In practice, you can face the fact, it lacks a few mm, to remove the door from its hinges. This is possible, if there are hidden mechanisms, located not only on its hinges, but also in the frame. To resort to the help of the method can not be. It is recommended to use alternative methods.

Opening the car door

Call Service

If you have time to wait, should contact the management company and report the problem. Manager answers the call and will send a locksmith. The issue may take a long time. Originally performed receptionist. Manager analyzes the employment of masters and assign an appropriate time for a visit. Find a specialist is not always possible.

It is recommended to use the services of the master of business organizations. Today there are a large number of companies, ready to open the door to the client for a small fee. Organizations operate around the clock. They assure the customer, that will be able to accurately perform the job regardless of complexity. For the service will have to pay. Price starts from 1500 rub..

If a person does not want to spoil the lock and break out the door, and open space in other ways does not work, you can enlist the help of industrial alpinists. They will be able to enter the apartment from the outside of the house. The entrance is through a window. storeys not taken into account. Performed the opening of the door from the inside. Work organization is more expensive. Firms are asked for the services of the 4000 rub.

additional tips

The speed and success of the opening of the door is directly dependent on the location of the apartment owner. You need to have handy helper objects. If a person was in a locked closet, and next to no auxiliary items, open the door problematic. It is necessary to call for help or knock the door. If a person is in the living room, will be able to find a thing, able to help open the lock:

  • knife;
  • spoke;
  • pencil;
  • Stameska;
  • plastic card;
  • file.

It is worth to try to open the door with the help of large studs, stiff wire or screwdriver. Objects are inserted into the lock, and scroll in both directions. The purpose of the procedure is to catch the mechanism. Have to turn it in the right direction. The method can be applied to not all locks. For the implementation of the action will take time.

You can try to enlist the help of a long ruler or a knife. The subject should stick in the slot. When the action succeeded in, you need to start actively moving in different directions. As a result, you can try to open the lock.

It helps plastic card. Subject carry a. The chance of having the card in an emergency high. If the card has, you need to push it into the slot and hold near the castle. It can help, If the lever mechanism has a simple structure. If there is a way to sophisticated locks useless. You need to call the master.

Interior doors slam shut because of the broken handle. You need to take it apart. Looking for additional devices. You can use a knife, screwdriver, nail file and other included the subject. It has to unscrew all the screws. Wizard can find the mechanism and turn it. The cause of the situation is to hit the wall. handle breaks, and there is slamming. Experts recommend purchase of the door fuse. In trade there are a large number of devices.

a door, which latch – small liner, located on the inner side, may slam against sharp tug on the handle. Faced with a similar situation, you need to find a hole in the bottom half of the handle and insert the pin, carnations or needle. After that you want to push up to the stop. If a person is able to push the key out, this will open the lock.

If ways could not help, You can have recourse to drastic measures. You need to take a chisel. It is placed between the door and the frame. You need a hammer. With the help of a chisel whipped deeper. It is necessary to use force to try to squeeze the tab. Suffer the appearance of the door. The owner of the apartment gets into the room.

practical recommendations

If the door is slammed in a private home with the established old wooden windows, you can get inside, after removing the glass. The process is carried out with any of flat metal object. It remains to remove the glass. In modern plastic windows is not possible. Have to decide to either break the window or door. If you have time to wait, better to call a professional masters. If you want to get into the room immediately, we recommend using a screwdriver to try to overcome the wooden frame.

If a person lives in a city apartment, situated above the first floor on, option will not work. It is necessary to resort to an alternative method.

In high-rise buildings the neighbors do not know each other in person. Residents may perceive human, trying to open the apartment without a key, a thief. It is recommended to answer the questions without aggression and not to ignore the neighbors. It should be called the tenants, good knowledge of landlord. If the neighbors are skeptical, that the apartment belongs to a person, tries to open space, documents necessary to demonstrate after, as the door is opened.

If in the apartment were included electric iron or stove, you need to temporarily disconnect the room. You need to turn the switch on the distribution board. Gas and water off remotely impossible. If the working gas stove, open valve, typed bath, you must immediately contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

preventive measures

If a person is faced with a situation before a closed door, and had to take care not to open, Experts advise to insure. It should prepare an extra set of keys and keep the proxies. Keys is recommended to transfer to relatives, neighbors or friends. Will undertake a series of measures, allowing to prevent collapse of the draft. The door must be closed using the key strictly. The owner of the apartment lubricate locks. It is necessary to carry out repairs at the first sign of failure. The reason for the immediate repair of acts fact seizing castle, even managed to open the door key.

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